1World Online Releases New Native Advertising Platform


1World Online today formally released its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform 2.0 which had been in beta since mid-2015. The platform, updated to provide a robust set of new user engagement metrics and audience insights, now also integrates advertising for publishers or businesses – either through their own promotional or ad programs or through 1World’s selection of leading advertising network partners.

1World’s poll, quiz, survey, and debate tools for websites can all be enabled with advertising. Quizzes, for example, have provided firms tens of thousands of completions in the span of only a few days, the advertising potential for brands through this new form of “native advertising” surpasses that of any other existing solution in the market.

“Quizzes are a natural fit for sponsorship. As pieces of standalone content, quizzes are already one of the most popular types of content on the web. When coupled with brands or advertisers, quizzes are still fun for the user, but have the added benefit of generating quality data and leads,” says Alex Fedosseev, the CEO of 1World.

Embracing its user-generated roots, the platform’s polling unit now allows for both registered and unregistered audiences to submit and share via social media their own poll questions via the unit itself. Multiple 1World media partners such as San Francisco Media Company, ComicBook, KyivPost, TGDaily, Pro Wrestling, and All-Moto-Brands, have integrated this feature into their articles – enabling increased user engagement, time on site, and page views. One user-generated poll had received over 5 thousand votes in just a week alone.

As 1World’s platform continues to progress, the company has also continued to expand its global presence. 1World now has offices present in North America (East coast and West coast), Latin America, Eastern Europe, South-eastern Asia, and India, which are all generating momentum in new language integrations and localized partnership agreements. For the past six months, the company has attracted one million new users per quarter to its system and recently passed the milestone of five million lifetime users worldwide and exceeded running rate of one billion annual impressions.

WordPress Sites Can Now Improve Performance by 60% by Using ScientiaMobile’s ImageEngine Plugin


ScientiaMobile has launched its ImageEngine WordPress Plugin that improves the speed of image downloads by 60%. After installing the WordPress Plugin, a user’s site will automatically deliver images appropriately sized for mobile devices, resulting in dramatically lower payloads and download times. No editing of themes or templates is necessary. ImageEngine combines mobile device detection with automatic resizing, optimal file format conversion, HTTP/2 and Client Hints support, and cached delivery.

“Over 70 million web sites use WordPress to manage content. In a mobile-first web world, WordPress administrators need simple tools that will improve download speed and user experience across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. ImageEngine is a must-have plugin that provides breakthrough performance improvement,” said Krishna Guda, ScientiaMobile’s CEO.

The ImageEngine WordPress Plugin requires one to sign-up for an ImageEngine account. By signing up for a commercial license, customers with over 5 GB of images delivered per month can benefit from enterprise-level benefits such as unlimited original image size, SSL certificates, and Helpdesk support. Already, ScientiaMobile is delivering over 2 billion images per month, showing that ScientiaMobile can support Large Enterprises and e-commerce players.

Strategic Five Marketing outline projected growth plan for 2016


Although the year has only just begun, Strategic Five Marketing are confident that they will be able to make numerous expansions in the upcoming months and have already put in place a plan for the year ahead. The firm have revealed how they have a collective of business professionals who are ready to branch out into new locations in order to extend their market reach for their clients.

Strategic Five Marketing have revealed that their first plans involve opening two new locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh in the first business quarter and then the firm will expand further in the second quarter to include locations in Dublin and Belfast.

Managing Director, Ben Lambert then plans to leave their Newcastle Headquarters in order to open a new Headquarters in London. The firm believes that it will be extremely beneficial for them to have a headquarters in the capital as this is a great area for connecting with potential prospects as well as attracting new talent to their business from the multiple universities in the area, as well as already existing business professionals.

Entrepreneur and business owner, Ben Lambert says, “Expanding our market reach to London will help to expand our business network and will give me the opportunity to connect with more experienced and like-minded business professionals.” The Managing Director believes that the opportunity to network with fellow business owners who are experienced in the sales industry will allow them to expand even further in the future as they gain even more experience in busier market areas.

Strategic Five Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm with headquarters currently based in Newcastle. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing which allows them to grow their clients’ brands through extended market reach and connecting with potential prospects in a personalised way.

Strategic Five Marketing ensures that they connect with all consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients. As Strategic Five Marketing expand and grow their market reach they are able to connect with even more potential prospects which helps their clients’ brands to grow a steady following and also increase in size and profit.

Brandlective Reveal How Social Media Has Evolved For Marketers


The online marketing agency based in London Bridge has divulged how social media has developed, and highlighted the subsequent consequences for practitioners.

In today’s digital environment the majority of brand-related conversations are now situated on social media channels, and as a result Brandlective warn that it has become increasingly important for marketers to understand the ever-changing social media etiquette and behaviour of users.

A clear example of the ever-changing social environment from 2015 was the transition of ‘nerd’ culture into the mainstream.

Brandlective argue that practitioners must now be active listeners, and act in a strategic, timely fashion to successfully monitor the changing social landscape. They believe that the rewards for doing so include the constant ability of reach boosting the prospect of establishing new markets and content opportunities.

Indeed, actively listening and understanding consumer conversations about brands will go a long way to minimizing risks on social media, and acts as a customer intelligence tool. Brandlective suggest that marketers can now tailor and adjust their approaches to content marketing and digital advertising based on their observations of audience behaviour on social networks.

Alongside providing the opportunity for brands to enhance their understanding of consumers, Brandlective reveal the importance of social media in marketing, and how its progression has provided new marketing opportunities:

Growing influence on SEO ranking

Brandlective Communications predict that social media’s growing influence on SEO ranking will only intensify in 2016, as they believe that the increase in the reach of social content – through sharing on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter – will not only generate brand visibility benefits on the networks, but also improve a brand’s overall SEO ranking. Due to this, Brandlective ensure that they consistently disseminate and repurpose quality content through social media networks in order to get the best possible SEO ranking for their clients.

Bringing consumers closer to brands:

Social media has assisted with the democratisation of information, and has put customers directly in contact with an abundance of companies and public figures that they might be interested in. It is evolving through increased functionality on platforms like Instagram, where brands can tap into the lifestyle of consumers. Brandlective suggest that the advancement of technology in digital marketing has had a major impact on the awareness and interest in healthy living, and the subsequent marketing possibilities on platforms like Instagram. As users becoming more accepting of widespread Internet advertising, they suggest brands now have the ability to unobtrusively interact with the user at many different moments of their daily lives.

Platform for brand awareness, viral potential:

Social media platforms like Twitter give companies the opportunity to engage in potentially highly viral conversations between themselves and their customers, which in turn can augment levels of brand awareness and discovery. The ability to go viral has been around for years, however companies still struggle to incorporate them into their marketing campaigns. Brandlective understand that whilst not all companies have the following online to kick-start a viral campaign, they should monitor them, as viral occurrences may contain hidden insights into the inner workings of digital commerce and the shifting change of consumer interests and behaviours.

Difficulties upholding brand image:

The vast progression of social media usage in the consumer decision-making process means it is a lot harder nowadays for businesses to uphold desired perceptions and brand image. Brandlective reason that brand managers are losing their previous controlled grip on the content and quality of information relating to their brand due to the amplification of communication between stakeholders. As a result, Brandlective ensure that the reputation management services and audits they provide enhance their client’s standing in online communities.

New Year Resolutions Key for Small Businesses


It is that time of year again when people make their New Year’s resolutions. Promotional event marketing firm Goldstream Incorporated explains why especially small business owners should think ahead and plan for the year to come.

According to new forecasts, SME confidence is slowing down in 2016. Goldstream Incorporated says that as a result, competition in the market will rise next year and therefore firms must plan ahead to prepare their strategy for the New Year. Research shows that less than half of the UK’s SME’s business owners expect sales to grow in 2016, compared to 64 percent at the beginning of 2014. In fact, the SME Confidence Tracker from Bibby Financial Services predicts a higher decline in sales than originally expected when the tracker was launched last year.

In order to stay on track and achieve business growth in 2016, Goldstream Incorporated has outlined their resolutions for 2016. They recommend all small business owners to finalise their plan for next year in order to be prepared and strong from the start and drive the business forward:

Set clear goals and stick to them

Goldstream Incorporated says it is crucial to set daily, weekly, monthly and long-term goals. “Most importantly, don’t forget to review them, otherwise goal setting is pointless,” says Goldstream Incorporated. The firm reviews their goals daily, which allows them to adjust their strategy if necessary before getting off track. 

Implement a sales strategy

Acquiring new customers is crucial in order to achieve business success. Goldstream Incorporated suggest businesses to focus on their market and put the relevant strategy in place in order to achieve or exceed sales targets.

Focus on the customer experience

“It doesn’t matter how great the product or service is you offer if your customer service is not up to standard,” says Goldstream Incorporated. The firm insists that providing a personalised and memorable customer experience is crucial for a company to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Be in control of the firm’s financials

Goldstream Incorporated says that it is absolutely important to stay on top of the company’s finances. Reviewing incoming and outgoing transactions on a regular basis and paying invoices on time are crucial to ensure cash flow.