CafeX Launches Chime to Transform How Businesses Collaborate


CafeX Communications®, a leading supplier of mobile and web engagement solutions, today introduced Chime, next-generation software that makes intuitive video collaboration available to all business users for up to 70% less than today’s systems. A finalist for this year’s Best of Enterprise Connect Award, Chime connects to existing video conferencing systems and fulfills WebRTC’s open promises by reaching every user securely on every browser with no software to install.

Enterprises often face a number of challenges when deploying video conferencing products, such as high bandwidth consumption, expensive MCU ports, complex architectures and incompatibility between systems. Users usually have to download additional software, which in turn needs to be managed and updated on an ongoing basis. Chime is a new kind of collaboration solution that breaks down these barriers to help foster improved teaming, productivity and innovation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduces total cost of ownership by as much as 70% over today’s video conferencing systems;
  • Helps teams collaborate from anywhere with voice and video conferencing, web chat, document and presentation sharing;
  • Fulfills promises as yet unmet by WebRTC with delivery of real-time communication for every browser with no software to download or manage and no video transcoding;
  • Requires up to 75% less network bandwidth for video traffic and optimizes MCU port usage by 50%-80%;
  • Protects existing enterprise investments by connecting to video conferencing room and desktop systems from Cisco, Microsoft and other leading platforms;
  • Flexes to support cloud or on-premises architectures with monthly subscription pricing to ease onboarding by large enterprises down to small business;
  • Provides a simplified architecture that ensures secure connectivity through the firewall, with server consolidation and no required footprint in the DMZ.

6 Ways to Use Breaking News to Build Buzz Around Your Small Business


Many small business marketers have the flexibility to accommodate opportunities in real-time in order to promote their latest product or service. While dozens of businesses have incorporated breaking news into their marketing mix, there may still be confusion around how best to identify these opportunities and join in on the conversations. Penny Sansevieri provides six techniques on how to use breaking news to build buzz for your business.

Identify Opportunities

1. Media Alerts: Make sure you always have your keywords in alert systems like or This way you will always be alerted when someone is discussing your area of expertise. During non-breaking news times, this is a good way to get to know media that covers your story and network with them, so that when a breaking story hits, they already know you.

2. Make Connections:  Before you start pitching the media, it’s important to get to know them, and you can do this in a variety of ways, both online and off. Online, you can connect on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect with any local and national reporters, radio personalities, and journalists. You can get the conversation started with a comment on their stories (whether it’s on their own site or on their media site) and on postings via Twitter and Facebook.

Offline, another great way to make connections is by attending events where you know you might meet some media folk. Attending the same event is a great way to start a dialog or relationship with the media.

 Join the Conversation

3. Twitter: The first thing you should do is to log on to Twitter and join the conversation via the hashtag (or hashtags) that are being used. You can find these easily by doing a search. Posting to the hashtags, maybe even referencing your post could be a great way to drive consumer and media interest to your topic and your blog. Keep in mind that the media is on Twitter and they just might find you!

4. Blog about It: Next, make sure to share your expertise with your readership. A blog is a great place to share your opinion on the subject and even (when appropriate) offer a solution to your readers. Once you’ve written your blog post, you need to share it. Be sure to add links on all your social sites and use the hashtag(s) identified with this story to help pull more eyes to your post.

But what if you don’t have an active blog? You can still join the conversation! Check out the conversations that are happening on some high-traffic blogs and start posting your viewpoint. At the very least, you could get some traffic back to your site. You could even make some great connections!

 Contact the Media

5. Local media: One of the best ways to get local media interested in you is to offer them a local angle on a national story. Let’s say we’re addressing the fear of traveling to the South America, or perhaps protecting yourself against ID theft, these are both good stories to spin locally if you have the expertise.

6. National media: If you have a subject that’s drawing national attention and your message is significant or different enough to pitch to a national show, then get out there and start pitching. Remember: with so many shows on the air all competing for audience attention they’re all looking for a new and different angle. Launches

Image recently launched NESN Fuel, a new digital property focusing on automotive content. NESN Fuel will serve as the car enthusiast’s home for everything automotive, featuring both written and video content on an array of topics including:

Consumer Car Information 

  • Car industry news, new technology & innovations
  • Car buying tips & everyday advice for car owners
  • Previews of new models

Auto Racing 

  • NASCAR, Open Wheel Racing (Formula One, IndyCar) and other news

Car Culture 

  • Restorations, street modifications & other classic car news


  • Announcements and reviews on games, movies, TV shows & other entertainment related to cars

“The national success and growth of has given us confidence to expand our digital portfolio and expertise,” said Sean McGrail, NESN’s President and CEO. “We hope this site will be a one-stop destination for car enthusiasts, hobbyists and race fans.”

“We see NESN Fuel as a great opportunity to continue to grow NESN’s digital presence,” said Mike Hall, NESN’s Vice President of Digital. “Automotive fans are just as passionate about their favourite cars as sports fans are about their favourite teams. We plan to take what we have learned serving sports fans at and apply these lessons to serve car aficionados with NESN Fuel,” Hall added.

5 B2E Best Practices for Small Businesses


The business-to-employee (B2E) marketing approach is arguably one of the easiest ways for small businesses to authentically build long-lasting brand advocacy. Connecting your employees with the brand is not only good for the company, but good for the employees as well.

The 3 C’s of Communication: Ensure you are communicating clearly, consistently and at a cadence that your employees will benefit from. Hollands recommends utilizing such tactics as internal newsletters, a regularly scheduled all-company meeting or email announcements as ways to build your brand ambassadors starting from the inside out.

“What does this mean for ME?”: When building out your internal communications program, you’ll need to understand what your audience cares about and tailor the messages accordingly.

Multiple channels: Just as you would for your external marketing efforts, leverage multiple channels to communicate your key messaging. Holland suggests intranets, webinars and printed collateral as ways to keep your employees engaged.

The 4 Alternative Social Media Networks that Small Businesses Should Consider


For small businesses, one key benefit of leveraging social media marketing is the fact that it allows a two-way conversation between brands and their audiences.  If you are not currently on any social media platforms, chances are a large portion of your target audience might not find you. But don’t rush out to sign up for all of the major platforms when there are several substitutes that can help push your brand to new heights.

Michelle Brammer, Director of Marketing of, examines 4 Underestimated Social Media Sites for Small Businesses in her debut article for PR Newswire’s Small Business PR Toolkit. In her post, Brammar recommends the following:

Quora: At its simplest form, Quora allows users to submit questions for others to answer. The unique opportunity with this channel is that small businesses can respond to questions and increase their thought-leadership reach. The added perk? Drive traffic back to your website when responding.

Snapchat: Posting photos or short-video, this platform is popular with millennials and provides small businesses an excellent way to reach their engaged customers. Followers can also ask questions via quick snaps, which takes customer service to a whole new level.

Bluehost Develops Open Source Script To Update Two Million WordPress Sites


The cloud-based solutions provider’s custom script reduced WordPress-related technical issues by 18 percent.

Bluehost, part of Endurance International Group‘s family of brands and a leading provider of cloud technology, hosting and web presence solutions, today announced the development of a new script designed to continually update WordPress websites and increase site security. Bluehost’s code successfully updated more than 2.5 million WordPress sites on its platform and has been released to the open source community.

After determining that a significant number of customers were running outdated versions of WordPress, Bluehost’s development team created a unique Perl script utilizing WP-CLI (WordPress-Command Line Interface) and custom code to update WordPress sites going back to version 1.0.2. Bluehost completed exhaustive tests and reviews to ensure the script resulted in minimal disruptions or site downtime.

In this impressive undertaking, 99% of WordPress sites on Bluehost’s platform were upgraded successfully with fewer than 0.007% of customers reporting any issues. Since implementation, the company has seen a significant 18% reduction in technical support requests relating to WordPress. Bluehost has further implemented this new technology to continually update WordPress websites to ensure customers on its platform enjoy the security of an up-to-date WordPress site going forward.

In its commitment to supporting WordPress and the open source community, Bluehost has released this script under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). “We feel this is one of the best ways we can contribute to a safer online environment and provide an improved WordPress experience for everyone,” says James Grierson, Bluehost General Manager. “Keeping web software up-to-date is the most straightforward way to secure a site and yet it’s often the most neglected. This script helps make our customers safer and we hope the open source community leverages it to do the same for anyone who loves WordPress.”