Decades of Logistics Experience


Decades of Logistics Experience

As part of 2017 Transport & Logistics 100, LHR Global Logistics achieved success in winning the 2017 Best for Warehousing, Supply Chain & Logistics award. We invited the company’s Chris Black to profile their role in the transportation and supply chain industry and the success they are enjoying.

.LHR Global Logistics has been providing tailored service solutions to its valued clients since 2007 and has continued to sustain double digit growth, year over year, through this period in customer, consignment and revenue growth.

We attribute this successful track record to our core company values, which are:

• ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ – Providing a range of service choices.

• ‘Professional, timely and courteous’ – Impressions always count.

• ‘I am not a number’ – We know all our customers and they know us.

• ‘Every consignment counts’ – From time of initial booking, up until completion of the service, we monitor every shipment.

• ‘Value for money’ – Offer a fair market price for the service provided, but win through providing the value added.

In addition, our management team comes with decades of experience and personal relationships in the transportation and supply chain industry. They apply this ‘know how’ in providing the right solution path to each service we offer. This knowledge is encompassed into the company systems, procedures and staff training plans to ensure that we always match our customer’s expectations with the end product.

Through the combined coordination of our own vehicle fleet, warehousing and stock management facility, I.T. systems, competent and experienced staff and the global network of long-established strategic partners and suppliers we can provide the broadest ranges of logistical service solutions available.

The firm’s long-term strategic business objectives remain clear. We will continue to provide a topquality service to all our clients and grow the business through new customer acquisition and long-term customer retention. We will continue to recruit and train staff to carry the same core values of the company and apply these back in our interactions with customers, partners and suppliers and the community at large.

Global network

With years of long-term relationships with transportation providers around the world, LHR Global Logistics has managed to establish a unique network of professional organisations that carry the same core values as us, in providing a quality service to their customers in their local  markets. On a daily basis – we are interacting with each of these partners in coordinating logistical solutions for our collective customer base – and following up on consignment transactions to ensure that we are delivering on the services sold.

Through this well-established service partner relationship, we can provide our complete range of service options in virtually all countries worldwide. Through a single point of contact and administration, our customers have the global reach to manage all their transport and logistics requirements.

Additionally, we are always seeking new partnerships that can enhance both the reach and scope of the product offering that we and our existing partners can provide to the client base, while at the same time giving them a well-established global network to grow with.

Network carriers

At LHR Global Logistics, we have accounts in place with all the major carriers for the movement of goods. These include all the major national airline carriers and consolidators, sea freight vessel operators and brokers and a broad range of trucking distributors from small transit operators, to full arctic trailer loads.

Affiliate programme

As part of our indirect sales activities, LHR Global Logistics also offer an affiliate programme for entrepreneurs who have the skill and knowledge in sales activities and wish to either supplement an existing income or operate independently on a full-time basis, through earning high levels of commission on sales conversion.

Joint venture & acquisition

As a company focused on growth we are always interested in talking to people that have an existing and stable, small to medium size, business in the transportation and logistics industry sector and are looking to either sell the business completely, or are looking for a partner to help invest and develop their business.

Hong Kong

Six days a week, our Hong Kong office receive instructions from both supplier and manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong and mainland China to arrange collection, customer notification and on-forwarding of consignments worldwide. These consignments range from sample products for review by potential buyers, to orders of bulk product purchase.

Due to its strategic geographical location, Hong Kong acts as an ideal gateway to mainland China and has the added advantage of a long established and efficient air and sea port, for the rapid movement of goods.

One of our most successful customer programmes involves the replenishment on a weekly, or monthly, basis of stock items manufactured in mainland China and delivered, via our Hong Kong facility, directly to the customer’s high street outlets worldwide. We are providing a winning combination – for both speed to market of the product and minimising the risk of under or over stocking the items.


Company: LHR Global Logistics Ltd.

Name: Chris Black

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: Unit 15, Heathrow Freight Centre, Saxon Way Trading Estate, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, UB7 0LW UK

Telephone: +44 (0)1753 689905


The Travel & Tour Awards 2017 Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2017 Travel & Tour Awards Winners

United Kingdom, August 2017– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 Travel & Tour Awards.

The Travel & Tour Awards 2017 shine a light on the companies and business who work tirelessly to ensure they achieve great success within this industry. From all corners of this dynamic industry, the commitment shown by these inimitable highflyers, we believe is truly deserving of great recognition.

Therefore, we have created the 2017 Travel & Tour Awards to celebrate businesses and companies that fall within both the primary and secondary aspects of corporate travel.

Commenting on the success of the winners, Rachel Davenport, Awards Co-ordinator, stated: “I am truly proud of the success of my deserving winners and would like to congratulate them and wish them the best of luck for the future.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit



About Corporate Vision Magazine

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Welcome to this bumper August edition of Corporate Vision Magazine, providing you with the latest news and features on the corporate issues of the day.

In this issue, we interview Bilal Rahman, Director & MD of iBreathe – a leading UK-based manufacturer of electronic cigarettes (eCigarettes) and refill liquids (eLiquids). Bilal provides us with a flavour of their highly sought-after products. 

On 27th July, Vertiv, formerly known as Emerson Network Power announced plans to sell its ASCO® business as it continues to sharpen its focus on the digital critical infrastructure space.

Elsewhere in this edition, owner of 3D-SQUARED, Andrew Allshorn discusses with us how the company provides a strategic consulting and support service for organisations involved with 3D printing and addictive manufacturing (AM) technologies.

I hope you enjoy reading this truly insightful issue.

The 2017 Outsourcing & Shared Services Awards Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2017 Outsourcing & Shared Services Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2017– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 Outsourcing & Shared Services Awards.

The 2017 Outsourcing & Shared Services Awards have been designed to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments by the hardworking firms and individuals in the outsourcing space. Their tireless efforts, innovative thinking and dedication has seen them soar to the top of their game and these awards aim to honour such success.

Conor Woolven, Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “Outsourcing has become a key resource for many companies that cannot support certain departments long term but need the vital skills of certain professionals in order to offer the very highest standards of service to their clients. As such, I would like to congratulate my deserving winners and wish them the best of luck for the future.”  

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit



About Corporate Vision Magazine

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Navigating the Halls of Power


Navigating the Halls of Power

Southern Strategy Group offers unparalleled access to top government decision-makers. As winner of the 2017 Global Business Awards, 2017 Partner of the Year – South Carolina accolade, we interviewed the firm’s Heather Smith to tell us more about her job role and the firm she works for today.

Southern Strategy Group provides unparalleled access to top government decision-makers. The abundance and strength of these relationships make the firm’s team uniquely able to reach key public officials— both elected and appointed— wherever you need them.

Heather Smith tell us more about the role of the firm’s lobbyists, the growth of government and why she thinks the help of specialists is needed for any forwardthinking organisations.

“Our lobbyists are selected from the top ranks of government because they have excelled in that professional arena. They bring with them relationships cultivated over years of public service. As part of our team, they grow and strengthen these relationships within government. Thus, we are connectors. Our team can open doors to ensure your message is heard by the right people.

“In our lifetime, arguably no trend is as clear or important as the growth of government. In good times, the government swells with tax revenue and grows new programs and directives. In bad times, the government spends money in incomprehensibly large amounts to spur the economy. Under any scenario, the unwavering constant is that government grows and with it the complexity and impenetrability of the organisation. It sits atop the most powerful nation and the largest economy in the world, seemingly immune to the cares of and all but unreachable, to lesser organisations.

“Any forward-thinking organisation realises that, when confronted with the monolithic power of government, the help of specialists is needed. Southern Strategy Group was formed for this purpose: To give you a one-stop, turnkey solution to your governmental relations needs wherever they may occur; to push through the governmental wall of indifference and make your voice heard, your opinion known, and to alter the motion of the governmental machinery so that it turns for you rather than against you. That is our purpose and one to which we are passionately committed.

“From local to state government, Southern Strategy Group and its host of affiliated lobbying firms provides you the expert guidance you need to navigate the halls of power.”
Heather Smith, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, is a partner with Southern Strategy Group’s South Carolina office and is keen to reveal something of her career background and current job role.

“Prior to joining Southern Strategy Group, I served as the Director for Legislative Affairs with a large lobbying and association management firm in South Carolina. I have been key in identifying and summarising issues that impact clients, as well as being responsible for developing messages and talking points for clients concerning these issues.

“I have also served in a key legislative staff role at the state level, in the House Judiciary Committee. In this role, I served as the liaison for constituents, lobbyists and other government agencies. I have managed and coordinated press events for state leaders and clients for more than eight years.

“I began my political career by working on various political campaigns. I have worked as a volunteer coordinator on Victory 2006 and was the communications director for Richard Hackerd of Cleveland, Ohio during his campaign for County Council. I reside in Columbia with my husband.”

Heather concludes by telling us about the region the firm is based in and what it offers.

“The Southeast United States, steeped in rich tradition and strong political leanings, has always exerted an out-sized influence on the political history of America. More recently, the influx of people seeking warmer climes and better jobs has boosted the South as an economic power and the long-range projections for population growth make it an attractive choice for families and businesses.

“The politics of the South are complex and subtle. If you can’t tell a Blue Dog Democrat from a Yellow Dog Democrat, and you’re not quite sure how Republicans fit into the mix, then you’re experiencing the political vertigo that even seasoned observers of the political process encounter when dealing with Southern politics.

“Southern Strategy Group has offices throughout the South and an extraordinary grasp of its political complexities. With dozens of lobbyists working in this region of the country, Southern Strategy Group affords an unprecedented opportunity for you to wield influence in this vital and growing region.”

Company: Southern Strategy Group

Name: Heather Smith

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 1404 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29211 USA

Telephone: +1 803 733 2255

A Financial Source for Life


A Financial Source for Life

LAFCU is a safe, secure full-service financial institution, that offers comprehensive products and services. Crowned 2017 Training Manager of the Year- USA, as part of the 2017 HR & Training Awards, we interviewed Michelle Spence to find out more about the firm she works for.

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU) is a safe, secure full-service financial institution that offers comprehensive products and services, convenient account access and professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff. They are ready to form a strong partnership with you and be your financial source for life.

The firm’s Michelle Spence, SHRM-CP is an experienced training manager, with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. She is a strong human resources professional, skilled in banking, coaching, employee benefits, training, needs analysis and strategic planning.

Michelle begins by explaining the difference between credit unions and banks and how LAFCU is run by volunteer officials.

“A credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and controlled by you, the member. When you deposit money into a credit union, you become a ‘part-owner’ with the power to vote on credit union choices and elect individuals to govern the cooperative. In contrast, a bank is a for-profit business governed by a controlled board that answers to stockholders who serve as owners.

“Banks charge the highest fees possible for services so they can maximise returns to their stockholders. Credit unions do not pay stock dividends, but instead return earnings to consumers in the form of lower loan rates, competitive savings rates, and lower fees on financial products and services.

“Los Angeles Federal Credit Union is led by a voluntary board of directors as opposed to a paid board of directors at a bank. Our volunteer officials are nominated and elected by and from the credit union membership. The board establishes the strategic plan of the credit union and oversees general operations on behalf of the members.

“These responsibilities include: Approving policies and programs that guide the credit union; planning for the current and future needs of members; ensuring the application of sound business practices and maintaining the financial stability of the credit union.”

In terms of the firm’s background, Michelle takes us back to the time of the Great Depression in 1936, when 13 Los Angeles City employees pooled their resources of $65 and formed the Los Angeles City Employees Federal Credit Union.

“They wanted to give fellow city employees a safe, low-cost, convenient source to borrow and save money during a challenging economy. After getting approval from the federal government to begin operations, the group of employees increased to 18 and formed a seven-member board of directors, a three-member credit committee, a three-member supervisory committee and a fivemember membership committee to govern the credit union.

“They ran the business with one part-time employee from a room inside Los Angeles City Hall at 200 North Spring Street. In 1987, the name changed to Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU) to reflect a growing field of membership, which started to include immediate family members of City employees and individuals who lived in the same household as a current member.

“The initial deposit of $65 from 13 members has grown to over $845 million in assets from 55,000 members, more than 150 credit union employees and eight branches in several cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Today, anyone living in most counties of Southern California is eligible to join LAFCU by first contributing a minimum of $5 to the Los Angeles Charitable Association, Inc.”

Michelle concludes by revealing the firm’s strong position today.

“From its early beginnings on through the years, LAFCU has remained a strong, secure financial institution that remains committed to serving the financial needs of its members, the City of Los Angeles, and the Southern California area.”

Company: Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU)

Name: Michelle Spence

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: P.O. Box 53032 – Los Angeles, CA 90053-0032

Telephone: +1 695 2328 ext. 6338

Intensity, Sharpness and Quality


Intensity, Sharpness and Quality

Brandsmiths is a brand-focused boutique firm, specialising in intellectual property, sport and commercial litigation. After the firm’s success in achieving the Ones to Watch 2017: The Most Outstanding Boutique Law Firm award, we spoke to Senior Associate, Andy Lee to find out more.

With an agile set-up and downto-earth approach, Brandsmiths is dedicated to winning exceptional results for ambitious brands. Senior Associate, Andy Lee provides some useful background to the firm, outlining the areas they specialise in and what they can offer to potential clients.

“We help our clients’ businesses grow, succeed and stay ahead of their competitors, by solving their problems and closing deals. We assist by using our legal skills and specialised knowledge of the industry the client is a part of. We see ourselves as innovative and different to the traditional law firm, in terms of our structure, treatment of staff and most importantly, how we approach clients.

“The firm opened two and a half years ago, and now has offices in both London (HQ) and Manchester. Brandsmiths started with 3 permanent staff and has grown to a force of 15. We specialise in litigation, predominantly in intellectual property; media/privacy and sport. We also specialise in commercial law, focused on IP, technology and sport.”

“Every business has intellectual property rights, to one degree or another, at its core. Protecting, exploiting and developing those rights are critical in the continued success of a business. Examples include brand names, under which services are provided and/or goods sold and design of the clever ideas and technology behind a product.

“The earlier a business takes proper advice, on both understanding its intellectual property and adopting the correct measures to take in respect of it, the better. Failure to do so is often costlier down the line, if that involves a third-party clash and litigation. Brandsmiths offers straight forward advice focused on what is valuable.”

Andy reveals his thoughts on receiving the Ones to Watch 2017: The Most Outstanding Law Firm award and explains what his own role in the firm is.

“It’s a great honour to be the winners of this title. We see it as independent recognition of both our principles and development.”

“I am a Senior Associate and joined the firm in its early days. I specialise in IP litigation, defamation and misuse of private information. I also take on a training role within the firm, helping the other lawyers to understand the law behind the issues they deal with and hold interactive sessions to drill down into those principles and apply them.”

Andy proceeds to highlight the nature of the firm’s client base and the crucial role of the staff in serving them.

“We work with brands, helping them protect their intellectual property rights, which are core to their business. We act for big brands such as BMW, Microsoft and Lucozade. We also help entry level brands and fast growth businesses, such as Pavegen, Missguided, Puregym, Feel Unique and Wiggle. Brandsmiths treat every client as a partner. Where it fits, we look to have our clients collaborate. We aim to add value and help their businesses grow.

“We recently expanded that offering, by taking on a corporate team, as we found a lot of our clients wanted us to advise on this type of work in addition to their core IP work.”

“I believe that the staff at Brandsmiths are critical to its success. When teams, whether in business, sport or life, work together for one another then great things happen. At Brandsmiths we foster that culture and it certainly works. Many law firms are structured in a way where people work alone, which promotes both selfishness and unhealthy competition.

“At Brandsmiths, all members of staff share in a proportion of the firm profits equally, whatever their level of qualification. Staff are also rewarded for introducing new clients to the firm. We try and avoid the typical law firm ‘hierarchy’, where more junior members’ views are not important. A lot of key decisions at Brandsmiths are taken after everyone has been consulted. This really encourages a collaborative atmosphere, so that everyone works and fights for each other.”

Finally, Andy offers his thoughts on innovative ways of billing customers and what the future holds for this modern and forward looking firm.

“The legal profession is changing and the old-school way of running law firms and billing clients are failing. Many firms are feeling the financial pressure leading to firms going under, or having to merge. Clients are savvy and really question value these days. There is such a wide resource of information readily available to everyone now and smart individuals can access the court easily.

“We encourage clients to reduce costs and use us only when necessary. We see ourselves as disrupting the outdated model and offering clients both outstanding legal advice to support their business, but at a sensible cost, often with flexible billing structures, such as being paid by reference to a percentage of a client’s turnover. This way, if we add the value, then everyone benefits.

“In the future, we are looking at how we can change and diversify to keep our intensity, sharpness and quality of service.”

Company: Brandsmiths

Name: Andy Lee

Web Address:

Address: 11 Gough Square, London, EC4A 3DE UK

Telephone: +44 (0)203 709 8957