11 Tech for Good Leaders Reveal 2020 Resolutions

It was the year that saw Aston Martin unveil its first-ever electric car, the sighting of a rare albino panda in China, Anthony Joshua lose and win back this title of heavyweight champion, and Rihanna become the first woman to originate a brand at LVMH.

But while 2019 played host to so many unforgettable events, perhaps what made it most exciting was that it was the precursor to 2020! With the new decade just weeks away, we’ve asked 11 leading tech for good CEOs to share their New Year resolutions.

From AI-powered food discovery to teledentistry to online fundraising, here’s what the UK’s frontrunners are determined to achieve in the next 12 months…


Markus Stripf, CEO & Co-Founder of Spoon Guru, the AI-based food search and discovery solution which is used by Tesco, comments:

“It’s simple – to live in the present moment. Elvis was correct, it’s now or never, right? From a business perspective, to help give more people more transparency, choice and peace of mind when it comes to managing individual dietary and health preferences, and to reach new international markets. In 2019 it was expansion into the U.S. and Australia. In 2020 our aims are Asia, South America and beyond”.   


Kay Oswald, President of International of SmileDirectClub, that offers remote clear aligner therapy to transform smiles, comments:

“My New Year’s Resolution is to help more people around the world unlock the power of a smile they love in hope it gives them the confidence they need to succeed. That includes continuing to develop and grow my team as we expand internationally throughout 2020”.


Murray Lambell, Executive Sponsor of eBay for Charity, the fundraising platform that connects users with their favourite charities, comments:

Ahead of a trip I am making to Iran next year, I’ve committed to ‘بهبود فارسی من’, that’s ‘whipping my Persian into shape’. I’d also like to see eBay maximise on the momentum of hitting $1 Billion raised through eBay for Charity by forging impactful partnerships across the charity sector.


Dr Shona D’Arcy, Founder & CEO of Kids Speech Lab, the digital health platform for children’s speech and language development, comments: 

“I don’t wait until the New Year to resolve things that need to be changed. If I see something isn’t working or I’m getting frustrated with something I sit down with my brother, ex-international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy, to solve it”.


Morten G. Ulsted, CEO of ExSeed Health, the leading home fertility test and app, comments:

“Business-wise, my New Year’s Resolution is to continue building a company that challenges the conventions of our industry. I want to open up the male fertility conversation and break down the taboo, empowering men to take control of their own fertility challenges and health. As for my personal one, I’ll keep to myself!”


Simon Checkley, CEO of The Regenerative Clinic, the world’s leading global clinic providing regenerative treatments, comments:

“In each month of 2020, I aim to run a marathon (26 miles). My goal for The Regenerative Clinic is to make it the global centre of excellence for regenerative medicine”.


Charles Clowes, CEO & co-founder of Bud & Tender, the UK cannabis supplement company producing high quality CBD Cannabis Oil, comments:

“Throughout the year I intend to spend greater quality time with my family. On the business side we want to focus on quality and production innovation. Additionally ensure that we’re constantly advancing support and help for customers either face to face; over the phone; via email; or at trade shows and events.”

Mark Turner, CEO & co-founder of Bud & Tender, the UK cannabis supplement company producing high quality CBD Cannabis Oil, comments:

“Less screen time! In the new year I want to put in place a disciplined allocation of time where I can switch off from work and focus purely on family and personal wellbeing. I’ll put measures in place to make sure I’m no longer answering emails after a certain time and weekends will be for wellbeing.“


Rebecca Oatley, Founder and Managing Director of Cherish PR, the boutique agency at the heart of the digital economy, comments: 

“2020 is going to be a very different year for the UK – fresh out of Europe, the UK will be negotiating and entering new trade deals with the world and potentially could begin a new era of national pride. With that said, my resolution is to help new businesses adapt and tailor their communications to wider agenda means that they begin and remain relevant, so that they stay in the minds and the hearts of their customers.”


Darren Tenney, CEO of XOOOX, the UK-wide ride-hailing app, comments:

“Make ride-hailing available to all – providing more choice, and unprecedented geographical coverage, to passengers than ever before – and in a safer, more environmentally-friendly way.”


Mario Coletti, Managing Director of Nextatlas, the AI-powered trends forecasting company, comments:

“In this new decade I want to encourage entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship across our team as a way to grow faster our offers and our client base. Also, it’s important to continue fostering any form of team diversity as a means to attract great talents and enhance the quality of our work. Another goal of mine is to massively reduce the number of flights I take over the next 12 months.”

Unstoppable Force


Unstoppable Force

SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain security company, which is dedicated to developing comprehensive security products and services to ensure that their clients’ valuable digital assets are secure in blockchain. Having recently been recognized as the best cross-platform crypto hardware wallets for 2019, we profiled the firm and caught up with Founder and CEO, Dr. Peter Chen to discover more about his company’s innovative solutions and award-winning service.

Established in 2018 by Dr. Peter Chen, SecuX Technology is formed of a group of enthusiastic and experienced IT professional of relevant high-tech fields, which includes information Security Management, FinTech, Cryptocurrency Economy Engineering, 5G Connectivity and IoT Technology to name but a few. Today, the firm primarily focuses on blockchain cryptocurrency hardware wallet and cryptocurrency retail payment systems for the physical stores, self-vending machines, kiosk, etc. Moreover, security solutions that surround Blockchain, Fintech, Cyber Technology and IoT are the company’s specialties.

Throughout the years, the team at SecuX Technology has attended a number of international exhibitions, conferences and seminars that are related to IT, Consumer Electronics, Blockchain, FinTech, etc. to approach potential customers. Alongside this, another approach the firm uses is using online media platforms to spread their ideas and services across the globe, as Dr. Chen is keen to explain.

“This approach reaches those who have similar frequency on thoughts, and that is why we look forward to a partnership even a friendship with great media to introduce our solutions to those who may need from us. The overall purpose is to serve the customers worldwide from the massive end-users to a dedicated enterprise firm.”

Having established a solid client base, which spans a range of sectors and firms are varying sizes, it is no surprise that SecuX Technology has achieved such an extraordinary level of success in such a short span of time. When discussing the success of SecuX Technology, Dr. Chen touches on the significant role the team has played in helping the firm reach such extraordinary heights.

“They key to success for a company is to cultivate a freestyle, innovative and inspiring working environment. Once a good atmosphere is formed, it will attract more outstanding talents. Then a serial accomplishment will be done and accumulated through daily endeavors by this hard-working team. As such, every employee at SecuX Technology can fully express their opinions and talents to their heart’s contents.”

The future looks bright for the team at SecuX Technology as they anticipate that they will be playing a significant role in the field of blockchain, and also welcome a mutual winwin partnership from abroad. In addition to this, Dr. Chen envisions that there will be security related devices available on the market, which will help people to not only secure their valuable personal data and digital assets, but they will also be able to use them conveniently, easily and most of all, comfortably as joyful experiences within their daily lives.

2019 has already proven to be a successful year for the firm, especially following the launch of their cryptocurrency hardware wallet in early Q2, which is part of their first product line. To date, the product has received countless five star reviews on Amazon since the last quarter, and the physical cryptocurrency store payment terminal will be
available in Q1 2020, which the team expect will bring more satisfactory solutions to various retail shop owners – a trend that they hope to maintain in the years to come.


Contact: Patrick Wang
Address: No. 27, Guanxin Rd., Hsinchu City, 30072, Taiwan
Telephone: +886 356 70245
Web Address: www.secuxtech.com

Turning Your Product Idea into Reality


Everyone has a good business idea every once in a while. Of course, “good” is quite subjective here, as the true quality of the idea is always obscured by your own personal perceptions. But if you never even give those thoughts a try, there’s no way to know if they are actually worthwhile or not. That’s what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest – they are actually willing to take that important first step and get their hands dirty trying to bring their idea into the world. If you want to go down that path, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Have a Good Business Plan

Having an idea is not the same as having a viable business plan. The latter takes some time and effort to build, but it’s important because you will need guidance along the way. Even if your plan doesn’t work out entirely – and few ever do – it’s still important to have some critical milestones set so that you can track your progress related to them. If you see that you’re hitting all those checkpoints faster than anticipated, that’s a good sign that you’re doing things right.

Sort Out Funding in Advance

Funding is going to be one of your biggest obstacles, especially if you’ve never done anything in the business world before. Maybe you have some money saved up, but even that might not be enough for some ideas. You should know what your options are for taking out a loan, especially when it comes to some special types of loans, like for real estate if your business idea will require a physical site. Sites like Crediful can be incredibly useful for this, as they can give you a good overview of the lending market around you in general, and point you in the right direction for the loans that can benefit you the most.

Promotion Will Be Crucial

You will not survive without active promotion. Especially not today in this heavily digital world. There are many ways to improve the exposure of your company, and you should look into them early on. Social media can be great for a more natural, organic campaign, but it’s not all there is. Simply setting up a website and promoting it in the right channels can be very beneficial on its own, at least when it’s done by the right specialists. And that brings us to another important point – you will need a competent partner for your promotion. While it’s possible that you may be able to do this on your own, it’s not very likely, unless you have specific expertise in the field of marketing. Give yourself some peace of mind and know that the job is done right by hiring someone competent.

Don’t Forget Customer Support!

A common mistake made by beginner entrepreneurs is to focus all their efforts into the main launch of the product, expecting to kick back and relax afterward. The truth is that the hard work is just beginning at that stage. You’ll need to put a lot of active effort into providing support for your customers, no matter if you’re selling a physical product or a virtual one. Things are definitely going to be more complicated with physical goods though because then you have to consider things like returns, repairs, and many other similar factors. If you’re not prepared for that in advance, it can ruin your company before you’ve even had a chance to figure out what’s going on.


Sooner or later, you’ll need to expand. This is the ultimate goal of any company, after all, and yours will likely be no different. Even if you’re comfortable treating it as a source of side income, this will not be a sustainable model in the long run. This should ideally be part of your initial business plan. But with the way a company can expand in many different directions, it can be hard to predict its expansion needs at such an early stage. This is why it’s important to constantly revise your plan and touch it up on points that might be relevant to your future expansion and growth. Talk to specialists to prevent some of the common problems in this regard.

Some time from now, you might be looking at a very successful product on your hands, or you might be looking into closing down your company. The latter shouldn’t disappoint you though. At least you tried – and that already separates you from a large number of your peers. Even if you didn’t succeed in the end, you’ve gathered a lot of valuable experience that can help you in your next launch.

How Technology Has Modernised Industry


Technology has completely transformed many different industries in the last 20 years, with most businesses now relying on technology to be successful, stay efficient and meet their customer’s needs. From automation to eCommerce, there has been an astonishing amount of tech implemented in the industry in recent years. However, this has not always been the case, and this article looks back at the last decade to see how tech has started to change the way that companies do business with each other in the modern world.


The entertainment industry, which includes aspects such as gambling, gaming, and media, has completely transformed since its roots. Although much of entertainment has always been technology-based through innovations in film and computer techniques in order to create their work, technology has now started to change how we consume entertainment. For instance, streaming sites have completely dominated the market for the last five years, with nearly half of homes now having access to a streaming service, and have even started to open their own production companies to rival large film businesses. Rather than go to the cinema or invest in DVDs, you now have the option to stream any film you want directly into your home through changes in computer technology.

Not only this, but entertainment such as casinos have changed drastically, with many casinos on the high street now shutting down in order to be replaced by online games and betting sites. Not only do these sites provide platforms on which to bet, but they also offer volleyball livestreams and other resources to help punters to keep updated with games.


Change is crucial to engineering in order to keep up with the demands of customers and the needs of the modern world, and their adoption of technology has proved this. Engineering has evolved in recent years to focus on data-driven techniques, using elements such as the IoT to develop and store information, as well as to manage operations to make them more efficient. Data from different industries, such as aircraft and automobile industries, is also being used to hone engineering designs and ensure that they are optimised to battle frequent issues with the products that are being developed. Tech has completely modernised the types of engineering that are in demand, with a number of new skills being taught. This brings about new roles, such as those in computer engineering. They are starting to focus on businesses’ migration to the cloud in the next few years to come.


The big feature of technology which has allowed manufacturing processes to improve is automation, with many manufacturers using this to allow them to increase their core productivity. Additionally, this ensures that documentation and admin can be filled in efficiently. Not only this, but manufacturing facilities also use automation and machine learning to ensure that their safety protocols are in place and to decrease wastage. There have also been innovations in the tools that manufacturers use to make their products a success, with elements such as 3D printing allowing them to create and edit prototypes within seconds, transforming their designs directly into the finished product. 


The world will always need food, and so the food industry is one of the most useful industries that technology can help to modernise. Though surprising, the food industry is also being transformed beyond recognition by technology, as robotics are not being used to ensure that good quality standards are being constantly met by companies. Robotics in the food industry are also reducing the safety issues that are rampant in the food industry, while also being able to meet demand through their ability to increase productivity in the sector. The food industry has also started to rely on the use of drones, which track elements such as the weather and soil to ensure that crops are grown to their optimum. The managers are then aware of any problems that might occur with the food that they are cultivating. This can help to analyse the produce that each crop will make, as well as check for diseases and contamination that could cause problems when they are put on the market.


Although banking is a reasonably traditional industry, even finance has seen many changes in recent years that has influenced its modernisation. This includes personalised advice and services through the use of artificial intelligence to ensure that people are able to understand their financial position.

Banks are starting to modernise by transferring to open bank models that rely on aspects such as account aggregation and the widening of their services to include tasks like taking deposits from exterior organisations, such as cafes and shops. There has also started to be marked increases in the number of chatbots that are used to calm customer concerns about their banking and answer common queries, as well as the use of blockchain as an investment to coincide with the use of AI.


Technology has modernised the way that students consume education, allowing students to become more self-motivated by providing the tools for them to perform their own research on projects and to conduct studies from anywhere in the world. Technology such as remote learning portals has allowed students to connect to their coursework and see their results at any time. As well as this, interactive learning that involves smart boards allows students to interact with the content shown on screen, whether that is through writing on the board, playing videos or using the touchscreen to play educational games.

Cryptocurrency Champions


Could there ever be an alternative to credit cards? Through PumaPay, there might be. With the aim of disrupting the entire payments landscape, PumaPay have developed a whole suite of products for the benefit of merchants and customers utilising cryptocurrency. With the potential to revolutionise an entire industry, we took a closer look at this company to find out more.

As the first comprehensive crypto payment solution for businesses, PumaPay combines the flexibility and ease of credit cards with the myriad advantages of blockchain technology. Dedicated to working out innovative solutions to the use of blockchain technology, this company has gone from strength to strength over the last year, working as a disruptive payment solution. It is now pushing the boundaries of what their new flexible billing model can handle on the blockchain, perusing a better payment solution that is robust, scalable and secure.

The biggest innovation provided by PumaPay is in their PullPayment Protocol. Reversing the monetary transaction, it offers merchants the ability to “pull” funds from customers’ PumaPay wallet. These billing mechanisms are common in daily life, but were not possible through the blockchain like direct debits and recurring payments. Enabling this ability opens up new possibilities for the company, with the PullPayment Protocol’s versatility meaning that businesses can define their billing model as they wish and adapt to any business logic.

The success of PumaPay lies in the flexibility of their model. Blockchain transactions are final, immutable and maximise value to the business and the customer. With zero volatility and 100% liquidity, businesses are able to receive their proceeds directly to their bank account, without the liquidation hassles usually associated with crypto exchanges. All these advantages have led to over 100 successful brands turning to PumaPay to handle their payments. These companies are known to PumaPay as members of their ecosystem and include wix.com, MojoHost and Rent24.

Despite garnering the attention of such high-profile users for their systems, the biggest challenge facing PumaPay currently is the adoption of crypto payments by everyday consumers. Those using their credit cards, and other variations such as online payment methods, need to see cryptocurrency as a viable alternative that is simple and straightforward to use. Similarly, the lack of regulation in this new technology has proven to be increasingly more problematic. As more investors and companies look into cryptocurrencies, the more need there is for a consistent framework for businesses to work under. This will guide the way in which the technology evolves. Fortunately, the use of cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of several banks and FinTech companies around the globe. It proves that blockchain technology has a viable future that can, and should, be explored.

To make the most of this future development, PumaPay is committed to developing a blockchain-based cryptocurrency system that serves the evolving needs of individuals and businesses. Currently, this is being done through the various components of the protocol it runs on. This means updates for its suite of products, so they are fit for an evolving purpose. Currently, there are plans to update the Business Console and the Wallet App further, to include more supported coins, additional advanced billing models that will be supported by the wallet on release. We are constantly working on new ideas and additions to the protocol and endeavour to release some of these additions and enhancements over the coming months.

It’s clear that blockchain technology has yet to completely capture the public zeitgeist, but it has gained a great deal of support from businesses. As those who have invested in cryptocurrency work to establish the rules of the market, PumaPay works to provide a solution that will benefit merchants and businesses alike, acting as a true replacement to the credit card in the minds of the public. It’s this way of thinking which ensures that when attention turns to cryptocurrency, PumaPay will be at the forefront of any future developments within the industry.

Contact: Elena Savvides
Company: PumaPay
Web Address: www.pumapay.io

Humancentric Driven Innovation


We talked to Augusto Mitidieri, CEO of Sintetica, a company that has embraced Human centred organization to be leader by innovation.

Sintetica, a Swiss pharmaceutical company established in 1921, is specialised in discovering and delivering innovative injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide. The company, which has branches in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and United Kingdom, employs more than 300 people from 31 different nationalities.

Recently, we talked to Augusto Mitidieri, CEO of Sintetica, to find out more about how the company is embedding the principles of Human centred organization changing towards more collaborative and less hierarchical organisational model.

“The Human centred organization model is about embracing collaborative and non-hierarchical working. All managers focus on coaching rather than commanding. I strongly believe this approach best harnesses the creativity and innovative potential of our employees as well as ensuring greater employee and client satisfaction. The idea of Human centred organization fundamentally changes how an organisation works, therefore it is a disruptive innovation in the company life.

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) established seven principles for Human centred organizations, we fully embraced at Sintetica:

• See difference as an organisational benefit;
• Have as their business objectives usability and accessibility;
• Have a total systems approach;
• Prioritise health, safety and wellbeing;
• Value employees;
• Value openness and trustworthiness;
• Be socially responsible.

Sintetica is highly dependent on innovation, considering that our mission is leadership by innovation.

Our commitment to staying ahead of the game is reflected in the company’s constant reinvention of therapies and drugs in local anaesthesia, pain management and neuromodulation.

To this end, the innovation department is not enough. People at all level of the organization has to be fully engaged to change, showing high degree of leadership.”

How have you implemented the principles of Human centred organization?

“We started several years ago with management culture. Over the years, we have changed our operations and management structure to give staff more power and autonomy. Our managers see now themselves as coaches, motivating staff to improve, offering support and rewarding
staff on merit.

One of our most important targets is what we call ‘peripheral decisional autonomy’ – which means that staff at all level of the company are actively encouraged to make decisions based on their own informed judgment. This diffused leadership is our receipt for the continuous generation of innovation. And we are experiencing great success.

At Sintetica, we want employees to reach their own personal goals, not just company goals. This approach is backed up by ensuring staff have access to high-level training at all time. We set up the Sintetica Never-Ending School, which is supported by MIP; the Politecnico di Milano Business School, to train people to become independent leaders. We also have a democratic digital training programme to make sure we are all keeping up with the digital age.

Respect and responsibility are two key words for us when thinking about employee-relationships at all levels of the organisation. Everyone in the organisation needs to have and show respect for others, and everyone needs to take responsibility for decision-making.”

But what about the employees?

“Generally, I think employees are happier working in an environment that fosters respect, improvement and career development. Passion is a motivating force for the company, and it is important for people to feel that they are making a difference – are having a social impact and making change for the better. We encourage people to smile – this improves wellbeing across the company. A true smile is contagious, and it is the identity of Sintetica and its concept of the company being a great place to work. This last is an objective for all the organization and not just the way to improve productivity. To me happiness can be only a goal.

The benefits we offer employees include smart offices and working conditions, gym membership, a free breakfast, fruit and drinks, that all-important maternity and paternity leave and childcare benefits. We are trying to move from a work-life balance concept to a healthy work life integration one, by providing an innovative platform of options to encourage people to reach their individual career, social and family goals.

This Human centred approach has also ensured we have a very low staff turnover rate and can attract high-level talent despite our medium size.”

What about those outside your company?

“These principles extend to our customers, and we apply to them the same values that define our company. And it means that we, as a company, do everything we can to deliver the best care for patients.

We take our corporate responsibility very seriously.

For example, environmental sustainability is another of our core priorities. We rely on 100% green renewable energy to power our sites. In addition to this, we have also invested in technology to reduce Co2 emissions and water consumption. The company powers all of its manufacturing sites with 100 percent green renewable energy and has
invested in energy-saving digitalised technology plants that reduced CO2 emissions and water consumption. We promote a car sharing scheme for employees.”

What about innovation?

“We are in a very exciting period of growth. Recently, we’ve received the approval for a new drug application in the US which
will improve safety and sterility in hypotension management during surgery. On this side of the Ocean, we are shortly going to receive a pan European approval for a novel chemical entity enhancing the peripheral blocks as a technique of anaesthesia in day surgery. The significance of these achievements shouldn’t be underplayed – we are one of the few medium-sized companies to have achieved these. And the pipeline is full of new medicines, some of those pure disruptive innovations, which will come to market in the next future.

Overall, I would say that the innovative changes we have made to our management structures has allowed us to make a happier, healthier, more innovative and successful company.”

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Award Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2019 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2019- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2019 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards.

Formally the HR & Training Awards, the Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards returns once more, allowing CV magazine to reward the hardworking individuals and firms from across the globe. Recognising innovation and excellence in their sector, as well as their outstanding overall performance in this highly competitive market.

Corporate and executive coaches are the backbone of driving success for an organisation, their mission is to provide individuals with the tools to maximise profits and productivity, but without being too forceful to any people who may work with them. Leading coaches will be quick to identify what the main problems are and to adapt a strategy to implement changes which result in improvements for the business and Individuals.

With the continuous movements in technology and social media the recruitment sector is flourishing. 2018 showed a 10% increase in the UK alone, with the industry employing more than 115,000 people and the average value of permanent placements increasing by 6.4%. With such fierce competition worldwide recruiters are adapting new strategies to this evolving industry.

Showcasing this year’s awards is, Steven Simpson, who commented on the success of the programme and its deserving winners: “Over the years we have seen many outstanding firms take part in the programme, and it is with pride that I share this year’s winners with my readers. I hope all of my winners enjoy even greater success in the future; I will be watching your future endeavours with interest.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit: https://www.corporatevision-news.com/corporate-coaching-recruitment-awards-2019



About Corporate Vision Magazine

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Issue 12 2019

Issue 12 2019

Welcome to the December edition of Corporate Vision magazine. As always, we aim to bring you all of the latest news, features and insightful pieces from across the global corporate landscape. This month, as we get ready to say goodbye to another year, we caught up with Augusto Mitidieri, CEO of Sintetica to find out how he has embraced human-centric innovation. A Swiss pharmaceutical company with an established history, Sintetica enjoys change. It enjoys changing the game, redefining best practices to become a paragon in an industry that moves swiftly and adapts quickly.

Consider innovation to be our word of the year. Over the last twelve months and twelve issues we’ve celebrated and showcased some of the most creative, ambitious and original businesses on the worldwide marketplace. Companies that have yearned to change their industries for the better, to drive towards a brighter future. This year, more than most, we’ve seen great highs and lows as the world has appeared to become singularly defined by two very different extremes.

Yet, if there’s one place that has been consistent, bar one or two anomalies, it’s the world of business. Particularly the world of small business- in particular businesses that remain small to be agile and dynamic. We hope to have made our readers more aware of these companies and the way that they are changing their market for the better over the last year and into the next.

But, for now, Corporate Vision Magazine wishes you a wonderful rest of the year. We always love to hear from our readers, so please do get in touch with your thoughts.

The Proposal People


The stakes are high in the world of sales bids – winning strategic new business can translate to bottom-line growth and market leadership. However, getting from the RFP stage to a winning proposal can overwhelm many sales and proposal teams, especially given the volume and complexity of requests under tight deadlines.

That’s where Expedience Software comes in. Its flexible and easy proposal automation solution – built for proposal teams by proposal veterans – streamlines the process while allowing for customized responses, full content control and data security. Following the firm’s recognition in CV’s Corporate Excellence programme, we took a closer look at Expedience Software to find out more.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft® Office, Expedience Software drives better proposal quality while accelerating the speed and effectiveness of bid and proposal teams globally.

Proposals are instrumental to the business development process, both as a way of raising capital and raising awareness of a company. At the end of the day, products and services require tailored messaging to present a winning bid, not just a quote sheet summarising line items and prices.

With a chronic understaffing problem and documents being passed pillar-to-post between multiple departments, it’s no surprise that by the end of the process, customers find themselves frustrated by their proposal documents’ lack of consistency and quality.

Automation solutions frequently go wasted with no one to manage the tool or solutions more complex than the problems needing to be solved. On the other hand, there are all the sunk-in costs of a manual proposal process. Companies cannot afford the compliance risk
and other liabilities associated with mistakes being made. This is where Expedience captures the market, thanks to its ease-ofuse and deliberate design.

Offering not just a program, but a complete solution, Expedience is built where proposal writers live, in Microsoft Word. From directly within Word, content may be selected, updated, and formatted without ever leaving the Word environment. Expedience can reduce proposal turnaround by 80% — with responses that are accurate, consistent and fast.

The company’s founders are pioneers in the RFP and bid software field, and more importantly, they understand the challenging work of proposal production faced by proposal people.

“We understand that proposal teams are pressed by deadlines and if the solution isn’t easy, they will create workarounds to meet their submission timelines,” notes Melissa Mabon, founder, CEO and president of Expedience Software.

Mabon, who has more than 20 years of RFP and bid software development experience, previously was co-founder and CTO of Pragmatech Software, Inc., creator of the RFP Machine®.

Former proposal writers and managers themselves, Expedience’s Client Services team has 20+ years of experience implementing proposal automation software.

The team provides personalized support and helps clients leverage the best content in order to create the most efficient and productive plan for the initial implementation. With a focus on continuous improvement, extensible design and client selfsufficiency, the Client Services team assists clients every step of the way to ensure success. All content strictly complies with the clients’ style and branding guidelines. That means when Expedience completes an implementation, end users can trust that all content is both consistent and accurate.

With major client footholds in countries like the United States, the UK and Germany to name a few, it’s no surprise that Expedience has thrived, with hundreds of clients spanning industries such as financial and asset management, healthcare, and manufacturing, amongst others.

Expedience’s success depends on working closely with clients to ensure success. With a depth of knowledge in proposal processes, best practice and an unmatched mastery of Microsoft Word, Expedience tailors its solution to match clients’ requirements, as these examples illustrate.

Travel, Tech Clients Leverage Expedience

Known for ‘Business travel made simple,’ Australiabased QBT specializes in intuitive booking technologies, strategic account management, reporting and cost savings for its corporate travel clients, including its No. 1 client: the Australian Government.

Despite embracing a seamless and stress-free travel experience for its clients, QBT struggled to find a seamless process for responding to RFPs and other bid opportunities. Expedience implemented the Proposal Automation suite, along with its specialized Excel RFP product. The Excel add-on package greatly simplifies Excel RFP responses by integrating them with Microsoft® Word.

Since going live, QBT reports that their bid and RFP response process is much more efficient and allows bid team members to focus on the things that “really matter in the business.”

Sara Nedelkoska, commercial bid writer, reports that the amount of time she and other team members save using Expedience has been significant.

Another client, Netherlandsbased cloud solution provider Open Line, operates in a complex sales environment. Serving clients in the healthcare, government, industry and enterprise business sectors, QBT had no ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that fits all the RFP requests it receives; instead, it must tailor each proposal.

“The fact that we have a library of content for our teams to go into and see is just excellent,” she adds.
Expedience created five different structured documents for Open Line in its “Assembler” tool, giving bid writers instant access to fully approved, pre-formatted content. This provided several advantages:

• Teams can create proactive proposals through guided checkboxes
• Proposal administrators can easily roll out solution to other departments
• Proposals are created in moments, not days, with rapid automated assembly

Integrated within the Microsoft Office suite, the Expedience platform takes the guesswork out of style issues and formatting. Open Line’s identity is guaranteed across different text-blocks with consistent treatment of bulleted lists, tables and headlines.

“We now can complete proposals much quicker than before,” says Sandra van de Mortel, Bid Desk manager. ‘The fact that it is integrated within the Microsoft Office suite gave us the assurance that it is easy to use and future-proofs our investment.’
Innovation Mindset Part of Expedience’s success hinges on the talent and collaborative spirit of its staff. Encouraging innovation and embracing a remote organisational model, employees are given the freedom, tools, and opportunity to help mould and shape the product road map.

In this spirit, it wasn’t an engineer, but the VP of Sales, Jason Anderson, who helped simplify a new product based on his own decade-long experience creating proposals as a sales consultant. Similarly, engineers work with customers – giving clients the benefit of their experience, while also gaining first-hand experiences of technical challenges. This intimacy keeps Expedience staff focused 100% on helping proposal clients succeed more easily.

New Software Update Looking forward, there’s an exciting update to Expedience coming out in early 2020. Logic-driven and attuned to the needs of today’s busy proposal administrators, Expedience 2020 drives greater convenience and utility and above all, visibility into teams’ proposal process.

With more flexibility, insights and proposal management options, Expedience 2020 is well positioned to take the RFP and proposal industry by storm.

Part of the release includes a new intuitive, flexible proposal management tool that helps organizations create an effective response framework and strategy. This tool, called Proposal Maestra, opens directly in an RFP Word file, allowing teams to dissect the RFP to make a bid/ no-bid decision, flag questions, identify win themes, assign SMEs and track their team’s progress throughout the proposal-creation process, ensuring compliance and version control.

It’s designed to allow the potentially disparate group of people engaged in the bid to collaborate together at the appropriate times and works like all Expedience software, directly in Microsoft Word.

It seems the only way is up for Expedience and its Word-based products. Expedience puts significant care into ensuring that their tools are both useful and used well by its clients, contributing to the software’s success worldwide. Saving time and energy in an already frantic workplace, Expedience allows proposal and sales teams to focus on what is important to their company and to get the most value out of the time they invest in bids and RFPs.

Made for the proposal world by proposal people, Expedience does a lot of the heavy lifting, so they don’t have to.

Why Microsoft
Expedience is betting on Microsoft as the foundation for its proposal automation software and with good reason. Not only is it the software everyone uses to craft proposals, but it also has new enhancements that allow teams to work in both the cloud and desktop environment.

The latest version of Microsoft Office – Office 365 (Business Premium) – builds on the real-time web collaboration of Microsoft 2016, expanding it to create a true seamless experience for users. It does this by closely integrating online and desktop versions of Word with other Microsoft products, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Sharing files, working remotely, collaborating in real time – all activities enabled in the cloud – are increasingly available alongside Microsoft’s feature-rich desktop applications. Expedience’s software embraces the cloud and will incorporate Microsoft’s new capabilities in cognitive services and ways of enhancing users’ experience both on the desktop and in the cloud.

“That’s the direction the market is headed – there will be this ever-seamless connection between the speed and ease of the desktop with the power and reach of the cloud,” says Expedience Founder, President and CEO Melissa Mabon.

Contact: Sharon Coddington
Company: Expedience Software
Website: https://expediencesoftware.com

A Frosty Reception: Don’t Let The Work Christmas Party End In Tears


With festive functions in full swing, getting ‘merry’ with our colleagues is one way many of us like to wind down after a busy year. But a leading lawyer has warned the office Christmas party can sometimes create issues of its own which employers may find themselves responsible for if things go wrong.

From the risk of being landed with an expensive court case, staff members losing their jobs and firms suffering damage to their reputation, the potential fall-out from a Christmas party can be serious.

And, in light of a growing line of case law suggesting that an employer may be found responsible for their (albeit unreasonable) employees’ actions, if there is a clear link between the employment and an incident which happens, employers should be aware of how to protect themselves in advance.

Louise Plant, Senior Associate and head of personal injury at Ipswich-based law firm Prettys, looks at the ‘dos and don’ts’ to ensure Christmas parties don’t leave employers or their staff with a terrible hangover…

DO carry out a risk assessment 

Said Louise: “It is hard for an employer to protect themselves from every potential eventuality but a suitable risk assessment taking into account the venue, travel arrangements and the amount of alcohol being provided (and on what basis) amongst other things should be considered”.

This should help to identify any potential hazards and highlight the issues that should be considered such as; excessive drinking that can contribute to other risks such as spillages and broken glass.

It may also be worth considering controlling the amount of free alcohol that is on offer and ensuring soft beverages are also available for staff.

As well as these issues, a risk assessment will outline appropriate safety measures to take in order to reduce the risks posed by excessive drinking, and could go as far as to provide information such as what to do if an employee does become aggressive and causes harm to another.

DON’T forget you’re still at work

Although Christmas parties often take place at a separate venue, depending upon the facts of each case, the law may recognise that venue as an extension of the workplace due to the fact that they are so closely linked to work.

And, while it is difficult to account for the actions of individuals, it is worthwhile reiterating to employees beforehand that certain rules relating to their behaviour still apply, as well as reminding them of your policies in terms of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

The ramifications of an act of misconduct on the part of an employee could be far reaching:

• If the misconduct is so serious as to amount to gross misconduct, this may result in the employee’s dismissal.

• The employer’s reputation could be at risk with the actions of the employee reflecting badly upon the employer and their business.

• If someone was injured / hurt as a result of the misconduct, a claim for personal injury and loss could be made by that person against the employer and the employee for the incident that took place.

•The act of misconduct could result in damage to working relationships throughout the employer’s business.

DO be prepared to take appropriate action

Over the years the courts have expanded the principle of vicarious liability, said Louise. “Generally, employers are finding it more difficult to escape responsibility when it comes to the actions of their employees.”

Whether it is unwanted advances, comments that could constitute sexual harassment or acts of violence, a claim for compensation against an employer for the actions of their employee could be successfully made, despite the actions of those employees appearing to be “rogue”.

Therefore, should an incident like this arise, it is important that you take steps to record, and investigate the allegations being made. An employer will then need to ensure that they take steps accordingly such as taking appropriate action against the employee, or reporting the accident to your employer’s liability insurer, again if appropriate.

Following on from the above, it is important therefore that you ensure that your insurance policies are in place that cover you and your employee’s welfare and liabilities and that those policies are up to date.

The taking of the above steps and preventative measures could mean that if a claim is brought against an employer, they would not be found at fault for the actions or misconduct of their employee.

Each incident or case will be dependent on its own facts and the steps taken by the employer including the advice or guidance given to their employees will be considered.

Christmas parties are a great opportunity for employers and colleagues to come together and enjoy the chance to let their hair down after working hard all year. It is a shame that these considerations are required, but the implementation of some caution, may just lessen any potential long-term hangover should things go wrong.

Sterling Sales Firm Secure Success


As technology continues to permeate almost every area of life and business in the twenty-first century, standing out in a crowd of businesses clamouring for attention is important. Helping biopharmaceutical and medical device organisations do just that, is Delta Point Inc. who has become one of the most influential leaders in sales and marketing across the United States. Discover more about their remarkable success as we profile the dynamic firm.

In a world that is obsessed with customer interaction, brand awareness, and standing out amongst highly-competitive markets, Delta Point acts as a premier life sciences consulting firm to help boost those areas for medicinal companies. Based on the renowned philosophies of best-selling author and nationallyrecognised sales expert Jerry Acuff, the firm operate with the belief that valued relationships result in business impact. By becoming true partners that are fully entrenched in client brands, the firm work tirelessly to help increase awareness, overcome challenges, drive business growth, and deliver a values-led culture.

Having worked with fifteen out of the top one hundred companies in the world, Delta Point teach sales and marketing organisations how to encourage growth and engagement. Accelerating the sales of products that are underperforming, or in a highly competitive market, the advice can be applied to most major industries and sectors. As well as the pharmaceutical and biotech companies that the team at Delta Point works closely with, they also serve a number of major car rental firms, financial advisors, realtors, veterinary companies, and many others.

Sales force can often be the aspect that makes or breaks a product, determining whether or not it is hugely successful and worth pursuing, or if it is moderately successful and could possibly cost the company in the long run. Delta Point’s teaching aims at showing organisations and individuals within companies how to maximise sales force and engagement in a myriad of different ways.

Those areas stretch far and wide, with expertise in each of them ensuring that any client of Delta Point is getting the best advice, sales and marketing strategies that money can buy in the twenty-first century. From building valuable business relationships in important situations, to thinking like the customer in selling situations, there is plenty on offer that clients are encouraged to take advantage of. Other notable lessons that the firm can teach include teaching sales leaders how to coach sales people through a Coaching Catalyst programme, and helping marketing teams develop campaigns that get clients to strongly consider products.

Another exciting area that Delta Point work in is offering workshops for sales and marketing teams, prompting them to ask their clients and potential end-users the right questions. More than the surface-level questions that every salesperson seems to ask, but the penetrating ones that get the client to want to answer, with honesty about how the product might affect their lives for the better.

From the top down right the way through the company, the staff are what have made Delta Point into the success it is today. Over the course of eighteen years, employees at the firm have continued to be the best consultants and trainers across all the industries that they serve. Staff are continually creative, customer-focused and completely driven in their desire to contribute something to the success of the firm. Excellence, integrity and innovation are the beating heart of the firm, and staff play a crucial role in developing all three, from the interns right up to the President of the company.

During the years since the turn of the century, the company has seen increased longevity with its clients and large amount of repeat service, thanks to the hard work and dedication that staff constantly display. With more than 90% of business coming from current clients or referrals, the fact that people are talking about how good Delta Point are means only good things moving forward for the firm.

However, for all their success within the biopharmaceutical and medicinal industries, Delta Point’s work does not come without challenges. One continuing trend has seen a steady decline in the number of sales representatives working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space. In spite of the apparently problematic nature that fact may initially appear as, it actually is a bonus for the company.

With there being fewer calls being made from sales representatives, each call becomes infinitely more important to get right. The need for sales improvement training has increased drastically, to ensure that sales reps working in the industry are being as
effective as they possibly can be. Delta Point have assured clients that they are going nowhere, and are more determined than ever to help individual salespeople get the support they need to stay on top of their game and deliver for their companies.

Looking to the future, continuing to develop their technological skills and platform-based work is paramount to the ongoing success of Delta Point. With plans including expansion of sales coaching platforms, and continuing provision of virtual training on the cards, salespeople of the future can rest easy in the knowledge that as times and industries progress, so too will the firm helping them stay afloat.

One of the other major benefits to hosting virtual training on a digital platform is that clients can continually revisit and reutilise the ideas and concepts that Delta Point teach. As well as enabling clients to be able to access training materials around the clock, the firm also plans to do more work in helping marketing teams develop campaigns that lead to sales dialogue which have impact, and eventually branch into technology-based industries.
Rather than spend hours poring over a business to try and figure out how a one-size-fits-all solution can work for a client, Delta Point themselves work for their clients. Diagnosing unique situations and offering bespoke practical solutions to help address those situations, the firm don’t just tell their clients what to do to fix a problem; they teach them how to do it. Partnering with their clients to then execute that plan to perfection, the firm also stick around help keep those plans in place until they have become ingrained in everything the company does. That way, everybody wins and the client
can reap the rewards of the firm’s hard work.

Building on years of knowing what works and what doesn’t, there is no better firm to trust with sales and marketing consulting than Delta Point. With wisdom, excellence and insight at all levels, they are the perfect partner for any project or product in need of an injection of vibrancy and engagement.

Company: Delta Point Inc.
Contact: Jerry Acuff
Website: www.deltapoint.com

Remarkable Realtors


Launched in July 2017, 99home has quickly cemented its place in the online hybrid real estate market as a major player. Now the fifth-largest hybrid agency in the United Kingdom, find out why it is also the nation’s most innovative online real estate agency in 2019.

When it comes to real estate, there’s nothing more important than finding the right property at the right price. As technology has rapidly improved capabilities of all businesses, finding that perfect property online is easier than ever before. However, it isn’t enough to simply find the property, as a team of dedicated staff must also do everything they can to make the buying, selling, renting, mortgaging, or conveyancing process as smooth as possible. Enter 99home, a truly innovative platform where potential clients can find both elements married together into an outstanding hybrid real estate agency.

Operating as an online service round the clock, all parties involved in any buying process want to be have the peace of mind that often comes outside working hours. Buyers want to know that they have made the right decision and check a property again, and sellers will want to rest assured that their property is valued correctly. Being an online service, that knowledge is readily available at the click of a mouse, or tap of a screen for many people. 99home is a one-stop-shop for all things real estate.

More than just readily-available, that knowledge is always kept up-to-date and accurate to ensure that clients can have peace of mind whenever they require it. As well as the accurate knowledge, this hybrid agency operates with transparent, fixed fees that are based solely on the services that clients. No up-selling, no added hidden fees that can come as nasty surprises. With 99home, clients get the very best service for their money without the worry of anything extra.

Where 99home stands out as truly innovative is in their constant application of new technologies to their online service. All stages of the process are available for tracking so that clients can keep up-to-date on where their buying, selling, renting or mortgaging process is up to. With complete ease of access and use, this platform is standing out amongst a wave of hybrid agencies all claiming to deliver innovation and accessibility.

It isn’t just technology that plays a vital role in the continued success of 99home however, as the staff are just as integral a part of the system. Staff play a massive role in customer service, ensuring that once a property has been found online and booked for a viewing, they are on hand to host with all the necessary information and more. The staff are friendly, always showing clients around with a smile.

Looking to the future of the firm, 99home are seeking to expand their services with even more technological aspects and platforms to help make the buying and selling process more complete for clients. That will include launching an advanced method of real estate work by introducing their own auction platform, just-sold.co.uk, as well as a short-let platform. Buying and selling can be a tricky maze to navigate, but 99home have generated a platform that has made it simple, easy and effective. With innovative use of technology to bring all aspects of the real estate process into the hybrid world, seldom has it been
easier to move home than it is with this outstanding agency.

Company: 99home Ltd.
Contact: Vijay Vashistha
Website: https://www.99home.co.uk/