World Textile Leader Deploys Aryaka to Initiate Network Transformation in China


Aryaka today announced that Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread business, has selected Aryaka to streamline the performance of their business applications across its China sites.

Headquartered in the UK and with 19,000 employees across 50 countries, Coats has already achieved a 300% improvement in employee user experience since deploying Aryaka networking services. The company is addressing the challenges of connecting its locations in China to its European offices by replacing its legacy, underperforming MPLS solution with Aryaka’s global managed connectivity delivered as a service.

At a time when existing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) contracts came up for renewal, IT teams and executives at Coats agreed its existing MPLS solution was incapable of fully and reliably supporting new global applications such as Office 365, which is used by Coats across all of its worldwide sites.

“User collaboration tools are very important for Coats, as is our suite of business tools hosted online. China is a critical region for us and we needed a solution that could guarantee user satisfaction when accessing our online tools. Aryaka was the only provider that was able to optimise and compress the traffic to our critical applications both in the cloud and on hosted datacentre providing a simple design and fully managed service,” said Tania Sanchez, Head of Global Architecture, Coats.

The project was completed in partnership with Aryaka’s local German partner and official Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, GAB Enterprise IT Solutions, which introduced Aryaka’s solution to Coats and managed the communication between the two companies during implementation.

Brought in to overcome the lack of reliability provided by existing MPLS technology, Aryaka’s global connectivity solution was given an inadvertent test run prior to the official project completion, when Coats’ MPLS network had performance issues in 2018. This saw all Coats’ network traffic automatically routed over Aryaka’s private, managed SD-WAN network with significantly improved performance compared to their legacy connections.

Coats thread is used to create more than 450 million pairs of shoes and more than 100 million car airbags every year, as well as support specialist textiles and clothing for the medical, health, food production, and personal protection industries.

“Integration with the mission-critical applications we rely on every day keeps our business running smoothly, and Aryaka’s services ensure employees in China have the bandwidth, speed, and stability they need to conduct business on a daily basis,” added Sanchez.

Aryaka supported Coats in bringing its Singapore data centre online, an additional site to be connected to the global network. Aryaka also assisted the manufacturer with integrating Zscaler’s Cloud Security service to provide enterprise-grade firewall protection to cloud services. Last year, Aryaka announced a partnership to integrate Zscaler Cloud Security into its WAN platform.

“Compatibility is critical,” Sanchez continued, “and Aryaka’s integrated security solution helped us seamlessly secure our networks, bringing the bandwidth to connect with cloud and cyber tools such as Azure and ZScaler.”

This critical work to Coats’ global network infrastructure signals completion of the first roll-out phase of new networking services which not only includes their Singapore location, but also offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and the European data centre in Vienna.

“Coats has a long, rich history that includes being the thread of choice for Thomas Edison in his experiments to invent the lightbulb and being appointed the official thread supplier to the Royal Shakespeare Company. There’s no reason companies with this longevity should be held back by legacy infrastructure incapable of supporting business objectives in the 21st century” said Ian McEwan, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Aryaka.

“We are proud to be the wide- area network of choice for Coats and helping them embark on their digital transformation with a seamless global network delivered as a service.”

Deployed by hundreds of global enterprises, Aryaka is an industry leader in managed WAN solutions, delivering improved and predictable performance for cloud and on-premise applications by routing enterprise traffic through privately owned Points of Presence (PoPs). Aryaka’s global network solutions have quickly become the only viable MPLS replacement solution for enterprises requiring alternatives to legacy WAN infrastructures.

Spotlight on Developers and Demos at the Cloud Foundry Europe Summit


Cloud Foundry Foundation, home to interoperable open source projects that empower enterprise developers to build the future with cloud applications, today revealed new keynote speakers and additional activities at the annual Cloud Foundry Europe Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands, September 11-12, 2019.

Joining keynote speakers from Daimler AG, Pivotal and Cloud Foundry Foundation on topics including the code to production pipeline, digital accessibility in open source development, and innovations within the Cloud Foundry roadmap will be representatives from companies that build, use and provide Cloud Foundry to the ecosystem.

“Cloud Foundry Europe Summit is the nexus for our European community to connect first-hand and learn from others in the ecosystem,” said Chip Childers, CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Whether you’re just starting out with Cloud Foundry or you’re an experienced developer, the Summit is the best place to learn cloud native best practices and build towards what’s next in the open source landscape.”

New keynote talks include:

A panel of application developers moderated by TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinois, featuring Liberty Mutual technologist Darren Forsythe and UK Government Digital Service DevOps engineer Andy Paine on how the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) has improved their experience as developers. More panelists to be announced soon.
AirFrance-KLM’s Fabien Lebrere, Architect & PM of the Application Modernization, and Julien Revert, Application Modernization Architect & Dev Advocate, will discuss how Cloud Foundry has made their developer teams more efficient — and happier.
Eric Malm, the Application Runtime PMC lead and a staff software engineer at Pivotal, will demo some of the bleeding edge developer experience enhancements that the CFAR technical community has recently added.
SUSE’s Vlad Iovanov, a software engineer for the SUSE Cloud Foundry project, will demo how Project Quarks can create a CF Operator for management of the CFAR in a Kubernetes cluster.
Additional keynotes will be added to the schedule in the coming weeks.

End user organizations including Adfinis Sygroup, Cerner, Pôle Emploi, Porsche AG, Rijkswaterstaat, Swisscom and ZipCar will present on myriad topics across tracks. In addition to Cloud Foundry 101, Cloud Foundry for Developers, Cloud Foundry for Operators, Cloud Foundry User Stories and Project Updates, a new Wildcard track has been announced, with talks including:

Brittany Coulson, Director of Cloud Messaging, Dell Technologies, and Certified Cloud Foundry Developer Dustin Bennett, Director Supply Chain Engineering at Wayfair, will discuss how to kickstart Cloud Foundry usage in organizations, from operators to developers.
Sapphire Mason-Brown, Software Engineer at EngineerBetter, will discuss how to help new joiners grasp the complexities of Cloud Foundry and gain confidence.
evoila Senior Software Engineer Christian Brinker and Gstack CEO Benjamin Gandon will present their work on Project 42, their Cloud Foundry North America Summit’s Hackathon-winning approach on how to integrate CI/CD into ‘cf-push’.
Two breakout track speakers are former recipients of the Cloud Foundry Diversity Scholarship, which provides support to traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized persons in the technology and/or open source communities. The Diversity Luncheon will take place on Thursday, September 12th, on-site at Summit.

Cloud Foundry recently announced the rollout of its updated Cloud Foundry Certified Developer exam. The new exam content reflects the latest features of the Cloud Foundry platform and is tailored to the developers who use and build on Cloud Foundry every day. In addition to the online eLearning course, a half-day preparation class will be taught at the Summit on Monday, September 9, with the exam taking place on-site the next day. The exam will be generally available online in early September. Register for both the course and the exam to get an €80 discount.

Additional pre-Summit activities include:

Contributor Summit, a full day event preceding the Summit, for new and current contributors to connect face-to-face and share feedback.
User Day, a half-day event preceding the Summit, created exclusively for Cloud Foundry end users to talk shop and trade best practices.
Unconference, a community-led event for the Cloud Foundry community held the evening prior to Summit.
A free Hackathon for developers. First place winners will be announced on stage during the Thursday morning keynotes.
Hands-on labs and project office hours will be added to the schedule in the coming weeks.
Sponsored by Pivotal at the Diamond level and VMware at the Platinum level, the 2019 European Summit in The Hague primarily serves as a forum for technology providers and end users to connect and see how others are using Cloud Foundry to make their developers more efficient while supporting continuous innovation and application portability. Attendees will also gain first-hand access to Cloud Foundry roadmaps, training and tutorials.

Find the full schedule here:

Standard registration for the event ends August 2nd, before price increases by €176. Register online here:

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please download the prospectus.

Cloud Foundry is an open source technology backed by the largest technology companies in the world, including Dell EMC, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, SAP and SUSE, and is being used by leaders in manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services. Only Cloud Foundry delivers the velocity needed to continuously deliver apps at the speed of business. Cloud Foundry’s container-based architecture runs apps in any language on your choice of cloud — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, and more. With a robust services ecosystem and simple integration with existing technologies, Cloud Foundry is the modern standard for mission critical apps for global organizations.

5 Point Plan for Super-Connected CX


Digitalisation is a double-edged sword. While it makes life easier by automating processes and helping consumers to self-serve, some might argue it offers too much choice. Colin Hay says it’s time to stay calm and carry on with a five-point plan for super-connected customer experience.

Today’s cloud-based contact centre solutions make it easier to deliver good customer service whatever the channel. The real challenge is how to provide a digital customer experience (CX) that stands out from the crowd when there is so much noise and too much choice. Multi-channel or omni-channel? AI or no AI? The rapid proliferation of new technologies and buzzwords is enough to reduce even the most focused organisations to blind panic. Some rush in and digitalise simply because everyone else is doing it while others grind to a state of sluggish inertia because change is scary and ‘it’s always been done this way’ is a safer option.

How do contact centres find the happy medium? How do they build a digital CX programme that guarantees successful customer outcomes? The secret is to keep calm, stay focused and follow a few golden rules:

5 steps to CX perfection
1. Introduce relevance into the digital equation – don’t just introduce technology for technology’s sake. Always keep the customer at the centre of the digital design process. Think about the dialogues you have with customers, listen to your agents, become a mystery shopper and try out the contact centre to discover the channels and technology that really work. Then, back this up with the performance metrics that matter. Customers just want fast, positive results so align KPIs accordingly. Focus on Net promoter, Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and Customer Effort scores along with customer churn and first resolution rates rather than Average Handling Times (AHTs).

2. Blend omni-channel with AI for complete customer interactions – exploit the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence such as virtual assistants, digital assistants and bots. The beauty of AI is that it offers practically unlimited capabilities to allow organisations to capture customer conversations that vastly improve service levels and even anticipate customers’ needs by up/cross-selling other products based on their previous purchase or web-browsing history – a real competitive differentiator.

The human touch counts when it comes to handling complex matters, emotionally sensitive or personal issues. Blend instantaneous, multi-channel, round-the-clock digital self-sufficiency with personal service. Just be sure to make the hand-over between virtual and live agents seamless.

3. Remove on-screen clutter – a tidy desktop equals a tidy mind and ultimately a tidy profit. However, on-screen clutter such as multiple pop-ups and different applications frequently get in the way of delivering first-class CX. It’s time to take a closer look at the latest agent applications. These are designed to remove on-screen clutter by linking to enterprise systems, selected third parties and knowledgebases through widgets. Customisable and flexible, widgets allow every agent to be presented with the information and functionality most relevant to them in any given situation without switching screens or resorting to pop-ups. This provides a single view of customer conversations and accelerates an agent’s ability to improve CX all in one place.

4. Invest in the right people skills – there’s no point spending time and money on the perfect digital infrastructure if your human skills fail to live up to the same exacting standards. When recruiting new agents, or training long-standing experienced team members, look for candidates with high levels of emotional intelligence. These are the ones who instinctively understand how the customer is feeling and use that information to influence a positive result even when conversations are passed to them from a digital assistant or chatbot. They grasp the importance of bridging the digital and human worlds and their holistic approach is vital to the success of a digital and connected CX strategy.

5. Choose cloud – maximising cloud-based integration capabilities improves efficiency and builds customer loyalty as a result of fast and highly personalised interactions. A single view of customer interactions aids decision-making and allows proactive management of response times. What is more, when it comes to protecting sensitive customer data, the Cloud comes into its own. Using a simple Web browser, a single sign-on is all that is required and the ability to switch freely between applications and payment solutions to boost security levels.

Breathe deeply, stay calm and carry on towards the perfect digital CX strategy. Focus on the digital channels that matter to your customers, experiment with the latest AI and join the dots with agents who effortlessly link both human and digital worlds. You’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. For more information, visit Puzzel

Colin Hay is VP Sales at Puzzel UK

How Smart Cities Around the World Impact Workplace Trends


As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology for efficiency and success, a report by IDC shows an estimated two-thirds of global cities will be investing in smart city technology by up to $135 billion by 2021.

As cities around the world are set to transform into ‘smart cities’, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices, looks into what smart workplace trends are emerging from these innovation hubs.

The National League of Cities (NLC) has analysed how technological advances in smart cities could potentially impact jobs and skills, showing which jobs that are set to grow between now and 2026 are most likely to be automated. The research found that management and supervisory roles are the most secure, being less than 30% automatable, while low-paying positions involving manual labour are the ones most at risk, being more than 70% automatable.

Top Smart Office Trends for 2019

As smart cities are shaping the future of work, here are the leading workplace trends for 2019 and beyond:

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device):

Many businesses are now allowing a BYOD policy, which means employees can use their own personal tablets, smartphones, laptops and wearable tech to complete their tasks and send work-related communications.

According to research by Techjury, 67% of employees say they now use personal devices at work, and 87% of businesses rely on their workers’ access to mobile business apps. By allowing workers to take their favourite at-home tech and integrate it into daily work life, they will be able to work remotely in more efficient ways.

Focus on Wellness:

Workplace wellness is a growing trend. Employers are recognising the dangers of overworking, presenteeism, work addiction and burnout. In the US, 70-80% of companies believe that wellness programmes reduce absenteeism and boost productivity, according to a Global Wellness Institute Survey. This shows that more companies are looking to make positive changes to improve the wellbeing of their employees, and tech is making this easier.

For example, wearable devices like Fitbit and Jawbone allow employees to monitor their stats, from steps taken to calorie consumption to heart rate. This can empower them to take control of their health and practice better wellness habits daily. Smart offices can also make use of collected data from wearable devices by analysing it to identify potential health risks in their workplace.


As the wireless technology and BYOD trends continue to rise, the need for advanced security tech rises with them. More data is being stored on the cloud, and if that data isn’t secured correctly, companies risk losing or leaking a lot of sensitive information.

A recent US review by SHRM found that nearly half of organisations surveyed (46%) are now using biometric authentication tech to protect data on smartphones. Flexible offices with excellent network security, a choice of shared and private workspaces, and round-the-clock on-premises security offerings are helping companies to operate in a safer and more secure environment.

Sectors Benefiting from Smart Office Space

Smart workplace solutions improve productivity and make it easier for teams to complete their daily tasks, using state-of-the-art tech to make the process smoother.

IT companies, design studios and web development businesses can all benefit from a fully serviced and connected setup. Beyond office life, those working in labs and research facilities can operate safely with excellent security and data protection. Even warehousing and manufacturing are transforming as companies like Amazon and Boeing harness the power of IoT technology.

myGaru launches an app for consumers to prevent tech giants from exploiting their personal online data


myGaru Technologies, the data privacy software company, today announced the availability of a new, free app that empowers individuals to take back ownership of their personal data.

As apps and websites sweep up personal data from users’ devices – from social media ‘likes’, to geolocation and online purchases – often without the individual’s knowledge, myGaru will collect this data, protect it, and prevent its unauthorised use. Users of the app will also regularly receive revenue from advertisers for using their data.

When consumers use apps or accept cookies on websites, many don’t realise they’re giving permission for their personal information to be collected and distributed, yet this data is fuelling a $200 billion-dollar adtech industry1. The myGaru app aims to stop the exploitation of this personal data, by preventing it from being gathered and sold on to third parties without an individual’s awareness or consent.

By downloading the app, and assigning myGaru as their personal data administrator, users can import their personal information from social networks, mobile apps or websites into one secure data storage. myGaru can withdraw a user’s consent on their behalf, request that advertisers stop using the individual’s data and erase it from ad databases.

The platform connects to ad servers and whenever the data that the user has given consent to share is used, they’ll receive a fee from the advertiser for using their data. This enables users to earn money from their own data in a way that is safe, compliant and preserves their privacy. Users can specify ad categories that are most relevant to them, so rather than receive more ads, they are served only with ads that correspond to these areas of interest.

According to YouGov research2, with UK adults, there is an appetite amongst consumers to share data providing they are in control. Overall, 42% of UK consumers would be happy to share some identifiable data with third parties, once they’ve given their explicit consent.

Amongst those in the 18-44 age bracket, 46% would be willing to share data on their personal interests/preferences (brands, hobbies, sports, etc.) and 45% are willing to share their online data with digital advertisers in return for small regular cash payments. The research also reveals the need for more transparency in how data is collected and shared, with nearly half (48%) calling for more education / awareness about how online data is monetised by brands.

Commenting on the launch, Spyridon Kleitsas, CEO of myGaru said: “Data privacy should be a fundamental right for all, however users don’t always realise that they’re giving consent for their data to be used – their photos, messages and personal information – by unknown third parties. Every time a user visits a website, they’re sending out reams of information such as their interests, buying patterns and location to a great swathe of invisible adtech market middlemen. As the businesses are hoovering up this data, in industrial quantities – and selling it on – the user is largely left in the dark about what data is out there and who’s using it.”

Spyridon continues: “The existing model for online data sharing is broken; there’s a huge imbalance as the adtech market players generate a huge profit trading users’ data for digital advertising. However, the users – who are the rightful owners of the data – are effectively cut out of this model. Our approach redresses this balance, re-building the trust of users and delivering a transparent, fair and ethical way they can share online data.”

Transforming the Recruitment Industry


Third Republic help build technology organisations, by enabling businesses to access next generation technology skills that are needed to drive digital transformation. Recently, we caught up with Mat Roche who revealed to us more about how the firm consistently achieves exceptional results.

Established in 2014, Third Republic was initially set up because the firm recognised that businesses are moving into a new era of talent acquisition. As society becomes digitally native, people are looking for work in new ways, and are managing their careers differently, and the recruitment industry needs to adapt to these changes. However, current agencies are operating in an old-school, out of date manner that is causing both candidates and clients to become disillusioned with the industry. The firm call this transition from old school to new – Recruitment Transformation.

Third Republic is a new breed of agency designed for the digital age of recruitment. Embracing Recruitment Transformation, the firm delivers advanced technology skills that businesses need in order to drive their own digital transformations. Going into further detail, Mat begins by informing us of the steps the firm takes when undertaking a new project, and how the team ensure that the clients receive the best possible outcome.

“The same way that Trip Advisor has professionalised the hospitality and leisure industries, we realise that ratings platforms are the best way to get recruitment companies thinking about their customer experience. As a result, we encourage every client we work with to leave us a TrustPilot review, in a bid to make ourselves, and our brand, publicly accountable for how we act and treat our customers. As the top-rated agency in the UK on the TrustPilot platform, we are incredibly proud of our 9.9 rating.
“Internally we maintain a clear code of conduct – termed ‘ The Code ’ – which is very much centred around our customer service and our value. This focus ensures that every member of Third Republic operates within clear and expected behaviours that ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. In addition to this, we also operate NPS as a way of getting valuable feedback on our performance.”

Following on from this, Mat was keen to explain Third Republic’s overall mission, outlining the steps the team take to ensure that they achieve it. “Changing consumer behaviours are disrupting every industry today, and we believe that the recruitment industry is no different. New societal norms, driven by the move to the digital age and characterised by the increased demand for speed and convenience, are altering the way that people are managing their careers and looking for work. “However, the staffing industry remains oblivious to this evolution; recruitment agencies are not moving with the times and the industry as a whole is stagnating. Recruitment agencies and businesses alike are using increasingly outdated methods to source their talent; relying on platforms like LinkedIn and mass transactional mailing, without realising that candidate behaviour has changed.
“At Third Republic, we have moved away from the Spray and Pray era and towards the Digital Era of recruitment – we call this recruitment transformation. As such, our vision is to transform the way that businesses hire advanced technology skills by building an agency that is moving with the times.”

As for what sets them apart from their competitors, Mat notes how the firm think differently from mainstream recruitment agencies. “Our philosophy, our core beliefs and our understanding that the market is changing, sets us apart from others in our industry because we see the trends that our competitors don’t. Other agencies are the same now as they were ten years ago, but we realise that people are managing their careers differently and so we have to source differently. This awareness is our unique selling point and enables us to adapt in order to identify and engage top-rated talent.”
It is no secret that behind every successful firm is a devoted team of individuals who work together to achieve the same goal. For Third Republic, the company is formed of a talented team who consistently deliver an exceptional service to clients. When discussing the internal culture, Mat highlights how he ensures that all the staff are well-equipped to provide their clients with the best possible service.

“Here at Third Republic, we believe that that working culture in most agencies is not in line with the market. Even if working practices and recruitment methods haven’t evolved in ten years, the demographic of people working for these agencies definitely has. However, agencies aren’t built for Millennials and Generation Y, leading to conflicts in methodologies and beliefs, and a huge level of dissatisfaction in recruitment agencies.

“We are evolving our methods to be in line with modern recruitment, but also evolving our culture to be in line with the people who work for our firm. Additionally, we have built our business around transparency, autonomy, independence, trust and entrepreneurialism, and we are focused on creating a culture Transforming the Recruitment Industrythat breeds intrinsic motivation for our employees.”

Bringing the interview to a close, Mat reflects on the techniques the team at Third Republic have to employ, to ensure that they stay ahead of emerging developments, especially within an ever-changing industry.
“We are obsessed with increasing our awareness of talent acquisition, the evolution it is going through, emerging trends and new innovations. It is our duty to our clients to do this, to keep learning and to continuously improve our ability to source talent for them. This is one of the reasons why we invest considerable time and efforts into our thought leadership blogs such as our #TalentQA series; where we interview thought leaders from the talent acquisition industry on a weekly basis in order to facilitate learning. “Organising meet-ups which focus on learning and development is another technique we employ to stay ahead of the market; and the insights we get by talking to tech and other industry thought leaders is invaluable when it comes to shaping our businesses and ensure a competitive edge.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Mat signs off by revealing the exciting plan in store for the team at Third Republic, especially following their recent success of being selected in Corporate Vision’s Recruitment Elite 2018. “Overall, we are not driven by results, or how big we are going to be. The vision behind the business is to transform the way that companies go about hiring next generation skills to drive digital transformation. We want to build the agency of the future because we understand that the marketplace is changing, and that disruptive businesses need to be able to leverage the technologies that enable them to fill their critical roles.

“To facilitate this, we created a hybrid model between an online hiring platform and contingency capabilities. Our sourcing platform – Sourcechain – enables companies to engage with and hire directly from our private networks of talent. Alongside this, we are launching a new service line, TalentPooling-as-a-Service (TPaaS) which will allow organisations to leverage our sourcing capabilities as an extra resourcing capacity dedicated to increasing the top of their talent funnel for large-scale, project-based hiring needs.

“Moving forward, we are also excited about opening up two new resourcing centres in Bolivia and Morocco whose primary focus is to get mobile phone numbers for our teams in London and New York. Modern sourcing is moving away from emails and towards mobiles, as networking and headhunting makes a return to talent acquisition and investing in these centres will enable our recruiters to focus on these modern methods more effectively.”

Name: Third Republic

Address: 3rd floor, Avalon house, 57-63 Scrutton Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4PF

Web Address:

Illuminating the Way


Business and technology legal consulting practice, Hyperion Global Partners, brings a fresh approach to collaborating with clients. We speak to CEO Eyal Iffergan about the firm and its core values.

Founded in 2009, Hyperion Global Partners is a business and technology consulting practice to the legal profession. Named after the Titan of Light in Greek mythology, Hyperion Global Partners aims to illuminate and provide answers to its clients.
Eyal Iffergan founded Hyperion Global Partners with a vision for change agency: a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including attorneys, MBAs, PhDs, Technologists, Management Consultants, Software Executives and other business professionals, focused on delivering fixed-fee, context-driven advisory services for operations, performance and transformation initiatives.
As President and CEO of Hyperion Global Partners, Eyal leads the premier global consultancy for legal business strategy and operations. Working with AmLaw 200 law firms and Global 1000 corporations, Iffergan is known industry-wide for implementing dynamic business strategies, transformation programs and systems that align legal operations with business objectives.
“Our model is simple: we don’t try to be all things to all people, and focus only on the areas that we know better than anyone else,” he begins, speaking of the firm.

“We bring unparalleled expertise and depth to help our clients define and align their strategic business objectives, and to execute against those objectives with project management, system implementations, and holistic information management solutions,” continues Eyal. “Most importantly, we are focused on helping our clients maximize return on their existing investments and to make smart, considered decisions about executing process and technology improvement initiatives that produce measurable value.”

Hyperion consultants are all well-recognised as experts in their respective subject areas and those that bear the HyperionGP name represent the legal industry’s most experienced technology and business thought leaders in their respective practices. Its experts have worked with the largest international law practices, Fortune 500 corporations and public sector agencies.
“Our consultants are thought leaders and business leaders. When the industry has questions, we’re there to provide the answers. We are well-published, well-spoken, well-known and well-regarded. Leadership is about confidence in your knowledge and experience, but it’s also about making things happen. We focus on translating our expertise in new and innovative ways, and deliver solutions ahead of the curve. We blaze the trails. Hire us for our expertise, but retain us to help lead, improve and transform your organization.”

With over 20 years of leadership in advising the legal and intellectual property business communities, Eyal brings broad-based legal process and technology experience to managing influential global practices and companies, including founding and building several market-revolutionizing enterprises.

Prior to founding Hyperion Global Partners, Mr. Iffergan was a Principal at Baker Robbins & Company, at the time the industry’s largest and leading technology consulting company, and led it to its acquisition. Mr. Iffergan was a Principal, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Clearspire, the groundbreaking law firm the pioneered the modern legal service delivery model.
“Our practices focus only on the things we do well, and we know them better than anyone else. We don’t come in to “help you figure it out.” In the areas we practice, we’ve done it before, and we’re here to help you do it, too. We know the market, we know the landscape, we know the technologies and their vendors, we know the pitfalls, and we know the successes.

“Our philosophy is to always provide pragmatic, actionable and specific advice and counsel. When it comes to best practices, we’ve generally developed them. We don’t do ephemeral “Findings Reports;” our Best Practice Reviews will address specific issues with specific courses of action. We’ve worked closely with all of the leading practice management technologies, and our consultants have developed proven and honed implementation methodologies. All of our consultants enjoy a prominent career distinction – our projects always come in on time and on budget.”

Best Logistics & Industrial Recruitment Agency – Wales


Recruitment Solutions Ltd is a growing South Wales-based recruitment company with over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment sector. We profile the firm to find out more about the range of services it has to offer.

Established in 1999, Recruitment Solutions is dedicated to increasing its clients’ productivity through people and have developed an advanced system of tools and expertise for recruiting highly qualified people that are well-suited to a client’s particular needs and environment.
The firm’s own staff are committed, driven and ambitious. Based in South Wales, they can supply temporary workers across South Wales and into England. Additionally, the firm’s professional services division operate UK wide to ensure it meets the exact needs of its clients wherever they may be based.
Collaborating with clients, Recruitment Solutions strive to match workers to client requirements, varying between temporary work placements, contractor work, temporary to
permanent work arrangements and permanent placements. The team constantly seek to work fairly and ethically with their clients, staff, the workers that they supply, the company’s shareholders and within the communities which Recruitment Solutions operates. This approach ensures excellence for every client that works alongside this dynamic and innovative firm.

Overall, Recruitment Solutions believes that having a recruitment partner is of paramount importance to every business success. As such, the team aim to be that partner to their clients and seek to deliver businesses with the human resource solution that best befits their business need, tailoring our approach to each individual client. The firm’s staff listen, respond to the clients’ needs, and aspire to build relationships which are long lasting, and this will remain their ongoing focus over the years to come.


Company: Recruitment Solutions Ltd

Contact: Jamie Williams


Out-Of-The-Box Compliant Solutions


Kagami is a start-up business co-founded by Sunil Motaparti and Krishna Gangapuri. Having found success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as the Leading Innovators in ERP Software Solutions 2019 – India, we profiled the firm and caught up with CEO, Krishna Gangapuri who provided us with a glimpse into the successful innovative company.

Based out of Hyderbad, India and funded by BitKemy Ventures since 2016, Kagami has built a patent-pending platform that provides the capability to build bespoke ERP solutions to SMEs across the globe. As the name Kagami (in Japanese) suggests, the platform is built in WYSIWYG manner where the visual design simulates the business process, which in turn helps in hassle-free creation of ERP solutions.

Kagami has two main products; the Studio (Platform) and ERP Suite. Going into further detail about these two products and their key qualities, Krishna begins by informing us of these solutions and the benefits of using not only the products but also working with the firm. “Firstly, the Kagami Studio is a software that enables businesses to create enterprise grade applications, that simulates a business process of any complexity.

“As for Kagami ERP, this implements a unique scheme for every project, and therefore provides a bespoke process-based solution. As no coding skills are required to create applications using this platform, the Business Analyst becomes the single point of contact right from requirement gathering to solution development, support and enhancements.
“Ultimately, the focus is, and will be, primarily on the company process, rather than the best practice approach. Customers who are seeking process compliance to popular methodologies, Kagami provides services in process re-engineering and out-of-the-box compliant solutions.”

Enabling the firm to deliver these services, is the innovative and experienced team which forms the backbone of Kagami. When discussing the internal culture, Krishna is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.


“Every employee at Kagami is given ownership, and with it comes immense responsibility and authority to make decisions, which eventually drive them in making the product better. It’s the ownership culture that drives the organization to its creative best.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Krishna signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lies in the pipeline for the successful firm, touching on Kagami’s ambition to further expand the business into new markets.

“2019 has been very progressive in the African markets, and we have plans to expand in UAE, SEA and France. Lastly, we
have countless success stories in Manufacturing, Production and Automobile verticals, and so moving forward, we would love to empower many more such SME’s to achieve similar success.”

Contact: Krishna Gangapuri

Address: Kagami, 2nd floor, Rajaprasadamu, Masjid Banda, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084, India

Telephone: 9550033300

Web Address:

Sectigo and Thirdwayv Speed Connected Device Deployments by Introducing Strongest Level of Embedded IoT Security


Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority and a provider of purpose-built and automated PKI management solutions, today announced a technology partnership with Thirdwayv, a leading provider of end-to-end secure connectivity solutions for mission-critical IoT applications. By combining Sectigo’s Certificate Authority (CA) device validation with Thirdwayv’s secure communication channel between smartphone apps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and the cloud, the companies are accelerating the deployment of systems that are resistant to malware and other cybersecurity attacks that target smartphones’ vulnerable wireless channels.

“Whether in healthcare, automotive or financial services applications, our customers rely on cybersecurity to protect highly sensitive data being communicated between IoT devices, smartphones, and the cloud,” said Vinay Gokhale, Vice President, Business Development, Thirdwayv. “By partnering with Sectigo, we are addressing demand for the convenience of controlling IoT devices and accessing IoT data and applications on smartphones. We’re providing a complete solution for speeding the use of IoT systems that have the strongest possible embedded security possible.”

Business Insider Intelligence projects that by 2025, there will be more than 64 billion IoT devices, up from 10 billion in 2018. IoT deployments are generating and sharing an expanding volume of sensitive data and the growing use of general-purpose smartphones introduces another threat surface.

Sectigo and Thirdwayv are teaming to bring trust and security to these systems, making it possible for companies to quickly build out and scale their solution development ecosystems with all the necessary elements for maintaining and managing security throughout the device lifecycle. With Sectigo’s efficient, automated cloud-based IoT Security Platform issuing trusted, third-party PKI certificates, and Thirdwayv providing software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for rapidly incorporating its SecureConnectivity™ and AppAuth™ solutions, commercial and enterprise IoT developers can see years of development reduced to weeks.

“IoT attacks are increasingly common, highlighting the need for improved security. Thirdwayv has demonstrated success in rapidly deploying the most secure IoT applications, while also solving the challenge of securely incorporating smartphones into them,” explained Damon Kachur, Vice President, IoT Solutions, Sectigo. “The Sectigo and Thirdwayv collaboration ensures the proper security policy is integrated at the birthplace of the device, providing third-party CA validation of connected devices. For enterprises looking to add connected device deployments, we’re offering malware protection on the smartphone and app layer, enabling secure communications between the ‘thing’ and the smartphone.”

Augmenting TLS and Wireless Protocols in Smartphones

Thirdwayv’s products augment Transport Layer Security (TLS) mechanisms of Android and iOS operating systems by providing smartphone app client authentication via the smartphone hardware root of trust. Thirdwayv enhances shared wireless protocols such as Bluetooth so that IoT devices can be securely connected to, and controlled by, an authentic app over the shared connection. The products also:
Protect the app environment
Provide digital cryptographic identity to each element of the IoT system
Enable IoT system elements to validate the authority and privilege of each other (‘thing’,smartphone/app, and cloud)
Support various communications protocols such as BLE, WiFi, LTE, and NFC

Thirdwayv products have been successfully incorporated into a commercialized medical device that uses smartphones and was recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Other applications for Thirdwayv’s products include high-value asset tracking, autonomous and connected cars, and critical infrastructure.

Creating Opportunities


Rokel Commercial Bank is one of the dominant banks within the market place in Sierra Leone. Earlier this year, the bank was selected in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were recognized as theMost Innovative Commercial Bank of 2019 – Sierra Leone. On the back of this win, we profile the bank to discover more about the exceptional services they provide.

Established in 1917, Rokel Commercial Bank (formerly Barclays Bank), was found as Barclays Bank DCO with 100% shares owned by the parent company.In 1971, the firm was incorporated locally and renamed Barclays Bank of Sierra Leone Limited, with 25% shares owned by Sierra Leoneans and 75% Barclays Bank International. The rationale behind this move was to encourage Sierra Leoneans to participate as owners and develop confidence in the Bank.

On the 17th September 1999, Barclays Bank PLC, which was the majority shareholder at the time (60% shares), withdrew from its operations in Sierra Leone after extensive discussions with the Government of Sierra Leone. The Bank, after consultations with the Government, was renamed Rokel Commercial Bank (Sierra Leone) Limited. The Government of Sierra Leone now holds 66% shares, 34% shares owned by private institutions, organizations and individuals.

Today, Rokel Commercial Bank maintains correspondent banking relationships with the following: Standard Chartered Bank New York and Ghana International Bank Plc to provide trade facilities for the importation of goods and services to the country through letters of credit. In addition to this, the bank’s mission is to provide banking and related financial services in a manner that builds strong lasting and satisfying relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which the bank operates.


Throughout the years, Rokel Commercial Bank have been committed to their core values, as they have been the foundation on which the team both work and conduct themselves on. These values form the basic elements of how the team go about their work and which strategies they employ to fulfil their mission.

Supporting the bank in their mission to deliver these award-winning services, is the experienced, dedicated and hard-working
team which forms the backbone of Rokel Commercial Bank. Currently, the firm has 372 members of staff and is being headed by the 4th Sierra Leonean Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin. As for the bank’s managers, they are always available for discussions and serve as a focal point in consistently providing excellent services.

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Rokel Commercial Bank will continue to deliver an impeccable service, ensuring that they not only meet the requirements which
have been set by their clients, but most importantly they surpass their expectations. Moving forward, the Rokel Commercial Bank team hope to build upon the countless accomplishments they have achieved over the years, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Most Innovative Commercial Bank of 2019 – Sierra Leone.

Company: Rokel Commercial Bank (SL) Ltd

Web Address: