5 Steps to supercharge your customer service with contextual intelligence


According to Magnus Geverts at Teleopti, exceptional customer experience goes beyond connecting the dots between different channels. It’s all about understanding and anticipating a customer’s every need. Here are five steps to building contextual customer service

Retail ecommerce continues to flourish and growing consumer confidence in mobile technology is fuelling mobile commerce. According to digital market research company eMarketer, mCommerce sales in the UK are quickly approaching half of the country’s retail ecommerce market. By 2021, purchases made online via mobile devices will account for 51.7% of total retail eCommerce sales, up from 43.3% in 2017. (i)

What makes this particularly interesting is that the nature of mobile devices means that businesses potentially have the opportunity to know more about their customers than ever before. GPS-enabled smartphones allow organizations to see where their customers are. They also know if a customer has been browsing a mobile website or app and use that information to understand what the customer might need in the future. QR (quick response) codes on products automate and accelerate a two-way interaction. Customers retrieve all the information they need quickly, while organizations have the intelligence they require to direct customers to the correct place within their self-service function to complete the final purchase.

It’s a trend contact center analyst ContactBabel calls ‘The Great Mobile Opportunity’(ii) and it has the power to revolutionize customer service and the role of the contact center. So how do organizations make the most of this mobile data to take customer service to the next level?
The end of reactive contact centers
Contextual communication is the next step up from omni-channel in the contact center, as Vasili Triant at Cisco has been promoting at our collaborative events. Firstly customer service should be fully optimized for mobility. Then digest what’s being said on social media and listen to conversations that consumers commonly conduct with apps on their mobile devices, using Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. Then, use this valuable intelligence by putting it into context for the customer.
The challenge is that most contact centers are reactive. Someone contacts customer service and an employee looks up various pieces of information to solve a specific enquiry at a particular period in time. No account is taken of contextual factors that predetermine the outcome of customer interactions.

Five steps to contextual customer service
It’s time to move away from a reactive contact center and exploit your data. Drawing on the great insights from Vasili, you can achieve this in the following ways:

1.  Be contextual – take data and apply intelligence to it. Give employees the context of why a customer is calling in the first place. If a customer has spent the last 30 minutes with technical support without success, make this information available to prepare the employee. A greeting that reflects empathy such as, “Hi Joe, I understand you’ve been talking to tech support but it looks like you still haven’t got the answer you need, let me help you…” will go a long way towards calming potentially inflammatory interactions.

2.  Be suggestive – use the data you already have to suggest certain types of interaction with customers. For example, seeing that a customer has left your website and looked at another brand is not the end but a great opportunity to reel them back in with a response like: “I see that you’ve had a problem with your current car can we help you by putting you on a special trade-in program with a 3-year free warranty?”

3.  Be pre-emptive – based on previous interactions, a customer’s preferred communication method can be determined, so use this information to pre-empt how to deal with them the next time around, for example “I see you’ve been on our website, would you prefer me to give you a call on the following number?”

4.  Be predictive – you know that a customer has bought a pair of shoes from your fashion department but did you know they also purchased a sofa from homewares? Make sure your data and processes are consistent and sufficiently integrated to facilitate joined up customer responses, along with the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell other products and services.

5.  Contextualize the workforce – by deploying the latest cloud Workforce Management (WFM) solutions. Use them to create a ‘go-to’ place for all your talents and resources and identify the employees who have the highest levels of emotional intelligence to add context and real value to customer interactions. Give employees real-time help with unified systems that allow them to see when expert help is available across the organization then maximize WFM data to ensure the customer is put through to the right employee, right away.

If you change the reactive to contextual, suggestive, pre-emptive and predictive, both employees and customers will benefit from a superior experience. Think about contextual as the new supercharged omni-channel.

Magnus Geverts is Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti

Preparing Employees to Beat the Blues

By HR director Vicki Field from London Doctors Clinic’s


‘April is the cruellest month’ proclaimed TS Eliot, but most of us would disagree. After the fun and frolics of Christmas, January stretches out for five long weeks. After ‘silly season’ many people are feeling the effects on their wallet, their waist, and their liver. Generally, we combine this hangover with the guilt or pressure of our decisions to diet, exercise, stop drinking, find love, change jobs, achieve zen, or generally transform our lives and save the world.

We’re rapidly approaching ‘Blue Monday’ which is supposed to be the most miserable day of the year when bank balances and new year’s resolutions are broken.

So what can we do to support our employees?

January can be great! I’ve always enjoyed the new start that a new year offers – the challenge is to set reasonable expectations of change rather than planning to transform every area. As employers, a few small changes can have big impacts in your workforce. Set yourself a new year’s resolution to improve the health of your workforce, and set yourself some achievable targets to track progress; whether it’s committing to sending out a ‘health related’ internal communications update once a month, or changing the menu in your work café, offering your employees access to healthcare, running an inhouse wellness day, or simply training your managers to spot signs of mental health.

Establishing and rolling out a well-being strategy should look at several different areas of health:

1.      Mental Health

Whilst it’s not known for being the most sociable month, having a team or company lunch or night out in January is a good way to bring some fun. Think about other things to do – maybe a team baking competition, run a ‘recognition’ campaign where you encourage employees to acknowledge their peers, or just place a ‘thank you’ chocolate on your team’s desks… it doesn’t sound like much but just little things can lift a dark day.

Whilst most people can be a bit miserable in January, there is a deeper issue of mental health which is rising in prominence due to some high-profile campaigns. Providing managers with the tools to identify problems through training and education, and ensuring that employees have to access to counsellors or doctors is really important. Highlighting the charities which support mental health, or providing access to a support network can have a huge benefit for employees.

Sadly, January can often trigger relationship break-ups with the first Monday in January being known as ‘Divorce Monday’. Train your managers in spotting signs of stress, anxiety or distress in their teams; it can be as simple as someone showing more visible emotions than normal (anger, frustration, sadness), or dressing more unkemptly, or being absent more often. If you’ve spotted someone who you’re worried about, HR needs to know so the ‘right’ support can be put in place through counsellors, GPs or Occupational Health.

Bookshops are full of healthy cookbooks and self help manuals – why not set up a ‘health library’ in your office and stock it with a few books. Encourage people to bring or share books that have helped them. Or set up an office ‘book club’ with a different book a month and a lunchtime discussion; pick one on Mindfulness, or Positive Thinking or Overcoming Anxiety.

2.      Financial Health

Consider offering workshops on debt management and financial health – even simple things reduce expenditure such as ‘switching’ utility providers or buying own brand over named brands. There are lots of charities and companies which will offer employees a financial health check or provide support with debt. Publish the details on websites or include ‘ways to improve Financial Health’ in your internal communications programme.

3.      Physical Health

It is well documented that engaging in physical activity can reduce stress and create positive feelings. However, not everyone wants to sign up for the gym. Why don’t you suggest that teams get together at lunchtime for ‘team walks’. It’s a great way of getting people up from their desks to have some fresh air and exercise, and it has the added bonus of encouraging teamwork. Exercise reduces stress and walking outside gives employees Vitamin D from the sun, which is important for maintaining a positive mood. You could also run ‘walking’ competitions with pedometers or smart devices which track steps. First team to get to a certain number wins a prize.

Giving employees access to healthcare has many benefits. It’s the season for coughs and splutters, and people can generally feel under the weather. Providing employees with health information and advice, and encouraging visits to the doctor can stave off more serious problems. Providing free flu jabs can save your employees the pain of a flu-bout, and save the company money by reducing absence through the winter months.

Dry January is increasing in popularity with one in ten people who drink claiming that they attempt a dry month. The benefits of not drinking alcohol are substantive, and studies show that 60% of people who attempt Dry January have reduced their alcohol intake six months later. It’s not too late to propose an alcohol-free month – even a week or two of not drinking can have serious health benefits.

If you offer food on site, have you looked at it recently? Are there healthy options in vending machines? Does the café offer a salad as well as a burger? Do kitchens have fruit teas, and decaffeinated drinks as well as ‘normal’ teas and coffees? Making sure that there are cost effective healthy ‘snacks’ and meals around can help people chose the better options. If the budget can stretch, providing fresh fruit or finding a masseur who can offer head/ neck massages in an office, can show the commitment of the company to improve health and wellbeing.

A well-being strategy doesn’t need to cost a lot of money – in many cases, it’s just about getting people engaged with their health through education, and providing access to the right resources.

The 2018 Franchise Awards Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the Franchise Awards 2018 Winners

United Kingdom, 2019- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the Franchise Awards 2018.

Franchise companies have cultures that tend to grow and rise as they meet the needs of the consumer across various spaces – from dog walking to hotels, from restaurants to mechanics – this industry truly shows no signs of slowing down.

However, Corporate Vision wants to do more than just celebrate the accomplishments of the franchisees. We want to celebrate the franchisors who make these opportunities available and we want to recognise those who make all this possible, from those who work in franchise recruitment, to those who make everything financially possible.

Discussing the success of their winners, Kaven Cooper, Awards Coordinator commented: “Franchises are a shining light within local economies the world over, despite the struggles that are befalling the business world. In the US alone franchises earned $700 billion in 2017, and they give some of this money back to the local economy as they pay both their employees and their tax bills. As such, it is with great pride that I showcase the very best of the best through this awards programme, and I would like to offer all my winners congratulations and my best wishes for the future.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit http://www.corporatevision-news.com.



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Hitachi Capital UK unveils first brand marketing campaign


Hitachi Capital UK has launched its first-ever overarching advertising campaign targeting the business audience across the UK.

The four-month Game Changers campaign runs across channels including YouTube, national newspapers and key commuter hubs, featuring touchpoints relevant to each of Hitachi’s five business units – Consumer Finance, Business Finance, Invoice Finance, Vehicle Solutions and European Vendor Solutions.

At the centre of the integrated brand campaign are a series of YouTube adverts illustrating the impact of Hitachi’s financial solutions. The adverts focus on aspirational ‘Game Changers’ from a range of industries who strive to push their businesses to the next level.

Based on users’ profiles, Native and Outstream video advertising will see audiences presented with a series of brand and business unit focussed adverts, whilst programmatic online display will match key audiences to specific campaign messaging. OOH advertising at high footfall train stations in London during key commuter times also forms part of the campaign.

Digital execution will be complemented by a series of attention grabbing half-page and full-page adverts in national, regional and trade media titles.

Theresa Lindsay, Group Head of Marketing at Hitachi Capital UK, said: “Hitachi Capital is already renowned for quality, innovation and the highest level of customer service, yet people often more readily associate our brand with manufacturing rather than finance. However, we’re now one of the UK’s fastest growing financial businesses thanks to nine years of successive growth, servicing over one million customers.

“Our highly targeted Game Changers campaign will significantly raise the profile of the Hitachi Capital brand amongst our key target audiences for the first time.

“This campaign aims to build an emotional connection with the business community to Hitachi Capital, speaking to peoples’ aspirations and inspiring trust. Ultimately, our Game Changers campaign will accelerate our growth towards becoming a household name in financial services.”

The multi-channel advertising campaign will run until May 2019 and was created in conjunction with marketing agency Home.

Sam Rainey, Commercial Director at Home, added: “We’re delighted to be working with the team at Hitachi Capital on our first campaign together. We’re confident that our integrated creative and media approach targeting our business audience during the moments that matter will help Hitachi Capital to continue to grow.”

The 2018 Small Business Awards Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2018 Small Business Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2019- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2018 Small Business Awards.

Small businesses and organisations form the backbone of our corporate landscape. Despite the favouring of larger or better-known organisations by some, smaller businesses boast the benefits of a tight-knit workforce, outstanding customer services and a special attention to creativity and innovation. At CV Magazine we reward these organisations and individuals for their hard -work and dedication to thrive through our 2018 Small Business Awards.

As the awards are announced, Jessie Wilson, Awards Coordinator was keen to express their pride in their deserving winners: “Each and every one of my winners has achieved incredible success, highlighting the might of the small business. Congratulations to everyone who has won one of these prestigious awards, I wish you all the best for the future.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit http://www.corporatevision-news.com.



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Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

JBi Digital: Leading Providers of Digital Solutions


JBI Team

Established in 2007, JBi Digital provides a strong all-round digital service focusing on building long term relationships with clients that help achieve results. The friendly, personable team understand each of their client’s requirements, listen to what they want to achieve and help devise a strategy to make it happen. David begins by going into further detail about the areas that JBi Digital specialises in.

“Our work spans both the creative and the technical. Design permeates through all of this, whether it be a whole new website, a branding exercise for a start up, or a website UX redesign.

“Our company has evolved to design in both digital and print. We design and create anything from websites, apps, digital media banners and print documentation.

David highlights more of JBi Digital’s successful traits which enables them to deliver their award-winning services.

“The success of the company is down to our people and the way we work.

“We are an independent agency where every team member works very closely together, embodying our traits: being progressive, personable and most importantly, passionate. We are obsessed with latest trends and technology, put meaningful relationships at the heart of what we do, and show dedication for all clients, whether they are a major brand or a one man band.

“We aim to stay curious about our industry and our clients’ goals. We use questions to gain knowledge but to also shine a light on a project to see where the gaps may be. We advise our clients on the best way to achieve their goals and proactively advise on how they can improve their offering. Fundamentally we work collaboratively with our clients, acting as an extension of their team to get the job done.”

