Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20157 Best Full-Service Digital Marketing Company - South-Central Ontario & CV Media Excellence Award for Graphic Design 2020 Despite having a logo that features a playful grin of its friendly primate mascot, Green Monkey Creative is a local agency in South-Central Ontario that works hard to develop effective marketing solutions for its clients. Founded in 2018, Green Monkey Creative has quickly evolved to become an exceptional player in the digital marketing space, and specializes in a number of different digital marketing methods. After winning two awards in this years’ Media Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision, we examine the business further to highlight its successes. Green Monkey Creative provides graphic design, web design, social media management, video, photography, branding, and strategy services, and has done since being co-founded by two entrepreneurs in 2018, Julie Thurgood and Jess White. Prior to opening the firm just two years ago, each was running their own business, with Julie as a marketing strategist and Jess as a graphic designer. Often collaborating on projects together, the pair realized the potential for something unique in the marketplace. After recognizing an opportunity to offer their clients a one-stop-shop for marketing and graphic design services, Julie and Jess combined their services into one business, and Green Monkey Creative was launched. Based on the specific needs of their clients, both Julie and Jess offer their diverse range of skills and experiences to each project. Julie focuses on the business development and project management side of working with a client, whilst Jess provides the design and creative services. However, crucial to the success of Green Monkey Creative, the pair never go beyond what they know they cannot offer. Instead, when projects have additional requirements, Julie and Jess rely on the complimentary services offered by a carefully selected team of outside specialists. When required, Julie and Jess will collaborate with a talented group of local entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals. This allows Green Monkey Creative to still manage all elements of a project, making it both simple and effective for the client in question. Perhaps one of the most recent examples of this collaborative success for a client comes in the form of The Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival. The OBJF is a project that Julie and Jess have been working on for the last three years, and it continually keeps winning various awards for the exceptionality of the event itself. Green Monkey Creative is responsible for all of the digital marketing, website updates, social media managements, and design during the lead up to the festival, and during the festival itself. Moving away from the festival, Downton Orangeville is another project where Green Monkey Creative has supported the new re-design of the website, as well as handling all social media, all graphic design, and the recent online shop website that was designed for all business in the BIA who did not have a store to help with sales and exposure during the recent COVID-19 lockdown. Internally, Green Monkey Creative is just as amazing as its work with its clientele. Besides Julie and Jess, the firm has eight people that each enhance its business and company growth in a different way. Not only do the people that work for the firm have talent, but also a personality that fits into the culture and the way of doing things that Julie and Jess have worked so hard to create. Everybody is so easy to work with, and that better the client experience in many ways, not least by providing them with a brand image that Green Monkey Creative is the firm to work with. COVID-19 may not have impacted Green Monkey Creative much, but it has had to watch the pandemic affect clients. Digital marketing firms such as this one have found themselves in an amazing position to help clients and potential clients by acting quickly on the change in the global marketplace and business. Green Monkey Creative has helped more and more clients and companies make sure that their websites are updated, and even getting built in some cases. There is suddenly a sense of immediacy and urgency regarding digital marketing, and with Julie and Jess’ help, any client of Green Monkey Creative can get the help they need in setting it up. Company: Green Monkey Creative Contact: Julie Thurgood-Burnett Website: