Built On Innovation

AVTECH offers the leading proactive environment monitor worldwide – Room Alert. They have a diverse customer base, ranging from small businesses with just a few employees all the way through to every branch of the U.S. military. Recently, we profiled the business to discover how they established themselves as one of the best in environment monitoring solutions.

From their base in Rhode Island, Room Alert can be found protecting data centers, facilities, and critical assets in 186 of 196 countries. Room Alert is designed to help monitor the physical environment in any type of facility. Many other users have Room Alert protecting restaurants, warehouses, medical and pharmaceutical sites, residential and commercial real estate, and more.

Room Alert users can also take advantage of the patented Monitor360 technology, which allows them to create virtual sensors and alerts based on any combination of the sensors that they are currently using along with their Room Alert monitors. Only Monitor360 can tell the user why there’s a problem, helping them to respond even faster and drastically reducing any potential downtime or damages.

AVTECH was founded in 1988, and they originally focused on providing monitoring software for computers and supporting hardware networkwide. With the rapid rise of data center growth, they recognized that data center operators would need to monitor the key environmental factors that could lead to downtime – temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, air flow, and more.

Security has always been a primary focus for organizations when it comes to preventing downtime and data loss, and rightfully so. However, many organizations don’t realize that almost 30% of their outages are directly due to environment factors. Therefore, Room Alert is a crucial safeguard at every facility to help protect them against costly downtime.

Room Alert offers a wide range of sensors that allow users to make sure that they’re monitoring every possible area within their facility, and the factors they are most concerned about. They also offer two different software monitoring platforms, the Room Alert Account portal that was called “one of the best online platforms in the world” by a leading international telecom provider, as well as a local software client that users can download and install on their network. Users can combine or use these platforms separately to customize their alerts and reporting from Room Alert monitors.

Customers normally find AVTECH after they’ve experienced environment-related downtime. In many instances, they simply weren’t aware budget-friendly environment monitors existed, and after they’ve lost productivity and revenue, they research ways to prevent that from happening again. Once they find Room Alert, they are able to quickly purchase and install the monitors and sensors to set up early warnings to prevent further costly downtime.

They also have a wide range of authorized Room Alert Resellers across the globe, many of whom will introduce their customers to Room Alert while they are reviewing their business continuity plans.

As a hardware & software developer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, innovation is a core concept that has helped to build and drive the company. Employees from every department are encouraged to think of new ideas and processes that would improve customer experience, as well as employee experience.

Nearly all the firm’s employees are located in the primary corporate location in Warren, RI and everyone works together on a daily basis. Interdepartmental meetings are the norm, and company communications go out to everyone on a regular basis to keep all staff members updated on what other departments are currently working on. That familiarity gives everyone the comfort level to approach other team members, or company leadership, with ideas that can quickly grow into new features or products in a relatively short amount of time.

Technology has always been a male-driven field, so it’s an encouraging sign that 50% of AVTECH’s engineering team identify as female. These employees were hired due to their skills, background and merit, and it shows in the quality of their work and in the way that they are so highly valued by their co-workers.

AVTECH is very lucky to be located in a region that’s surrounded by excellent schools, colleges, and universities. They take part in multiple campus job fairs every year to meet new people that could end up becoming an AVTECH team member in the future. They run internships year-round that attract extremely qualified candidates who are approaching their graduation.

AVTECH have recently introduced their newest environment monitor, the Room Alert 32S. This new monitor is the most secure and advanced Room Alert to date. Users are growing more conscious of their data safety and security, so they developed and released a Room Alert that offers key security features. These features help many of their users follow data security best practices, while meeting security requirements in some specific industries.

They expect to have new Room Alerts in the marketplace later this year, that they anticipate to be extremely popular with users who have a focus on data and network security. Due to continued growth, they opened an international sales office in the Middle East in March 2020 to better serve the firm’s rapidly growing user base in that region. Lastly, AVTECH’s international distribution facility, which opened in Ireland in 2018, has led to even faster international sales growth than anticipated.

Contact: Russell Benoit
Web Address: www.AVTECH.com

How to Find the Perfect Match for Your Business

How to Find the Perfect Match for Your Business

Studies from the Manpower Group found that 45% of employers struggle to find potential’ is missing from the articleemployees with the skillset needed to achieve the job. When looking to hire people for your business, it’s important to consider not only what they can do for their job role, but how they can positively impact the results and productivity of the business as a whole. The smaller the business and employee number, the more important it is to ensure the person is the right fit. But it can be difficult to find the perfect match on paper, so how can businesses seek to acquire the best talent?

Seek Creativity

One of the best attributes many jobs require is a creative candidate. Even the most technical, structured jobs can benefit from creativity to streamline processes or find better ways of doing things. One way of finding this creativity is to consider how the candidate presents themselves.

A trick many candidates have learned is to showcase their CV in a clever way. Twitter shared that an interviewee had presented their CV as though it were their Twitter page; confectionery company Candy Kittens saw a CV that was presented as a bag of their candy; while a marketing graduate handed out copies of his CV at Waterloo Station – and even bagged a job. Finding creative candidates can often be more useful to company growth than just those who are technically able to do the job.

Adapt the Process

One of the ways in which you can find the right fit for your company is by changing how people approach you for a job. Rather than have a system for sending CVs and generic cover letters and then sifting through them, companies should consider higher barriers to entry. Given that each role sees 100s of CVs, adding additional steps will eliminate those who are just applying for the sake of it.  

Indeed, AI has found that many people ‘cheat’ application systems to better land the job – regardless of how much of a fit they are. You could consider adding questions that require an answer, or even a small task relevant to the job role. This will ensure you receive CVs from those who are actually interested in the job. It will also give you a chance to see what these people can do, which might not always translate well to a CV and cover letter. This can help streamline the process and isolate the talent you need.

Utilise Social Channels

The interconnected world of social media, and platforms where we share information about ourselves, could be useful in finding the perfect match. There are countless sites – including Clippings.me and Squarespace – that allow candidates to showcase their portfolios and examples of their work that surpass just a CV. A carefully cultivated LinkedIn page or even a professional Twitter could give you a better look at some candidates.

One of the more interesting recruiting tips, as highlighted by Lusha, include using more surprising social channels to find the right candidate. Snapchat, for instance, can be used effectively according to the Director of Talent & Culture at Likeable Media. Candidates that they like are offered the chance to follow up on Snapchat, providing an informal setting as well as attracting candidates who might have a more creative edge.

You Can’t Teach Personality

One aspect to consider when finding the right talent is to assess the candidates based on what they know – and what can be learned. 27% of employers claimed that candidates lacked both the interpersonal ability and the efficacy to do the job. Many millennial companies highlight people over what they can do, suggesting it is more important to hire someone who will be a good fit in the company and its culture rather than someone who simply can do the job.

After all, most job roles can be taught, and training can be provided (54% of employers conduct additional training once the employee has been hired). The Airport Test is a useful indicator of a person’s interpersonal capacity and can bring you the raw personality first. It asks: would I want to be stuck in an airport with this candidate? The technical know-how can often be taught later, but personality isn’t something you can learn.

Often, hiring managers think about the candidate who is the right fit for the company first and then the job second. Most jobs attract enough people who are proficient at them, so in order to find the person that will help unlock growth for your business, prioritising who they are and their capabilities as a full package is more important.

Issue 4 2020

Corporate Vision Issue 4 2020 cover

Welcome to the April edition of Corporate Vision magazine. As always, we aim to bring you all of the latest news and features from across the global corporate landscape.

It would be safe to say that the world of business is practically at a standstill, with industries facing what was previously considered an impossible situation. We’ve had seemingly unstoppable firms face difficult choices, as they plan and decide on how best to continue. For many, it has (and will continue to be) a baptism of fire.

But, that’s not to say that there isn’t any reason to still celebrate successes, because – let’s be clear here – there are still things to celebrate. Arguably, now more than ever, we need those successes to remind us that this situation is not normal and while it may take some time to recover, recover we shall. For now, let us keep positive and focused.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and well. Corporate Vision will be here to deliver the latest features for the future of better business.

Laura Brookes

Senior Editor

Ensuring Excellent Engagement


Engaging with potential clients on social media is an increasingly important method of communication for many businesses in the world today. Salespeople trawl through their inboxes in search of compelling and relevant content to help kickstart a meaningful and valuable conversation. However, that could all change. Enter Grapevine6, an enterprise social and digital sales engagement platform. Following the company’s well-deserved recognition as the ‘Most Outstanding Content Engagement Platform in the USA’, we profiled Grapevine6 to find out more.

Imagine instead of sitting at your desk and spending hours trawling through an inbox in search of relevant content, the content you were searching for so longingly popped straight into your inbox for you. Imagine you could finally connect with buyers and clients with powerfully personalized content that builds trusting relationships and represents enormous opportunities. Imagine capitalizing on the pulling power of social media to outperform the competition, captivate customers, and deliver measurable ROI. It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Grapevine6 is an innovative platform that has made it easier than ever before to allow salesforces all over the world to share meaningful content with prospects and clients around the globe.

Sharing information can be vitally useful in solving problems and building relationships. That is the belief of the team of curious entrepreneurs and engineers behind Grapevine6. So, they set about developing the technology to uncover and deliver the most reliable and relevant information from around the globe and make it easily shareable. The team brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of backgrounds, including software architecture, user experience technologies, client relationships, and project management. Under the sage guidance of co-founder and CEO Mike Orr and co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Wayne Gomes, the platform has won a number of awards and cultivated a reputation for being creative, flexible, and easy to partner with.

Working smarter and faster no longer has to be an unachievable dream for those working in sales. Grapevine6’s game-changing platform analyzes the interests and posts on the personal digital profile of an employee, and then picks the best content from across the web based on that profile. Salespeople can then choose which of the selected articles to share on their corporate profiles, making it effortlessly easy to connect with prospects and clients. This added level of connection can create a unique and authentic voice in any interaction, as well as build deeper and richer relationships. Your target audiences will remember you as the salesperson that connected with them in a way that competitors simply couldn’t match.

Grapevine6’s artificial intelligence engine searches through thousands of articles from thousands of sources across the Internet, all so you don’t have to. Searching around the clock and around the world, your salesforce has the most reliable and relevant content at the click of a mouse. With a wealth of content at your fingertips, it’s as easy as selecting which content to use, then posting it on social media to complement your own personal, professional, or corporate brand. Grapevine6 also boasts an easy-to-use mobile app, for salespeople who are on the go all the time, making it easy to post wherever and whenever.

However, the brilliance of the platform doesn’t end there. Salespeople can reap the rewards of Grapevine6’s hard work by building relationships with important clients, and the superiority of the service goes even further. With a deep analytics and comprehensive reporting system, you can view the engagements that the posting has generated, offering tangible and measurable impacts on a business. By having a better understanding of what content is performing the best, you can further tailor posts to ensure maximum engagement.

Those on the frontlines of digital selling have come to the realization that this method is no longer just an option; it is, in fact, a necessity for the businesses of today’s world. Whether it’s banking reps and mortgage advisers needing the tools to stand out against the competition, or insurance agents needing to build credibility as value experts, or technology wizards needing a competitive advantage that shows off a savvy understanding of the latest developments, Grapevine6 can help. This platform’s innovation is clear to see, and it provides salespeople with a tool that the industry has been crying out for.

Contact: Mike Orr
Website: www.grapevine6.com

App-t for Adventure!


The value of a memorable experience has taken on new value as more and more people find enjoyment in exploring new countries and cultures. Alpacr is an app designed to act as the home for these experiences, providing somewhere to share where people have been or find a new place to visit. Recognised in our sister publication, SME News’ Business Elite Awards as Leading Travel Blogging Platform, 2020, we at Corporate Vision decided to share a little more about a start-up set to take the world by storm.

Travel is key to the attitudes of 18-30-year olds, as the ability to go all around the world with ease has become a highly valued commodity. Alpacr aims to be the home for this nomadic community, tying together the various strands that this group values most. It’s a place to share words of wisdom and pictures of power, somewhere to recommend and be recommended. In a world that is increasingly interested in a global worldview, Alpacr is an app built around discovering a world without borders. And it very nearly collapsed overnight.

After a couple of exceptional launch years, which saw Alpacr make its mark across Europe, there was a great deal of positive energy about the company. Awards were won with Richard Branson, and one of YikYak’s founders, Tyler Droll, joined the team. Things went downhill suddenly and quickly, however. As the sun set on a Bali beach, the $420,000 investment that CEO Dan Swygart had expected fell through. Despite constantly working on raising the capital, it became a reality of $100,000. By this point, Swygart had built up a strong team of software developers, all of whom were working on the company’s biggest feature update and launching in South-East Asia. The success of Alpacr depended on finding this investment.

As any company leader will say, tenacity and determination are the watchwords of good business, and as the company began to haemorrhage money, Swygart left the UK for Silicon Valley. Here, he donned an Alpacr mask and cardboard sign, advertising the potential of his businesses to all who passed. This unconventional method proved incredibly effective, drawing investors from the SandHill Angels, to one of the people who helped Steve Jobs build Apple’s success. By the end of his time in Silicon Valley, Swygart had managed not only to raise the investment he needed, but had made a host of new and useful contacts for the future.

All of this happened in 2019, but 2020 seems set to herald a new, more stable situation for the business. Much like its audience, the app retains a global attitude and has team members spread all over with the world, in Cardiff in the UK, Silicon Valley in the USA, and Bali in Indonesia. Alpacr continues to be popular amongst travellers, with its simplicity and ease of use acting as a major positive for users. It’s this continued closeness with user experience that has allowed Alpacr to grow so successfully.

The team has been able to work on what looks like the platform’s biggest ever feature updates, building upon addictiveness, community, video content, and viral growth effects. This will be combined with the company’s biggest marketing campaign yet, introducing the platform to a whole new audience. A return to Silicon Valley is also in order, with the aim of securing the next round of investment that the company requires.

Travel broadens the mind, and Alpacr has had to travel far and learn quickly in order to keep going. Now, however, it seems solid in its standing with the sterling efforts of Dan Swygart ensuring that it stays afloat. It’s becoming easier to travel around the world, and to share the world we see with others. Apps like Alpacr encourage both, feeding an audience that can expand its incredible success.

Company: Alpacr
Contact: Dan Swygart
Website: www.alpacr.com

Font of All Knowledge


Personal and professional growth depends almost entirely on the skills learned and knowledge acquired. Too many organizations fail to encourage this sort of development, especially when relating them to soft skills. CrossKnowledge is the solution, with the team winning Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence award for Most Outstanding Tailored Learning Management System, 2020. Having won this achievement, we look more closely at the company to find out more.

CrossKnowledge has twenty years of history behind it, and in that time has grown to be a global leader in the world of digital learning solutions. With 12 million users in 130 countries, CrossKnowledge has been key to the growth and success of thousands of companies. Its expansion has seen various phases, each allowing the company to become even stronger as an organization.

Corporate digital learning solutions have become part and parcel of the development landscape, but since the beginning, CrossKnowledge has focused on these skills with relation to soft skills. Learning depends heavily on the demands and requirements of the clients, and CrossKnowledge is able to provide a variety of different solutions to suit different situations, including CK Connect, CK Blend and CK Channel.

These end to end solutions are designed by the team, to understand the needs of their learners, targeting the learning objective and providing a way to implement it into a business swiftly and effectively. CrossKnowledge has the formidable ability to adapt to suit the company that it is serving, with each solution being tailored to meet the organization’s needs as well.
The team build each aspect of their solutions on expert opinions and scientific research in order to make sure that their work is suited to the task.

The origins of CrossKnowledge as a learning organization has been key to its growth, and reflects the way in which the team are continuously working towards satisfying customer requirements while incorporating technological innovations. Recently, the company has released its award-winning solution CK Blend, which is specifically designed to redefine structured training by bringing back the human interaction and social aspects of learning. The importance of engaging with all levels of the eco-system is clear to CrossKnowledge and is part of the reason that they have been such a success.

The result is, in fact, a partnership with businesses, providing ways to not only help an organization to reach the next level, but to grow indefinitely. This is one of the reasons why CrossKnowledge is able to count L’Oréal, Primark and Heineken as part of its impressive client list. These ties are nurtured by a team of committed Global Account Managers, each committed to finding ways forward that work for both businesses. Also ensuring the level of trust that is essential between learning partners is CrossKnowledge’s Client Success Team, working alongside companies to provide accountability.

Looking forward, the team have been continuing to develop new solutions to provide more ways of learning. Their newest platform, CK Connect, has recently been sent out to early adopters and will play a major part in the success of this new solution. At its heart, CK Connect is an integrated digital learning solution that helps learners discover and build the skills that personally matter to them.

With so many different ways in which to turn when it comes to learning new skills, it can be a challenge ensuring that all of the employees are committed to maintaining the incredibly high standards that have played a major part in the company’s success. This important aspect is handled at a recruitment and on-boarding stage, with any deviation dealt with and rectified immediately to avoid any negative reaction from CrossKnowledge clients.

CrossKnowledge is exceptional in several regards, but what is most impressive is its earned place as a trusted partner of organizations. The business is built around a commitment to helping employees acquire the skills they need to succeed, connecting with the entire workplace, delivering the most advanced integrated learning experience and measuring the learning outcomes so that success can be recorded. It’s this positive approach that encourages companies to play their trust, and their future, in the hands of this exceptional education supplier.

Contact: Emma Hinde
Website: www.crossknowledge.com

Looking to the Future of Medical Marketing


Medical consumers are looking for a doctor they can trust, and they are turning to reviews in increasing numbers to make those critical decisions. SocialClimb’s three-tiered strategy helps medical practices and doctors get seen by consumers in Google’s Local Search results, target and attract ideal patients, and measure the ROI of their marketing spend. Their innovative approach moves beyond what other reputation management companies offer to attract a better patient mix and bring medical consumers and doctors together in mutually beneficial ways.

Medical marketing has undergone a transformation in today’s digital world. With an endless supply of information at their fingertips, medical consumers have changed the way they seek out medical care. Gone are the days when finding a doctor was as simple as getting a referral from a primary care physician. Bulk mailers, radio ads, and billboard advertising no longer have a significant marketing impact. Instead, prospective patients are turning to the internet to do their own research, and a large portion of patients look at reviews first when they are searching for a physician.

Today’s effective marketing efforts focus on reaching potential patients at their decision-making points. Physicians and practices need to show up in online searches with the credentials to be trusted by an internetsearching generation. They need to manage their online reputation.

SocialClimb understands medical consumer behavior and has built an innovative platform that will automate patient acquisition and grow medical practices. Their platform puts medical practices and physicians in a position to be seen—and chosen—by prospective patients as they search for medical care near them. With SocialClimb, clients are able to grow the value of their practice, expand providers and locations with confidence, and track the impact of their marketing spend.

Who Is SocialClimb?
The SocialClimb vision was born when founder and CEO, Ty Allen, experienced a life-threatening injury. He quickly learned how difficult it could be to make decisions as a medical consumer in the United States.

Faced with a spinal cord injury and year-long rehabilitation, Allen had to make 10–12 key provider or facility decisions that would significantly affect his recovery and quality of life. Many of these medical decisions had to be made in less than an hour, and yet they all required more information about medical providers than was available to him as a digital-savvy medical consumer.

Allen discovered a disconnect between what medical consumers need to know to make a good decision and how medical practices market themselves. SocialClimb provides a solution to benefit both the medical community and the consumers who need their services.

Seeing Beyond the Basics of Reputation Management With an increasing number of medical consumers choosing a doctor based on reviews, reputation management is essential to medical marketing. SocialClimb’s platform will integrate with a medical practice’s patient management system to auto-send customizable review and/or survey requests to every patient. Simply sending requests for feedback will give voice to the silent majority of happy patients and raise ratings by 1.3 stars on average.

As consumers search for a doctor, results often show up in a Google Local 3-Pack. Google’s search engine finds the three Google My Business (GMB) listings that, according to their criteria, best meet the search being conducted. They base their decision in part on a GMB page that has good information and a high number of reviews. If a physician or a medical practice does not have a GMB page, or if their listing is not optimized, they will not show up in a Google Local 3-Pack.

Most reputation management companies will help physicians and medical practices improve their reviews. Some will even tell medical practices how to claim and optimize their Google My Business (GMB) listings so they can put their great reviews to work for them. SocialClimb takes it a step further. They will claim and optimize GMB listings for their clients so that when those good reviews start coming in, they will be positioned to win at Google’s Local Search.

In addition, SocialClimb has full API integration with Google Insights as well as most patient management systems. This full integration maintains patient privacy while providing access to important data and analytics. It also means that SocialClimb clients can manage everything from a single location. They can view and respond to reviews, watch their rating rise, track how many calls have come in from a GMB listing, set up targeted ads, and access a variety of reports so they can see the results of their marketing efforts.

Large medical groups enjoy an additional benefit due to SocialClimb’s ability to use single sign-on technologies. These large medical groups can use their single sign-on to access their SocialClimb platform. Employees will be able to easily and securely manage their various assigned roles by logging in once.

Taking It to the Next Level
Once a physician or medical practice is dominating Google’s Local Search, they’ll be positioned to use SocialClimb’s automated patient acquisition tools to identify their ideal patients, deliver targeted reputation ads, and measure the ROI of every marketing dollar they spend. Machine learning and deep analytics pave the way for taking medical marketing to this next level.

Because SocialClimb integrates thoroughly with practice management systems, they can access information that will help them identify ideal patients based on several metrics. They also have access to aggregate information on 300 million people throughout the United States across over 200 data points. SocialClimb applies cutting-edge data analysis to all their gathered information to find opportunities for growth uniquely tailored for each medical practice or physician. Their intelligent systems provide ongoing evaluations to track consumer actions and make recommendations based on real-time data merged with demographic and medical case data, allowing SocialClimb to identify individuals trending toward specific future medical care.

SocialClimb’s GO feature will filter down the data to suggest customized Growth Opportunities for their clients. Growth Opportunities can be
enabled based on the needs of individual physicians and practices to send automated reputation ads targeted to individuals identified through machine learning and analytics. With a click of a button, clients can enable these opportunities so that searchers in the targeted areas will see the reputation ad sitting at the top of the Google Local 3-Pack right at their decision-making moments.

A call tracker will then follow these potential new patients as they interact with the ad and GMB page and throughout their care. SocialClimb’s tracking features and comprehensive reports mean medical practices can see the actual return on investment for the money they spend on growing their practice.

A View of the Numbers
Medical practices and physicians who use SocialClimb to manage their reputation and automate their patient acquisition are seeing great results.

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics, headquartered in Maryland, increased their number of reviews by over 2,700% within three months of partnering with SocialClimb. During the same time frame, their star rating improved from 3.67 to 4.79 stars, a 1.1 star increase. They also optimized their GMB listings. Thanks to their improved reviews and newly optimized GMB pages, they quickly began landing at the top of online Local Search results to organically attract new patients.

OrthoCarolina, a large orthopedic group with dozens of locations, began seeing dramatic results within a few months of starting to work with SocialClimb. Their average rating climbed from 3.3 to 4.7 stars, an increase of 1.4 stars. The number of reviews for each location rose from an average of 20 to over 100 reviews. With very little effort from their staff, they were able to regain control of their reputation and begin dominating Local Search results for every location.

Central Ohio Primary Care, a physicians group with over 75 practices that serves over 400,000 patients, has also seen great results with SocialClimb. They have received over 25,000 reviews across all platforms in only 9 months. The number of Google reviews they receive each month increased by 2,400%, going from around 40 reviews a month to over 1,000 a month. Their Google rating moved from 4.22 stars to 4.77 stars with 91% of their reviews having 4 or 5 stars.

Watertown Regional Medical Center, a LifePoint Health medical center located in Wisconsin, also experienced very positive results from working with SocialClimb. Their Google star rating improved from 2.35 stars to 4.63 stars with an overall rating of 4.55 stars across all platforms. They also saw a 1,850% increase in public reviews on a monthly basis. They now receive about 1,600 calls a month from their GMB listing, a significant increase from the 700 a month they were receiving previously. With their improved reputation and growth driven by their reputation management efforts, they have become the toprated hospital in the LifePoint hospital group.

Looking to the Future
SocialClimb is changing the game in medical marketing with the best physician reputation tools on the market, automated reputation ads, and real measurement that lets medical practices track their marketing spend. As a verified Google Partner, they are staying at the forefront of online marketing and incorporating new technology as it emerges.

Medical practices and physicians who partner with SocialClimb benefit from cutting-edge medical marketing that will automate their patient acquisition and grow their practice with confidence. Timely reports will show them the impact of their marketing dollars so they can make strategic decisions to drive the revenue growth they deserve as every growth decision is made in the context of real data points in real time with an informed view of their entire landscape. They will be well positioned to stay ahead of the competition, grow their business on their own terms, and fine-tune their marketing spend to achieve the results they want.

SocialClimb’s platform gives medical practices and physicians the ability to compete and win in today’s medical market. Medical consumers win as well as they gain access to useful data so they can make the best informed decision possible and find a doctor they can trust.

Contact: Ty Allen
Address: 901 Mopac Expressway South, Building 1, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78746
Telephone: (+1) 866-338-8270
Email: [email protected]

Creating New Rules

BreachLock is at the forefront of cyber-security technology. We speak to Seemant Sehgal about the firm as it is awarded the title of 2020’s Most Promising Security Testing Solutions Provider.

USA-based BreachLock offers a unique SaaS platform delivering ondemand, continuous and scalable security testing suitable for modern cloud and DevOps powered businesses.

The BreachLock platform leverages both human-powered penetration testing and AI-powered automated scans to create a powerful and easy to use solution that delivers continuous and on-demand vulnerability management. BreachLocks’s modern SaaS-based approach redefines the old school and time-consuming pen test model into fast and comprehensive security as service. As a result, CIO’s and CISO’s get a single pane view into their application and network security posture. The BreachLock platform facilitates collaboration between your DevOps and BreachLock security researchers empowering them to fix security gaps at the speed of business. Founder and CEO, Seemant Sehgal, tells us more about the firm’s objectives.

“BreachLock is on a mission to ensure all SaaS businesses have access to Affordable, Smarter and Scalable Cyber Security Testing,” he explains. “This is the only way we can help secure both consumers and businesses and eventually our human society. Since our inception, we have focused on the SaaS market as our target audience. As most of our clients are from B2B SaaS space they like the fact that BreachLock offers its services in SaaS format.”

The company enables the clients to request and consume a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks. It has a unique approach that aligns the industry’s best practices that utilise manual as well as automated vulnerability discovery methods. Seemant embellishes on how the system actually works and what that means for the end user.

“We execute in-depth manual penetration testing and provide you with both offline and online reports. We retest your fixes and certify you for executing a Penetration Test. This is followed up with monthly automated scanning delivered via our platform. Throughout this process, you have access to our SaaS and our security experts for any support needed to find, fix, and prevent your next cyber breach.”

BreachLock has been climbing the stairs of success and, in a short period of time, has become the prominent player in the vulnerability management market. Keeping the success rate constant and delivering the best quality services, BreachLock is focused on strengthening and innovating AI and ML capabilities.

“It’s much more than a job here at BreachLock,” enthuses Seemant. “We believe hacking is a ‘mindset,’ not a skill set. We hack, research, and build solutions that push human hackers to find new ways to break and secure technology. We feed “AI” and don’t fear it. We coach, train, and learn from each other. We reward the worthy and respect the right attitude over a shiny resume. These are a few attributes that summarise BreachLock culture. This also helps us attract and retain the right talent.

“This might be a game-changer and will revolutionize how people look at cyber resilience today. Ultimately, we aim to enable businesses to test their cyber resilience in a faster, scalable, and more affordable way in 2020 so that these businesses can keep their data safe.”

Contact: S.Sehgal
Company: BreachLock Inc. Address: 276 5th Avenue, Suite 704 – 3031, New York NY 10001
Telephone: +1 917-779-0009
Web Address: www.breachlock.com

Distinguished Data Protection Services

DPO Centre

With the increasing shift towards an ever more digital society and the rapid recognition of data as a truly valuable resource, the need for data protection has never been more prevalent. Corporate Vision recognises both this fact, and the work of The DPO Centre as the Most Trusted Data Protection Consultancy, 2020 – UK. We had the privilege of speaking with the firm’s founder, Rob Masson, to learn more about this increasingly vital work.

Founded in 2017 by Rob Masson, The DPO Centre is the UK’s leading independent data protection resource centre. With a large team of fully employed data protection officers, or DPOs, located across the country, the firm offers services such as outsourcing those DPOs, GDPR representation, and a full range of consultancy services to clients across a wide range of sectors. In the years since the company’s inception, it has worked with more than three hundred clients ranging from small primary schools, right through to large multinational organisations and leading charities, such as the NSPCC. To begin, Rob Masson, provided us with some insight into how the business has developed, what the future of data protection is, and why The DPO Centre was awarded the title of the UK’s Most Trusted Data Protection Consultancy.

CV: Firstly, thank you for speaking with Corporate Vision about The DPO Centre’s recent success. When and why did you set up The DPO Centre?

RM: I first considered setting up The DPO Centre during 2016, well before the GDPR actually came into force. I’d set up and run several technology and eCommerce companies previously, so was acutely aware of the increasing focus on privacy and how important it is to protect people’s personal information. At the time, everyone was beginning to talk about the GDPR and how it was going to impact their organisation, but few organisations had a clear idea of exactly what it would mean. It was clear that businesses had real needs both in understanding how the new legislation affected them, and how the much wider mandated requirement to appoint a DPO was going to be resourced.

CV: What services does The DPO Centre offer to its clients?

RM: Broadly speaking, our services falls into three main areas – Providing ongoing outsourced data protection officers ‘as-a-service’, Article 27 GDPR representation for organisations that don’t have an EU presence, and then project-based consultancy work and interim support.

Firstly, providing outsourced DPOs is at the core of our business. We employ what is probably the UK’s largest independent team of experienced DPOs. They work on a client’s site as an integral member of their team for anything from 1 to 8 days each month, depending on the client’s need. They fulfil all the statutory requirements of the GDPR, by representing the needs of their data subjects and providing ongoing expert advice, support, and training as required. Each new client undergoes a structured onboarding process, which involves reviewing their current data flows, policies, processes, and procedures for data protection, before creating a roadmap for any necessary changes.

Under the GDPR, organisations based outside of the UK or the EU who are processing the personal data of UK or EU residents must nominate a representative based within the relevant territory. The representative acts as the main point of contact for data subjects and the regulatory authorities within their member state. The DPO Centre provides the services of an EU representative for many organisations, including SaaS platform providers, app and game developers, market research organisations, and many therapeutics and life science organisations conducting clinical trials. After the Brexit transition period has expired, the expectation currently is that separate representation will be required within the UK and the EU, so our UK representative services are delivered through our London office, and our EU services through our Dublin office.

Finally, consultancy projects vary widely, but generally we help organisations to understand their data and the steps they need to take to comply. Invariably, this will involve mapping the company’s personal data flows, compiling an information asset register, understanding how, why, and where the data is processed, and the justification (lawful basis) for the processing. We can then assess the impact of the legislation by identifying gaps between existing practices and full compliance, and defining what needs to be done to become compliant. Other consultancy services include policy drafting and reviews, data protection training for staff, preparing organisations for data protection audits, due diligence for M&A work and other one-off projects to evaluate new processes and designs.

CV: Who does The DPO Centre primarily work with?

RM: We’ve worked with well over 300 clients over the past two years from a wide variety of sectors. These include organisations processing high volumes of data such as software and technology and finance and insurance companies, large retailers, eCommerce, and media businesses. We’ve developed a real expertise in the medical and healthcare sector where there is extensive additional legislation and large quantities of sensitive personal data that often needs to be shared between different agencies. Because all public bodies are required to appoint a DPO, we work a lot in with schools and colleges, and we also work with local and national charities and particularly those protecting or working with vulnerable people.

CV: Why do organisations choose to outsource their data protection?

RM: Organisations outsource for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, outsourcing takes the headache out of recruitment. Data protection specialists with industry knowledge are hard to find and retain, and often the role doesn’t need to be full or even part time, so outsourcing is very cost effective. It also means the DPO is independent from the client’s team and therefore, as required by the regulation, not conflicted with other internal roles they may perform.

Our processes and procedures are continuously updated as the industry changes and our clients benefit from the knowledge of our entire team rather than just that of a single individual. Should a DPO be unavailable, we also provide back up support both from a secondary DPO and our email and telephone advice line. But, by working on site at our client’s offices as an integral member of their team, the DPO becomes immersed in the organisation’s culture so can take a proactive, rather than reactive approach. The DPO’s activities are managed by our head of DPOs, so does not consume the time or attention of the client’s management team.

CV: Why do you think you are so trusted by your clients?

RM: I think our clients trust us because we focus on building close relationships with them. By working regularly on site, our DPOs are part of their team and are able to offer pragmatic advice and recommendations in the context of the client’s business. Having the support of the wider DPO Centre team that is quick and responsive also provides a further dimension to the level of service we offer. It means that when there is a significant incident or major project to undertake then we can provide the necessary resources when they are needed.

The main advantage however is that our clients trust us to ‘own’ the DPO role so they don’t have to. Ultimate responsibility for data protection of course remains with the client, but our service enables day-to-day responsibility to be left to us, enabling management to focus their attention on other pressing issues.

CV: Thank you for your time Mr Masson. Finally, what does the future hold for The DPO Centre?

RM: The one thing that is certain is that privacy and data protection is not going to go away, in fact quite the opposite. New technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and an increasing focus on individuals’ personal rights means that the risks of getting it wrong or being non-compliant will only increase. The benefits of The DPO Centre outsourcing model, coupled with the increasing awareness of the importance of privacy means that we will be able to continue to grow the business by providing a high quality and trustworthy service to all our clients.

Contact: Sarah Leeger
Website: www.dpocentre.com

Marketing Magic!

Vertical3 Media

Digital media is not only incredibly important to successful business operations, but is a rapidly changing industry. Finding experts who are fully up to the high standards that people have come to expect can be a challenge. Enter, Vertical3 Media! This hard-working firm has earned the accolade of Leading Digital Marketing & Advertising Company, 2020 – Florida in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2020. We looked a little closer to find out more.

Marketing is an industry of change and keeping up with that change can make or break a business. The team at Vertical3 Media is committed to ensuring that their clients are not only up to date, but able to achieve everything with online advertising that they want to. Vertical3 Media has nearly a decade of expertise in the field of digital media planning and buying, during which they have managed elite brands and accounts, allowing them to reach their goals in the US, Spanish and Latin American markets.

Based out of Miami, but with offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Bogota (Colombia), this award-winning digital marketing and advertising agency is proud to be able to offer a wide and comprehensive range of services that should satisfy the needs of any company. Combining a wide reach with a boutique attitude has been risky, but also allows for a breadth of operation that many smaller operations envy. Attention to detail is paramount for Vertical3 Media and its clients appreciate the way in which the team is able to account for the smallest detail if necessary. It is this pinpoint focus that has not just brought renowned brands to the business, but has kept them there for years.

The work that Vertical3 Media offers its clients is broad in the extreme, but ties together an agency committed to earning knowledge, acting professionally and building on skills. The result is a detail-oriented, boutique agency with the capacity and ability to cater to big projects such as the digital campaign for the Univision World Cup in 2014 or handling the marketing needs of A&E, Bounty, HBO and Zumba Fitness among others. Designing, structuring and implementing these exceptional solutions takes a great deal of time, as well as creativity and experience. Every aspect of the plan is combined into a simpler, effective way forward. Services are tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.

Vertical3 Media works across several platforms to get the results that clients want, buying advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn among others to increase awareness, generate leads, sales and obtain the results that their clients are looking for. This is only one of the services that Vertical3 Media provides, with the main digital services on offer to clients being Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting, Native Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Amazon, Waze and Tik-Tok. Of course, traditional media still has an important role to play in terms of advertising and the team handles multiple clients’ needs in terms of radio, print or out-of-house promotion.

The clients that Vertical3 Media works for are varied in the extreme. Industries such as entertainment, travel and hospitality, luxury and insurance companies all turn to this team for support. For those agencies
in advertising, PR or creative work that are not yet fortunate enough to have their own digital marketing team, the team from Vertical3 Media are happy to step aboard and act in this role. This allows the business to widen the scope of what is on offer. As specialists, few understand better than the Vertical3 Media team that no one can be the best at everything. In this sort of situation, working together is a far more appealing prospect, with the united forces coming together to form the best possible solution for its clients. The reverse of this is working with local and international brands that want to advertise their services abroad.

The future for Vertical3 Media is incredibly positive with their optimistic approach allowing the team to continue striving to be better than they currently are, as well as offering more innovative solutions that achieve even greater goals for their clients. As always, the aim is growth in terms of clients and in terms of geographic spread. Despite the offices already established in Miami, Bogota and Barcelona, the company feels there is still the potential to look to pastures new.

Like all things, the future of the business is also very much affected by the needs of the market and the way in which marketing develops. Currently, there are still firms that do not see any need to invest in digital advertising, not seeing the extraordinary potential that it contains. In many ways, this fear reflects the way in which there is a lot of new technology and terminology behind it, and that rapid changes mean that it takes a great deal of effort to properly consider what the options are. Vertical3 Media makes a point of educating its clients in what they are doing and why they’re doing it. Doing this effectively really showcases the many advantages that digital marketing can bring to the table and encourages any business operator to take the leap of faith into the digital realm. The main advantage that digital brings to the table is pure numbers, and it is much easier to make business decisions based on numbers than on supposition.

Marketing is an incredibly important weapon for businesses to wield, and the digital sphere presents a range of new opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Businesses like Vertical3 Media are ideally placed to make the most of this potential with an intimate knowledge of the industry and an ability to communicate a clear and resonant message. Often, business turns on not simply having a quick mind, but a smart one too. The results a digital approach brings are cleverer thinking that rewards those who give it a go. It’s what has led Vertical3 Media to its amazing success so far.

Contact: Juan Nunez
Website: www.vertical3media.com

Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business

Currently, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2, which causes a respiratory disease known as COVID-19. Although most people who contract the virus have mild symptoms and recover after around one or two weeks, it can be fatal to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Thousands of people around the globe have died from this disease, which is why we’re currently living in a way that most of us aren’t used to. Most people are being asked to stay at home as often as they can and only leave the house when absolutely necessary, non-essential businesses have been closed down, and everyone who can is working from home.

If you’re sitting at home waiting for it to be safe to go back into work again, you might be wondering what you can do to feel productive and use the lockdown period to achieve something. While there’s nothing wrong with simply resting as well, many people find that having something to work on is good for their mental health. And if you’re unable to work right now and have been furloughed until further notice, you might have found yourself with more spare time on your hands than you’re used to, so why not use it wisely?

Many people are using the COVID-19 lockdown to begin laying the foundations for starting their own business. While the current situation might make it difficult for you to start taking on clients and customers right now, depending on the type of products or services that you plan to offer, there’s definitely a lot that you can do in order to have your business ready to launch once the world goes back to normal. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Improve Your Business Qualifications:

Starting your own business doesn’t require a degree or any other formal qualifications, but if you have been considering doing some studying in order to help you improve your business knowledge and achieve more success with starting your own company, there’s never been a better time than the present to get started. Sites like Udemy are currently offering heavily discounted online courses as they know that lots of people want to spend lockdown being productive and learning something new, so you can snap up a bargain.

Or maybe you want to focus on something more serious? While lockdown will hopefully be over by the time you’ve graduated, there are plenty of online degree programs that you might want to enrol on and get started with now. Aston University Online has an article on the various MBA programs that are ideal for preparing yourself for business ownership.

Write a Business Plan:

If you don’t already have one, you should write a business plan before you start taking any further steps to set your business up. Your business plan is an essential document that will help you determine which steps to take first and which directions to go in when putting your business together ready for launch. In addition, your business plan will also be necessary if you decide to apply for business funding or pitch your idea to an investor in the future. You can use your business plan as you go along to make sure that you are staying on course, or to help determine whether or not certain changes need to be made. When writing your plan, consider factors such as who your biggest competitors are and how your business intends to compete with them, who your target audience is and how you will market to them, and how much profit you expect to make in a certain time period. You can find business plan templates online to help if needed.

Design a Visual Brand:

The first step to take is designing a visual brand; once you have this covered, you will have a clearer idea of what you want your website and other aspects of your business to look like. Bear in mind that your brand is much more than just a logo; it should be the face and voice of your business. But that being said, you’re not going to get very far without a logo, and this is often the first thing that new business owners create as it sets the tone for the rest of the visual brand. Consider brand colours, too – find two or three colours that work well together and represent your brand and what it is going to offer. You can get help from a branding professional using sites like LinkedIn or Fiverr.

Set Up Your Website:

If you’ve already got a business idea, know who your target market is and what you’re going to be selling, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands to set up and start building your online presence. Start with a website; there are still plenty of web developers and designers who work remotely and will be happy to build a site for your business or if you want something to do and enjoy being creative online, why not try building your own with a platform like WordPress, Shopify, or Wix? If using WordPress, look into plugins like Elementor, which allows you to build a professional site easily with no coding required.

Prepare Your Content:

Once your website is ready, it’s time to start preparing the content that you’ll be providing to your target audience. Even if you’re not in a position to get your business launched until after the lockdown period is over and the pandemic is a thing of the past, you can use this newly found free time to prepare as much content as you can in advance. That way, once you’re back to your normal routine and don’t have as much time on your hands any longer, you won’t need to worry about writing blog posts, creating infographics or putting explainer videos together as you will have a library of pre-prepared stuff to post.

Build Your Social Profiles:

Just because your business might not be ready to trade just yet it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay any attention to social media. In fact, social media is one of the best tools in your box for creating some hype about your upcoming new brand launch and engaging with the people who are likely to become your first clients and customers. You can start using social media now to find out more about your potential client base and target audience, figure out what kind of content gets the most engagement, and encourage followers to sign up to email newsletters and similar that you can use to share content and promote your products or services in the future.

Test it Out:

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you’re in the perfect position to start testing things out now, so that once you launch your business, you know what’s going to work well and which strategies are best avoided. A/B testing is an ideal choice as this allows you to test two different strategies at the same time and determine which one gets the best response; this will help you make the best choices when it comes to marketing your products or services after the launch of your business.

 Build Relationships:

While we may not be allowed to go out and meet people in person, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use this time to build and strengthen your professional relationships remotely. Spend some time using social networking sites like LinkedIn to meet with and get to know other like-minded professionals who may prove to be very useful for you and your business in the future. Bear in mind that many self-employed people and business owners are struggling for work in this time of uncertainty, so you will be able to find professionals ready and waiting to help you with several aspects of your business, whether you need somebody to conduct a marketing audit, produce content for your brand or help you define your target market.

Promote Your Business:

The more you promote your business, the easier it’s going to be to find paying customers or clients once you launch it. Use this time to get people excited about your upcoming business launch and provide them with something to look forward to in the future; most people are looking for something to get excited about these days as they’re sat at home wondering when life is going to get back to normal! Along with using social media, come up with some creative ways to promote your upcoming brand. You could use offline methods such as placing posters in your window or in your car to catch the attention of passers-by or run an online competition to help raise awareness of your upcoming brand. Be sure to set a launch date so that your prospective clients or customers know when to expect your brand to be open for business. If you’re selling products, you might want to consider offering the option for customers to pre-order them.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business for a while but simply haven’t had the time, the COVID-19 lockdown could be just what you need to get all the preparation done and have your brand ready for launch once it’s over.  

Why Cybersecurity Is a Must for Freelancers

Why Cybersecurity Is a Must for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you likely set your preferred hours and accept projects as you please. You’re allowed to work from anywhere – as long as there’s a laptop with a fast internet connection. Unlike other jobs, you need to operate as an employee, all while you act as your own HR and IT departments. That’s why it’s a must to stay informed about security.

You’re responsible for your online safety. Look at why you should prioritize cybersecurity.

The Potential Impacts of Cyber Attacks

When many of us think about cyberattacks, we don’t consider their influences on an individual scale. Unfortunately, we’re as vulnerable as large companies and governments. In fact, remote access attempts, where hackers target smartphones and routers, continue to increase over time. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, your work could face implications.

Decreased Productivity

One day, you click on an advertisement that takes you to a fishy website. In less than a minute, a virus infects your computer. As a result, there are pop-ups on your home screen, and search engines redirect to fake pages. If you can’t navigate through your workday, you aren’t able to complete projects – and your clients won’t receive their work.

Many freelancers use personal websites and social media to promote their work. If someone hacks your profiles, you won’t be able to access those channels. Then, you’ll struggle to fulfill your duties and maintain proper workflow. When you take the time to fix those errors, you miss out on billable hours. 

Failed Client Trust

Some freelancers work for external companies, so they sign contracts that outline specific safety requirements. These documents protect businesses and customers. If their information leaks due to your mistakes, they face limited repercussions. It’s essential to take precautions so that you don’t breach those agreements.

If you maintain your own client base, a similar scenario could still happen. People trust you to safeguard their data. Whether a hacker steals someone’s home address from your website or downloads a detailed portfolio from your iCloud account, it’s your fault. A single suspicious attachment or link could damage your reputation and relationships altogether.

It’s essential to prioritize cybersecurity so that you can continue to work as you intend.

How to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Before you download any cybersecurity software, it’s crucial to educate yourself. Many signs allude to potential risks. For instance, you shouldn’t open an email that claims to offer a cash prize or discount. If someone sends you a direct message on social media, don’t open it unless you know that it’s legitimate. When you plan to work at a library or cafe, try not to connect to their public Wi-Fi.

When you know how to recognize potential threats, you can protect your business and your customers. Here are a few cybersecurity tips to follow:

  • Change your passwords: Use words that make sense to you but not others. Add a combination of numbers and symbols, too.
  • Update software: Do this step whenever you receive a notification. If you delay downloads, you can put your computer at risk.
  • Don’t upload to websites: When you want a friend to proofread an article, print out a copy. Uploads put your data in jeopardy.

At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do your part to make your job more secure.

Make Cybersecurity a Top Concern

Cyber-attacks affect everyone, from massive corporations to individual freelancers. You should make cybersecurity a priority so that you can keep your work on track.