The Advancement of Project Cost Management


The Advancement of Project Cost Management

ARES Project Management LLC, a subsidiary of ARES Holding Company, a world-class global provider of integrated project cost management software solutions. The firm was delighted to receive the exclusive Most Innovative Tech Firm – Asia Pacific award, as part of the 2017 Tech of the Year Awards. We interviewed the firm’s Senior Vice President for Asia, Australia, South America and Africa, Scott Hyman to discover more.

ARES Project Management LLC has global offices in more than 10 locations, providing solutions to organisations in over 30 countries. More than 10,000 users worldwide, rely on ARES PRISM software to manage the complete project lifecycle of capital projects that lowers cost, mitigates risk and improves project performance. ARES is a results-oriented business partner, with a drive towards 100% customer satisfaction.

The firm’s Senior Vice President, Scott Hyman is eager to reveal what sets the firm apart in the work they do, plus how their expertise ensures that their clients succeed.

“What sets ARES apart from other technology project management companies, is that we are the only complete solutions provider, solely dedicated to the advancement of project cost management. Successful projects involve comprehensive planning and mindful execution to ensure profitability. The ARES complete solution empowers customers to eliminate or reduce
the obstructions that impact efficiency and performance, through integrated project management capabilities.

“With over 20 years of experience in providing project management solutions to customers in multiple industries, ARES has the expertise needed to help any client succeed, from scheduling, to developing work processes and procedures, right through to the implementation of PRISM. ARES has the processes, the personnel and the tools required to effectively manage projects; all backed by a reputation earned by solving our clients’ toughest challenges.”

Scott shared a detailed breakdown on the firm’s service offerings, starting with made-toorder dashboards, PMO setup & management and integration services.

“ARES provides design services for custom dashboards. This service is for clients who do not want to purchase the standard PRISM dashboard, but would prefer ARES develop a custom dashboard. Whether you want to add stop light thresholds, storyboards or corporate identity and terminology to the dashboard, we can help you.”

“Turning to Project Management Office (PMO) setup & management, the day-to-day operation and cross-business integration of this is complex and seldom executed with positive results and a return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, the greatest complexities most organisations face is based on lack of knowledge experts, poor project execution, costly overruns and schedule creep.

“ARES offers the expert ability to integrate and resource your PMO, with both the core competencies and industry best practices that deliver results every time. ARES assists clients to manage their meetings, develop dashboards, control stakeholder communications, identify and manage risks and more. In short, ARES effectively turns customers PMO into a strategic asset.

“On integration services, PRISM INtegrator is an out-of-thebox integration platform that connects IT, ERP and financial systems without the need for a complex code. The PRISM INtegrator product takes care of all the difficult integration and optimisation behind the scenes work, so that customers can spend more time focusing on other important aspects of their project.”

Scott then turns his thoughts towards more of the firm’s marvellous offerings, this time looking at their project controls readiness assessment, product training, programme implementation services as well as workflow and business process design.

“Project controls require the successful integration of people, processes and technology to lower costs, mitigate risk and improve performance. This is where our project controls readiness assessment comes in. We will meet with our customer’s team to determine the current state of project controls and then provide an execution plan, with recommendations and best practices for the necessary optimisation.

“On product training, ARES aims to develop user expertise in the PRISM hands-on sessions. To increase learning and retention, ARES has designed courses to include lecture, demonstration and hands-on exercises. Looking at our programme implementation services, we provide a ‘Steps to Successful Implementation Guide’, to ensure the customer and their team are off to a great start with PRISM implementation.

“Turning to our workflow & business process design services, every organization has gaps. We believe that the key is to find the right business, technology and financial fit to eliminate those gaps and provide a platform for growth. This challenge is rooted in properly identifying performance gaps and creating the right roadmap, to steer a business in the optimum direction and to drive accelerated growth. ARES can develop the workflow and business process design: this includes an assessment of the customers’ business activities and processes and user case descriptions, the identification of real and potential gaps, development of a priority heat-map and recommended courses of action.”

Finally, with regards to the firm’s project management services, Scott underlines that there is no substitute for the qualities of knowledge, experience and expertise.

“ARES is the global leader in providing the critical human capital, to allow organisations across all major private and public sector entities to deliver both short and long-term project success. All ARES project controls specialists are active members of AACEI in local chapters throughout the world and can assist your organisation with critical resources.”

Turning to the wider perspective, Scott highlights the key attributes that have helped to make

ARES successful in the Asia Pacific Region.

“ARES success is not just limited to the Asia Pacific region; globally we provide the people, the processes and the reputation to ensure the success of our client’s projects within their country of operation, for the first and indeed every time! ARES provides quality employees, industryspecific experience, focused on high-end work and solving complex issues. Our teams are highly trained in project delivery. Over the last 20 years, ARES has developed over 150 project controls processes, that ensure success for all our clients.

“It would seem like common sense, if for no other reason than financially, that projects are delivered on-time and on budget. I believe it’s a no brainer to implement proper project controls and procedures, if project owners, EPC and construction management companies truly understood the monumental savings involved in on-time delivery, the management of cost escalations, scope creep and delays, over and above the various complex issues involved in the execution and delivery of such work. Our biggest challenge has been to educate the market on how important it is to put proper project controls procedures in place and to implement tools like ARES PRISM, to ensure the success of any project.”

In closing, Scott reveals how they feel to be selected as 2017’s Most Innovative Tech Firm – Asia Pacific, as part of the 2017 Tech of the Year Awards. He also reveals the key principles the firm adheres to and their aspirations for the future.

“The award is a good indication that we are on the right track in this region. ARES and specifically the Asian Pacific team, have worked hard at upholding our global reputation, in terms of providing our customers with world-class services and solutions. Our efforts have paid off following this special recognition.

“As a global company. that operates in multiple countries across a myriad of industries, ARES lives up to the following core principles: Firstly, integrity. We are honest, ethical and reliable. Secondly, quality. We strive to provide superior, first-time quality products and services through our strong focus on both peer review and continuous improvement.

“Thirdly, we believe in commitment. We strive to overproduce, by meeting or exceeding all customer commitments, both internal and external and by meeting or beating all schedules or budgets. Fourthly, we believe in people. We continue to enhance the professional skills of our employees, to provide exceptional professional growth and greater benefit to our customers.

“In closing, our goal is to have ARES PRISM on every project in the ASIA Pacific Region, irrespective if they are private or public projects. We believe that the value and cost savings alone, would unlock ‘hidden’ funding for additional projects, which of course underpins the growth in any economy. “The PRISM product range offers out-of-the-box solutions that are easy to implement, these include:

Cost: Secure, on-time, and within budget delivery. PRISM reduces the effort needed to manage a project’s cost and keeps it on schedule, saving both time and money with complete cost control of the project portfolio.

Engineering: The engineering product is an earned value progress solution, designed for budgeting and monitoring engineering tasks, deliverables and packages by work-hours.
Procurement: PRISM provides the ability to manage the complete procurement process for any size or type of project, from the first engineering requisition, through to managing the delivery of materials and equipment to the job site.

Contracts: PRISM is an essential contracts management tool, for all project stakeholders, the owner, EPC or the construction management firm.

Field: PRISM offers a mobile solution for IOS and Android platforms, enabling engineers to enter progress directly from the field.

Estimating: Innovative cost estimating, from high-level conceptual, through to detailed controls. PRISM helps companies centralise the estimating data and enables collaboration on this.

Docs: PRISM docs is a document management solution. It is designed for finding, sharing and controlling critical technical and business documents.

Dashboard: Take business analytics to the next level. Transform the way projects are visually managed, thus enabling faster more informed business decisions.

Integrator: Out-of-the-box integration platform that connects IT systems, ERP systems, and financial systems enabling companies to orchestrate data flow that supports business.

Company: ARES Project Management, LLC

Name: Scott Hyman, Senior Vice President

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: Level 1, 530 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 Australia

Telephone: +1 704 699 0131

The Search for Your Affordable Dream Home Has Come to an End


The Search for Your Affordable Dream Home Has Come to an End 

VIP Homes provides homes with many unique floorplans and the ability to enable clients to customize the layout they have always wanted. People’s home will be unique to their tastes and styles. From luxurious finishes to wheelchair accessible areas, the firm’s ability to adapt a client’s home to their needs will make this the last home they will ever buy. We spoke to Evelyn Petersen, to discuss her firm’s winning of the Large Cap Elite Awards – 2017 Large Cap CEO of the Year and discuss more about the company.

VIP offers a variety of products and services, quality construction, energy efficiency, and design flexibility which makes VIP homes Arizona’s premiere semi-custom builder. Evelyn starts out by telling us how it feels to win this award within her jurisdiction, attributing the hard work of her firm and the feedback it receives from clients, allowing staff and Evelyn to improve their work.

“Firstly, it is a great honor to win this award. Most of all, we appreciate the feedback that lets us know we are on the right track with our mission and company goals. We are striving daily to be one of the top builders in Arizona and for the last 28 years, our hard work and never quit attitude has served us well. VIP was one of a handful out of hundreds of midsized builders who made it through the most difficult market drops in nearly a century of track-able Real Estate history and came out on top with excellent credit and no foreclosed property or bankruptcies.”

Part of being a successful company is ensuring that customers and clients receive the best possible service and that the outcome of the project satisfies both the company and the client. Evelyn tells us how VIP approaches new projects, highlighting the fact that they try to align their goals with those of their client.

“When undertaking new projects, VIP prefers to get involved with our clients and projects as early as possible to ensure we are aligned with a common vision and common goal. Our necessary preconstruction meetings combined with getting to know our customer  on a personal level allows us to manage expectations and costs at the onset of construction. This ensures a smooth project from start to finish and a very satisfied, happy customer.”

Regarding how the company reaches goals, Evelyn sets out the firm’s overall mission, listing what steps the team and their staff take in order to reach their goals. Looking to provide superior buildings, the firm takes great pleasure in being part of the community and providing it with quality homes.

“Fundamentally, our mission is to provide the Phoenix market with superior buildings on a residential as well as a commercial level. We are community minded and take great satisfaction from our ability to furnish many dozens of small business owners and hundreds of laborers a means of utilizing their skills in an industry they also take pride in.

“Providing great customer service, we are able to continue to accomplish this goal because we excel at guiding our customers through the building process in an accurate and fair manner, while nurturing each relationship with the many people we are working for and with. Our experience has shown that with few exceptions each project results in a repeat client or referral. Our attention to detail and extensive experience when designing and building a custom home or large commercial building allows us to rely on our customer’s reviews, and keeps us listed as a top builder in Arizona.”

Successful business comes from attracting the best clients. To do this, the firm must make itself the best possible option for clients, distinguishing itself from its competitors. The firm builds with the climate in mind, and provides their customers with lower energy bills, and comfortable homes as an end-product.

“Included options in our custom homes are typically considered an upgrade for our competitors. This value is recognized and appreciated by our customers and even though they can continue to upgrade, it’s not necessary to achieve quality in every aspect of the construction. In addition, our buildings are constructed with Arizona’s climate in mind. Every home we build as well as multifamily projects under our ownership are designed and constructed to exceed local energy code criteria by 50%. This provides our customers with lower energy bills, a more comfortable home and an end-product that is good for the environment. Our attention to detail and builtin quality control procedures guarantees an efficient and beautiful home every time.

With our in-house design team, drafting team, lending department, and sales teams all under one roof, we can take our customers vision from start to finish. The customizing of a large project is a relatively seamless and simple experience for our customers.”

Working within the industry, Evelyn explains what techniques are employed to stay ahead of any emerging developments. Thanks to its high-Energy star rating, Evelyn tells us that the company is continually updated by the power industry, which keeps them abreast of the latest products and procedures.

“Always looking to learn, VIP is never satisfied with past performance if it can be improved upon. With so many of the aspects of development, design, lending, construction, and sales under our roof, we enjoy volume discounts from most venders and are able to keep constant communication with our clients as the process moves forward. We attend trade shows and training seminars to keep our attention on market trends which helps us stay abreast of new trends and implement the latest design, methods and technology that keep us fresh and aware of the public’s expectations.”

Regarding the internal culture in the company, Evelyn comments on what she does to ensure all staff are equipped to provide clients with the best possible service. Noting the family atmosphere and friendly working environment, the company also employs a stringent hiring structure, recruiting the very best employees and making sure they are the right fit for the company. clients with the best possible service. Noting the family atmosphere and friendly working environment, the company also employs a stringent hiring structure, recruiting the very best employees and making sure they are the right fit for the company.

“VIP ownership has always strived to create a family type of atmosphere in our building environment. VIP strives to hire the very best employees and quickly evaluates their ability to blend into the co-operative and trusting relationships we have already built. Most of our staff have been here for 10 years with a large number nearing 20 or more years. We would like to have this be a work home for the best in the business that truly love their job and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. This commitment to a common cause and loyalty to the company is exhibited in what the company produces. Keeping a friendly, productive work environment has proven to be essential in having a very low turnover and keeping productivity high.

All of our employees understand that they must adhere to company policies on a daily basis. We quote a part of our Mission Statement:

• Deal honestly with all parties

• Promise only what they can deliver

• Only promise what they are authorized to promise

• Hold self and others accountable

• Only enter into agreements that benefit both parties – never hurt anyone

• Prioritize warranty issues and complete them to the customer’s satisfaction promptly

• Be courteous at all times

• Accept responsibility for our actions and if something goes wrong, make it right”

Looking ahead, Evelyn predicts what the future holds for the firm. She tells us about VIP’s future plans, looking to grow and expand into new markets. The company is well placed to build on its current success as Evelyn points out, particularly with VIP’s ‘Build on your own land’ option. VIP is constantly growing and expanding into new markets. We currently have homes and subdivisions in; Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Buckeye, Queen Creek, and Scottsdale. We also build custom homes on customer owned lots. Our “Build on your own Land” option has become very popular and allows us to build a custom home anywhere.


Companies: VIP Homes and VIP Commercial Builders AZ

Contact: Evelyn Petersen Contact

Email: [email protected]

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 3048 E. Baseline Rd, Suite #102 Mesa, Arizona 85204, USA

Phone: 001 480-892-1654


The 2017 Executive Search and Recruitment Awards Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2017 Executive Search and Recruitment Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2017– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 Executive Search and Recruitment Awards.

The 2017 Executive Search and Recruitment Awards celebrate the leading lights of this truly dynamic industry. From employment agency recruitment to manufacturing recruitment, these innovative firms and individuals have obtained spectacular success within their respected sector.

Kaven Cooper, Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “It is with great pleasure that I showcase the hard work and dedication of my award winners, and I would also like to wish them the best of luck for the future.”  

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit



About Corporate Vision Magazine

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Dressed to Kill


Dressed to Kill

Vestirarte S.L.U is part of a group of trading companies of textile products and accessories. Included as the 2017 Finest Spanish Enterprise, within the Spanish Enterprise Awards, we spoke to the firm’s Carlos Caridad to find out more about their clothing and accessory products. 

VESTIRARTE is part of a group of trading companies of textile products and accessories:

• Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles, S.L.: Production and control of brands;

• Artenmoda by Fashion, S.L.U.: Exclusive art work;

• Pintoresca by Art, S.L.U.: Avant-garde art and;

• Museum Collection, S.L.U.: Art in the museum.

All the brands and companies have the same goal, with Vestirarte being our spearhead and the only one with a position in the market, with over 20 items for sale in our online store and art spaces or corner multi-brand stores. Vestirarte selects daily designers of all styles, which is a must in design and fashion. Our artists, with their work and originality, must inspire love in the woman who adorns herself with our artistic creations.

Our clothing products include: pants, coats, swimsuits, dresses, skirts, blouses and tops and kimonos. Accessories we offer include: gajos hats, draped turbans, Pamela Hats, Corazón Morado Turbans, bandas, the Shoulder Bag Células, the Shoulder Bag Simbiosis, the Shoulder Bag Seat 600, the Shoulder Bag Reflejos II and bow ties.

The purchase of these exclusive creations, can of course be done via our on-line shop, but also very soon you will be able to  acquire them in very exclusive and prestigious shops, such as in art and exhibitions spaces.

The exclusive and original details in our products can be summarised as follows:

• Exclusive designs of garments and accessories;

• Artworks licensed by the artist;

• Exclusive and original labelling, so that means no more uncomfortable and unpleasant labels without control;

• Numbered garments, giving exclusivity to both the artwork and the garment;

• With a stamped and signed exclusivity certificate, as well as with control and the article code and; • A unique garment, turned into personal originality.


Vanessa Sepúlveda is a young designer born in Caracas, Venezuela and settled in Madrid for ten years. Vanessa’s background includes extensive training in the field of graphic design, which was a starting point to enter the world of both fashion and styling. Following this, Vanessa decided to go to London to study fashion and that is where the road begins as a designer and pattern maker.

During Vanessa’s studies at the London College of Contemporary Arts, this designer was notable for being the first in class and style, with a clear focus on the Japanese design. In 2015, Vanessa returned to Madrid and began collaboration as a both a designer and pattern maker in the Vestirarte.

Bego Plaza has been working since 2006 to join the fashion world as a designer; betting on the design and emerging arts and local and craftsmanship. He studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid and after several specialist courses, including Pattern Design Circle Textile. He has held several positions in the industry, including: a dressmakersaleswoman for Ottavio Nuccio Gala, a professor of patchwork for La Laborteca, press assistant CIA Fashion and a design assistant at Tu Hadita Florita. Bego currently works as a fashion designer for Vestirarte; betting on the design and emerging arts and local and craftsmanship.

Sara Urmeneta is a young Spanish designer, with a degree in fashion design. She is dedicated to innovative and creative design womenswear, menswear and children with different abilities in haute couture, headgear and swimwear.

Finally, Ana Belen Bravo has been described as a self-taught designer and dressmaker. She became interested in sewing and fashion world some years ago. So, that after forming self-taught and working for years as a dressmaker for individuals; she joined Vestirarte in 2015. She started off making prototypes for the brand and shortly afterwards, designed a collection of handbags.


Company: Vestirarte S.L.U

Name: Carlos Caridad

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: C/ Cronos, 24 3º D1, 28037 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 910 809 101

Specialist Legal Services in Ukraine


Specialist Legal Services in Ukraine

Voropaev and Partners (hereinafter Voropaev and Partners Ltd.), is a boutique law company, that primarily works within the legal services market in Ukraine. We interviewed lawyer and advocate, Anna Nechai to find out more about the firm’s work, staff and the clients they serve.

Voropaev and Partners Ltd. was incorporated on 1st August 2005, after which it has been providing its clients, with top quality legal assistance. The firm’s client base consists of both international and local business representatives.Voropaev and Partners Ltd. was incorporated on 1st August 2005, after which it has been providing its clients, with top quality legal assistance. The firm’s client base consists of both international and local business representatives.

Lawyer and advocate, Anna Nechai provides a short overview of the firm’s scope of legal work and the type of clients they serve.“We provide legal services to clients in many areas of law, including corporate, tax, real estate, copyright and media law, construction and land law, company and contract law, estate and family law, as well as representation in courts.“Among our major clients, is the largest vertically integrated mining and metallurgical holding company in Ukraine, one of the largest financial and industrial groups in Ukraine, as well as the largest private firm carrying out business in the country’s energy sector.

“We follow the principle that each client we serve is unique. Certainly, the human factor plays significant role in all our client relationships. It is relevant not only to provide legal services professionally, but to continuously update the client and provide them with feedback. So, that is why we take an individual approach, as we like to ensure that the client feels comfortable at all times.”Even so, there are some preliminary measures the firm undertakes, prior to accepting a new client, namely that Voropaev and Partners Ltd verifies:

• A potential conflict of interest;

• Trustworthiness and legality of fund sources, via their KYC procedure and;

• International sanctions, if any are imposed.

At Voropaev and Partners Ltd., they have highly skilled specialists on their team. Their advocates, possess a deep level of knowledge and have enormous practical experience in the arena of law, as well as an understanding of the clients’ specific business spheres.“This gives us opportunity to propose both full-fledged legal assistance and efficient, in support of different complex deals.

Each client we serve is always accompanied by two substitutional lawyers.“Our firm works with one of three in Ukraine certificated trust and estate practitioners, whose experience and skills allows our firm to assist clients in arranging the management of business in different jurisdictions, efficiently. We also assist with the protection of our clients’ assets worldwide, estate planning, as well as rendering wide range of services from the making of wills and establishment of trusts and foundations, right up to complicated schemes of inheritance of property, including those located abroad.

“As a professional firm, in addition to providing traditional legal services, we also provide clients with the services of independent representatives in the governing bodies of holding companies.“In addition, Voropaev and Partners Ltd. maintains close contacts with lawyers from Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovakia, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the USA and other countries, so that we can react promptly and attract the assistance of foreign colleagues when the protection of our clients’ interests demands so.

“We consider our developed partnership with companies rendering professional administration services in different jurisdictions, to be an advantage for us. This certainly gives our clients the opportunity to create efficient structures of management within their business, and to extend it into different jurisdictions.“At present, Ukraine is experiencing volatile political and economic conditions, which are not getting any better owing to the present conflict in the east of the country.

Those conditions have certainly affected the demands of our clients, during the last two years. The issue of keeping both their personal and business assets protected – against possible illegal encroachment – has become the most acute problem of our clients. Also, the demand from our clients for the establishment of trusts and foundations outside Ukraine, has increased. “However, due to our regional peculiarities, our clients are generally distrustful towards foreign professional providers practicing in this sphere, especially where the peculiarities of trust and foundation structures are both concerned. Where our firm steps in, is to assist in the creation of such structures, which correspond exactly to the interests of the client concerned. So, our experts assist, to co-ordinate the management of these aforementioned structures.”

The firm’s specialists always work as the team. Anna tells us that any internal competition or competing for the business of a client, are far from welcome at Voropaev & Partners Ltd.The firm’s specialists always work as the team. Anna tells us that any internal competition or competing for the business of a client, are far from welcome at Voropaev & Partners Ltd.

“Our lawyers are experts in different branches of law, indeed they possess various skills as well as both seasoned professional and life experience. It is only the exchange of this knowledge, professional skills and experience that can provide a high professional level of legal services, always providing a qualitative result, as the client expects.“Any aspiration to education and self-development are strongly supported at our firm. Indeed, we encourage the employees themselves to make decisions on what to study and which skills to develop, rather than the management doing so on their behalf. At that, we believe that the employees define the areas in which they wish to develop, which of course will ultimately benefit the firm and contribute towards the provision of legal services to our clients.

“That is why when we are seeking new staff, so when we do this we pay attention to not only to knowledge and skills, but also to both human characteristics and life experience.

”In closing, Anna tells us that Voropaev & Partners Ltd. are planning to enter markets abroad and to therefore provide legal services in jurisdictions such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. She then outlines some of the wider industry challenges they are facing.

“We consider that tax legislation and the taxation scheme here, will change in the future. Such changes, we believe, will be substantial. In the Ukraine, the number of people requiring assistance in relations with the tax authorities, completing tax returns and reports will increase. Soon, the general submission of tax returns will be introduced, which will lead to an increased demand for legal assistance, where tax issues in this country are concerned.”


Name: Anna Nechai

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 3А Desiatynna St, Kyiv, 01001 Ukraine

Telephone: +38 445017773, +38 0939815988

Passport to Success


Passport to Success

Passport Career, LLC. is an online, country-specific, global job search platform that was launched by Susan Musich in 2010. Following the firm’s selection within the 2017 US Business Excellence Awards, we took the chance to interview the executive director & founder, to learn more about her own career background and the important work of Passport Career.

Susan Musich is the executive director & founder of Passport Career, LLC. and has 20 years of experience as an international career counsellor. She has personally coached over 10,000 individuals from more than 180 different countries.

She has worked with organisations such as Accenture, The World Bank/IFC, the United Nations, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Peace Corps and Save the Children. In her spare time, she speaks at international conferences and writes books on career planning.

Executive director & founder, Susan Musich, begins by telling us something of her own career background, including her role today at Passport Career.
“For more than 25 years, I have advised people seeking careers abroad. I am a global career expert and the founder
of Passport Career, an awardwinning online global career system and training programme that helps companies, organisations and universities/ colleges to support their diverse populations with international career interests.

“I enjoy the research of global job search and recruitment trends and the dynamics of applying strategic approaches to seeking jobs, internships or alternative activities. Over the years, I have coached more than 10,000 people and focused on developing pragmatic, real-world solutions that catapult their global careers across borders. When they succeed, I celebrate. I’ve done a lot of celebrating.

“I am grateful for the unique opportunity to expand my reach through Passport Career and inspire, motivate and educate people of all generations and nationalities to find meaningful careers in our increasingly globalised world.”

Passport Career is an online, country-specific, global job search platform designed for use by organisations looking to support the international career transitions of their mobile employees (as well as their spouses/partners) and by academic institutions looking to support the international career transitions of students, scholars, faculty and their spouses/ partners.
Passport Career was developed and launched by Susan Musich in 2010 with a cutting-edge approach and state of the art technology. Susan then moves the conversation to tell us more about the firm’s excellent work.

“Passport Career offers unique content and unmatched resources for over 80 countries and 250 cities. Like the online data and virtual travel providers that replaced travel agents, Passport Career is a groundbreaking initiative that shifts the global career support industry from the traditional brick-andmortar businesses and single channels of information (such as career counsellors and coaches), to an interconnected e-platform that provides a complex set of services in a user-friendly, easily accessible format.

“Passport Career’s unique global job search platform not only provides access to jobs in over 80 countries and 250 cities, but also includes extensive country profiles, helpful global careeroriented articles and effective self-marketing strategies not provided by other job search resources.

Passport Career also offers monthly career training events (in webinar format), a unique social network, an online help desk and much more.

“Passport Career works with and for globally-minded clients such as corporations, businesses, academic institutions, government and non-governmental entities, as well as international mobility providers. We provide comprehensive information and support for our client’s employees, spouses/partners and families in all matters concerning living and working in an international context in countries and cultures throughout the world. We also support families staying behind during unaccompanied assignments.”

In closing, what makes Passport Career successful, is certainly due to their dynamic team of more than 100 professionals who work around the globe. The staff collect and analyse data, to ensure that their content is up-to-date, relevant and packed with useful, timely and local information.

Company: Passport Career

Name: Susan Musich

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 410, Washington, DC 20006 USA

Telephone: +1 703 608 4433

The Story of a Family Business


The Story of a Family Business

iBreathe is a leading UK-based manufacturer of electronic cigarettes (eCigarettes) and refill liquids (eLiquids). The firm was honoured to win the UK’s Leading E-Cigarette Brand – 2017 accolade, as part of the 2017 Corporate Excellence Awards. To celebrate, we interviewed the firm’s Director & MD, Bilal Rahman who provides a flavour of their highly sought-after products.

iBreathe is a leading UK-based manufacturer of electronic cigarettes (eCigarettes) and refill liquids (eLiquids). They were one of the first companies in the UK to provide this innovative and highly sought-after product to the public. The firm’s Director & MD, Bilal Rahman provides some background to their work and explains the tremendous success they are enjoying today, as the interview kicks off.

“The business is family-owned and was launched by my brother, back in 2009. He sold a small selection of eLiquids to local retailers and the brand quickly gained in popularity. Before we knew it, a few hundred units turned to thousands of units. Today, iBreathe remains a wholly-owned family business, has over 50 employees, along with manufacturing facilities in the USA and China. In addition, Europe’s largest wholesale vaping hub opened in Manchester, back in 2016.

“We’ve experienced year-on-year growth and are currently looking at expanding our business further, by setting up a manufacturing facility here in the UK. iBreathe products can be found in convenience stores, service stations and local retail stores throughout the UK, currently standing at 4000 and growing continuously. Customers can also purchase iBreathe products directly from us, at iBreathe. Buying directly from us has advantages – such as gaining loyalty reward points, special offers and free delivery on all orders – with no minimum spend.”

At present, iBreathe offers a range of eCigarette devices from a simple and easy-to-use starter kit, to a well-rounded premium kit and advanced kits, designed for those who want lots of vapour. They also sell the separate components to these devices, should they need replacing, Bilal tells us.

“Alongside the hardware, we offer one of the largest selection of eLiquids in the UK. We currently have two ranges of eLiquids – a high PG range designed for use with starter eCigarettes and a high VG range – designed for use with the advanced kit. These two ranges alone comprise of over 88 flavours and they are available in various nicotine strengths, including zero nicotine. We’re also working on two new and exciting ranges to add to our line-up, which will bring the total number of flavours to over 200. All our devices come with a 30 days’ functional warranty. Should customers experience problems with their eCigarette device, we’ll either repair it or replace it for a new one, free of charge.”

Bilal is keen to tell us how it feels to win the UK’s Leading E-Cigarette Brand – 2017 accolade, as part of the 2017 Corporate Excellence Awards.

“This is a great achievement for iBreathe and its employees, a testament to their commitment and dedication over the years in ensuring that the brand is one that customers both love and trust. It’s a very proud moment for myself and the iBreathe Team. It proves to us, that with hard work and determination, we can achieve the goals set when the firm was launched in 2009. What’s more, this award will motivate us to push the boundaries of excellence even further.

“This award also means continuing to do what we’ve been doing, since iBreathe was first launched. It tells us that customers aren’t willing to purchase the cheapest products on the market and put their health at risk. We will continue to invest in testing and R&D, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality in terms of both safety and consistency. We will continue to run our business on the simple principle, of never taking any shortcuts.

“2016 had been a very difficult year for the industry, as all eCigarette suppliers implemented changes in their products to comply with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Ensuring compliance meant

businesses took a financial hit and consequently, indeed many have raised their prices as their overheads increased, or worse, have gone into liquidation.

“The entire iBreathe team worked tirelessly for months, to ensure that the business was ready for May 2017, the date on which the new laws came into effect. Our customers, particularly the passionate vapers, were aware of the shake-up in the industry and had raised their concerns. Would their favourite flavours remain available to purchase? Will 10ml be less cost-effective than the larger 30ml? We ensured that these questions and many others were communicated both clearly and concisely.”

When undertaking a new project, Bilal walks us through the steps iBreathe takes to ensure that clients receives the best possible outcome. He also reveals the firm’s overall mission and how this is achieved.

“Through brainstorming in focus groups and seminars, we’ll identify a gap in the marketplace. This could be to launch a new eCigarette device with new features as requested by our customers, or simply a brand new eLiquid flavour.

“When an idea for a product is conceptualised, our engineers produce samples, after which the firm spends weeks rigorously testing them. If we’re not satisfied with a product, we’ll scrap it entirely and it will never go into production. It’s not uncommon for us to invest heavily into a new product, but then scrap the idea at the last minute. Whatever the project, we ensure that it’s one that will enhance the vaping experience, for all customers.

“Since 2008, when eCigarettes were first introduced to the UK marketplace, an opportunity had emerged for unscrupulous retailers to sell unregulated eCigarettes and eLiquids to the public. These products had soared in terms of both demand and profitability. These suppliers had often spared expense – in areas such as testing and compliance – thus putting the public’s health at risk for their own financial gain.

“iBreathe identified a gap in the marketplace – to offer eCigarette products that are free of all harmful ingredients and are safe to use. We achieved this by spending heavily on both research and development, as well as getting every batch of eLiquid tested for both safety and consistency.

“We also strive to offer industryleading customer service. We have a dedicated customer service team, who are also passionate vapers and therefore extremely experienced and well-equipped to answer any questions that the customers might have. Ultimately, the firm’s mission is to be a brand that customers both love and trust.”

Bilal then highlights what sets iBreathe apart from their competitors.

“Having launched in 2009, iBreathe became one of the first eCigarette providers in the UK. With over eight years’ experience in industry, iBreathe is perfectly placed to lead with both innovative and safe products, that set a benchmark for competitors to follow. We’ve been around longer than most others, so we know the products, customers and the industry extremely well. 

“As part of our commitment to being the most trustworthy brand – that offers the most reliable products – the firm became a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) in 2013. In the eyes of our customers – we were seen to be a firm that refuses to take shortcuts – by spending heavily on safety, testing and continuously acquiring the most up-to-date information on regulations.

“iBreathe’s eLiquids are formulated in-house and not by a third-party manufacturer. The flavours our customers purchase are unique, unlike many other companies that sell premade eLiquid and simply rebrand the packaging, with their own logo on it. “

Bilal then offers his thoughts on the wider industry challenges, as well as the specific ones faced by the firm. He also reveals the firm’s techniques used to stay ahead of any emerging industry developments.

“Whilst iBreathe was founded in the UK and remains a British firm, we have a global footprint providing eCigarette products to customers, as far away as New Zealand. The UK remains our biggest market and as of May 2017 – the industry faced its biggest challenge yet – complying with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

“There are some challenges we face, when selling nicotinecontaining products to our international customers. Some face restrictions on the quantity of nicotine they can purchase in a single order and these are governed by their home authorities in customs and border control.

Some countries do not permit the import of nicotinebased products altogether.

“Being part of ECITA ensures we have up-to-the-minute information on potential changes in legislation and the industry. This has allowed us to review our business processes and adapt well, in advance of our competitors. We design everything in-house, which gives us an edge over our competitors. This means we can come up with innovative ideas – that go from concept to completion – in just a matter of weeks instead of months or even years.”

Bilal then details the firm’s internal culture and how all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients.

“As cliché as this might sound, iBreathe really is a family business. It was launched by my brother back in 2009 and he quickly got the rest of us on board, as the demand for iBreathe products grew more rapidly. Over eight years later and with a continuously growing workforce, that family culture is still very much apparent in our offices.

“We adopt a very relaxed working environment. In fact, most of our employees are passionate vapers and they can often be found mixing new flavours, discussing the next ‘big’ flavour and generally bouncing ideas from one another creatively. They get to try all the latest devices, share their views on what works and what doesn’t. The iBreathe team members are true experts in all things vaping.

“This passion for vaping and loyalty towards iBreathe, can be clearly seen in the customer service that we offer. We don’t outsource our customer service with a third-party contact centre. When a customer calls for help and advice, they are put through to a member of staff at our UK head office. That way, they can be sure to receive the best and most accurate advice available.”

In closing, Bilal reveals what the future holds for iBreathe, over the coming months and years.

“We are very excited and optimistic about the future, especially having received the UK’s Leading E-Cigarette Brand – 2017 award. The eCigarette industry is still relatively new and it would be naïve of myself and others in the industry to become complacent. As we’ve seen with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), further legislation could come into effect, possibly with very little notice. It’s therefore important that iBreathe continues to look at new ways to improve the business, so that we’re prepared for anything that comes our way.

“With the TPD changes out of the way, we’re now focussing on setting up our UK manufacturing facility and for everything else, it’s business as usual.”

Company: iBreathe

Name: Bilal Rahman

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: Unit 3, Edelle Business Park, Quebec Street, Oldham, OL9 6QJ UK

Telephone: +44 (0)845 388 9005

Leading Businesses in the US


Leading Businesses in the US

Thermocopy is recognized as one of the premier quality companies in East Tennessee, with awards and recognition for its products, services, environmental initiatives, and community involvement. J. Mark DeNicola discusses the firm’s mission and what it does that makes it so successful..

Thermocopy’s focus is providing its clients with the infrastructure, whether hardware or software, to manage all the information flow in their business. Included in this focus is assessing the customer’s operational requirements, providing the infrastructure they need based on the assessment, assisting with the implementation and training required to fully utilize the solutions provided, and then providing outstanding service for the solutions.

This focus has evolved over the years due to evolving technology and has required strategy changes to continue to be a successful, profitable business. The company is in its sixth decade of life. The clients range anywhere in size and type from commercial businesses – to large health care operations concerned with HIPAA/PHI compliance – to ultra-secure government labs and nuclear weapons facilities. Mr DeNicola discusses how the firm approaches a new project and what steps the firm takes in ensuring its clients receive the best possible outcome, before detailing what steps the company plans to take to achieve its overall mission.

“A clear, concise statement of work (SOW) and its understanding by the client and our project team is the foundation for the best possible outcome for the client. Constant communication of the project’s progress, problems, and solutions during implementation is also very important.

“The company’s overall mission is to provide innovative, creative, and proven business solutions to our clients and to maintain mutually beneficial long-term business partnerships.

“We constantly measure our mission statement achievement by the use of many performance metrics and have the processes in place to help improve the metrics if needed. For instance, one measurement of whether or not we are maintaining mutually beneficial long-term business partnerships would be the use of the client satisfaction metric, Net Promoter Score. We review overall and individual client Net Promoter Scores in departmental and company meetings on a weekly and monthly basis, and we publish the overall Net Promoter Score on our website. Discussions continually occur on how we can make sure clients actively endorse us to their peers.”

In the technology industry, it is important for companies to mark themselves out as the best possible option for clients. Management do not strive to be the biggest technology company in East Tennessee, however, they want to be the best, fulfilling the dream of the founder, as Mr DeNicola notes below.

“Even before the term “Raving Fans” was coined and became part of the popular lexicon, we were creating raving fans. Randall Sumner, the founder of the company, did not set out to be the largest technology company in East Tennessee, but he always wanted to be the best. Our management team strives to carry on that legacy. We are committed to being the best company possible to serve our clients, employees, and community. Today there are more tools available to measure that “Raving Fans” component, including the Net Promoter Score, which for us is hovering at 96+ year-to-date. I am proud of that and the efforts the Thermocopy team have put into making that score what it is. It is this legacy that makes us the best possible option for our clients.”

Mr DeNicola gives us a brief overview of the industry in the region currently, listing the specific challenges and outside influences that may affect the industry and the company. The firm have already identified the additional services that are required to adapt to upcoming developments, highlighting the forward-thinking nature of the firm.

“A significant percentage of our revenue is from the sales and service of office equipment. The multi-functional device will continue to be a requirement in the office setting for the foreseeable future. However, the prints/copies made on that device will dwindle as the “Baby Boomer” generation leaves the workforce. The Millennials, and to some extent the GenXer’s are accustomed to almost no paper use. Almost all their collaboration tools are digital, and the mere fact that they collaborate in the cloud precludes paper usage, as it is not up-to-the-second information. A large part of revenue and profits in our industry depend on the annuities provided by charging a cost per print/copy for documents produced on the multi-functional devices.

Thus, lower or no prints/copies translate into lower revenues/ profits from this segment of our business. While Thermocopy is not currently experiencing this downward trend, it is not a matter of if, but when, we will see a reduction in billable copies/ prints. We have already identified the additional products/services required to replace these revenue streams and profits, developed the business plans to take these products/services to market and are in the process of implementing the business plans.”

Following on from this, Mr. DeNicola predicts some of the developments within the industry as well as commenting on how the firm will adapts to these.

“We stay abreast of emerging developments in our industry by maintaining active membership in organizations like the CDA, whose membership includes 60 – 70 of the best independent companies in our industry and representing $1,000,000,000 of annual revenues. They provide industry trends via quarterly education meetings for member company C-Level executives. Also, our management team is charged with monitoring industry trends through their professional association memberships.

“Print volumes, equipment sales, and the resulting revenue annuities will decrease. There are several ways we are going to make up for these decreases. I will speak to three of them. The first, and the least profitable will be to take a larger piece of the pie for ourselves by increasing our equipment market share. We are doing this by hiring additional sales staff and investing in the marketing to help them make the sale. The second is to make the pie larger by selling more IT solutions and options into the current market. And the third is to develop new revenue streams (for Thermocopy) to sell into the market, such as managed IT services and taking advantage of the increasingly strict regulatory environment regarding IT security and the privacy of personal information.”

Integral to running a successful business is excellent customer service. Therefore, staff must be armed with the necessary information in order to provide the best service to clients. Mr. DeNicola discusses the internal culture within the firm and how this contributes to the success of the company.

“As stated before, we have always had a culture of creating raving fans. I believe that Thermocopy embodies the spirit of what an excellent company should be. Not only do we deliver excellent products/service, but we also make sure our company culture is one of excellence. Our mission statement/core values are instilled in our employees. The first item a new employee is introduced to is the Thermocopy Mission Statement. The Mission Statement includes the following commitments;

To Our Customers, We Commit:

• To provide an experienced, tenured team of professionals

• To nurture our business relationships

• To outperform all competition

To Our Employees, We Commit:

• To provide a professional work environment, offering team-based leadership and performance-based compensation

• To provide professional and personal development through continuing education • To provide a vision of growth and stability

To Our Community, We Commit:

• To invest money and workforce to achieve civic goals

• To be an environmentally responsible business partner

“We do our best to live up to each one of those commitments on a daily basis, and it just does not get any better than that.”

To ensure there is a good working environment, it is important to hire the right staff. Mr. DeNicola mentions the firm’s approach to hiring staff and discusses how management are able to attract the very best talent to the company.

“We typically recruit utilizing our centers of influence. We are looking for candidates that exhibit the behavioral energy to do the job. Our hiring process includes an initial screening interview, followed by a behavioral energy assessment which determines the candidates “can do” and last, a long interview (2–3 hours in length) in which the hiring manager determines the candidates “will do.” We retain good people by making sure they have the right attitude, skills, and knowledge to do the job and this provides the team member a good foundation with which to succeed in our organization.

Also, we make sure we live up to our mission statement commitments to our employees:

• To provide a professional work environment, offering team-based leadership and performance-based compensation

• To provide professional and personal development through continuing education

• To provide a vision of growth and stability.”

Looking ahead, Mr DeNicola discusses the future of the firm, listing future plans and projects for the firm.

“We are in the process of implementing a business plan that will increase our market share in the office equipment space from 18% to 23%. The business plan required a sales department reorganization with plans to increase the sales force by 25% and implementing ways to make sales more efficiently. Also, we will be building additional revenue streams with managed services and taking advantage of the increasingly strict regulatory environment regarding IT security and the privacy of personal information.”

Company: Thermocopy of Tennessee, Inc.

Name: J. Mark DeNicola

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 3505 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville Tennessee 37919

Telephone: 865-524-1124

Read All about It!


Read All about It! is Africa’s biggest online news publisher. After their success in receiving the exclusive
2017 Most Innovative Tech Firm – South Africa award, as part of the 2017 Tech of the Year
Awards, we spoke to Head of, Andreij Horn to learn more about the biggest digital news
publisher in Africa. is Africa’s biggest online news publisher. They publish news across several digital platforms including News24, Netwerk24, Fin24, Sport24, Traveller24, Wheels24, Parent24, Food24, W24 & Channel24, HuffPost South Africa, plus several apps including Bounce News Nigeria, Daily Kick, Sliced News, NetNuus, Netwerk24, News24 Edge & News24. The types of clients they work with are advertisers and agencies across all industries from financial, to retail, to FMCG.

Andreij Horn, says the company’s approach to innovation in technology and commerce differs in some ways, but basically follows the same strategy – driving for measurable improvement in the metrics that measure.

“When it comes to technology, we believe that the innovation curve is steep and fast and that a company in our position should be setting the trend in rapid, small, incremental improvements to user-experience on a continuous basis. The result of these should be visible in increased dwell time that reflect our readers finding the content we produce, and platforms we deliver that on, engaging.

“At the same time, we don’t believe we should build that which we can buy. We far rather invest our engineering capacity in developing the solutions that deliver competitive advantage, than in building utility functions that can be acquired easily by our competitors.

“To make that practical: Digital publishers do not compete against each other. The real competition is with the social and search juggernauts for revenue market share. Technology that enables publishers to modernise their apps and mobile platforms to deliver the user-experience their readers get from for instance the social platforms, will not add competitive advantage. At best that is a qualifier to be allowed a seat at the table. Therefore the technology must be acquired as quickly as possible and in ways that do not tie one in to a huge investment making the next round of innovation hard and expensive. Buying it, and preferable buying it as a service, provides that kind of nimbleness.

“On the other hand, developing the capability to introduce for instance a potentially lucrative ecommerce opportunity into the business by which the large, profiled, digital audiences can be monetised in ways other than by means of advertising, represent a far more strategic and sustainable way to utilise one’s engineering capacity. This is where digital innovation really pays off.

“Both of these scenario’s – innovative publishing platforms, and effective ecommerce solutions – utilise machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver bespoke experiences to the readers and customers, but in the first instance it makes sense to buy it in, deploy and harvest the benefits in increased user engagement fast, while in the second the strategic imperative dictates building that competitive advantage in-house. “

Horn says digital publishers who concentrate all their efforts on being better publishers, will over time find that they have reached the point where they have captured the advertising market share as best they can, but it still doesn’t translate into a sustainable and increasingly successful commercial venture.

“We therefore apply the same thinking to commercial innovation, but with one very important difference – here the commercial partner’s strategic objective sets the agenda, and not ours. We will buy that which we need to qualify us to be considered an effective commercial channel to market, but then we will use our own engineering capacity to develop that which will make us an excellent solution provider in terms of how we partner with Brands and retailers to achieve their marketing strategies.”

Horn says in approaching technical and commercial innovation in this way, has grown both audience and revenue significantly above the industry norm in their markets and have managed to attract engineering, product, commercial and editorial talent who want to be part of a growing and innovating company.

“Thank you selecting us as 2017’s Most Innovative Tech Firm. We appreciate the recognition and it is gratifying that those in your selection panel noticed the things we are doing in this regard.”


Sales enquiries: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: and The SpaceStation Digital Media Solutions

13th Floor, Media 24

40 Heerengracht St

Cape Town, 8001

South Africa

Telephone: 27 21 406 4930

2017 Partner of Q1


2017 Partner of Q1

Tripp Scott is a law firm that has been serving Florida for over 40 years. The firm remains committed to developing innovative approaches in our practice areas and to achieving timely and creative solutions. Matthew Zifrony discusses the services that the law firm provides.

Tripp Scott is a law firm that represents small to mid-size companies with respect to all of their legal needs. The firm has been providing legal services to its clients for more than 40 years. It has offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Boca Raton, FL and Tallahassee. Matthew talks us through the services that the firm specialises in, as well as discussing how it feels to have been named as 2017’s Partner of Q1.

“Tripp Scott specializes in all areas of law that affect a small to mid-size business, including but not limited to commercial real estate, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, environmental law, estate planning and probate, finance and corporate law, commercial litigation, governmental affairs, guardianships, healthcare law, insurance law, labor and
employment law, and land use law.

“It is a great honour to be recognised as a leader in the industry. It shows that all of the hard work that we put in when representing our clients is paying off.”

Regarding his own role in the company, Matthew tells us what legal areas he specialises in. Noting his extensive experience at the company and the industry, Matthew has represented a number of associations, but his knowledge does not stop there.

“I’m a director at Tripp Scott and have worked at Tripp Scott for more than 26 years. I specialize in corporate law and commercial real estate while serving as an outside general counsel for some of my clients. Also, I represent a large number of condominiums and homeowner associations.”

The practice has various legal areas of expertise and Matthew lists these with regard to attracting potential new clients. Practicing in such an assortment of legal areas, the levels of expertise allow the frim to provide legal services to most small to mid-size companies. Following on from this, Matthew discusses the existing clients currently utilising the firm, as well as what the practice looks for in future clients.

“Tripp Scott’s various legal areas of expertise allows it to provide most if not all of the legal services that a small to mid-size company would need.

“As a company, our target client is a small to mid-size company – a company that is looking for excellent legal work without having to pay the legal fees that are charged by the larger law firms. The various legal areas of expertise that Tripp Scott has developed allows a company of that size to consolidate all of its legal needs into a single law firm.”

Acknowledging the work that staff at the firm do to make the firm so successful, Matthew says that the practice would not be able win an award unless it had excellent staff. Ranging from its administrative staff to its legal team, the firm relies on staff to serve as the backbone for the majority of the services that the practice provides.

“Tripp Scott would not have been able to win this type of an award unless it had an excellent staff. It relies on its staff to serve as the backbone for a lot of the legal services that Tripp Scott provides.”

Ultimately, Tripp Scott will look to expand its growing client base, capitalising on the success after winning this award. Representing small to mid-size companies, the firm provides a personal touch and comes at a much more affordable cost than most larger law firms, for the same service. Clients show a desire for more a personalized service, accessibility and responsiveness and this is the major factor that drives clients away from larger firms and towards firms such as Tripp Scott.


Company: Tripp Scott

Contact: Matthew Zifrony

Email: [email protected]

Address: 110 SE Sixth Street, Suite 1500, Fort Lauderdale, 33301, USA

Phone: 001 954 525 7500 Website: