National Teacher Recruitment Drive gets Underway


New TV ad launches to inspire more people to teach.

major new TV advert launches today calling for more people to consider teaching as a career.

The new ad, which features some of the country’s most inspiring and talented classroom teachers, forms part of the government’s annual teacher recruitment campaign, Your Future: Their Future.

Around 35,000 trainee teachers need to be recruited every year and the Your Future: Their Future campaign plays a key role in attracting more high-quality teachers into England’s classrooms – with the proportion of trainees with top degrees at record levels.

The new ad premieres on national TV from today and is scheduled to appear in a range of popular slots on ITV (Jonathan Ross), C4 (Gogglebox) and C5 (NCIS) over the next few weeks. It will also be available online and on video on demand.

Supporting the launch of the campaign and the new TV ad, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said:

Great teachers are at the heart of our drive to extend opportunity to every single child.

That is why we are focused on attracting more talented people into the profession, to inspire young people, open doors to their future and help prepare them for life in modern Britain.

Our teacher recruitment campaign Your Future: Their Future will play a key role in attracting a new generation of passionate and gifted teachers including even more top graduates who will help our children reach their full potential.

Teaching stars of the new Your Future: Their Future advert include a range of gifted and passionate classroom teachers.

Mat Galvin is Head of Science and Assistant Head Teacher at the Firth Park Academy in Sheffield. Mat always wanted to be a teacher. He has a 2:1 degree in chemistry and is passionate about working with students in challenging circumstances to give them the very best opportunities for life.

Mat said:

” I’m really excited to be a part of the Your Future: Their Future campaign – I love my job and it’s great to be able to share that passion with others. Teaching offers a real challenge but it’s also so rewarding working with young people. Sharing my subject knowledge and watching students develop and reach their potential is really fulfilling.

James Stagg is Mandarin Subject Leader at the Harris Academy South Norwood, London. James was greatly inspired by a number of teachers when he was at school to consider teaching as a career. He has a 2:1 degree in Business Management and undertook an internship in China”.

James said:

“I am thrilled to be part of the Your Future: Their Future campaign. Teaching is such a rewarding career. That ‘lightbulb’ moment in teaching is great. Seeing students develop their skills and knowledge is so fulfilling. Of course, there are tough moments but there are so many enjoyable ones”.

The government is also offering a new range of generous bursaries and scholarships for the academic year 2016 to 2017 – worth up to £30,000 tax-free – in key academic subjects to top graduates who train to teach.

These include:

·         £30,000 tax-free for graduates with a first class degree training to teach physics, an increase from £25,000 in 2015 to 2016. Trainees in physics with a 2:1 will continue to receive a £25,000 bursary, and trainees with a 2:2 will also now receive £25,000 up from £15,000 last year.

·         Increased bursaries of up to £25,000 in other EBacc subjects including maths, biology, chemistry, computing, languages and geography.

·         Continuing the increased funding available to schools offering School Direct (salaried) places in maths and physics to boost starting salaries in these subjects – trainees can earn £21,000 nationally and £25,900 in inner London.

·         A further 700 prestigious tax-free scholarships worth up to £30,000 for physics, and £25,000 for maths, chemistry and computing trainees, delivered in partnership with the professional bodies for these subjects.

EY and LinkedIn Enter into Alliance to Help Accelerate Growth


EY and LinkedIn today announced a new strategic alliance to jointly offer services to help more companies around the world use technology, social networks and innovative sales techniques to empower their go-to-market efforts.

EY’s extensive business transformation knowledge, data analytic capabilities and global reach, combined with LinkedIn’s platform and network of more than 400m professionals around the globe, can effectively transform relationship management. Together, the two organizations will help companies develop deeper and more trusted customer relationships through the use of social and data analytics. This strategic relationship will lead to collaboration on the co-creation of solutions and services.

The joint offering will leverage social media as an element of building relationships with buyers. With the right tools and strategy in place, this platform has the power to build a positive reputation, unearth buried insights and establish key contacts for anyone in a revenue-generating role. In the future, there is also tremendous opportunity to drive innovation around EY’s organizational strength and LinkedIn’s platform.

This alliance will be reinforced by EY’s commitment to use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool. The EY organization will integrate LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator into its own operations by providing tens of thousands of EY people with the product. EY will use its own experience with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to develop further the joint service offering.

Mark Weinberger, EY’s Global Chairman and CEO, says:

“This will be a powerful relationship. EY and LinkedIn are both driven by a sense of purpose. At EY, we continually strive to build a better working world by bringing our clients the tools and services they need in a rapidly changing business environment. Data analytics and technology have transformed the way companies operate, and together, EY and LinkedIn will provide organizations with leading-edge tools to navigate those changes.”

Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn, says:

“Our collaboration with EY will enable us to leverage EY’s extensive capabilities, footprint and global reach. Together, leveraging Sales Navigator, we’ll help companies develop deeper and more trusted customer relationships through social and data analytics. We believe this strategic relationship will lead to collaboration and co-creation of solutions, generating opportunities for both of our organizations.”

5 Budget-Friendly Public Relations Tactics for Small Businesses


Running a small business is challenging and you may not have the time or budget to launch a major public relations campaign, but that doesn’t mean you cannot launch an affordable one. In his debut article Rich Kahn, founder and CEO of provides five ways you can raise awareness for your brand, and not break the bank. To gain visibility on a budget consider the following:

Thought leadership. Invest in writing about thoughts on your industry, unique trends and interesting observations. Kahn sites an example of River Pool and Spas, who during the economic recession in 2009 began answering questions that his potential customers would type into a search engine. His blog posts began to rank organically showing authority in his industry and his sales increased as a result.

College connection.  Working with a local college or university can benefit both small businesses and students alike.  Students looking for internships can gain a unique perspective on what it’s like to work in their chosen field, and you can gain a unique perspective from someone who may or may not understand your industry. These students can assist you with your PR efforts with a fairly minimal financial commitment.

Co-brand with clients. A case study is an excellent way to share your client’s success and leverage your own. These joint efforts make for excellent press releases and strong end-of-the-funnel sales content as well. Once completed, both companies can use this case study to solicit new customers and reach out to the media as well.