Speaking of clients, David informs us of the clients they serve and how the talented team at JBi Digital approaches them.

“We work with a wide range of clients, from large organisations such as Hitachi, Rolls Royce and the Government, to small businesses, start ups and individuals with an idea.

“Our relationships with our clients have stood the test of time; we have many clients that have been with the company since the start over ten years ago.

“Our staff are integral to the success of JBi. Relationships with clients are at the core of what we do, and we rely on our teams to build these relationships. Each person is valued and relied upon. If you have an idea at JBi you are encouraged to voice it!

Recently, Corporate Vision selected JBi Digital in their 2018 Corporate Excellence due to numerous factors such as the fantastic range of services they provide surrounding web design and development. Looking ahead to what the future holds, David signs off by revealing what the future holds for London’s Most Outstanding Web Design Agency 2018.

“Moving forward, we plan to further invest in all areas to improve our process. Also, we are working towards gaining the ISO 27001 accreditation which is really exciting.

“Lastly, we are very happy to receive this award, it’s an honour and a great testament to our work. Everyone at JBi were delighted to hear we had won!”

Contact Details 

Contact Name: David Gelb

Company: JBi Digital

24 Queen Anne St



United Kingdom

Telephone: 02070432510

Website: www.jbidigital.co.uk


Creating an Impact


Siren Search is a Hybrid Digital Marketing Consultancy based in Birmingham City Centre, providing Strategy Conception, Campaign Activation and Expert Digital Marketing Training. We caught up with Harps Sohal, Director of Digital at Siren Search who provided us with an insight into the innovative firm.

Established in 2004, Siren Search are a disruptor in the Digital Marketing sector offering a unique mix of specialist services that aren’t usually combined. Siren Search provide expert advice a seasoned consultant would give, technical campaign execution of a class leading agency mixed in with knowledge transfer through our co-working & training academy. The firm specialises in working with our clients as an extension of their team helping businesses retain Digital activity in-house.

Siren Search serve clients of all sizes from enterprises, to medium size businesses and all the way to small businesses alike. Harps begins by explaining a bit more about Siren Search and the services that they provide.

“Here at Siren Search, we are usually approached by the client by way of referral. Also, we pick up a lot of new business through our training academy, for example, a business may approach us for Google AdWords training, but we end up working with the company longer term though offering ongoing co-working and support to in-house teams.

Recently, Siren Search were selected in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards as the Best Digital Marketing Consultancy 2018 – Birmingham. On the back of this win, Harp is keen to reveal what qualities the firm possesses which enables it to be the success sit is today.

“The success of our business is down to our team and bespoke pricing strategy for each client, but more importantly our commitment to 100% honesty and transparency which is very important to us. The marketplace at times feature false promises and poor service levels. However, where we differ is by truly aiming to provide a class leading experience to clients of all sizes. We provide clients with a combination of services that they simply haven’t seen before.”

When reflecting on the role staff play in the success of the firm, Harp highlights how the team at Siren Search work collectively to achieve the company’s overall aim.

“At Siren Search, our team are the most valuable asset of the business. They contribute wholeheartedly to the success of our business through taking on and demonstrating our core business values each day. We love what we do!”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Harps envisions what the future holds for the CV’s Best Digital Marketing Consultancy 2018 – Birmingham, highlighting the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Siren Search.

“In 2019, we plan on extending our co-working service to offer a unique recruitment service where we not only source specialist Digital Marketing staff, but we also play a big part in managing & developing them day-to-day whilst they sit client side.”

Contact Details 

Contact Name: Harps Sohal

Company: Siren Search LTD

Address: Edmund House, 12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom B3 3AS

Telephone: 0121 272 8378

Website: www.sirensearch.co.uk


Providing a Personal Approach


Walter James are a global executive search firm and human capital advisory firm working across a wide variety of sectors and geographies. We caught up with the firm’s CEO, James Absalom who reveals more about how Walter James stays ahead of the game within such a dynamic industry.

With offices in London, Sydney, Singapore and Zurich, Walter James primarily works within the Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail and Chemicals industries. As well as executive search, the firm deals with interim management, market mapping & competitor analysis and project outsourcing, consistently delivering exceptional talent.

Walter James champion a proactive and strategic approach. For each project the firm undertakes, they deliver a bespoke service that is tailored to their client’s needs. As well as knowing their sphere of practice incredibly well, their micro-specialised team of ex-industry partners and associates strive to truly understand each client’s culture and make meaningful connections accordingly. Going into further detail about Walter James’ overall mission, James begins by going into detail about how the team ensures that their clients receive the best possible outcome.

“At Walter James, we strive to disrupt the traditionally reactive industry by establishing efficient, proactive processes. We also promote diversity – on average, 34% of the candidates we place are diverse, while over 60% of VP through to C-Suite placements last year were female.

“We challenge the status quo of what has previously been a reactive industry. In our search for exceptional, diverse talent, we tap into markets previously disregarded by the executive search industry. This has proven to be an invaluable asset in finding the best match for a client’s culture. We put identifying talent that perfectly matches the intricate cultural fit of a business as a top priority – at the executive level, this can be more important than the technical skillset required.”

A Walter James employee is passionate, knowledgeable and a trusted advisor in their specialist field. When discussing the internal culture at the firm, James highlights how each member of the team are well-equipped to provide the best possible service to their clients.

“We schedule weekly team meetings which allows us to update each other on all searches, raise any concerns and work collaboratively. They also highlight any possibilities for cross selling. In addition to this, we also do quarterly company training, recently introducing training in wider life skills such as negotiation, critical planning and crisis management.

“Our knowledge of the markets positions us as trusted advisors, which installs significant confidence in our ability to find the best talent. This also drives our business’ talent attraction. We are strategic business partners, not reactive, transactional operators, and no day is ever the same. Also, we make it clear that there is no limit to how far you can progress; we are a highly entrepreneurial company that listens to all ideas and suggestions.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, James signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Walter James following their recent success in Corporate Vision Magazine’s Recruitment Elite 2018.

“Moving forward, we are looking to open officers in Seattle. Currently, we are working on various projects out there and there’s great potential. We also have our sights set on New York City by combining with another company that we are looking to acquire and invest in. Finally, we plan to further expand Euromedica to strengthen our market share within the lucrative Life Sciences market and really reignite the Euromedica brand, which has a fantastic heritage in the market.”

In what is now becoming a very digitally focused industry, Walter James are continuously looking to adapt and identify new ways of working that allows them to embrace the change, but without losing the personal touch and relationship aspect of the job. The team will continue to promote taking calculated risks that allows them to stay ahead of their competition and to encourage all of their employees to truly think outside the box.

Contact Details 

Company: Walter James

Web Address: www.walter-james.com


LHi Group: Recruitment To Meet Any Need


Previously known as Lawrence Harvey, LHi Group has reinvented itself over the past two years, and today it offers a range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of its valued clientele. Having recognised the firm as part of our Recruitment Elite for 2018 CV Magazine profiles it to find out more about the secrets behind its incredible success.

Since 2016, LHi Group has been on a huge journey of international expansion. Started originally by Tom Glanfield in 2002, LHi Group, was historically a purely SAP technology recruitment practice. Fast forward a few years and they are now an international Group business operating in 8 offices across UK, Europe and USA.

Today, LHi Group consists of four specialist non-competing brands; Lawrence Harvey, SciPro, Harper Harrison and Piper Maddox, spanning 8 international office locations. The rebrand and launch of LHi was driven by Glanfield’s desire to unify its brands and give them an equal share of support and service by LHi, which he calls the ‘Operational Centre of Excellence’.

LHi Group’s strategy is to focus on business development and growth. Within the Group, they will only operate within the most innovative and transformative sectors; industries that are / will be the most impactful on the future of the world.

With this strategy in mind, there are now four key recruitment brands that form the group. Lawrence Harvey, the heritage brand created by Tom Glanfield in 2002, boasts a dedicated team who are experts in identifying talent and placing people in a number of technology disciplines. The company started by specialising in SAP but has since expanded to cover a wide array of solutions within ERP, CRM, Security, Data & Analytics, Cloud, Infrastructure & Development, HR Transformation, Risk, BI and Finance. Working on both a contract and permanent basis, each consultant in the business has a dedicated area of expertise and is continually upskilled through the company’s training programme. With a global network of candidates, many of whom work with Lawrence Harvey exclusively, the company represents some of the best talent on the market.

The second brand to launch, SciPro, specialises in the Life Sciences industry, specifically working with life changing organisations Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech. Previously known as Lawrence Harvey Life Sciences (which was established in 2013), the company provides talent on an executive level, contract, permanent and retained basis. SciPro assists worldwide clients (from SMEs to big pharma businesses) in the entire life cycle of recruitment. With consulting teams in London, Munich, New York and Santa Monica, the brand continues to offer a personal specialist service within this revolutionary industry.

Alongside this, and in line with the Group strategy, they have Piper Maddox, LHi’s renewable energy brand. Specialising in clean energy, the people of Piper Maddox believe that renewables is the future of energy. Piper Maddox, based in New York, works in permanent recruitment, contract recruitment, executive search and project hire agreements. They cover a wide range of industries and technologies in the renewable energy space, with specialists focusing on wind, solar, electric vehicles, grid edge, energy storage and energy efficiency sectors. The people of Piper Maddox are incredibly passionate about the part they are playing in ensuring a better future.

Finally, specialising in the field of built environment, Harper Harrison provides contract and permanent services to its clients, who range from developers to niche consultants. These global clients operate in an array of sectors, from cost or commercial management to building surveying and project/development management. The Harper Harrison team offer specialist knowledge and expertise to both clients and candidates of all levels within Construction & Development, Real Estate and Infrastructure.

New Leadership & International Growth

From January 2019, LHi Group will be led by a new Group Managing Director, Jim Denning.

Jim’s appointment comes following 4 years in the business and a hugely successful period in Santa Monica where he set up a brand new office and grew it over 2 years to become one of the highest performing offices in 2018.

Currently, LHi’s West Coast operations are on track to post 80% revenue growth in 2018, a headcount growth of 90% and a staff attrition rate of 0.

Jim embodies the ethos of ‘leading from the front’, even in his new role as Group MD, his identity as a top performer will remain at the forefront of his strategy for taking the business forward.

Since opening the first international office in New York in 2015, the US side of the business has grown dramatically and now boasts a revenue equal to half of the business’ total GP. Some of the highest performing consultants have consistently been from the New York City office. The East Coast team has grown to more than 30 people working across three brands, Lawrence Harvey, Piper Maddox and SciPro. In the last 12 months the New York business has grown by 40%, with July 2018 being the group’s record- breaking month, with an increase of 49% on the previous best.

The success in New York is credit to newly appointed Managing Director USA, Mike Bott. Bott, one of the longest serving employees, joined Glanfield in 2007 as a graduate with no recruitment experience. He is promoted alongside Denning and will be instrumental in the future of the New York, Santa Monica and Austin businesses in 2019. Bott’s story is also testament to the idea that a career with LHi really can take you anywhere.

Overall, what makes LHi an impressive international business is the fact that its growth and success internationally has been achieved without any outside investment. To this very day the group remain privately owned, and as a result have grown only through internal resources, which has seen it build a multi-lingual, robust operations team who adapt to the changing markets and expansion with ease.

This growth has given the group the flexibility and infrastructure to open new offices wherever the market requires, allowing vast scope for further expansion. The group has been strategic in selecting its markets and regions, ensuring that LHi is in high growth areas with opportunities to capitalise on already established business in other areas. The group’s international business makes up more than half of its total GP, demonstrating its evolution from a UK centric business to a truly international company.

Looking to the future, international growth will be central to LHi Group’s ongoing success. Driving even greater achievement for its brands and supporting an even wider range of clients over the coming years will be the team’s ongoing focus.

People & Culture

Internally, the entire group is focused on instilling a collaborative supportive culture that benefits employees and clients alike. As part of this, LHi have a market leading employee options scheme whereby 50% of the shares in the company are on offer to employees. Every employee in the business has the opportunity to earn options and share in the growth of the company. There is an option issue every six months, so new employees have an opportunity to benefit as well as existing employees.

Additionally, the rebrand to LHi also opened up a range of flexible working options for employees, and possibly the most eye-catching is the option to work a four-day week. For employees who choose this option, their pay and holiday are worked out pro rata, but their commission rates stay the same. The scheme is open to everyone in the business and inclusivity was an important element in its creation.

For employees at senior consultant level or above, there is the option to work from home every other Friday and they can also have weekly extended lunch breaks. As these schemes emphasise, the company rewards loyal employees, and this includes giving them an extra week’s holiday at three years’ service, the LHi passport at five and then, to mark ten years’ service they are given what the leadership team call ‘the gift of time’. Employees can choose between being given a luxury watch or a month’s paid sabbatical holiday.

Thanks to these schemes and the internal culture they help to cultivate, clients receive the very highest possible standards of service from staff at all times.

Contact Details 

Company: LHi Group

Contact: Kim Pasteau

Website: www.wearelhi.com

Encouraging Financial Inclusion and Bridging the e-Commerce Divide


Domus Semo Sancus Ltd, is a financial technology company that is building tools to encourage financial inclusion and bridge the e-commerce divide. Recently, we caught up with Chairman and CEO, E. Jay Saunders who revealed more about how they achieve their overall goal of making lives better. 

Established in 2014, Domus Semo Sancus is a FinTech company that develops tools to help: a) financial organisations meet their Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulatory requirements, b) the 1.7 billion global unbanked and under-banked adults achieve financial inclusion, and c) governments provide safe neighbourhoods for their citizens. The firm’s goal is to “Make Lives Better.”

E. Jay begins by going into further detail about the areas in which Domus Semo Sancus Ltd specialises in.

“Here at Domus Semo Sancus Ltd, our primary products/services are SafetyNet, and Wowlet. SafetyNet is available in SafetyNet Lite, SafetyNet EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence), and SafetyNet Safe City. SafetyNet Lite and SafetyNet EDD helps organisations conduct enhanced due diligence screening on their customers, allowing them to get a good understanding of the potential risk that each customer represents. SafetyNet Safe City (designed specifically for law enforcement), with built-in linked analysis and object recognition capabilities, helps law enforcement detect and solve crimes within hours rather than days.

Wowlet, is our pre-paid digital wallet, designed to be more affordable and convenient, with a lower cost and risk than cash-based transactions, while meeting the regulatory requirements of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) – the inter-governmental body that sets the standards to combat threats to the integrity of the international financial system.

“With SafetyNet and Wowlet, we’re focusing on increasing financial inclusion and bridging the e-commerce. We’re using our knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to help bank the unbanked, as well as to help governments keep their citizens safe.”

The world of FinTech and RegTech is highly regulated, and all Domus Semo Sancus Ltd products and services are designed first and foremost around meeting the global financial regulations, particularly the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) – the inter-governmental body that sets the standards around combating money laundering and terrorist financing, as E. Jay explains.

“Once we get the regulations right, then we go to work on getting the user experience right. In other industries, the user experience is usually what drives good product design, but in our industry, if you get the regulations wrong, you and your clients can get fined.

“Our products and services are always priced to provide the best value for money and we’re generous with our terms and conditions. So, when a customer comes to us, they know that they’re getting a very powerful application, with one of the largest datasets, and all for a great price.”

When discussing the internal culture at Domus Semo Sancus Ltd, E. Jay is keen to highlight the role staff play in the success of the firm.

“At Domus Semo Sancus Ltd, our staff contributes significantly to our success. They are here because they are motivated by the possibility of ‘making lives better’, and that shines through in the work that they produce. Our customers are happy because how hard our staff work on their behalf.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, E. Jay signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for CV’s Fintech Company of the Year – 2018.

“2018 has been a great year for sales and we expect the trend to continue in 2019. To support the sales growth, we’re going to scale up both in terms of staff and sales offices. By the end of next year, we would have doubled the staff and opened at least two new offices. In addition to this, we are also currently evaluating some acquisitions and investment opportunities, which I’m excited about. 2019 will be a pivotal year for us, because we will be rolling out our first consumer product, Wowlet.

“Lastly, ‘trust and honesty’ form the foundations of everything that we do, and that’s what our name Semo Sancus stands for. Saying those words every time we say our name is our commitment to upholding those values.

Contact Details 

Contact: E. Jay Saunders

Company: Domus Semo Sancus Ltd

Website: www.semosancus.com


Digital Transformation – Your Vision, Our Experience


Zen Ex Machina is an agile transformation consulting company. Recently, we caught up with CEO, Matthew Hodgson who provided us with an insight into the services that they provide to their clients. 

Zen Ex Machina is an agile transformation consulting company, who support C-level executives to realise their vision for business agility. Specialising in the strategy, tactics, organisational design and the implementation of business agility, these areas which Zen Ex Machina specialise in encompass C-level coaching right through to coaching and training teams to be agile, whether in software of other lines of business.

With two decades of experience in helping clients with agile transformation and business agility, Matthew begins by informing us of the qualities the firm possess which enables them to be at the top of their game.

“Here at Zen Ex Machina, our success is embedded in using that experience, and using agile itself, to help executives introduce and implement agile iteratively throughout their organisations. Leading by example, collaborating closely with them and their management to understand the risks and issues, preparing them for the impacts of cultural change, and working side-by-side with them through execution, makes our firm and client engagements successful. Since we have very strong experience in all aspects of the value chain, from customer experience through to product development (digital or otherwise), we are one of the few agile consultancies in Australia that can both advise and execute.

“Throughout the years, Zen Ex Machina has served both Federal Government and the private sector, including eBay, Nestle, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Department of Industry and Innovation, Department of Human Services, ActewAGL, the Attorney Generals Department, Origin Energy, the Powerhouse Museum and the Department of Finance. We approach our engagements with our clients as a collaboration from strategy and planning right through to execution.”

Helping the firm to achieve their mission, is the talented team which forms the backbone of Zen Ex Machina. Matthew is keen to highlight the role the team play in the success of the firm.

“Our people are one of our key success factors. They have immense diversity in both their professional and cultural backgrounds and work as a team across all our clients to bring the benefit of that experience to all our engagements.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Matthew signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Zen Ex Machina, especially following their recent success as the Australia’s Most Outstanding Coaching & Consulting Company – 2018 in the CV Corporate Excellence Awards.

“Moving forward, business agility, bringing empirical, evidence-based decision making frameworks to agile outside of software, is a big focus for us in 2019. Next year will also see us continue to support the Australian Taxation Office through rolling out agile across the Federal Government’s most significant programs – Tax Time – as well as doubling in size to serve south east Asia and commence agile consulting work in the United States. Most of all, we are really looking forward to the opportunity to bring a more open, collaborative and transparent approach to cultural change and business agility that this growth will bring to new clients.”

Contact Details 

Contact: Matthew Hodgson, CEO

Company: Zen Ex Machina

Website: www.zenexmachina.com


Creating Sustained, Profitable Growth


The purpose of Gemma Angharad is to provide SMEs with a full and unbreakable strategy to create competitive advantage and stabilise future growth. The business exists because there are so many companies who cope with structural fractures that go ignored, as nobody internally knows how to repair them so that they are completely solid again. Going into further detail about the services she provides, Gemma begins by informing us of the areas that she specialises in.

“The business works for any industry at any stage of growth – however, I have seen fantastic results in areas that I am extremely passionate about, these are manufacturing, engineering and Audiology.

“Initially, the business started because I had spotted a need for ongoing support in SMEs. They are all so superb at what they do in their industries, however they do not have the time for effective marketing and to be accountable for their activity.

“These businesses have often grown with little pre-planned sales and marketing structure, but through ‘feeling’ and instinct as opposed to strategy. Additionally, they tend to get to a turnover where they realise that they are in need of support. I realised that with my background in sales and marketing, global and local – I had something that they needed, and this set my soul on fire. I adore walking into a situation, analysing and observing, planning and strategising then implementing and growing. You have to take people on the journey with you, which is a challenge in itself as people generally are opposed to change. You have to be careful not to make too many changes too soon and, protect the company reputation and culture at all costs.

“Business owners would say to me ‘We need a Gem’ and I thought – yes, you do! That is why I set the business up, I was determined and committed to provide the services I could offer to the businesses I knew needed it.”

When discussing the key qualities which enable her to be a success within the field, Gemma is keen to highlight how she provides clients with a great level of customer service by understanding the customer first, Gemma explains.

“If I am unable to spend the time getting to know the customer and their nuances, their desires for the future and their pain points – I have nothing. In fact, I have turned business down when the customer wants to run before they can walk, as I know I won’t be doing the service justice if I can’t get under the skin of really what is required.

“Once I have observed and researched, I go back to the customer and reiterate what we agreed at the start of our journey. I get them to verbalise what they want now and see if it matches up to what they wanted then and what I am delivering.

“Additionally, both planning and implementation are huge in my role, as there is no point in me creating an in-depth strategy document with a beautiful ‘book’ if it’s not being lived and breathed every day by the people concerned. In my eyes, bad customer service would be for me to put in all the work for the document and then just disappear – which I know is what a lot of consultants do. I have to be there virtually, with the teams, trying different ways of attacking things and getting their relationships with their customers better. I suppose that is my idea of good customer service, I improve the customer service with their customers at the ‘other end’.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Gemma signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline, especially following her success in CV’s 2019 Marketing, PR & Design Awards as 2019’s Marketing Expert of the Year – Cardiff.

“Over the years, I have found a method that works and strategy development that has a 100% success rate if the customer follows the plan of action.

“My greatest achievements have been that I was student of the year for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and also that I was at capacity for my business in six weeks of starting. It is also an achievement to have had consistent business since starting trading properly without any financial back up – every client I have worked with to date has asked me to stay on past the end of the contract which it testament to the work I put in for sure.

“In addition to this, I have seen other consultants and self-employed people struggle with resilience which I think is my best trait in business. I rarely spend time dwelling on the past, only what I can learn from it and how it will make me, my clients and the business better in future.”

Contact Details 

Company: Gemma Angharad

Website: www.gemmaangharad.com