The Business Woman Awards 2017 Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the Business Woman Awards 2017 Winners

United Kingdom, 2017– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the Business Woman Awards 2017.

Across the globe, within a vast number of sectors, women continue to go above and beyond to establish themselves as being a significant part of the business world. From healthcare and pharmaceuticals to aerospace and defence, even banking to media, within these industries are the powerful women who are striving daily towards great success whom we aim to recognise through our Business Woman Awards 2017.

Discussing the awards, Racehl Devonport Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “Women represent around half of the global workforce and are a key contributor to the corporate world: despite this, these contributions are often overlooked.  As such it is my privilege to showcase the very best women in business across the corporate landscape, and I would like to offer them my congratulations as well as wish them the best of luck as they look to the future.”

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Welcome to the November edition of Corporate Vision Magazine, providing you with the latest news and innovative features from across the globe.

In this edition, we discover how UK registered firm, ReModel Internal provides a range of personal, professional and corporate programmes to meet the individual needs of its clients by drawing on the vast industry experience of its founders. Revealing more to us about the firm is James La Trobe Bateman who discusses with us more about ReModel’s service offerings and how it works to provide clients with a truly exceptional service.

On 2nd June 2017, Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions, a leading automation expert for robot-based and data driven intralogistics solutions has proudly introduced SynQ, the next generation of its proven warehouse management software platform, WM 6. We reveal more about the flexible and adaptable cloud-enabled software that intelligently connects and synchronizes automation equipment, robotics, people and processes.

Continuing with the theme of technology, we learn more about wearable technology company, Optinvent, who specialise in cutting edge head worn displays and devices. Taking time to tell us more about how the company’s work in making wearable technology which is not only useful, but also desirable beyond professional use cases.

Here at Corporate Vision, we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this informative issue and look forward to hearing from you.