Nature of Business


Nature of Business

Recipient of Executive Career Coach of the Year 2017, Dean Williams is best known for combining his passion for working alongside Directors and Senior Managers, with his other entrepreneurial interests and work with a leading international charity. We profiled Dean to find out a bit more about him and his services.

An experienced and pragmatic Executive Coach who works with a number of top Executives, Directors and senior managers, Dean helps his clients see things differently in order to benefit their company and relevant businesses.

Boasting a wealth of experience, Dean possesses over 17 years of success in this field, working across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Furthermore, Dean is co-founder of the Business Coaching Academy, the author of three books and is a regular columnist and guest speaker featuring in notable publications and radio shows. A sign of his substantial success, Dean was inducted to the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council last year.

Dean specialises in the art of communication, authentic leadership, high performance sales and turning around the results of underperforming teams. For clients who are ambitious, Dean offers Career Coaching for those who aspire to be Director level.

A psychometric evaluator, Dean has a powerful ability that allows his clients to see themselves as others see them. A motivator, Dean provides encouragement and challenges people to constantly focus on the objective in hand, making decisions that move people close towards achieving its goals. The decisions that Dean encourages his clients to make are not always but can be seen as essential in making the client successful.

Comfortable and successful, Dean builds long-term relationships which ensures clients receive the maximum in terms of focus, energy and openness, although he expects the maximum in return.

Retained and in demand by his clients, which includes several CEO’s and Managing Directors, Dean has been described as ‘one of the first names on the team sheet’, a sports analogy which suits him very well.

Fundamentally, Dean offers two services to different clients, including one-to-one executive coaching and Team Coaching. Regarding Dean’s one-to-one executive coaching service, the process is specific, individual and pragmatic. Clients control the agenda based on what they want to get out of their time with Dean. Whether it is personal or professional, Dean does not judge his clients, but assesses their own unique needs, and offers services which meet all the client’s requirements.

Typically, Dean deals with clients who possess vast experience in their positions and industry, interacting with them on a personal and professional level, helping them through their issues or challenges which they may face. Whatever the agenda, Dean will tap into your experience and wisdom and importantly, challenge your thinking, offer advice and promote action.

Offering a focused, open and energetic approach that helps deal with the challenges in hand, Dean promotes the robustness of his sessions by outlining his willingness to create tension and enter into uncomfortable debate if needed.

Acutely aware of the importance of achieving a return on investment for his clients, Dean encourages the use of his ‘coaching scorecard’ to track progress made.

With regard to the team coaching that Dean offers, he demands honesty via his ‘fitness check’, profiling what aspects of his services are required, Dean’s facilitation helps you assess your teams focus, processes and relationships within what he calls the three critical success factors.

This fitness check, together with his benchmark of world class team play, determines the teams current level of maturity and trends, behaviours that are impacting on performance both positively and negatively. Dean then works with the team to construct a ‘better way to play’.

Essentially, Dean has received plenty of excellent feedback after his work, with a variety of improvements being noted down by clients. Some of Dean’s clients highlighted that their team possesses a higher sense of trust in each other, there was more open and constructive feedback shared, and they were impressed with the quality and speed of decision making. These were just some of the aspects of feedback which emphasise how much Dean helped his clients with his team coaching, which is important considering teamwork is a major contributor to excellent results.

Lastly, the content of interventions is tailored based on the outcomes that clients are looking for. Elements could include interactive and engaging team challenges, developing ‘points of no compromise’, and Dean’s impactful tool for releasing meaningful feedback to each other.

Ultimately, whether it be one to one coaching or team coaching, Dean Williams boasts a track record to be proud of, and it is no wonder a lot of clients use Dean as a reason for their cohesion.

Company: Dean Williams Executive Coach Ltd

Contact: Dean Williams

Address: Sleepers, Station Road, Eccles, NR16 2JG, UK

Phone: 07800 790703


Exceeding Clients’ Expectations


Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

Fiduciana Trust (Cyprus) Limited is a boutique Cyprus trustee and fiduciary services company with international coverage. Recently, we sat down with the company’s Managing Director, Anna Homenko who revealed to us the secrets behind the firm’s exceptional success throughout the years.

Based in Nicosia, Cyprus, Fiduciana provides services in trust and corporate administration, accounting and financial management, international tax planning, family office, immigration and global residency planning services. Managing Director, Anna Homenko believes that the firm’s dedication to providing the very highest level of client service is what marks it out as the best possible option for its clients, as she explains.

“Here at Fiduciana, we take pride in offering a friendly and personal service to our clients. In order to achieve this, we focus on offering the highest level of personalised trust, corporate and accounting services and solutions to our clients, by operating as a home office. The boutique nature of the business ensures that our clients’ affairs are kept strictly confidential, and only the most personal approach is offered in the handling of all matters.

“Overall, we aim to deliver services of the highest standard, providing solutions and guidance to our clients, as well as working together with expert legal, financial and tax advisers. We combine legal
knowledge, fiduciary experience and business sense to ensure that the best possible outcome is attained for our clients. Alongside this, the firm also believes that the art of fiduciary services is to ensure that there are no impossible solutions, and it has that down to a fine art.”

As a key part of its vast service offering the firm’s personnel consists of chartered accountants, lawyers and paralegal administrators. Anna explains to us how everyone who works at her firm is a high calibre professional, who has been carefully recruited and suitably trained to meet the needs of clients, even in the most demanding situations.

“At Fiduciana, we pride ourselves in sourcing highly qualified employees in order to provide a service to our clients of extraordinary quality. We have built a committed team of people who take total responsibility for its services locally as well as internationally. This helps us to achieve our ongoing aim; to always exceed its client’s expectations.

“Overall, we lead our respected field in providing added value to our clients. Here at Fiduciana, we have the ability as well as the experience to fully understand the business of our clients, and thus are able to conduct the entire business of the company, liaising with the firm’s owners only where most appropriate.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds for Fiduciana, Anna highlights some of the achievements the company has received, as well as reflecting on the firm’s aspirations for the years to come.

“Ultimately, Fiduciana is proud to be a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and ITPA. As testimony to its excellence, we have won awards for its service in 2016. Moving forward, the whole team at Fiduciana will continue to offer its exceptional high quality service to clients, both new and old, in order to build upon its current success.”

Career Management Strategies for Individuals and Organizations


Career Management Strategies for Individuals and Organizations

Rita B. Allen Associates is a national provider of career/talent management coaching, training and consulting services for individuals and organizations representing a variety of industries including high technology, biotechnology, financial services, professional services, medical devices/pharmaceuticals, academia, healthcare, manufacturing and retail/consumer products. We profile Rita as we aim to find out about her experiences and expertise.

Rita Balian Allen is the president of Rita B. Allen Associates, a national career management firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, management training and career development. She is a lecturer at Boston-area universities, a soughtafter speaker and presenter, the author of numerous articles, blogs and the book, “Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself: The Three Ps Marketing Technique as a Guide to Career Empowerment”. She is a regular Huffington Post blogger and wrote a career management column for Leadership & Management Books. Rita was voted one of the top ten executive coaches by the Boston Women’s Business Journal.

Rita brings many years of human resources experience to her practice and has worked with leaders across all industries and professions. Previously, she held roles as Vice President of Marketing and Search Services with Gatti & Associates, and human resource positions with C.R. Bard, Inc., BTU International, and Unitrode Corporation. She holds an MS in Leadership and a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University; is an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach through the College of Executive Coaching and earned her credentials as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation. Rita currently serves on the board of directors of The Boston Club and is a former board member of More Than Words and the Association of Career Professionals International – New England. She is also an active member of other professional associations and organizations.

Rita’s coaching approach focuses on building relationships with clients to assist individuals and organizations to maximize their talent potential and create strategies for growth, development and success. Her goal is to partner with executives to achieve specific results and desired outcomes and ultimately build/enhance leadership capability.

At Rita B. Allen Associates, executive coaching is a development opportunity for both the individual and the organization to stretch beyond their comfort zone and achieve greater value to impact individual and business performance. Rita’s mission is to assist individuals empower themselves to take charge of their careers.

Building long-term relationships and gaining the trust of one another are important factors in Rita’s work. She views executive coaching as a development opportunity for talented individuals in an organization to work towards realizing their desired potential. Holding a wealth of experience and boasting intricate knowledge of coaching secrets, Rita has advised, mentored and coached executives and managers throughout all phases of their careers. Specializing in a variety of areas, Rita’s areas of practice include executive coaching, leadership development, management training and career development services, working with organizations and clients in an assortment of industries and markets.

Alongside her extensive background, Rita boasts a high-profile portfolio with her coaching engagements including leaders and teams from diverse disciplines. Looking through Rita’s impressive track record, a few of her sample engagements have included substantive results in executive leadership development and strategic development.

Regarding Executive Leadership Development, Rita worked with the Senior Leadership Team of a Start-up Biotechnology company with a focus on the transformation to a more proactive and strategic leadership approach. She was able to help this leadership team identify a greater sense of self-awareness, effective conflict management techniques, communication skills, and strategies for building high performance work teams within their functional and technical areas resulting in greater impact individually and as a team.

Furthermore, in relation to Strategic Leadership, Rita coached a Sr. Legal Director of a large leading Insurance Service Provider who was looking to develop more impactful communications skills and executive presence as she engaged in increasingly complex presentations and executive visibility. Worked with leader to heighten self awareness and insight of her strengths, development areas, opportunities to be seized and potential obstacles. Resulting outcomes included recognition in organization as a valued content expert and sought after in a variety of ways that exhibited her value-add to the members of the C-Suite as well as throughout the organization and externally within the industry.

Overall, as Rita continues to work with individuals and organizations, she will continue to produce results and leave clients very fulfilled with her work. Taking on new projects all the time means that Rita is able to broaden her horizons and learn even more about others. Working collaboratively with many clients, there is a bright future ahead for Rita as she looks to firmly cement her place as a leader within the coaching industry.

Contact: Rita Balian Allen

Address: 460 Totten Pond Road, Suite 110, Waltham, MA

Phone: 02451 781-890-6803


Providing a Range of Support and Service Solutions


Revasum manufactures premiere CMP and grinding equipment for use in the production of semiconductor devices. We profile the firm, which was recently named in our 2017 Software & Technology Innovation Awards, to find out more.

Founded in 2016, Revasum is an innovative new company headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, providing premiere CMP and grinding technology to critical growth markets such as power, RF communications, LED, MEMS, and other mobile applications.

The firm’s mission is built on a design philosophy of investing in new product development that is specifically targeted at these global markets, with the purpose of meeting the unique needs of the device makers in this high-tech space. Its productionproven CMP equipment is ideal for a broad range applications. With over twenty years of CMP process experience, the firm’s team of dedicated applications engineers are ready to assist clients in developing a process that achieves their individual requirements.

Every piece of equipment from Revasum is designed with the customer in mind; as a result, each one meets or exceeds its customer’s performance targets.

Supporting clients internationally, the firm offers new and certified refurbished systems for sale, supplied worldwide through direct and representative sales and service offices located in the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. As such, Revasum is able to offer clients a truly global reach and a vast wealth of experience and expertise.

Although the sale of equipment is the firm’s primary focus, the company also provides a range of support and service solutions to ensure that it remains productive for many years. After all, when clients invest in Revasum equipment, they invest in one of the most attractive lifetime costs of ownership and the reassurance of the firm’s dedicated service and support teams. With Revasum, customer relationships are based on communication, expertise and accountability. Revasum’s service and support programs offer the level of service its customers need and want – quickly and consistently.

To meet their performance and budget objectives, clients can take advantage of as many or as few of the support services offered, including anything from hardware maintenance and troubleshooting to on-site repair, training and more. Revasum’s support team is ready to help them select the level of support best suited to their specific needs.

This focus on ensuring excellence for the client remains Revasum’s ongoing aim as the firm looks towards an exciting future. Working with clients around the world, the team has the chance to build upon the vast expertise it already has and keep itself and its clients at the very forefront of the latest innovations within the CMP and grinding equipment markets.

Contact: John Sterbonic

Address: 825 Buckley, San Luis Obispo, California, 93401, USA

Phone: 001 805 782 5383




HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS – Rider Latham, co-founder at Secret Spa


Rider Latham is the co-founder of Secret Spa which he launched alongside his sister Emily Ewart-Perks in October 2015. Secret Spa is the premium on-demand beauty and spa booking service dedicated to providing , luxury treatments and exceptional client service.

Raising investment is a roller coaster of rejection, flattery, false dawns and red herrings. If you are successful, the result is the daunting prospect of elite investors backing you to execute your vision. As first-time entrepreneurs, the early success we have had at Secret Spa has come from a mixture of accident, luck and great advisors, rather than founder genius. There is no one size fits all approach when raising investment is completely dependent on your type of business, network and location. However, there are some principles and pitfalls that you can consider for your business:

1.    Think of raising investment as a last resort

Remember it is better to own a little of something rather than all of nothing. The decision of when to raise investment needs to balance these two concerns, and depends on your appetite for risk. At Secret Spa, we stayed self-funded with the help of bank loans for as long as we possibly could. External investment dilutes your ownership and weakens your control. The longer you hold out, the more you can prove your business model is viable, which will lead to a higher valuation that protects your equity. When we raised our first round of investment we had already launched a successful technology platform with over a thousand customers and we were growing at 20% per month. We also only had a months’ worth of cash left! But despite running on empty our strong track record and operating experience meant that when we accepted investment, we had a convincing argument for what was needed to take the business to the next level.

2.    Get your pitch-deck and growth model right

Our investment case consisted of a pitch deck supported by growth projections. I am not a fan of conventional 3 – 5 year business plan and I am always wary of any investors who want to see one. Startups should be rapidly learning and constantly adapting based on feedback, not rigidly adhering to an overly detailed and abstract plan. On the other hand, a few slides will not cut it and you need to explain how you are going to use an investor’s money. There is tremendous value in articulating your vision, progress to date, and an 18-month roadmap in a 15 – 20 slide pitch deck. A growth model in Excel will also help you to understand your key assumptions and sense check the viability of scaling your business.

3.    Define what success looks like after Investment

An aspect of our original pitch that we put a lot of work into was clearly defining what success looks like after investment. When you start increasing spending and hopefully rapidly growing, it is hard to know what is working and what is a waste of resources. Revenue growth and profitability are critical but will not be enough detail on their own. In your pitch you need to establish the core metrics that you can actually measure. They will act as the vital signs of the business. Depending on your business, metrics might include lifetime value, acquisition costs and daily retention. The right core metrics can shine a light on what you are doing right. If the plan is not to be profitable for a few years, progress against these metrics is how you will convince investors that you are spending their money wisely and that they should re-invest when you next fundraise.

4.    Be patient and get the fundamentals right

Finalising your investment case will take longer than expected and you will be desperate to start pitching to potential investors. However, first spend some money with your accountant and lawyer. You need to be crystal clear on the finer details around your valuation, term sheets and eligibility for potential SEIS / EIS tax schemes. We learnt this the hard way when we needed to revise our shareholders agreement in the middle of a fundraise. The delays we had ironing out the small print definitely meant at least one investor lost interest. When investors express interest you want to be able to move quickly therefore spend the money with some professionals ahead of time.

5.    Be prepared for rejection

If you are planning your first fundraise, be prepared for rejection particularly at the beginning. Potential investors will be most attracted by the social proof of other investors having already committed. Focus on signing up your first investors and then make them part of the team. Most of our first round was raised from our first investors getting behind us and helping us raise the rest of the money from their personal networks. Also constraints bring creativity therefore I would recommend setting a deadline for when the round closes. As a founder, the pressure will give you the drive to make bold moves. For investors, it creates a fear of missing out and by the time round closes you will be turning people away.

6.    Be selective with Investors

Finally, aim to be selective with your investors. Not all money is smart money. You want investors who share your passion and bring strategic value. They need to understand that startups are a rollercoaster but are still excited to join for the ride!

Once bitten, twice shy? Not for VW: highlighting the need for internal GRC controls


Reputation can make or break a business. It can take years for an enterprise to become synonymous with a positive image, but all of that can be undone by one scandal. Negative press lives long in the memory and results in consumers choosing to do business with competitors without much of a second thought – an effect that can last for years. It takes a lot of resilience and resources for a brand to bounce back from a reputation hit, two luxuries many don’t possess.

Despite the stakes being so high, there are organisations that continue to risk it all by not having the right internal governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes in place. Such functions shine a spotlight on every inch of the enterprise, ensuring that there aren’t any unethical shadow dealings that can escalate. After all, it doesn’t take the actions of the entire enterprise to cause a scandal, but one unmonitored department or individual.

Case in point: Volkswagen (VW)

A number of reports have linked the automotive maker to animal and human experiments which took place between 2014 and 2015. Both monkeys and humans were apparently exposed to diesel fumes in a bid to prove that the fuel had become less harmful due to developments in the technology. The experiments were commissioned by the now dissolved European Research Group of Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (EUGT), an independent research body that was part-funded by VW.

VW responded to the reports by saying that a small internal group had mistakenly pushed for the tests and that they did not reflect VW’s ethos. Whatever your thoughts on the response, it highlights that a department was able to act without C-level oversight and they used that freedom to engage in an activity that resulted in the company being widely condemned by environmentalists, politicians and consumers. 

Exacerbating the situation further is that it follows relatively closely on from ‘dieselgate’. In September 2015, it was revealed that VW had been cheating in emissions tests to make their diesel vehicles seem less polluting than they actually were. The company eventually admitted that 11 million of its cars were affected.

VW took a big financial loss, particularly in the US where it was hit with a criminal penalty, lawsuits from the Government and customers, as well as having to repurchase or make retrofits to affected cars. Some reports put the financial implications at around £22 billion.

Despite the figure, some believe the company got off relatively lightly. VW was not fined by any EU government or regulator, and the scandal drove the company’s cost-cutting and shift towards electric cars – two strategic decisions it is now actually profiting from. However, this second scandal may have more lasting impacts if consumers decide that VW has offended once too many.  

A lack of oversight also caused the financial crash

While VW’s actions will have consequences for the brand, it won’t trigger a global financial crash. Back in 2008, the breakdown of the financial world was caused by banks allowing their profit centres to do their own thing in order to stimulate as much outward growth as possible. There was no centralised control but the assumption that banks were ‘too big to fail’ meant that everyone turned a blind eye. Everything soon came tumbling down. In the UK, RBS required a bailout from the Government to ensure it could remain operational and support the country’s economy.

Soon after the crash, regulators started introducing more stringent rules to ensure that financial institutions couldn’t act in the same way. While this obviously changed how banks could operate, it also altered consumer expectations. They blamed the financial crash on the corporate world and, as a result, now expect all enterprises to not just simply comply with regulations, but to operate at a higher standard. If they don’t, customers vote with their wallets while other stakeholders lobby against them on social media and other platforms. Consumers have become the ultimate regulator.

Instilling a strong corporate culture

Firms should no longer view culture and compliance as a way of mitigating losing existing customers, it should be seen as a way of attracting new ones. Consumers want to buy from businesses which are acting ethically. If companies are continuously linked to poor conduct, not paying taxes or any other negative press, it simply pushes potential new customers to competitors. As such, it’s time for companies to enter a new phase – ‘self-governance’.

While regulations will hold firms to a certain standard, self-governance enables organisations to operate at levels above. Instead of external bodies setting the minimum expectations, the boardroom does. The C-level sets the tone from the top and leads by example to show what is required from the rest of the enterprise.

When there are common culture objectives, all internal processes can then be implemented in a way that ensures the entire enterprise is working towards achieving them. Functions that are typically run as silos – internal audit, compliance, legal and risk management, for example – can be centralised and managed with consumerised GRC technology which enables individual employees to play their part. This streamlines data collection and analysis, and ensures that actionable business intelligence which is completely relevant to the overall strategic goals is produced. This aids decision-makers to drive the organisation forward.

Furthermore, such an approach also helps to harbour an overall culture of trust and values. When a company’s ethos is embedded in the woodwork, employees can see the ultimate goal and how they fit into the plan. They are less likely to carry out activities with the sole purpose of benefitting themselves and potentially placing the organisation’s reputation at risk in the process. Similarly, it also encourages them to speak up when they see flaws or questionable activity. 

Ultimately, businesses can no longer take the stance that compliance with regulations is enough. It’s those that can prove that they are exceeding legal requirements, as well as wider consumer expectations, which are the ones that will increase influence and market share.

Written by, John Palmiero, SVP of EMEA at MetricStream

Money Talks


Currency Matters Finest in Business award recipient, offer a highly professional foreign currency exchange and payment facility to businesses that trade overseas.

Established in 2002 by husband and wife team Jon and Michelle Anderson, Currency Matters is a leading foreign currency exchange broker and specialist in international payments. The firm is committed to providing a cost efficient and professional currency exchange service to all its clients, and endeavours to provide added value at every opportunity.

Currency Matters provides the client with knowledge and expertise, professionalism and ability that is only gained at the highest levels in the foreign exchange markets.

It offers a personal and informed foreign currency exchange facility and replaces the traditional role of the bank in the money exchange transaction, and in doing so, offers a level of pricing and service not normally found with the banks. Currency Matters save clients’ money through commission free transactions and better exchange rates.

At the time of incorporation, the currency exchange market was dominated by the major banking institutions in the UK and only a handful of brokers existed. Service levels in the banking sector were generally poor, and their pricing policies severely restricted the purchasing power of both corporate and private clients.

Through experience and contacts gained at the highest levels in the interbank currency broking market, Currency Matters was able to access forward thinking and innovative banking counterparties, and deliver those benefits to their diverse client base in the UK and overseas.

Currency Matters offers a friendly and personalised service from a team with many years of experience in foreign currency and international banking provision.

Online International Payments Currency Matters offer fast and secure international payments using its state-of-the-art Web Payment System, providing their customers with the quickest and most cost efficient way to pay overseas bills or receive foreign currency payments. Clients benefit from automated Proof of Payment (POP) sent directly to the client or beneficiary, whilst a dedicated account manager and a team of experienced payment specialists are available to answer any queries.

Corporate Foreign Exchange With Currency Matters, clients benefit from expertise gained over many years in the foreign exchange market. The firm helps customers secure the best exchange rate and eliminate currency risk. A dedicated account manager will be familiar with all requirements, be available to answer any questions and will help to determine a suitable strategy.

Services include:

• Online trading • State-of-the-art technology • Spot foreign exchange • Same day / next day foreign exchange • Forward contract (fixed date) • Forward contract (variable date) • Market orders • Market news and commentary

Dedicated Account Manager

Currency Matters offers a friendly and personalised service and each client is allocated a dedicated account manager. That account manager will take the time to understand a client’s business and help them to determine a suitable strategy to minimise costs and secure profits. The firm offers a proactive service informing clients of any movements in the foreign exchange market which have a bearing on their exposure. The dedicated account manager is always available to answer any questions and provide market information.


Currency Matters was established in 2002 to specialise in providing foreign exchange and secure international payment facilities to the corporate market. The firm has now grown to become one of the UK’s leading currency brokers, with a diverse client base and a reputation for levels of service and professionalism that are secondto-none. Currency Matters has clients in 76 countries, operating in 58 different sectors.

Currency Matters is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution, FCA Registration No: 537841 and registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business (MSB), MSB MLR Registration No: 12140232. All client funds are held in segregated Client Accounts for client security.

Currency Matters hold the top Creditsafe International Score: “A” “Very Low Risk”.

Company: Currency Matters Limited

Name: Jon Anderson

Email: [email protected] 

Address: Glenbourne House 63 Burscough Street, Ormskirk L39 2EL United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)1695 581669

Web Address:

Coaching Brilliance


Moss Perform Limited was founded to provide world-class executive and leadership coaching. Its work is coaching brilliance. We spoke to Co-Founder, Laurence Borde as we find out about the successful coaching strategies implemented by the company.

Founded in 2012, Moss Perform is an international and open company, connecting with a truly global mindset. On offer are high calibre coaches, mentors and facilitators, and they all have proven experience in a business and financial markets context. Laurence starts off by telling us what helps the firm to stand out within the industry.

“Moss Perform is a leadership development and coaching practice with a difference. We work with organisations to meet their coaching needs across the board. We bring your people the leap they are looking for. Every day we work to unlock your potential and help you shine within your organisation.

“Possessing multi-talented staff means we are a versatile firm, and our services include individual, high-performing teams and group coaching, as well as Board and Senior Executive teams’ effectiveness assessments, impact and communication training, transition and third career management. Also, we are accredited coach supervisors.”

Laurence outlines the typical clientele of the company, and tells us what techniques the team employ in order to satisfy clients, outlining the processes which staff undertake in order to get the best results.

“It could be a senior executive who has outgrown their job or a talented rainmaker who has been
promoted a bit too early. Other people we work with include a board that spends too long discussing the things that do not matter while the things that do matter, go unmanaged. Whatever the change needed, we have a way of facilitating it and coaching you through to the best outcomes.

“Regarding the process, we ask a series of questions and work with techniques designed to get to the heart of the matter in a safe and structured way. The bigger the change the client is after, the more fundamental the questions we tackle. We work to create big leaps in performance for people and organisations.”

Separating themselves apart from their competitors, the company’s approach is different because it brings together a wealth of disciplines and members of staff, all of which are in need of advice from Moss Perform in certain aspects of their business.

“One of the main reasons clients come to us is because of our knowledge of organisational behaviour and culture, of Boards and C-Suites, of governance issues, including a strong understanding of partnerships, professional service firms and financial services organisations, strong coaching foundations, psychodynamics, neuroscience, high-performing teams and leadership. All this is underpinned by solid operational experience that is brought to bear in our conversations. We offer bespoke coaching programmes to suit each specific situation and use a number of psychometric tools to support the self-awareness and the growth.

“This methodology helps us stay ahead of emerging developments and provide adapted solutions for each situation. It also distinguishes our interventions, and our clients rate our energy and solutionfocused approach, our openmindedness and willingness to join them on the journey and our ability to work seamlessly across cultures and our ability to work at their pace.”

Starting to look ahead, Laurence discusses what the ultimate goal is for Moss Perform, with the company looking to make a positive impact in the corporate world, and this looks entirely possible thanks to the qualifications and knowledge of staff within the company.

“As coaches, our goal is foremost to facilitate a productive conversation, positive change and increased confidence and impact. Our process is based on the premise that what gets measured gets improved, that the organisation is resourced to a self-directed solution, and puts our clients’ success 100% at the heart of every conversation.

“Crucially, we are accredited and abide by the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and take our coaches’ ongoing professional development seriously. Our rapid success is underpinned by our team’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the evolutions in the coaching and development industries. Every single one of our practitioners has grounding in reallife executive work and combines this experience with a high-level coaching approach.”

Moving forward, there are exciting times ahead for Moss Perform, as Laurence predicts a brilliant 2018 for the company, with the team’s work creating lasting value, letting clients know they will not be disappointed when they opt to business with the company.

“Lastly, most people and organisations need things to change from time to time. Leaders need new ways of thinking that will lead to higher levels of achievement. Inspiration, vision and clarity of action are at the root of all growth. We bring a fresh perspective to your situation. Our clients span the range of industries and sizes. Also, we work in multi-cultural, fast-changing environments where people are asked to do more with a lot less.”

Contact: Laurence Borde

Address: 209 Tower Bridge Business Centre, 46-48 East Smithfield, London, E1W 1AW, UK

Phone: +44(0)20 3289 6077


How to communicate credibly in business and why it is important for businesses to do so in order to


How to communicate credibly in business and why it is important for businesses to do so in order to future-proof themselves

By Sarah Greenidge, credibility expert and founder of WellSpoken


WellSpoken is the wellness industry’s first credible content accreditation. WellSpoken also provides the wellness industry with advisory services and training around communicating credibly so they are able to reach the WellSpoken standard of excellence for wellness content.

The recently published 18th annual Edelman Trust Barometer has some important implications for corporate communicators, specifically on who, how and what consumers trust. The consumer survey showed that trust in business in general is higher than trust in government or the media, but there we still major reservations on the how well the ‘average Joe’ could trust ‘big business’.

Recent research from PFSK, the US-based market trend company, has recently reported some interesting findings on the behaviours of Gen Z (aged 5-19) when it comes to brands and organisations. Gen Z is 10 times more concerned than Millennials that brands provide educational platforms and content beyond the product or service.

So, what this means is that for the next generation of consumers, companies need to be producing more ‘added value’ content while operating in a sceptical market. No easy task.

Whether a start-up or multinational corporation, this growing sentiment can’t be ignored and organisations need to get ahead of the curve and ensure credibility is at the core of their business. At WellSpoken, we believe that there need to be certain frameworks established to guide those producing consumer content to generate credible information.

While brands and influencers have a legitimate right to promote products or services and also provide advice to consumers, we need to find a balance between talking about topics we want to share and ensuring it is credible.

However, there are a few caveats to this deal: opinions need to be robustly informed, recommendations need to be verified by people qualified in the relevant area and areas of uncertainty need to be plainly outlined.

Making sure that the principles of credibility are in place does not mean in any way that there is a hard and fast list of topics that should be restricted. Our mission at WellSpoken in to equip and empower brands and influencers to produce good quality information, communicate in a responsible manner and have credible partnerships and affiliations.

In order to do this, organisations need to take a step back and have an audit of how they currently develop content. If you provide the public with any sort of information that could impact consumer behaviour, there is a responsibility to ensure that high standards to protect consumers are maintained.

We believe that credible wellness communications fall under three pillars:

·         What you say: All claims and advice need to be substantiated by robust evidence or credible sources of information in the relevant area of expertise

·         How you say it: The language we use to convey information needs to take into account the impact certain messages can have on consumers

·         Where you say it: The medium used by businesses choose to communicate content (e.g. social media, ambassadors, blogs) need to be credible channels of communication.

While there is an infinite number of ways in which credible content can be curated, in order to future-proof any business, there are three core pillars that we believe establish a foundation of credibility when it comes to smart external communications:

1.       Editorial guidelines are vital for ensuring constituency and alignment across any content generating organisation, but it is shocking how many companies do not have concrete guidelines written on paper. Instead, a series of miss-aligned briefs are normally given to various internal or external teams. This leads to fragmented content which results in a confused consumer which creates an air of mistrust.

2.       External messaging – as well as developing some robust editorial policies it is essential to have a set of key messages so that all external communicators speak with one voice. Nothing erodes credibility like a disjointed team. Ensuring no on goes of piste is one thing, but real credibly is built when teams truly understand the value of sharing high-quality information.

3.       Independent verification of business practices and external content will play a critical role in upholding high standards. Making ethics and credibility the core of any business not only generates best practice but also contributes to an authentic reputation.

The world wide web has created a truly global landscape, where information is freely shared without borders. While this has an enormous amount of positives – an unfortunate side effect is that corporate mistakes spread like wildfire. In 2017, we saw many of the world leading brands face the harsh consequences of putting out questionable content. From backlash to boycotts, getting content wrong can have a very real impact on sales and reaching targets. Once a groundswell of public outrage starts it is incredibly hard to stop and to re-build trust.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in how brands think about communicating externally. Content generation is not just a means to end, a mechanism to generate sales or reach new audiences. Company content provides consumers with a glimmer of a business’s value system. Building credibility builds rapport, brand loyalty and ultimately better business.   

Everything You Need to Keep Your IT Working for You!


No Problem Technologies (NPIT) provides fully managed IT Support for businesses, whether they are small and just starting out, or established but looking to secure their IT without the need to take on extra full-time staff. We profile the creative and knowledgeable firm in order to find out more.

Within this ever increasing technology dominated generation, companies do not want the hassle of IT issues at any time. This is where NPIT comes in, as they a create a solution that works for the client, giving the person or company the support that they need.

Throughout the company, staff are confident in their products which help to revolutionise the industry, knowing their solutions are special as they created them. These solutions benefit businesses and clients in a big way, as they protect companies from anything that could go wrong with their technology.

Offering a wide range of services, NPIT sees no business as too small, as the company realise this is their target market. Working with lots of smaller businesses, the firm hope to be still there when they have used their time productively to make their business shine, instead of trying to work out the little things like why the email is not sending.

With no business being too small, there is also no business which is too big to work with NPIT. There are many times where even a dedicated IT team will have their hands full and may not be able to fix the issue. There are times when a firm will need outside support or services that they are unable to deal with or do not want to. NPIT embrace this challenge and work hard in order to fix the issue, leaving all types of client satisfied.

Standing out in the technological industry can be difficult as it is so competitive, but NPIT differentiates itself thanks to its customer service and expert technology and advice. Looking after the customer, NPIT staff take on IT issues meaning that clients and customers can continue developing their business, and this is why so many satisfied businesses have worked with NPIT over the years.

Revolutionising its technology, NPIT work hard to completely revamp their service offerings, having invested heavily in a toptier data centre installation that provides all of its services, keeping data secure with full backup and redundancy, leaving clients to rest easy knowing that everything they provide is secure and accessible all of the time.

Furthermore, distinguishing itself apart from its competitors, NPIT own the ‘No Problem Private Cloud’, meaning the team is not reliant on publicly accessible insecure third-party cloud server, meaning customers and businesses can be assured that their data is private and is only ever with the people. The company is totally reliable, secure and has full redundancy and backup.

Ultimately, NPIT is able to entice clients and people to the firm thanks to its outstanding technology, its knowhow, dedication, and ambition to provide the best possible solutions and service to clients.

Company: No Problem Managed IT Services Ltd

Contact: Simon Pither

Address: 6-8 Paxton Place, London, SE27 9SS, UK

Phone: 07714 328 418


Creating Agile Companies Through Coaching


Barrett McBride & Associates, Inc. specialises in serving businesses, teams and leaders in transition and providing them with the very highest standards of coaching and consulting support. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its incredible success, which has helped it to achieve a place in our coveted Coaching Top 50 for 2017.

Founded in 1996, Barrett McBride & Associates is an international multifaceted consulting and coaching firm. The firm’s clients are business leaders and organisations in the midst of change who embrace the benefits that external perspective and partnership can provide. Their client base is intentionally diverse. They successfully serve a broad spectrum of clients, helping them to develop and achieve their vision of success.

To ensure that these clients are provided with the support they need, Barrett McBride & Associates skilfully shares in their clients’ desire, helping them to bring abstract ideas into focus and create cohesive strategies to achieve results. Through leadership coaching, strategic planning, organisational development, program assessment, team development, and group facilitation the firm guides its clients through the growth process with knowledge, skill, creativity and integrity that is unparalleled.

Thanks to its innovative range of services, Barrett McBride & Associates combines the best of coaching, psychology and organisational theory and practice in their work with senior leaders and other professionals in demanding occupations. Theoretical underpinnings of the firm’s coaching practice include Systems Theory, Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis & Psychodynamics, Gestalt and Cognitive/ Behavioural theories. The firm clearly draws the line between therapeutic and coaching modalities of these theories to bring an innovative and proven approach to working with clients. While they serve leaders in many types of organisations, their coaching work is best known in the fields of health care, higher education and technology.

Additionally, Barrett McBride & Associates often integrates coaching with other client organisational needs, mediation and conflict management training, 360 and other assessments for individuals and teams and retreat and meeting facilitation.

At the centre of Barrett McBride & Associates’ coaching business is their CEO and founder, Barrett McBride, Ph.D. Barrett has been a professional coach for more than 20 years. She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a distinction that only 6% of certified coaches share worldwide. The dissertation for her Ph.D. in Human and Organisational Systems focused on aspects of coaching competency. (She also has master’s degrees in human development and organisational development). She is a Certified Coach Supervisor and a registered Mentor Coach (ICF). She has several additional certifications, including a master certification in evidence-based coaching.

In addition to recognition for her coaching skill, she is also a sought-after coach educator. She trains coaches at both the beginning and advanced skill levels, through tele-classes and live workshop formats. Barrett’s coaching passions form the three arms of the firm’s coaching practice: Coaching senior leaders, coaching supervision and training coaches and managers to coach.

Recently, the firm has moved into a new practice area, coaching supervision, a form of professional development for coaches in which a coach supervisor partners with a coach or group of coaches to facilitate expanding self-awareness and greater mastery of their coaching practice. Although it is a common coach development practice and contracting requirement for many external coaches in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, coaching supervision is fairly new practice in the United States.

Supervision differs from coaching in its multi-perspective approach, its focus on developing coach awareness versus achieving specific goals, the skill level required by the supervisor, and the tools, concepts and approaches that may be accessed in a session.

As one of the few Certified Coach Supervisors in North America, Barrett supervises individuals and groups of certified coaches in the United States, Canada and Europe. She has also worked with organisations to educate, inform and assist with the development of coaching supervision programs for internal and external coaches. Coaches often report achieving greater depth of understanding of themselves, their coaching practice, and clients, uncovering blind spots and realising new awareness that increases their coaching mastery and practice development.

Overall, as coaching has gained North American acceptance in the last 10 years, Barrett McBride & Associates has effectively added coach training for managers to its program offerings, teaching managers how and when to take a coach approach with employees in service of employee, manager and organisational goals. Looking ahead, the firm will continue to develop its service offering to ensure it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments. 

Contact: Barrett McBride

Address: 2443 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 260, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA

Phone: 001 916 456 5855

Web Address:

Revolutionising How Your Business Works


Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, a professional business and leadership coach with 20 years of practical experience in the industry. We spoke to Caroline who outlines what she believes to be the main attributes which have contributed to her success.

Wide Eyed Group is a business founded on the unique combination of experienced leadership and business consulting enhanced by rich coaching experience and skills. With many years of experience developing teams to support customer satisfaction and growth, the team have the insight required to quickly understand a clients’ business and its challenges to help them focus in on the areas that will have the most impact.

The vision of Wide Eyed Group is to develop leaders who have been promoted from a “doing” role to become “enabling” leaders who excel at leading. As founder of the business, Caroline’s background means she understands the particular pressures faced within technical teams, such as the cultural barriers that can exist between logical, technically-minded data scientists and their extroverted, fast-paced colleagues in sales and marketing.

An experienced Senior Manager, Caroline has worked in both SMEs and large Corporates. She has turned around poorly performing teams into flourishing highly-functioning teams that are regarded as roles models for the rest of the business. With a focus on positive-growth mind-sets and an experience of enhancing company cultures, leadership development, team coaching and executive and leadership coaching, the business is uniquely placed to support its clients. Throughout the company, Caroline has a group of experienced and qualified Associates with a variety of skills and expertise around her.

Caroline gives us her thoughts on what Wide Eyed Group bring to the table in regard to its services and expertise, citing her ability to bring a fresh approach to business coaching as a key aspect of her work. She also details what clients can expect from the company when they come to work with her organisation.

“Here at Wide Eyed Group, we bring a fresh approach to Business coaching: both holding our clients to account to their goals, whilst creating an opportunity for the leaders to reflect and explore their impact on your business and its people. We will help you to realise your own potential, both as an individual and as part of a team.

“Additionally, you can expect an honest appraisal and regular feedback regarding how you work together, plus bold challenging questions which will allow you to consider your own perceptions.”

Importantly, there are many aspects which differentiate the firm from its competitors and mark itself out as the best possible for clients. Caroline is keen to highlight the experience that staff possess within the company as a vital aspect of the business’ success.

“Contributing to our reputation, we have the professional experience as well as the coaching expertise. We can help organisations to leverage the techniques in a practical way and are familiar with the barriers that often exist. We have had firsthand experience of making these changes in large corporations and so we know it can be done.”

Working with new clients and businesses can be daunting for some people, but Caroline and Wide Eyed Group ensure that they get to know their client fully and understand their needs, meaning they can reach the desired outcome.

“Firstly, we work with the business owner to understand their challenges and conduct an organisation evaluation to get a view across the business of what is working and what is impeding progress. This will allow us to make recommendations about the priorities for the business and what will have most impact. It also starts the engagement and helps people feel engaged and able to contribute. However, if we feel our services will not help them with their challenges, we will be able to make recommendations at this stage.”
Working within the competitive and extensive coaching sector, companies must employ techniques in order to stay ahead of emerging developments.

Caroline alludes to the impressive partnerships that her business maintains, as well as its extensive networking ability, all of which contributes to the company staying at the top of the industry.

“In an ever developing industry, it is essential that we stay current and are constantly developing. We are members of the ICF and adhere to their ethics. Alongside this, we are affiliated to other coaching organisations such as Barefoot and The Bird Table, and we are also engaged in a wide variety of networking organisations that allow us to understand the issues that industry is facing.”

Ultimately, regarding the future of the firm, Wide Eyed Group have some exciting plans coming up, as it looks to build on its previous and current success. The firm is looking to enhance its approach to create a business vision and integrate other aspects of coaching, such as a focus on systems and constellations coaching.

Company: Wide Eyed Group Ltd

Contact: Caroline Morris

Phone: 07758 063202