Bynder Strengthens Security of Marketing Software with HIPAA Compliance


Healthcare companies can now benefit from enhanced security through this cloud-based marketing solution.

Full cycle marketing and branding solution, Bynder, recently became HIPAA compliant to deliver secure marketing software for healthcare companies. Requiring organizations to handle protected health information, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is a certification that sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Bynder achieved HIPAA compliancy status through a recent Coalfire assessment.

“At Bynder we understand the importance of added data security, especially for our clients who work in highly regulated industries. For our clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, ensuring all of their vendors and software meet every compliance and regulatory requirement is imperative,” said Jami Rahman, Senior Solutions Architect U.S. at Bynder.

In recent years, the digitalization of pharma and healthcare information has driven the healthcare industry to adapt. Not only do marketing campaigns need to be digital and scalable, online channels are also gaining in popularity. Facebook groups, online medical journals and condition-specific community websites have made it easier for patients to seek health information and support.

“Branding across all industries is evolving as the consumer consciousness heightens. In healthcare specifically, I think brands are going to start telling stories on how technology is enriching lives and healthcare delivery as opposed to pitching the shiny new features of their smartwatches, pills, wearables and management systems,” said Michael Gaspar, Program Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media.

With the industry shifting towards digital engagement, healthcare companies see the need to invest in marketing technology solutions that focus on security, which also allow content creation, collaboration and distribution to live in one secure environment.

Corporate Learning is a Priority, Say European Business Leaders


Corporate Learning Alliance launches Corporate Learning Pulse to uncover European business attitudes toward investment in people.

Companies believe that investing in the development of their executives is more important than hiring new talent when it comes to driving change, stimulating innovation and improving corporate financial prospects, a survey of 600 business leaders from across Europe has found.

But, despite this, just under half those leaders surveyed find it a challenge to see how their investment in corporate learning adds value to their businesses in ways that are measurable against the bottom line.

The findings are unveiled in an independent survey, Corporate Learning Pulse, commissioned by Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance (

Respondents in the inaugural survey, which is to be an annual event, were drawn from France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Spain and the United Kingdom. They included C-suite executives, HR and learning and development leaders, and senior managers in small, medium and large organisations who had led or participated in executive development programmes in the past five years.

Corporate learning seen as top investment 

According to the research, corporate learning is seen by respondents as the top investment their organisation can make to improve business outcomes (57 percent). A larger majority – 59 percent – say investing in employees “drives change and innovation” in their businesses, rising to 65 percent among C-suite respondents taken as a specific group.

The corporate learning needs deemed most valuable are:

·         customer engagement (highlighted by 58 percent of respondents)

·         strategy and planning (58 percent)

·         successful innovation (55 percent)

·         leadership (55 percent)

·         strategy execution (54 percent)

Impact of corporate learning 

Organisations are most likely to gauge the impact of their investment as it relates to two areas: employee satisfaction and engagement.

Most of the organisations have sought to measure the impact of corporate learning on:

·         employee satisfaction and retention (74 percent)

·         employee engagement (73 percent)

·         customer satisfaction (69 percent)

·         revenue and profit (64 percent)

Yet fewer than half (47 percent) are satisfied with the corporate learning their organisations are currently investing in, and just 43 percent believe that such programmes give them skills to do their jobs more effectively.

VanDyck Silveira, CEO of FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, says: “We are surprised to see the gap this major study reveals between the perceived value of corporate learning and the difficulties of measuring the business impact that such an investment can deliver.

“More than half of the business people we surveyed understand the value that executive development delivers for their business, but less than half of respondents are fully satisfied with their learning programmes.”

When it comes tocorporate learning, expectations and action are misaligned 

The survey found that when it comes to corporate learning, expectations and reality are often misaligned. And yet the ability to measure the eventual results tends not to be the highest priority when companies select a corporate learning partner to deliver executive development programmes.

Only one in four senior professionals say their organisation selects corporate learning partners based on their ability to measure impact. The main criterion is whether the organisation has worked with the learning provider in the past.

Among the most senior professionals (the C-suite and presidents or managing directors), marketplace reputation and rankings drive their choice of learning partners.

“These findings signal a clear call to action for learning and development professionals,” says VanDyck Silveira. “They need to close the gap between expectations and reality by improving how learning impact is measured in their organisations against business performance and the bottom line.”

Attitudes vary by size of organisation, seniority and geography 

German and Spanish professionals lead the way in seeing corporate learning as a business priority with the potential for positive outcomes. Large organisations in particular have high expectations, but many of the learning and development professionals think their senior leaders do not recognise the potential of corporate learning.

Organisations of all sizes agree that employees are the catalysts for change and innovation (59 percent) but learning and development professionals in large organisations (those with more than 500 employees) are least likely to say their senior leaders understand the value of corporate learning for the business.

Large organisations have the highest expectations for the impact of corporate learning on employee engagement and organisational change.

Chief learning officers and other learning and development professionals expect employee engagement scores to improve after the completion of corporate learning programmes, while those in the C-suite expect an impact on customer engagement and satisfaction.

German business professionals are most likely to rate corporate learning as a priority (34 percent versus 24 percent overall) and a challenge they need to address in the next three years (31 percent versus 23 percent overall).

Spanish professionals feel most strongly that corporate learning can achieve results for their organisations (70 percent), while those in France and the UK lag behind the 57 percent average, with 49 percent and 50 percent respectively.

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, in partnership with Research Now, conducted an online survey for the Corporate Learning Pulse among 603senior leaders in France, Germany, the Netherlands,the Nordics, Spain and the United Kingdom. Interviewing for the survey was conducted between 19 February and 7 March 2016. The margin oferror for this study is /- 5.00%.

Chubb Easy Solutions Revel Proposition for SME Companies in Europe


Chubb today unveiled Chubb Easy Solutions, its proposition for brokers and their small and medium sized clients in Europe. This reflects the company’s strategy to provide speedy and efficient service to SMEs, one of its core customer segments in the region.

Chubb Easy Solutions brings together legacy Chubb’s strong middle market and dedicated broker service expertise with legacy ACE’s experience and investment in innovative online platforms and tools. Backed up by a dedicated underwriting team, it provides cover through a simplified underwriting process, enabling brokers to obtain quotes by telephone, via email or through Chubb’s bespoke web-based platform. Quotes are issued within 24 to 48 hours from when a request is received.

The proposition is currently available in France, Spain and Portugal and will be rolled out to other key European markets, including Germany, Italy and Benelux over the following months. The product range available through Chubb Easy Solutions currently includes D&O liability, marine, construction, casualty, environmental liability, and business travel insurance, and the range will be expanded in future to include cyber risk cover and a series of industry-specific solutions.

Fabien Vaillant, SME Segment Leader and Chubb Easy Solutions Manager for Continental Europe at Chubb, said:  

“With more than 22 million SMEs in the European Union, small and medium sized companies are a hugely important part of the European economy and account for more than two thirds of non-financial employment. However, in spite of their significance, these businesses are sometimes overlooked by insurers. At Chubb, we want to give European SMEs the same comprehensive insurance cover and high quality of service that bigger companies typically enjoy. Chubb Easy Solutions epitomises our strategy to give SMEs the value-added services they need and deserve in order to grow with confidence.”

Busuu Launches Busuu PRO, the Language Learning Solution for Schools and Universities


Busuu today announced the launch of a new language learning platform Busuu PRO for schools, universities and companies. This platform allows organisations to get access to Busuu’s award winning premium language courses and measure students’ progress over time.  Instructors are able to create classrooms, invite students, access the full Busuu curriculum and follow their progress within an interactive dashboard.

McGraw-Hill Education, a learning science company, has exclusive global distribution rights to market Busuu PRO to its existing and new academic and enterprise B2B customers.

One of the biggest challenges in traditional language learning is to keep students motivated and to provide practice opportunities with real native speakers. This is especially true for emerging markets where native English instructors are scarce. Buzau PRO solves this problem by giving students access to highly engaging language courses in 12 different languages and provides students with the opportunity to practice their language skills with over 60 million native speakers from the global Busuu community.

The new Busuu PRO platform enables organisations to either enhance existing offline classes with Busuu’s web/mobile courses or to create a completely new and scalable language learning solution for an unlimited number of users with just a few clicks. With Busuu PRO, students and employees can practice on their own time and on the go even when traveling by using the app in offline mode. Features like the vocabulary trainer, enhanced grammar units and instruction in the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) help students become fluent faster.

“We are excited to be able to offer Busuu’s new platform to McGraw-Hill Education’s customers,” said Mark Dorman, president of McGraw-Hill Education’s International & Professional Group. “The new tools available in Busuu PRO make the platform even more powerful for organisations that provide language learning courses.”

“We are excited to bring our popular language learning platform already used by 60 million users around the world to institutional clients,” added Bernhard Niesner, CEO of Busuu. “The excellent reputation of McGraw-Hill Education in the institutional world will help to accelerate our global distribution into this new channel.”

Founded in 2008, Busuu has over 60 million users and has been adding as many as 100,000 users each day.  The product has a strong market presence in Brazil, Russia, China, Turkey, Germany and the U.S. The company offers free and paid audio-visual language courses for 12 languages and includes direct interaction with native speakers around the world.

Alpha Innova Outlines the Importance of Choosing to Win


Liverpool-based, Alpha Innova insists that choosing to have a winning mindset has an important impact on business success. The firm outlines how developing winning habits has helped them to accomplish their goals.

Never stop learning

There are business people who believe that they know it all. Due to their experience and previous successes they don’t come out of their comfort zone. Others are so busy that they say they don’t have the time to focus on their development. Alpha Innova says: ”This can easily backfire. Constant self-development is absolutely important in order to stay on the winner’s route and outrun the competition.” The firm recommends making it a habit to read and continue to learn and suggests scheduling specific times every week to do some reading and focus on projects agreed with their mentor.

Set goals

“Winners set goals to monitor their progress on their way to success,” says Alpha Innova. Setting goals is an important part on the way to success. Alpha Innova recommends breaking down long-term goals into daily, weekly and monthly successes: “It is crucial to monitor the progress made and identify challenges that may set you back.” Celebrating successes will help individuals stay on track and gives a boost of motivation to keep them going.

Be consistent

“Long-term success can only be achieved through consistency,” insists Alpha Innova. The firm believes that it is incredibly important to develop winning habits to achieve success. This means putting actions in place to continuously develop oneself, set goals, have a healthy diet and so on. “Just because you eat one salad a month, it doesn’t have an impact on your diet. It is consistency that makes the difference,” explains a spokesperson of Alpha Innova. Individuals who choose to win put their whole mindset into it. They implement behaviours and transform them into habits.

360 Security Starts Ad Campaign in the UK


360 Mobile Security Limited, the company behind the acclaimed 360 Security app to protect and secure Android phones, is today launching an advertising campaign in the UK. This follows a recently successful campaign in more than 10 countries including Germany and France. The app already has 400 million users worldwide and the company is aiming to grow its market share throughout Europe.

“We feel that now is the right time to start a campaign in the UK about our product,” said Jean-Baptiste, Brand Manager at 360 Security. “We know that hacks on Android phones are growing rapidly (a recent report from Nokia found that malware on Androids more than doubled in the second half of last year). Not only that, hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated so an anti-virus solution that is regularly updated is a must for any smartphone user. Our app is updated weekly and we work closely with Google to ensure the app is perfectly compatible with its software”.

The campaign will run for four weeks on over 30 channels with the aim for 360 Security to increase awareness on mobile security issues and increase its user base in the UK. The app offers user the possibility to clean, boost and protect their Android device. The app is number one on Google Play Tools Ranking in 90 countries; 360 Security is the app you need to protect your mobile life.

Worldpay’s My Business Hub Levels the Playing Field for Small Businesses


Worldpay, the UK’s leading payments processor, has transformed the till as we know it with today’s unveiling of My Business Hub. This intuitive, all-in-one tablet-based till will completely change the way small business owners collect and reconcile payments in their shops. As a result, everyday transactions will be much simpler and less time-consuming.

Replacing the till of old, My Business Hub consolidates existing cash registers, payment devices and receipt printers into one fully integrated payment device. Fast and intuitive to use, My Business Hub automates reconciliation of cash and card payments, reducing the daily admin burden and leaving business owners with more time to concentrate on growing their business. The all-in-one device will even enable small business owners to take sales from anywhere in the store, something which has been beyond their reach until now.

Dave Hobday, Managing Director of Worldpay UK, said: “Great technology should not be the preserve of large companies. My Business Hub sits at the heart of our strategy to provide small business owners with access to the tools and support they need to grow. My Business Hub makes running a business easier, and the way we have designed the product means it can evolve and flex to address the specific needs of small business owners. We are challenging consumer perceptions of small businesses, enabling them to provide a more personalised service and literally putting growth at their fingertips.”

