Your Case Matters


Your Case Matters

PH Law Firm is short for Paglialunga & Harris, PS. For the last 20 years, the firm’s attorneys have been advocating for people against insurance companies, drug companies and medical device manufacturers. 2017 Attorney of the Year was recently awarded to Jim Harris, who spills the beans on the firm’s work and what they can do for you. 

The PH Law Firm represents people harmed by negligent conduct and by corporations that put profits before people’s safety, including drug companies, medical device companies. PH Law Firm take cases that matter. Your case matters to you, and it matters to them. But your case also matters to society because without accountability for unsafe and wrongful conduct, more people get harmed or even die.

Attorney, Jim Harris continues to set the scene for us, elaborating on the firm’s valuable work.
“We believe the cases we handle make everyone safer. Many of the cases we handle involve fraudulent and even criminal conduct on the part of corporations, that have deliberately concealed information about how their products can harm people. It’s important that these bad actors compensate every person they do harm to.

“We work hard for our clients, so they can receive the full justice that the law will allow. We also believe that deserving cases should be resolved and settled both quickly and efficiently. But if defendants refuse to do what’s right and provide our clients the justice they deserve, we are prepared to fight for those we serve in the courtroom. Our track record of results speaks for itself.

The firm was established in 1996, with offices in Seattle and San Diego. Today, they specialise in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation, product liability and personal injury. Jim then reveals his thoughts on being awarded Attorney of the Year and what his means for him and his firm. He also reveals more about his own role in the firm and any challenges or opportunities that are coming up in the region.

“It is a great honour. We accept the award on behalf of the good people we are lucky to represent. For me and my firm, it means we need to work even harder in 2018.”

“In terms of my own role in the firm, I focus on pharmaceutical and medical device cases, primarily.

“We represent people nationwide, indeed right now there are many challenges as corporate interests, that seek to limit the rights of the people they injure and restrict access to justice.”
Jim then highlights the firm’s specific legal areas of expertise, what type of clients they serve and the essential role that staff play in the success of PH Law Firm.

“We focus primarily on cases where a drug or medical device firm has rushed a product to market with inadequate testing, may have suppressed scientific evidence showing there was a risk and failed to warn the medical community.

“We represent ordinary average people all over the nation. In addition, our staff are the
backbone of the law firm. We have very caring, attentive people who help take very good care of our clients.”

In closing, Jim shares the firm’s plans for 2017 and encourages you to get in touch with the firm to find out more.

“We want to continue fighting for justice for people whenever drug companies or medical device companies choose to put their profits before people’s safety.

“Thank you again for the recognition! Do call us for a free no obligation case evaluation, to find out if you have a case. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions. In minutes, we can let you know if your case is one that may qualify for compensation.”

Name: Jim Harris

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 4600 La Jolla Villiage Dr Suite 500, San Diego, 92122 USA

Telephone: +1 888 604 3438

CellTrust Bring-Your-Own-Device


CellTrust CEO: Successful Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Program Requires Mobile Compliancy Enforcement Vision and Adaptiveness
by Lee Rech

Visionary, innovator, respectful, accessible and relaxed are among the words those closest to Arizona CEO of the Year Sean Moshir use to describe the cybersecurity thought leader. Moshir is widely known as the tech executive at the forefront of enterprise cybersecurity patch management and secure mobile device spaces for the past two decades.

As CEO and co-founder of Scottsdale-based CellTrust, Moshir has built the secure and integrated mobile enterprise solutions provider into a trusted compliancy enforcement partner. When it comes to enforcing policy, whether mandated by regulatory bodies or voluntary, he believes most companies are capable of establishing policies. However, enforcing these same policies across large enterprise networks and mobile devices, mandated or not, becomes a very different story.

Catching the BYOD Wave In 2013, Moshir and his team identified a market opportunity he describes as “BringYour-Own-Device” (BYOD), applicable in highly regulated environments such as finance (FINRA), healthcare (HIPAA), and government. Recognizing the untapped potential of the opportunity, he strategically transformed CellTrust’s award-winning, secure mobile technology to ensure business and product development strategy, planning, and execution efforts could remain well ahead of competitors.

In May 2017, FINRA published “Guidance on Social Networking Websites and Business Communications,” which provides guidelines for financial advisors on how to archive their text messages when communicating to investors, and which supported CellTrust’s mission to develop today’s leading mobile compliancy enforcement offering.

“Many companies, especially highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and energy, are still very much at risk when it comes to enforcing and securing their policies and procedures,” explained Moshir. “According to Gartner, 90 percent of today’s workers use their personal devices for work. And, while the BYOD trend has proven to be productive and cost effective in many instances, it too often puts employers in jeopardy. Today, more than 68 percent of companies do not have a BYOD compliant policy in place. This is simply very risky.”
For those unfamiliar with BYOD, this alternative communications strategy allows employees, business partners, and others to use a personally selected and purchased mobile client device to execute enterprise applications and access data. Many believe employees are more productive when using their own mobile devices. However, once corporate data exists on a personal phone, regulatory enforcement becomes very difficult. Typically, BYOD spans smartphones and tablets, but the strategy also applies to PCs.

While accessibility benefits are seemingly obvious, the revenue BYOD could bear has the marketplace stumbling over itself. According to a 2015 Tech Pro research report, analysts estimated the BYOD market at $71.93 billion in 2013, but expected that number to reach $266 billion by 2019. Just two years away, and Moshir and his team know it. Moshir has worked tirelessly with his product marketing and development teams to ensure CellTrust stays at the crest of the “secure mobile communication compliancy enforcement” wave.

Today, under Moshir’s leadership, CellTrust offers advanced secure mobile communication compliancy enforcement software solutions and equally superior
stakeholder services. Aiding this effort, Moshir has partnered with global resellers and partners including Smarsh, BlackBerry, Samsung, MicroFocus, MessageWatcher, Actiance, GlobalRelay, MobileIron and VMWare to name a few.

CellTrust SL2™ Sets Bar for Mobile Communication Compliancy Enforcement Compatible with any iOS, Android, or BlackBerry mobile device, tablet or desktop, CellTrust has introduced SL2™, enabling the ability to make calls and texts from the application using a Mobile Business Number (MBN) which is separate from the users’ personal number. The app has its own phone calls, call logs, text messages and contacts keeping everything separate from the personal number. Calls and text made from the app may be encrypted and optionally traced and archived, helping to ensure compliancy with regulations. The user’s registered mobile device number remains available to make personal calls. Enterprise policies are executed and enforced by SL2™ to enable the enforcement of mandatory policy requirements. By embedding voice and text in the SL2™environment, the mobile device user can confidently conduct business and know they are compliant with corporate policies and mandated requirements.

CellTrust SL2™ makes it easier to use mobile devices in a regulatory environment, stipulated by federal mandates such as FINRA, HIPAA, and other complex reporting and archiving requirements.

Open Door (and Mind) Policy Mindset Center Stage at CellTrust Moshir believes great customer support is critical to business success.

“One of the most important elements of stakeholder strategy at CellTrust is the customer,” said Moshir. “I enjoy keeping my finger on the market pulse by remaining involved and interacting with CellTrust customers.”

Moshir developed many products and exited an Inc. 500 company over the past 20 years. During his career, he led several industry-changing technology initiatives including the creation of ManageWare, which he sold to IBM. He also developed one of the first network anti-virus VAP software for Central Point Software, a company ultimately acquired by Symantec. Credited with founding the now multi-milliondollar security patch vulnerability management and remediation space by establishing PatchLink Corporation (now Ivanti), Moshir led PatchLink to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States at the time, with tens of millions using the software today. In just two years, PatchLink grew from 18 to more than 200 employees working from several global office locations. Moshir founded and established CellTrust in 2006, where he remains CEO today.

At CellTrust, understanding the nuances of the compliance enforcement market was in line with Moshir’s experience. Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as Shell, Lockheed Martin, Novell, IBM, Thompson, Kraft Foods, Harley Davidson, and the banking industry, sought out Moshir for his security products and expertise. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Moshir is as adept at providing complex technology recommendations as he is running day-to-day business.

While Moshir continues to ensure all CellTrust stakeholders buy into his SL2™ and BYOD vision, he also makes sure everyone from office manager to software developer to CFO gets the opportunity to present their views and ideas.

“Giving all employees a voice makes achieving our goals much easier,” Moshir explained. “My open-door policy with all employees, customers, and contractors helps me to see the objectives and end-game from different perspectives.”

Moshir admits that several CellTrust stakeholders are closer to some of the core issues than he is as CEO. For example, and for obvious reasons, CellTrust developers are oftentimes closer to product issues and problems. “Their approach to addressing an issue could be different than what I would have advised; but that isn’t always a bad thing,” noted Moshir. “In fact, sometimes it is a great thing. In the end, I just make sure their ideas fit into the big picture and are coherent with our overall product and company roadmap.”

At CellTrust, department heads manage their own departments day-to-day but Moshir encourages all employees to communicate with him and other executive team members at all levels. It is important that CellTrust employees feel comfortable approaching and discussing ideas with the CEO. The open door (and mind) policy at CellTrust remains a top priority for Moshir and his executive team.

A Relaxed Culture Built on Goals and Expectations Just last year, Fast Company published a story on corporate culture. As part of the myth busting format, writer Barry Saltzman determined that companies can cultivate a relaxed atmosphere and still set boundaries. Moreover, Saltzman discovered that in a recent Business Analysis and Research study sponsored by Strategic Finance, 40 percent of employees surveyed agreed that they benefit when their own goals are in step with their company’s goals. So, while Moshir might not have invented the relaxed tech company environment, he certainly has taken hold of the right culture approach.

“I expect people to do what they need to do to meet objectives, but those same objectives are all set around high-level company goals,” said Moshir. “I find when employees at every level feel they are part of the big picture, they feel more confident taking on projects and supporting the corporate end game.”

Moshir points out that CellTrust provides food and drink to ensure employees are happy, energized, and well-fed during the workday. Because CellTrust deals with mobile security and compliancy scenarios at so many levels, customers expect a level of corporate professionalism and interaction that extends beyond other consumer technology software service providers. In addition, CellTrust provides employees with a Zen Room for reenergizing, an employee recognition program, flexible work hours and accommodations for parents.

CEO of Year Award Provides Multi-Faceted Affirmation “After working years in the cybersecurity technology industry and serving as an advisor to national cybersecurity gurus, such as the late Howard Schmidt, former cyber-security coordinator during the Obama and Bush administrations, it is an honor to be recognized as Arizona’s CEO of Year,” Moshir humbly acknowledged.

Moshir notes his fondness for Arizona as one of best places to live and work. However, he laments that a business location, Arizona is sometimes underestimated for its cybersecurity attributes, innovation, and advancement. For this reason, Moshir made a concerted effort to extend beyond his for-profit to become one of founding board members of The non-profit, cybersecurity coalition was created to generate, attract, and retain highly educated tech talent into Arizona’s cybersecurity sector.

Moshir believes that actively working across private and public business sectors gives him an advantageous employee and customer perspective and focus. Moshir added that many
Americans don’t realize there is a Cyber Security Warfare Range based in Arizona. The range is open to organizations with an interest in developing welltrained workforces versed in the continuous improvement process for cyber security and ultimately national security.

When asked to reflect on key attributes that helped him become an award-winning business leader, Moshir mentioned an intuitive nature that he developed through his career. Moshir stated, “I think my ability to recognize the raw energy people have in them and help them channel that energy in a positive way has been a driving force over the years. And, my ability to team, work with, and adapt to many personalities has been a plus.”

Moshir believes the ability to focus and understand a business’ space, industry, and trends is critical to success. Being able to make changes and adapt as the market changes is how CellTrust has advanced — Moshir expects more of the same.

“I believe CellTrust’s new SL2™ technology will rapidly take off based on industry feedback received to date,” Moshir explained. “Our continued expansion will provide customers what they have come to expect from CellTrust — superior mobile security and compliancy enforcement, that cost-effectively combines personal and work mobile devices without the risk.”

The 2017 Technology Innovator Awards Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2017 Technology Innovator Awards Winners

United Kingdom, July 2017– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 Technology Innovator Awards.

Now celebrating its third year, the Technology Innovator Awards return in 2017 to showcase the talented individuals, teams and firms that form the backbone of this dynamic industry. We aim to raise the profile of those who’s innovative thinking and commitment to technology make the industry what it is today.

Laura Hunter, Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “Technology is vital to everyday life, therefore it has been a real pleasure to be able to showcase those dedicated to making innovations happen. I would like to congratulate my winners and wish them the best of luck going forward.”  

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit



About Corporate Vision Magazine

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Capturing Success


Capturing Success

Arena Television is the name behind approaching 1,000 hours of mainstream television broadcast to British viewers every year. Arena is at the forefront of delivering Ultra High Definition, the new generation of programmes to the people of Britain. 

We cover everything from Premier League football and Six Nations rugby, to Trooping the Colour and the Glastonbury music festival. No UK broadcasters own the resource to cover this type of event. Arena has a market share of approximately 23% and is the larger of two British owned companies that service the sector. We also hold all television helicopter news contracts.
Our work happens on-site at events and alongside the client, resulting in a close relationship that requires a seamless integration of the teams from each company. Ensuring this happens smoothly requires a strong and capable team, good communication and a shared desire to produce the best product possible.

For more than 25 years Arena has been providing outside broadcast (OB) facilities to all the major UK broadcasters, while remaining a privately owned British company. Throughout that time, we have been part of an industry at the forefront of technological development. The last two decades have seen as succession of new features appear in the marketplace; digital transmission, 16:9 high definition, Dolby 5.1 audio and now Ultra HD, HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.

Each feature enjoyed by the viewer, has a technological path back to the point that the video is captured. As part of this flow from source to consumer,

Arena Television researches and invests in the best solution to fulfil its function in the broadcasting chain. This can be made even more challenging by the fact that all our equipment must be portable, moving around the country to wherever an event is taking place.
Broadcasters outsource all multicamera production facilities to companies like Arena. In turn we supply the equipment and crews needed to televise events that take place outside of a TV studio. These typically range from sport and concerts through to ceremonies and natural history.

Arena’s fleet of mobile outside broadcast vehicles travel throughout the UK and beyond capturing images seen in homes all over the country, with our aerial filming team capturing news and general footage from the sky. Our aim has always been to provide the best technology to broadcasters, so that they in turn can deliver high quality programming to the people of Britain.

The challenge for Arena is to anticipate the requirements of our clients and translate those into a technological solution that works in a mobile environment. With each job having its own set of requirements, Arena maintains a flexible and responsive relationship with the client.
Introducing new technology into our process is not a new phenomenon however, Ultra HD has required such a dramatic change in the production process that its effects have been noticed
more widely than previous innovations.

In 2015, BT Sport pioneered the launch of Ultra High Definition (UHD) in the UK. At that time, there was an existing method of capturing and transmitting UHD however, Arena wanted to ensure that its own solution would meet the needs of the growing format for years to come. We began exploring emerging technology that would provide a powerful and futureproof solution. The result was a partnership with Grass Valley, an established broadcast equipment manufacturer, who had already begun to unveil a number of HD-IP solutions for its worldwide clients.

The new technology would move signals around using Internet Protocol, a well-known tool for homes and businesses but a complete change from the traditional technology used in broadcasting for decades. Broadcasting UHD involves moving vast quantities of data from the broadcasting location right through to the viewer. We believe IP will become the future standard for outside broadcast and be adopted in coming years throughout the industry.
In anticipation of UHD, development of our new outside broadcast vehicle “OBX” began in 2014. OBX would be the first of three Ultra HD trucks, built in succession to provide cutting edge technology to the UK’s outside broadcast market. It was agreed the project would ride the wave of the new technology coming to market from Grass Valley. This involved replacing the technology used by the television industry from camera all the way to the very televisions and mobile devices used to watch the content.

Grass Valley’s proof of concept testing utilised technology from Cisco, the world leader in IP based switching and routing technology. Grass Valley and Cisco announced a global strategic alliance to offer customers integrated broadcast solutions. Arena felt that Cisco was the natural choice for the IP switch, given Cisco’s market leading position and understanding of delivering mission-critical infrastructure in dynamic environments like an OB truck.

This emerging UHD technology is a powerful solution that is now providing television four times the resolution of existing HD. The beauty of Arena’s design is that it launches UHD, while still providing HD pictures in a process known as simulcasting. OBX is the first of three identical trucks built by Arena and was embraced by BT as a UHD / HD simulcast solution.

On Saturday the 10th September 2016, OBX was deployed at Anfield for BT’s Premier League coverage of Liverpool v Leicester. The match was successfully broadcast in UHD with both Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Atmos, and in HD with Dolby 5.1. The combined OB, which included an on-site studio show, used 28 cameras of which the cornerstone was the new Grass Valley LDX-86N.

Arena’s second UHD truck “OBY” began work on Sky’s coverage of Rugby Union in October 2016, and this contract includes England international matches at Twickenham. Arena considers that OBX and OBY are by far the world’s most advanced OB trucks, and is delighted to be able to showcase their capability on the Premier League for BT Sport and Rugby Union for Sky. The high-profile nature of these broadcasts illustrates how vital our technological innovation has been in delivering the television of the future to the people of Britain.
Arena also holds contracts with the BBC and ITV, both of whom will benefit from the introduction of our third new UHD truck “OBZ”.

Key Facts Box: A British owned and run business One of four key players in the market Produce content for all UK Broadcasters A fleet of over 25 outside broadcast vehicles Home of the BBC News and Sky News helicopters

Technical terms Box:

UHD: four times the resolution of HD and a higher frame rate

HDR: a brighter picture with more detail in the bright and dark areas

IP: a future-proof and flexible internet protocol for moving data

OB: a mobile TV studio used to provide multi-camera event coverage

Sample credits Box:

The Olympics

The FA Cup

BBC Springwatch

The Royal Variety Show

The Voice

Being selected as 2017’s Most Innovative Tech Firm by Corporate Vision is a privilege that belongs as much to our staff as it does the company. Without such a dedicated and enthusiastic team, Arena would not be in the strong position we find ourselves. Credit must be given to those whose professionalism and dedication make Arena’s success possible. Implementing new technology requires a drive and focus that our hard-working team has sustained throughout the rollout of our UHD solution. The recognition of this and other awards reflects the productivity of a team that we are all privileged to be a part.

At the Height of Success


At the Height of Success

Perform Air International Inc. is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and China Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certificated aircraft component repair station. As the 2017 Large Cap Top 50 – USA Winner, we took the opportunity to interview the firm’s Cindy McGowan to find out more.

Perform Air International Inc. provide aircraft component repairs to some of the largest airlines in the world, with component types ranging from hydraulics, electro-mechanical and pneumatic to waste and water. An average of 350 components a week are shipped to Perform Air, from around the globe and repaired or overhauled in 10 days or less, ensuring minimal operational disruption for their customers.
The firm’s Cindy McGowan reveals how Perform Air International Operates the specific four objectives of the ‘Diamond Excellence Standard’ and how it feels to be the 2017 Large Cap Top 50 – USA Winner.

“All employees at Perform Air International Inc. are committed to customer satisfaction. This is achieved by providing excellent customer service, at the best possible price, and turn times, without compromising quality.

“The meeting of employee needs, customer requirements, organisation standards and the regulatory requirements of the agencies, which regulate the aviation industry, are the highest priorities of Perform Air International Inc.’s management. We call this the ‘Diamond Excellence Standard’. The Diamond Excellence Award is for those individuals or partner companies who consistently achieve the highest level of excellence, related to the Perform Air International Inc. quality standard.

“I have worked hard to break barriers and overcome many obstacles within the male dominated aviation industry, to lead Perform Air International Inc. to its current strong position, so I am honoured to be chosen for this 2017 Large Cap Top 50 – USA award.”
Cindy then explains to what extent she thinks that an ever-increasing number of women are joining boardrooms across the region and the implications of this.

“In the aviation/aerospace world, there is still a substantial disparity between the number of women and men involved in any aspect of our industry. Women only make up 2.4% of all aircraft technicians and 4.2% of all airline pilots, so the percentages decrease within management ranks. While the numbers have been improving, more still needs to be done to promote our industry to young women.

“I do believe that business does benefit from a balanced workforce. Diversity is integral to achieving Perform Air International’s goal of ensuring safe and efficient aircraft component repair for all domestic and international air carriers.”

Cindy turns the conversation to her own role as an influential and successful woman and something of the career path she has carved out for herself.

“Early on in my career, I was lucky enough in the corporate world to have a female executive as a mentor. She was not part of my division or workgroup, but someone who provided me with advice, guidance and knowledge.

“Today, I feel it is important to be a mentor for my executive team, to provide them with guidance, advice and knowledge to better prepare them for advancement which in turn benefits not only the individual but also the organisation.

“The only way this can be accomplished is to establish trust early on with new employees, ensure you are doing the right thing and handling those early opportunities with importance, then pay it forward by proving junior and senior employees with mentorship moments.”
Cindy then underlines the role that staff play in the success of the firm, plus opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

“Our people are our strength, and we take great care in investing in and valuing them as such. Most importantly, Perform Air International Inc. employees are proactive, not reactive. They take part actively in meetings, contribute ideas, and get involved in the work. Employees who are used to sitting on the side lines, while others get involved generally do not do well in our organisation. They’ll need training and coaching from mentors, leads, and peers if they are going to become strong members of our team.

“As the aviation industry continues to grow and more aircraft enter into operation; Perform Air International Inc. is currently experiencing a new growth cycle. With this, comes requirements to expand infrastructure and headcount. As with any growth process, this must be managed and controlled, to ensure there are no operational disruptions or growing pains that are relayed to our customers.”

In closing, Cindy is keen to explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the wider industry.

“Women have been involved in aviation since its earliest days. From E. Lillian Todd, who designed and built aircraft in 1906 to Helen Richey, who became the first woman pilot for a U.S. commercial airline in 1934, women have assumed a variety of roles in the industry. At the close of the 20th century, astronaut Eileen Collins became the first female space shuttle commander.

“During the last two decades, the number of women involved in the aviation industry has steadily increased and they can be found in nearly every aviation occupation today. However, the numbers are small when compared to that of their male counterparts.

“Unfortunately, the total numbers of individuals entering the aviation industry is in a steady decline. As the total numbers of male and female pilots, engineers and technicians decrease, finding qualified individuals to repair aircraft components will become increasingly difficult. More must be done to promote aviation, science, math and engineering to young people as a means of motivating them or inspiring them to enter our industry.”

Company: Perform Air International

Name: Cindy McGowan

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Telephone: +1 480 610 3500

Leading by Example


Leading by Example

Servier is an international pharmaceutical company, governed by a foundation and headquartered in Suresnes (France). With a strong international presence in 148 countries, a turnover of €4 billion in 2016 and a mission to deliver therapeutic solutions to patients, it is fitting that the Director of Servier Laboratories Australia and New Zealand International Centre for Therapeutic Research (ICTR) was given both the Australian CEO Top 25 and, 2017’s Best Performing Pharmaceutical Company CEO awards. To celebrate these successes, we invited Director of the ICTR, Pedro Crisanto to reveal more about the firm’s work and his current senior job role.

With a strong international presence in 148 countries and a turnover of €4 billion in 2016, Servier employs 21,000 people worldwide today. Servier’s corporate growth is driven by their constant search for innovation in five areas of expertise: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, immune-inflammatory diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases. Being completely independent, the group reinvests 25% of turnover in research and development and uses all its profits for growth.

Pedro Crisanto begins by revealing his thoughts on being awarded the Australian CEO Top 25 2017’s and Best Performing Pharmaceutical Company CEO accolades.

“I am deeply honoured and very pleased to be recognised for something that I’m passionate and fully committed to. As any director would know, the work that we do is a collective effort, so I consider this to be a wonderful acknowledgement for the team and for our active engagement in R&D activities here in Australia, with the local scientific community through our clinical trials and research activities.

“Being governed by a foundation, sets Servier apart from most pharmaceutical companies. Our profits, rather than being used to pay shareholders, are significantly reinvested into therapeutic research. The freedom of not letting quarterly results dictate your strategy, while still being mindful that we need to insure the sustainability of the group, allows us to create our own fate with a mid/long term vision in mind.

“This independence also comes at a price however, as we each carry an individual and collective responsibility to build our future. So, this award is a significant recognition of our strategy to focus in providing patients with innovative therapeutic solutions and of the commitment of our team to finding cures, providing relief and saving lives.”
Pedro then reveals more about his work as a Director and what this involves, including for example his successes, methods and achievements.

“As a director, you need to create an environment that allows people to thrive and to be at their best. In the healthcare sector, which can be very volatile, you need to be a buffer and absorb some of the stress, so that the team can remain focused on their objectives of bringing innovation to the patients. This doesn’t mean to shelter people from change because constant evolution is key to succeed, but you need to be mindful that evolution is a process not an event. You can constantly evolve but you can’t constantly change or you will risk alienating people.

“I’m convinced that the commitment of our men and women is essential to our success – and for that you need to step away from your desk and engage with your team – and help them find their sense of purpose. Don’t let yourself be ruled by your inbox – this might help you to be a great manager – but it will prevent you from being a great leader.

Albert Einstein said, ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new’. As access to innovation is a major strategic challenge for us, my role is to let people know that they can fail and learn from the mistakes. This way, when they take up a major strategic challenge, they can move forward with their eyes on the horizon and not on the rearview mirror. In chemistry, we define ‘catalyst’ as a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being consumed. I do think that my role is to be that trigger, that accelerator it’s just the not being consumed part that I’m still working on (joke).

“The best thing about being a director is when you hear stories about patients and their families about how their lives were transformed, because of the work that you do, or when you see someone in your team meeting his or her full potential.”

Staying on the subject of being a director, Pedro is keen to reveal what he perceives to be the main attributes of any person in the same senior position as him.

“The main attributes of any director should be to have a clear vision and lead by example. You must walk the talk, otherwise you will never get the buy in and commitment from your team. Your daily actions need to match and live up to the vision shared by the group and that a leader embodies, so that together you can build a successful future.

“You also need to actively listen, do not just hear what you think people are saying to validate your pre-conceived assumptions, be curious. By having an open mind and sharing, you will be able to build on one another’s experiences.

“The ability to address issues when they arise is very important, plus not being complacent or avoiding difficult conversations, as they will undermine your commitment to succeed. You also need to trust the people who are in charge and understand where you can bring in added value and where you do not. Finding the right balance between keeping up with the daily demands of running a business, while still being able to formulate creative strategic initiatives for the future, is another key aspect.”

Pedro shares with us his most significant achievements from the past calendar year as a director.“In the past year, we have contributed to the fact that Servier worldwide has been identified as the 2nd best company in the 2017 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey. This surveys more than 1,300 global investigative sites on 40 relationship attributes, to determine the best biopharmaceutical companies to work with. Not only were we the 2nd highest ranking sponsor rated by investigative sites globally, but we were also on the top three and four of the five criteria deemed the most important.

“In Australia, we conducted our ‘first in human clinical trial’ with one of new oncology drugs that targets the inhibition of cell survival proteins which allows cancer cells to escape death-inducing signals, such as apoptosis. This could represent a highly innovative treatment, which we hope will provide innovative therapeutic solutions, to address the needs of cancer patients.

“Servier acknowledges Australia as one of the leading countries in scientific research and development, so during this year we have continued to increase our R&D activities, by further strengthening strategic partnerships with key hospitals, institutes and universities.”
Pedro proceed to reveal his career journey – prior to becoming a director – plus the details of how he attained his current position.

“I have a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and two masters in Pharmaceutical Medicine, one by European Centre of Pharmaceutical Medicine in Basel, Switzerland and a second by the University of Aveiro in Portugal. I started my career working in a scientific consulting company in my home town of Lisbon, Portugal. I worked there for five years in clinical research, regulatory affairs and in business development. I believe that this gave me a strong background for the next the step in my career, joining Servier.

“I had the opportunity to join Servier in 2007, to help to create the Portuguese department of the Spain & Portugal International Centre for Therapeutic Research. Over five years, I worked closely with local and international colleagues, to develop the firm’s activity and the team work in Portugal.

“This proved to be a very enriching experience that in 2012 led me to Paris as Deputy Worldwide Clinical Operations Manager, where I had the chance to work with the Worldwide Clinical Operations Director in defining the global clinical operations strategy, optimising the contribution of each region to this strategy and in the promotion and cross-fertilisation of innovative ideas. In 2014, I was appointed Director of the Australia and New Zealand International Centre for Therapeutic Research.” In closing, Pedro reveals his hopes and plans for 2017 and beyond.

“Collaboration is a key cornerstone in research, development and partnerships with other pharma and biotech companies, academia, institutes and governments. This is fundamental, to allow us to fulfil our mission of delivering positive outcomes to patients in need and of contributing to ensure access to quality healthcare for all. Australia is a prime example of a rich ecosystem, with a longlasting tradition of institutions focused on innovation, in both medical research and improving healthcare.

“In the 2017 edition of the QS World University Rankings, Monash University in Melbourne, was ranked the second in the world in the field of pharmacy and pharmacology. We work in collaboration with the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in an exciting research programme with G protein– coupled receptors. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is one of the leading institutes worldwide in the field cancer research and have been at the forefront of translating laboratory discoveries to innovative medical research, and we are proud to say that some of these collaborative discoveries have been the focus of a Nature publication.

“Through our fellowship programme with The George Institute, we are contributing
to sustainable healthcare. The George Institute for Global Health is a health and medical research institute; whose mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. They have been named by The Lancet as ‘one of the world’s most renowned global health research institutions’, indeed their work is helping to shape healthcare policies around the globe.

“Therefore, in 2017 and beyond, we will continue to develop new and to build on these existing strategic partnerships. At the same time, we will also put our energy into developing our assets in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, immune-inflammatory diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases faster and more effectively with the goal of meeting the needs of patients.”

Name: Pedro Crisanto,Director

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 8 Cato Street, Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122, Australia

Telephone: +613 8823 7333

Complete Sales and Service Satisfaction


Complete Sales and Service Satisfaction

Spitfire Network Services Ltd is a multi-award winning telecoms and internet solutions provider for businesses. As the exclusive winner of the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards – United Kingdom category, we interviewed the company’s HR & Marketing Director, Susie Ward to find out more.

Spitfire Network Services Ltd manages network solutions and services for over 3500 customers, as well as partnering with 400 IT companies, who have chosen to enhance their services with this company’s product suite. UK based, with offices in London and the Midlands, they specialise in telecommunication and IP Engineering services for SMEs.

The company’s HR & Marketing Director, Susie Ward provides a brief introduction to the company, explains how their highly-trained staff approach customers and reveals their overall mission.

“The company’s portfolio can be broken down into four main areas: business Internet and data; voice telecommunications; IP engineering solutions tailor-made for every customer; as well as supporting it all with awardwinning support solutions, offering industry leading SLAs across our full range of services.

“Spitfire takes a consultative approach to all projects, with the aim of understanding the customers’ business drivers, with regards to their connectivity requirements. The firm’s overriding motto of customer application and network needs (CANN), both underpin all the solutions we offer. All our sales consultants receive over 500 hours of technology and industry training as a minimum and they will also have passed the CISCO CCENT exam, ensuring their complete competence and understanding of networking technologies. This means they can meaningfully undertake a full review of the requirements, as well as suggesting the most effective solutions to the customer.

“Spitfire strives to provide its customers with a complete standard of service and care, unsurpassed by any other communications provider. Spitfire provides IP engineering solutions and services to help customers achieve their business goals, providing complete sales and service satisfaction, whilst reducing their costs and helping them to maximise profits. As one of the first providers of business broadband in the UK, Spitfire have continually invested in its products, services and employees to ensure we stay ahead in today’s fast-changing technology arena.”

Susie then explains what differentiates the company from their competitors, plus her reflections on being an exclusive United Kingdom winner, as part of the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards.

“We aim to listen, understand and sell our customers the best options available, to meet their requirements. To achieve this, we offer one of the widest ranges of business internet connections on the market, to ensure customers have access to a full portfolio of services to fit their business requirements.

“Spitfire is delighted to have been nominated for this award. SoftTech is a leader in their field for providing comprehensive and reliable information to key decision-makers. Spitfire shares your ethos, of staying at the cutting edge in an ever-changing field and striving to provide the best service possible. The rigorous criteria you use to
select your winner will highlight Spitfire’s keys strengths and areas, in which we outperform our competitors.

“We are extremely proud to have been nominated and take great pride in the fact that our company has been recognised. Since the firm’s dawn in 1988, to still be a leader in the field after nearly thirty years, is testament to our drive to be the very best in the industry.”
Susie then directs the conversation towards the current challenges the company faces, why it is important to keep an eye on industry developments and the importance of investing in their treasured and valued staff.

“There are always challenges – the speed at which technology changes and moves forward is what makes this industry exciting. Spitfire enjoys helping customers set up and grow, so of course we need a buoyant economy to encourage business start- up, growth and innovation.

“At Spitfire, we continually invest in our staff to ensure they provide the best possible customer experience. We like to grow our own from within. Our extensive graduate sales and support training, coupled with continuous staff development opportunities, ensure that employees are best placed to provide customers with the solutions they require. We encourage all our employees to undertake industry acknowledged exams and accreditations, fullyfunded by the company, so their technical knowledge really is the very best in the industry.”

To wrap things up, Susie underlines what the future holds for the company plus the very helpful series of TechTalks on YouTube that have been made available.

“Spitfire see businesses adopting a mix of on-premises and cloud applications, expecting the two to work seamlessly together. Business applications are increasingly developed, assuming unlimited bandwidth between any two endpoints, with little regard for how they are hosted. Managing applications over public and private networks, will increasingly need skilled IP engineering services, to guarantee quality of service on an application by application basis. To meet this need, Spitfire is constantly improving our IP engineering skills base, to ensure that everyone in the company from sales people to support engineers understand that it is the applications that drive the underlying network requirements.

“Educationally, Spitfire has produced a series of TechTalks on YouTube under Spitfire Network Services (Click Here), alongside white papers (Click Here ), including the importance of choosing the correct service to carry voice calls, to ensure that your business is fully proofed.”

Company: Spitfire Network Services Ltd

Name: Susie Ward Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: The Printworks 139 Clapham Road London, SW9 0HP UK

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7501 3000

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Achievement


A Journey of Self-Discovery and Achievement

The Nyasa Partnership Limited provides coaching, mentoring, or training to everyone wishing to make a change to their lives. As winner of the Influential Businesswomen of 2017 award, we profiled the remarkable work of the expert in coaching, mentoring and training, Barbara Cormack.

Coaching, mentoring or training – which one is right for you or the individual members of your leadership team and staff in your organisation? After over 25 years in the corporate world, Barbara founded The Nyasa Partnership Limited in 2000 to allow her to support people – individually or within an organisation – to succeed in their own personal, professional, and/or business development.

Born in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) during the Federation; at a young age her parents moved to Nyasaland (Malaŵi) where she grew up. Her career started in the more traditional role of auditing and accounting. After reaching her goal to work in the City of London (where she was a financial analyst), Barbara changed careers and spent many years working as a financial software specialist in the IT world, giving her the opportunity to travel extensively as part of her work.

At the beginning of this century, another career change saw Barbara qualifying as a coach. Starting her own company allows Barbara to use all her knowledge and personally gained experience – to support her clients using her coaching or mentoring – or to work with them to gain their own knowledge through one of her training courses.

Barbara’s passion in life is to ensure that her clients, colleagues, family, and friends become the best they can in all aspects of their lives. For this reason, The Nyasa Partnership Limited’s mission is to take each person through their own wonderful journey of selfdiscovery and achievement.

Coaching is not a therapy, counselling, psychotherapy or mentoring. A coach is a trained professional, who can help you draw out, learn and develop those abilities that have been dormant for too long. A coach will ask just the right questions, providing challenges and support, to assist each person in a variety of ways.

Coaching – is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement! In 2005, a student Barbara was working with highlighted to her how much information she has and asked how she could share it with not only her, but also with others. It was enlightening and highlighted to Barbara how much information each person collects as they progress through their own lives and careers. This question highlighted to Barbara that she had reduced her support opportunities to her clients; she introduced mentoring and training as alternative support opportunities. Unlike coaching, mentoring allows the mentor to use their own knowledge and personally gained experience to help the clients.

Mentoring – is a wonderful journey of suggestion, guidance, self-discovery and achievement! Barbara also works with all her clients, students and colleagues to demonstrate to them the value of their past personally gained experiences. Barbara works with her knowledge of coaching and mentoring skills to help each person understand how they can communicate more productively in their personal, professional, and business lives.
Training – is a wonderful journey of learning, through shared information, guidance, self-discovery and achievement! Barbara’s passion in life is to ensure that her clients, colleagues, family, and friends become the best they can in all aspects of their lives. For this reason, The Nyasa Partnership Limited’s mission is to take each person through their own wonderful journey of selfdiscovery and achievement.

Moving forward, Barbara’s plan is to continue to provide the very highest possible quality of service to her clients in an ever-changing market. The Nyasa Partnership Limited is a business which works on an international basis.

Influential Businesswomen 2017 Awards For Barbara, to be selected as part of the Influential Businesswomen 2017 Awards, she believes that as someone who is passionate about influencing the professional and personal development of everyone, being chosen highlights the success of what the firm does. For Barbara, it is such a special and privileged place to be in everyone’s life, so to be recognised for the firm’s achievements is extremely rewarding.
Future challenges Everything the firm does is confidential, unless a client allows them to release such information, confidentiality is retained. The firm’s challenge is that sometimes clients come to coaching, because they have been told to and not because they want to. Barbara believes that change will only happen if the client has made that personal selection.
Barbara’s innovative work comes from listening to her clients, from their aspect of their world, allowing her intuition to guide her; and through this she often creates ground-breaking and newly designed strategies for her clients.

Barbara will continue to work with a select range of clients, by providing them with the right service and to help them achieve in every area of their life. Looking at the state of the world today, Barbara thinks it would be good to see positive appreciation for what each person can provide and be accepted. In her view, it’s easy to be exclusive rather than inclusive, a lot of the problems in the world would disappear if we could positively accept each person for who they are and what they are capable of, rather than being critical and disliking Barbara concludes.

Company: The Nyasa Partnership Limited

Name: Barbara Cormack CIAC, AFC, AFM

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: PO Box 582 Chatham, ME4 9BY UK

All Things Are Possible


All Things Are Possible

Boston Scientific (BSC) is a Fortune 500 company with $8.4 billion in sales and seven operating divisions, that helps clinicians treat more than 24 million patients each year in a range of interventional medical specialties. As the exclusive winner of the 2017 Regional Business Woman of the Year – Latin America, we invited Maria Galainena Johnson, their first female General Manager to manage an International subsidiary, to tell us more about the company and her role within it.

Boston Scientific (BSC) transforms lives in 100+ countries with 25,000+ employees in 40 offices and 13 manufacturing centres worldwide. Approximately 40% of Boston’s net sales in 2016 were international.

I am humbled and honoured to be named as a 2017 Regional Business Woman of the Year – Latin America, as part of the 2017 Women in Business Awards. I was born in Cuba and my parents and I immigrated to the U.S. when I was a child. They were both in their mid-twenties and had to start their lives over in a new country. They instilled in each of their children the need to do our best and a ‘can do’ attitude. If we were leaving everything behind, we best make this country proud of opening their arms to us. As such, any recognition where I can pay tribute to my roots I accept with honour and pride.

This award is also special to me and BSC because of my personal commitment and the company’s continuous efforts to support women’s development and do our part in reaching gender parity and ethnic diversity. Earlier this year, BSC was recognised for the 2nd year in a row by Latina Style 50 – as one of the Best Places to Work for Latinas in the U.S.

In addition, this year I was named the Executive Sponsor for the Latin American Chapter of our Women’s Network Employee Resource Group. This award recognises not only my professional growth, but the growth of a Latin woman in business. In part I am accepting this award in honour of all my female and especially Latin female peers. It’s humbling because I wouldn’t be here without the support of my peers and the opportunity afforded me by BSC. As a senior female executive, I feel responsible for setting an example for younger women – to continue working with passion and perseverance, to not limit themselves, take risks, and embrace new challenges.

I’ve been at BSC for the last ten years. In that time, I have had Latin American regional responsibilities as well as served as BSC’s VP/ General Manager in Brazil. I also had the opportunity to work on a special organisational design project reporting to the CEO and COO. I am currently BSC’s Vice President, Distributor Channel – Latin America. Our thirdparty channel in Latin America represents more than 50% of all our Latin American Sales. Working with our country level teams, we have grown this channel profitably, faster than the market and provided incremental cash flow despite the region’s economic and political headwinds.
The 2015 McKinsey Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion, demonstrated that companies with gender diversity and ethnic diversity are 15% and 35% more likely to outperform their peers, respectively. To that end, having gender parity and diversity should be goals, because it is both the RIGHT THING TO DO as well as providing higher returns to an organisation. This is a responsibility of all senior leaders.

I believe that our legacy is the team members we attract and develop, as well as our ability to influence and direct the organisation we leave behind. The aspect of my job I enjoy most is attracting, developing and retaining future leaders. Doing so with promising, high potential women is not only a responsibility I have, but one that I have found to be personally rewarding. I always had support and mentoring from both men and women and as such it’s my turn to do the same.

BSC is a wonderful company with a young, dynamic senior leadership team, phenomenal portfolio, and passionate commercial teams. These combined, with the vision set by the CEO, make for a winning combination. Ten years have flown by, because I love what I do and do what I love. Holding the course of our strategic imperatives, I see BSC continuing to grow geographically, expanding access for patients across the globe and transforming the lives of those patients we touch.

I’m lucky because I love my career and of course the patients whose lives we touch, the teams with whom I work and the company that gives me this opportunity. That said, what I am most proud of is being a mom to Eric, a 24-yearold second year law student at American University. As a working mom, you always question whether you are balancing your personal and professional life and whether you are making the right choices / trade-offs.

My biggest validation came when Eric was 16 and asked me for some career advice by asking, “mom what is your job – for real? You’ve been a single mom my whole life, travelled the world, yet I never felt you weren’t there for me and you are always happy.” So many parents complain about their jobs, but you seem to really like what you do.” So, I’m most proud of being a mom and as proud of having done a pretty good job of raising a great kid, fulfilling my dreams and showing him that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Name: Maria Johnson,

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 2700 S Commerce Pkwy, Suite 105, Weston FL 33331 USA

Telephone: +1 561 543 2002

Check This Out


Check This Out

Veriphy offers a range of online checks on people and organisations, through a single login. Following their inclusion in the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards, we interviewed the firm’s Director, George Ford to learn more. 

Veriphy offers a range of online checks on people and organisations through a single login. These include anti-money laundering checks, international identity checks and a range of business reports across many territories.

The firm’s Director, George Ford reveals the company’s mission and what sets them apart in the valuable work they do.

“Our mission is to put critical information in front of our clients in the very simplest way – as busy professionals should not have to ‘learn’ how to do these checks – they should be as intuitive as possible. If we get a query from a client, we examine closely why it wasn’t crystal clear and then engineer that out of the system.

“We do not put barriers in the way of our clients, such as sign up fees, monthly membership fees, upfront costs or minimum use policies. Our clients can start using our service is immediately, so they know that they will be treated fairly and not be hit with hidden costs.”
George then directs the conversation towards how it feels to be selected in the 2017 SoftTech 100 Awards.

“We are extremely pleased to have received this award, in what will be a very exciting year for us, as there is going to be an update to the anti-money laundering regulations for the first time in a decade.

“Being chosen as one of the top 100 firms – is an excellent confirmation that our approach to business and development is right – and that we should keep on our chosen path. Receiving the award is further confirmation to new and potential clients, that they are making the right choice and are in safe hands.”

George then underlines the challenges facing the wider industry, how they stay ahead of emerging developments plus something of the firm’s internal culture.
“Our industry has to adapt constantly both to the demands of legislation and to the handling of data in a secure framework.

“To stay ahead of emerging developments, I believe it is
essential to have strong research in place, both within our client base and externally. This ensures that the products we offer are the best of breed and that we use only high quality data.”

“The internal culture within Veriphy – is that we never fall in love with what we do and how it is done – that only blinds companies to new opportunities and areas that can and should be improved upon.”

In closing, George highlights what the future holds for the firm and the wider industry challenges they are facing.

“Having launched in the UK we now have our eyes on overseas markets where many of our offerings would greatly help companies both meet their
statutory obligations but would also make their client onboarding more streamlined and a smoother experience for their new customers.

“The main developments in our industry are the up and coming changes in legislation and the constant shift in the types of data available. “

Company: Veriphy Ltd.

Name: George Ford

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 68 Jesmond Road West Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 4PQ, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)845 094 8931

Up-and-Coming ‘Young Guns’


Up-and-Coming ‘Young Guns’

The focus at WMK Architecture is business and lifestyle clients. Managing Director Greg Barnett has effectively been the firm’s CEO for 20 years, since the firm’s inception. As winner of the Australian CEO Top 25 and Most Outstanding Architect and Design CEO awards, we interviewed the man at the helm to discover more. 

WMK Architecture’s is business and lifestyle clients. This focus results in office buildings, workplace, industrial and education projects in the business sector; and, hotels and retail as well as lifetime care projects in the lifestyle sector.

The firm has grown from a humble team of two to a 90. This has certainly not been linear – as they have dealt with spurts of growth, as well as tough times such as the recession during 2008. They still see themselves as up-and-coming ‘young guns’, and the firm are starting to be recognised amongst the larger tier 1 architecture and interior design companies in Australia.
Managing Director Greg Barnett begins by explaining the firm’s ethos and how it feels for the firm to win the prestigious Australian CEO Top 25 and Most Outstanding Architect and Design CEO awards,

“Our ethos is to improve our client’s outcomes through innovative design and responsive performance. We have won numerous competitions and awards for our work. However, our most cherished award is when our design makes a positive difference for our clients.

“Some of our landmark projects include the multi award winning Blackmores Campus, the 17-storey Quay residential mixeduse development, the innovative and sustainable NBCS school, the world-class Sargood resort for people with spinal injuries, the Pullman Sydney Airport hotel; and the Barangaroo Headland underground multi-event space.

“It demonstrates that WMK is at the leading edge of innovation and performance and are getting some recognition for this. I think it will communicate that not only are we innovative in our design, we are also a well-structured and successful.”

Greg then tells us more about his work as a CEO and what this involves, including for example his successes, methods and achievements. He also reveals what he believes are the main attributes of any CEO.

“My role is primarily about strategy and motivating and mentoring a quality team to execute our strategies and ultimately succeed; more like a head coach.

“We have great self-motivated people, a flat management structure, and a consultative approach. Our methods are a combination of sophisticated matrix systems, a lot of dialogue and buy-in; and, an all-in team attitude to get the job done.

“The main attributes of any CEO are strategy and leadership, combined with empathy and clear communication skills. On one hand – you need to crystal ball the market and the future – and on the other you need to be aware of our people, their needs, and how we are going with our projects.”

Greg the steers the conversation to focus on his most significant achievements from the past year, as the CEO of WMK Architecture.

“I think my achievements as the CEO of WMK Architecture are measured by our firm’s achievements. Over the last year, we have won significant competitions including a 320-apartment residential mixeduse development in Sydney and a ‘New York Loft’ style hotel in the same city.

“We have won numerous awards, including the Australian Institute of Architects sustainable architecture awards; and we were shortlisted in the Asia Pacific INDE. Awards and longlisted in the global WAN Awards.

“We have grown by 36% during the last year and have attracted international talent to join our highly capable team. We have relocated our Brisbane offices, to larger premises and secured new space in Victoria, to accommodate our growth.”

Greg then highlights his career journey before coming a CEO and explains how he attained his current position. He also tells us what the best things are about being a CEO.

“WMK Architecture started when I joined forces with Andrea Ehlers, who ran Watermark Design as a sole practitioner. The firm has evolved and grown since those humble beginnings to our team of 90 today, with Andrea at the beginning, I have effectively been CEO from our start in 1996. Launching out on my own with Andrea, was effectively how I ‘did it my own way’ and, hopefully, better.

“My greatest joy in being a CEO is watching the success and growth of the firm and our people. It is very satisfying to see the visions and strategies come to life and, in the main, be successful.”

As a CEO, Greg offers his concluding thoughts for his hopes and plans for 2017 and beyond, plus what the firm has planned for the coming months.

“We have huge potential and a bright future. For 2017, we see consolidation of our recent growth and in our more traditional work sectors where we are better known. On the other hand, we also see the potential for new opportunities and growth with new talent coming on board.
“In the coming months, we will re-cut our five-year vision and finalise our 2017-2018 business plans. We will relocate our Melbourne office to new larger premises and consolidate our Sydney and Brisbane offices.

“We recently welcomed Mat Dalby – a global hotel expert from London – and we will introduce him to the Australian market and look to overseas opportunities. Dr Donna Wheatley – an esteemed workplace strategist – will join us and we will be look to bolster our workplace design skills accordingly.”

Company: WMK Architecture

Name: Greg Barnett

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: Level 1, 346-348 Kent Street, Sydney 2000 Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9299 0401