Operated with a detachable Android tablet, My Business Hub gives business owners the freedom to take payments anywhere on their shop floor. This flexibility means staff can spend more time helping and advising customers, enhancing the overall customer experience, while also helping to reduce queues at busy times. The tablet also allows businesses to use the device for other functions, whether that be ordering stock online or checking emails and responding to customer enquiries.

Providing a holistic view of all transactions and trends, My Business Hub is also fully integrated with My Business Dashboard, Worldpay’s online insights tool for small businesses giving full access to card transactions online. Hub users will be able to see both cash and card transactions in their My Business Dashboard account, saving them time, whilst also enabling them to track performance, view sales trends and gain valuable insights about their business.

Worldpay customer Peter White, owner of Tilbury Tiles in Essex, has been using My Business Hub since early 2016. He has found that the new technology has given his business an edge when it comes to creating the right customer experience.

“The fact that it’s all in one is perfect, it’s really easy to use. It does away with paperwork and being able to log in to the online account to get all of our records is great.

“Providing a stress-free shopping experience is very important for our business, especially when customers are paying for higher value orders which can often be over £500. Most of our customers prefer to pay by card and My Business Hub helps give customers that extra confidence.”

Available at an accessible price for SMEs, getting up and running with My Business Hub could not be easier. Simply unpack, plug in and download the My Business Hub app from the Google Play Store to start taking transactions. The simple app gives business owners instant access to the very latest technology from Worldpay and its network of partners with automatic updates when new features and functions are added.

Kingswood Partners With Perkbox to Further Staff Engagement and Happiness


Kingswood one of the UK’s leading providers of outdoor education, has partnered with Perkbox a leading employee engagement platform, to launch an exciting new incentives, rewards and engagement programme for its employees.

As part of its continuing commitment to reward its team of 650 for their hard work and to reinforce it as a great business for which to work, Kingswood will now provide its team with free and exclusive access to over a hundred practical and recreational perks. New benefits now available to the team at Kingswood via Perkbox include up to 6% off at 20,000 retail stores and 50 nationwide brands, two-for-one or 50% off in more than 6,500 restaurants with a free tastecard, free mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover, money off in pubs, bars and coffee shops, heavily discounted theatre tickets and attraction day passes, corporate rates in top gym chains, half price MOTs, amongst hundreds of others. Fresh perks will be added to the platform regularly and all employees will be able to simply redeem these via their own dedicated account using Perkbox’s online platform and smartphone app.

As well as easy online and on-the-go redemption using the latest technology, Kingswood staff will also have access to an engagement platform that is designed to enhance financial, emotional and physical wellbeing. This includes online classes in yoga, healthy cooking and meditation, as well as financial help and advice. The team will be automatically enrolled in an online internal Rewards and Recognition platform – a gamified system carefully constructed to reward employees and drive peer-to-peer recognition. They will also be gifted with an occasional surprise ‘Perkbox’ filled with treats and free goodies for the whole team to enjoy.

Jason Andrews, Managing Director at Kingswood, commented: “We are fully committed to making Kingswood a great place to work and play – both for all of our guests and our fantastic teams who welcome and inspire over 160,000 young people to our education and adventure centres each year. Perkbox was an easy choice for us. The perks are wide and varied and the Rewards and Recognition platform perfectly complements the ‘Kingswood Crowns’ system we already have in place. It provides another fun and rewarding way to show our appreciation to all our teams, whether they’re Activity Leaders on centre, support staff, or office based.”

Saurav Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder of Perkbox, said: “Kingswood’s business resonates deeply with our employee engagement offering, specialising in providing inspiring and physically stimulating activities that give enjoyment and educate curious minds at the same time. Kingswood is a pioneer in the outdoor education movement, demonstrating genuine empathy and understanding of how to drive meaningful engagement in children. We are delighted to have partnered with Kingswood to further staff engagement and happiness and reinforce their industry-leading position.”

MJ Experia Marketing Outline the Do’s and Don’ts For Entrepreneurs Under 25


With entrepreneurship fast becoming a great career opportunity for the under 25’s, MJ Experia Marketing share their tips to achieving success.

Entrepreneurial supporters MJ Experia Marketing are confident in the abilities of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. With the average age of start-up business owners decreasing each year, the firm believe the under 25s hold the key to tomorrow’s success. Entrepreneurs create businesses that hire people, this is crucial for the stability of the reduction in employment rates. The tax paid by entrepreneurs further contributes to the national income that is used to contribute to facilitating community services, i.e. the NHS and public services. Also entrepreneurs create demand for products which in turn creates jobs for other businesses, and allow other markets to mature. These key things are true to all entrepreneurs, but the key to young entrepreneurial success is the introduction of new technologies in the market, it’s their passion for improvement that encourages innovation.


Use Mistakes as Learning opportunities: Young entrepreneurs should relish the opportunity to build on their experience and develop new strategies that will become priceless for future business activity.

Take risks: Use age to an advantage. Young entrepreneurs have the luxury of time being on their side. Setbacks aren’t often the end of the road and innovation can make businesses a huge success.

Network/meet new people: In business it can be a case of ‘not what you know, but who’. Set aside time to meet new people with the mentality that everyone has something to teach.


Don’t care: Everyone will have an opinion. It’s important to have a thick skin and filter out some of the noise. Have confidence in the dream.

Don’t become complacent: Maintain momentum and taking care of the small details will maximise the chance of long-term success. Markets will change and it will be important to keep ahead of consumers’ needs to achieve sustainable success.

Don’t be impatient: Overnight success stories don’t ever show the days that rolled into nights, the many obstacles. The journey is all part of the process. Young entrepreneurs need to maintain the mind-set of wanting to improve and get better at everything.

Don’t pursue perfection: Make the product right for the market and maintain a realistic timeframe to ensure the moment isn’t lost.

Priority Software Releases V 17.2 With New API, Data Export Support Tools and Enhanced BPM


Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of ERP solutions, today announced the release of Priority V 17.2, the latest version of its market-winning ERP software. The new version boasts robust system openness, interoperability and flexibility to optimize customers’ business performance. V 17.2 offers a new API to increase Priority ERP’s interface functionality, innovative data export support tools, Google Docs and Office 365, to transfer and share Priority files, Business Process Management (BPM) tools enhancements and other improvements.  

In response to customer requirements, V 17.2 enhancements include comprehensive REST API support. Having become the de-facto standard used for inter-connecting applications and programs via the web, the REST API is widely supported by all major programming languages, such as Java and C#. An integral part of V 17.2, the REST API simplifies component implementation and reduces the complexity of connector semantics. As a result, Priority users can seamlessly integrate to external software systems enabling them to simplify both read and write transactions enabling real-time and dynamic connectivity to virtually any other software on the market.

To further support system openness and flexibility, V 17.2 fully supports 1-click data export to Open Office and Office (Web Apps) Online, Google Docs and Office 365 which provides users with ability to generate custom, user-defined reports as predefined templates. These enhanced data export tools provide quick and efficient document sharing and transfer of key data within Priority effortlessly.

Priority V 17.2 includes a number of functionality and UI enhancements to Priority’s strong Business Logic layer that includes Business Process Management (BPM) tools, a dedicated Business Rules Generator and Data Generator. Priority Business logic layer is designed to empower users to create and manage business rules with minimal involvement from IT staff, these BPM tools support sophisticated and powerful rules to handle business workflow, policies and procedures efficiently. Further, V 17.2’s BPM tools easily integrate with existing IT assets.

“What really captured our attention was that Priority was so easy to use. It’s a great system with brilliant flexibility. Our operations, business processes and workflow are much more streamlined and many events that previously required manual input are now automated,” commented Andrea Lander, Administration Manager at Merley Paper Converters. As the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of receipt paper rolls, with a state-of-art print and design facility, Merley serve hundreds of independent and multiple retailers. They boast over 3 billion customer transactions, making them the #1 marketing and security receipt provider in the UK.

“As an ERP software provider, ongoing innovation is key. V 17.2’s new API opens the world to our customers, with a highly flexible and scalable system. Where a majority of today’s ERP systems are closed, Priority ERP delivers truly open business process functionality. It’s a real step forward in the evolution of ERP,” said Leor Barth, VP R&D of Priority Software.

According to Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst, Business Communications at Quocirca, “ERP is not a new concept, but mobile and cloud computing have radically changed the way ERP needs to be used. The challenge is keeping ERP simple, consistent and interactive as business processes and teams become more distributed. This has driven the need for open solutions that can scale to meet organizations’ productivity demands, while delivering a simple, flexible and efficient user experience.”

Andres Richter, CEO of Priority Software, added, “We are pleased to continue to deliver the tools necessary for our customers to work independently and manage even the most challenging projects. Priority V 17.2 is a testament to our numerous enhancements with each and every release and to our longstanding commitment to making ERP easier.”