4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

Remote work is no longer a trend or a fad considering that many businesses and industries have fully or partially embraced it. With massive advancements in technology, employees can now work from almost anywhere. However, remote work is different from working in an office and this is why remote workers are often left behind in a few areas, one of them being the benefits they get. Fringe benefits have always been offered to remote employees but as more remote employees start demanding better benefits, businesses have to rethink what they offer. Here are some benefits companies can offer remote employees, whether they work from home or elsewhere.

Insurance Plans

Many businesses have insurance plans for their employees. The problem is that, in many cases, these benefits do not extend to remote employees. Life and health insurance are expensive and expecting employees to cater for one or both of these themselves can put a huge burden on them.

Responsible employers are taking note and are starting to offer insurance plans as part of their employee benefits plans. Companies that cannot do this can make arrangements with insurance companies to provide subsidised health and life insurance rates for their remote employees.

Health and Wellness Benefits

An employee benefits programme that does not include some aspect of health and wellness feels incomplete. Remote workers’ health needs are a lot different from those of in-office workers and this is why health and wellness benefits are a lot more important for them. Since many of them work in isolation, ensuring their physical and mental health is in top shape is important for any business that hires remote employees considering that these businesses would not be successful without them.

Offering health and wellness benefits is also a great way to attract and retain some of the best remote talent. However, managing all these benefits can become complicated very quickly. This is why businesses and their HR departments are turning to employee benefits software. To implement such a solution for your business, try Zest’s flexible benefits platform.  This is an employee benefits software that makes it easy for employees to engage with their benefits anywhere they may be in the world. A platform likes Zest’s also makes it easy for businesses to inform their employees about new additions to their benefits schemes by allowing them to communicate through the platform.

Workstation and Equipment Support

Although remote employees require proper equipment to do their jobs, ensuring they have adequate setups and proper equipment can be quite expensive for many of them. Employers can achieve a few things by extending workstation and equipment support.

First, doing so can make their employees feel valued, which can increase motivation and productivity. Second, they can save their employees any time they would waste tinkering with their current workstations to ensure it works as it is supposed to. Third, by providing the best equipment, employers can ensure the work their employees produce is of the highest quality due to the new workstations and because they will be more focused on work instead of the tools that they use to complete it.

Learning Opportunities

As the world changes, employees are required to keep learning so they can keep up. When employers allow employees to continue learning while working, the employees might feel obliged to do better work or remain loyal to the company.

With the availability of online courses, there is no reason why employers cannot make the necessary arrangements for their remote employees to take the courses they would like to or learn new skills even as they continue working.

One of the things employers might have noticed is that the benefits afforded to remote employees are different from those extended to other employees. This is because their needs are different. However, offering these benefits makes for better remote employees which can massively benefit all businesses that offer them.

Ray of Sunshine

Software programming

The digital world is one that must be embraced by businesses that want to thrive in today’s marketplace. Augmented Reality and app development are the order of the day. For those who struggle to achieve success, there is always Easyray. Named Best International Software Development Agency 2020 – Italy in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we took the opportunity to profile the firm and find out more.

Computer science is a constantly evolving industry, changing by the day. For businesses trying to keep up, it can be immensely tiring. The team at Easyray specialise in getting the right results for their customers. Instead of struggling to learn the minutiae required to get started with the digital marketplace, Easyray is equipped to provide a solution that gets its clients where they want to be.

It’s a large and talented team of professionals that make up Easyray, combining an enormous amount of experience that allows them to thrive no matter what the project. Instead of wasting time, the team take a proactive approach to software development, learning what is required and exploring how to achieve the best results.

A dedicated team of creative, designers and developers make up the Easyray team, and are capable of handling whatever is required of them. This means that tasks from mobile applications, web design and marketing all the way through to project management and IT training can be undertaken by the firm. With years of expertise, it is ideally positioned to provide the best possible support in this field.

Of the many ways in which Easyray can play a valuable role in the success of any business, it is in the provision of POS, SmartCard and traceability systems that they have achieved the most success. The team are capable of supporting any step in the smart card development life cycle, designing each to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The firm also handle smart card customization for demo, presentation or pilot roll-outs. Everything from state-of-the-art, simple Java Card to storage cards such as HID iCLASS and Mifare and multi-application operating systems such as MULTOS is in the company’s grasp, and demonstrates how effective a group they can be, and how valuable a partner they are to many.

Because Easyray embraces the digital landscape, it boasts clients from around the globe. Customers from Dubai, London and New Zealand have all been able to benefit from the team’s impressive work ethic. The reasons behind this success are simple – the team make an effort to employ English speaking technicians who can easily bridge the gap between home and away.

Under the capable stewardship of CEO and founder Ing. Antonio Raimondo, Easyray has grown since its humble beginnings. Originally set up in 2001, it was a freelance group focused on usability and User Experience. To this day, these two factors remain vital to the way in which Easyray operates.

Because the firm has such a broad appeal, it has never struggled to find work. Indeed, those who use the service become frequent repeat clients. Currently, Easyray boasts a formidable portfolio of more than 40 private companies, each with their own specific needs and requirements.

A passion for excellence drives Easyray onward, and the team have achieved many great things over the years. These successes have come from an ability to adapt to meet the challenges of the day. Because of this, they are always striving for excellence, which keeps them ahead of the competition in business.

For more information, please contact Antonio Raimondo at www.easyray-pro.com

Issue 2 2021

Welcome to the February issue of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape.

Another month down and we’re closer to closing out the first quarter of 2021. Whilst – for many of us – the world hasn’t quite returned to normal, the business world is preparing to jump forward to recover lost time. Last year was a stalling period, a time to pause and strengthen what could be strengthened and to reinforce foundational values. In some ways, years from now, 2020 might be seen as a blessing in disguise – as challenging as it was at the time. After all, it was easy to get wrapped up in the unstoppable march of the greater landscape, and to leave important considerations to the side in favour of more growth and more market share. I know of many companies – of all sizes – who took the opportunity to refocus attentions and take stock of what might have been missed in years prior.

If 2020 had any benefit, it was this.

It is my expectation, then, that 2021 will herald a time of immense productivity and focus. And here, at Corporate Vision, we plan on keeping up with it all. So stay tuned. It might be a touch chaotic.

But, for now, enjoy what is in these pages and have a good month ahead – See you next issue!

Is Day Trading a Good Side Gig for Small Businesses?

day trading

Day trading is no longer a new concept, but it is one that has opened the doors for individual investors and business owners to enter the trading market and reap significant rewards. This is not a game for the faint-hearted, but if you’re willing to put the time in, day trading could add a portfolio of investment gains to your small business. 

Making the most of small price changes can be a very lucrative business. It requires diligence, focus, and commitment to get educated in the procedures and can be a huge investment of time, however, there are several benefits if you’re well researched. 


What Are the Benefits?

There are many ways to make the most of day trading, including first and foremost avoiding overnight risk. While the market is closed, the risk is an unknown factor and can be heavily affected by economic or political moves, or even rumours. Another benefit is efficiency, you can turn around a day trade in less than 15 minutes, making it a satisfying, albeit perhaps nail-biting way to trade. As a small business owner, is this a suitable option in terms of the time you can commit? The pace of trading requires investors to have their eye on their strategy at all times while in play and have a solid understanding of investments

From a tax perspective, there is no tax set on day trading and no definitive prescription on how a day trader should tax their profits. This can change day to day, even when changing in the same market. 

Another benefit is the multitude of ways to access a range of trading strategies, as seen with the rise of different type of speculation on the stock market. Spread betting offers a huge range of markets, and also allows you to trade on the speculative stock in a huge range of markets, without having to invest in an underlying asset. As opportunities in spread betting continue to become more refined, it is surely a sign of things to come, an open door to new investors. 


So, is it Worth it?

Successful day trading involves cutting trade losses quickly to focus on profitable trades, as long as you’re prepared to embrace this. Low win rates are common, but there is the potential of a higher risk-to-reward rate for the trades that come good. 

If you’re considering entering into day trading, it’s worth considering all trading strategies available to you, including swing trading. This, differently to day trading, allows for trades to be made in stocks, currencies, and commodities over several days or weeks, balancing out some risk associated with trades in a day. This strategy alleviates the necessity of research, analysis, and tracking required with day training, and due to the need to sit with trades for longer, often takes up less time day-to-day. 

What it comes down to, at the end of the day, is choosing a trading strategy that will fit around your personality, interests, and lifestyle – as a small business owner, where does your passion lie, and what does your time allow? 

Opening a Branch of Your Business Elsewhere: A Guide

Opening a Branch of Your Business Elsewhere

Owning a business in itself is an impressive and proud achievement. Whether you are an established business, a small one, or are merely setting out on the first few steps of the journey, you have already achieved so much. However, for those of you with established businesses, you have probably considered at some point or another how you can branch out even further and continue to develop on the work that you have already completed. If you are finding yourself in this position, it is well worth considering the idea of opening a branch of your business in another location.

Whether you own a retail shop, workshop, garage or office, these are all viable businesses that are transferrable; they can be opened in another location without needing to jump through too many hoops. So, where do you start? What do you have to do and know for opening a branch in another area? We have just the solution! Below is a helpful guide on things to remember when opening an extension of your business in another location. Remember to take notes to look back on during your process and read on for more!

Scoping the Location for Demand of Products and Services

This is the first and most crucial step when expanding your business to another location, mainly if you have already been successful in one area beforehand. You don’t want to be randomly selecting a site and having the attempt flop; this could undo the hard work that you have already done up until this moment and potentially cause some financial issues concerning the income going into your business. Ensuring that you do your research beforehand will make sure that your efforts come to fruition.

Conducting market research in a particular area – and even on a specific demographic – will make sure that you have all the knowledge and tools needed to make the opening as successful as it can be. What’s more, it could even inspire you to create new products or services within your business! Making sure that you choose the right location is the most crucial step, and once this has been done, the rest of the process is sure to be seamless.

What Will You Need to Run Your Business?

Another critical question, and one that is quite difficult for those who are just setting out on their entrepreneurial journey. If you are in the position where you are already a successful business owner and are looking to expand, you should already have some sort of idea as to what you will need at this new branch. When considering the question, it is merely down to what industry your business lies in. If you own a stationary supplying company, you will need some sort of warehouse or shop and the necessary equipment and supplies.

The same can be said if you are a business which owns company cars. You will undoubtedly need the vehicles themselves but will also need to make sure that you have the necessary car insurance as well. If you are in a position where you need vehicles to ensure your business’s safe running but are uncertain about the prices or deals that you can get for your business, consider using an insurance comparison service, like that from Compare NI. Whether you need car insurance NI (Northern Ireland) or beyond, they will help you with any personal or professional quotes that you may need.

Will You Be Offering Flexible Working Options to Staff?

When opening a branch of your business in another area, it is no surprise that you will certainly have to hire a group of employees from that specific area, mainly if it is some distance from where you are based. You cannot properly manage a business from far away with no one on the ground to manage the day-to-day workings! As and when you hire staff to manage your business, you will need to consider the basis for hiring these people; will they require specific qualifications to work at your company? Will you offer internships or any voluntary options for those looking to gain experience in the sector you are in? These are but some of the essential questions that you ought to be thinking and considering when opening your business further.

In line with current government restrictions worldwide, people are being advised to work from home wherever possible. This is something that you will need to consider during these unprecedented times and in the future moving forward. Will you be offering your employees the opportunity to work from home for part of their week? Will you be hiring people who will be working remotely for the whole of their time with your business? Ensuring that you offer employees some sort of flexibility with their working options is vitally important; experts believe around 30% of workplaces will be remote following the pandemic. Not only does this reduce the amount of space that will be required as a workplace, but it will save your business money too.

The Time For Digital Is Now

digital marketing

LUXE Digital Now is an innovative luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company that has become globally recognized for its drive to constantly stay ahead in the world of digital marketing and tech. Led by Founder and CEO Jacqueline Hudson, the leading US company works with the world’s most esteemed brands in the luxury and beauty industries to move them and their customers forwards into the digital age.

Launched in 2018, LUXE Digital Now is a digital marketing and technology solutions company that specializes in delivering digitally elevated luxury. Established on the West Coast of America, the leading marketing agency strives to be the most innovative technology solutions company in the world, capitalizing on the advancement of digital marketing technologies. With the growing demand for progress becoming more prominent in the industry, LUXE’s AI, technological and data solutions have gained international recognition in less than three years.

As specialists in the luxury and beauty industries, there are many attributes that have made LUXE stand out throughout its development. For instance, the firm’s groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Data Analytical System (AiDAS) is an artificial intelligence cloud program, designed exclusively for global corporations to gain complete autonomy of their digital marketing, e-commerce and digital technologies data. Not only does this allow C-Level and Marketing Executives to enhance their marketing strategies, but also to boost data collection and autonomy for marketing ROI and therefore enhance KPI on budgets, advertising control and more. AiDAS allows the exhibition of investment and profitability input scaling with real-time conversions and predictive data analytics for investment purposes, too.

Alongside this global leader of AI data analytics, LUXE is also the innovator of other market leading AI and AR tech for the luxury industry, such Liquid Beauty AI, which is a system for beauty retailers that offers a 3D augmented reality mirror that simulated cosmetics on a user’s face photo-realistically in real-time. Premier Jet App, another of LUXE’s prominent innovations, is the world’s first and leading private jet charter app, which can be downloaded to locate luxury brands around the world with the app’s exclusive global mapping system.

In order to achieve LUXE’s founding mission to keep the luxury and beauty industry moving forward, the firm works with some of the most preeminent brands and businesses in the industry. Since 2018, the agency has helped the likes of L’Oréal, Burberry, American Express and Jaguar to find their creative voice through digital mediums, guiding them through the ever-evolving, omni-channel environment of the modern world of commercialism and marketing.

All of LUXE’s elite clients receive exceptional standards of professionalism and integrity in their service, which exceeds expectations and consistently outstrips LUXE’s competition. Ardent believers in brand and client loyalty, LUXE emphasizes valuable commitment to the brands it works with and employs a team that the company and their clients can rely on. A group of talented and diverse individuals who are professionals in data science and software engineering, the LUXE team upholds the firm’s core values as it adheres to meticulous and well-researched project methodologies that will ensure the successful delivery of products and services for their clients.

LUXE is able to deliver added value at any entry point that is identified by their clients, from which point the team is able to put together project methodologies that consider the scope of the project, appropriate technologies, brand management and best practices. Using shared internal knowledge and expertise from the firm’s wide network of industry partners, LUXE is able to carefully manage project deliverables through consulting services in digital communications, marketing and content, as well as technology solutions, artificial intelligence and software development. The result is the creation of complete solutions provided under one roof that will effectively boost the marketing strategy of any luxury or beauty brand.

At the head of this successful one-stop company for digital marketing and technology solutions is Founder and CEO Jacqueline Hudson, who has been an award-winning digital marketing executive for over ten years. She is a specialist in strategic planning and management, project leadership and design, data analytical designs and architecture, technology development, and all digital marketing principles, and her expertise is regularly sought as a global speaker at the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association), for which she has so far lectured in fourteen countries around the world.

An expert in ‘designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics’, Jacqueline received her PgD from the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland. She has since added an extensive roster of awards and accreditations to her name, including being named in the ‘Top 40 under 40’ in the Top 100 Magazine in the U.S. With the help of co-founder and Strategic Leader, Steven Thorsen, Jacqueline has led LUXE to outstanding success in a relatively short period of operation.

A great deal of this success can also be put down to the diverse and inclusive team that the firm has cultivated, which has successfully launched almost two hundred campaigns since its inception. Seeking the best in talent and individuals who will enhance the driven and inclusive company culture, LUXE takes recruitment very seriously. The firm’s core values of integrity and diversity are shared by every member and despite working as remote groups, LUXE has still been able to foster a close community culture in its organization.

The remote operations of LUXE have given the firm a type of new, virtual office that is not only well-suited to the tech-centric nature of the business but has proven instrumental in the continued success of LUXE throughout the global pandemic. Despite the notable impacts of Covid-19 on all industries, it has been a test of the resilience of this firm, which continues to stand strong thanks to its people and its leadership.

As such, LUXE is able to continue looking ahead to a bright and ambitious future. In the months and years ahead, the team at LUXE will continue to advance their technology solutions in the areas of space and holographic systemic technology. This unceasing progress in technological solutions will enable LUXE to drive towards its mission to move the luxury and beauty industry forward into an as-yet unexplored and exciting future.

For more information, please contact Jacqueline Hudson at www.luxedigitalnow.com

Best Marketing as a Solution Provider – Benelux


As the leading digital marketing company in the Netherlands, Fueld strive to provide a flexible and comprehensive online marketing service providing reliability and continuity to your organization’s development. With their ground-breaking Marketing as a Solution (MaaS) concept, Fueld is bringing innovation and convenience to mid-market organizations.

With nearly 10 years in business, Fueld have set themselves apart from the crowd by providing a truly unique all-in-one online marketing solution. Focusing primarily on ICT and consultancy firms, this company aim to act as an integrated element of your business, which takes care of the full spectrum of digital marketing on a monthly fee basis.

In today’s fast paced and ultra-competitive business environment, the field of marketing is constantly changing at an increasing rate. According to Marielle Dellemijn, Managing Director of Fueld, “Due to the extensive and rapid development within the field of online marketing, it is not possible for most of the mid-market organisations to be successful in all aspects of online.” Thus, the presence of an outsourced marketing specialist has become entirely necessary since, “the field of expertise is too wide for one to two marketeers to cover.”

Even the most talented in-house marketing teams can benefit from services such as Fueld’s MaaS concept. The introduction of an external marketing team does not negate the importance of the internal team. In fact, it allows in-house teams to flourish and focus on the work that adds value to the business, freeing up more time for promoting new developments. As competition becomes ever fiercer, involving outside expertise in online presence, lead generation and target market interaction can add serious value to your enterprise.

In conjunction with their parent company CRM Excellence, Fueld possess a wide variety of knowledge in not just online marketing, but also CRM software and automation. Being the only organisation in the Benelux region with over 30 years’ experience in CRM systems and over 10 years in online marketing, these two companies form a powerhouse of proficiency and skill.

Despite the popularity and strong focus on CRM systems amongst successful organizations, the recent transition of CRM to the online arena has proven difficult for even the most adaptable businesses. Often there are clients who are confident in their implemented CRM system, but now are faced with the decision of how to properly organize and integrate their online processes. Conversely, some companies have previously focused on online presence yet now must develop organised back office commercial processes such as CRM systems.

Fueld offers flexibility, delivering a service which is based on your needs. When new clients are taken on, the team run them through an online marketing strategy session which helps determine what kind of service is needed and to what extent. Whatever they require, Fueld clients can expect to receive a consistent and broadly capable outsourced marketing service.

The company’s hiring policy involves a strict standard of excellence. Potential employees can only hope to join Fueld if they are focused on constantly progressing. When asked about the company’s internal culture, Marielle Dellemijn told us that, “We only have colleagues who are eager to keep learning and developing, who realize that the customer success is leading and who are not afraid to take responsibility for this result.”

This kind of strong and pure company culture is imperative if digital marketing firms wish to succeed. As an increasing number of players enter the marketing game, it is easy for customers to get lost in a sea of offers, many of which may not deliver what they need. Having a dedicated company culture which focuses on quality and customer care is invaluable. This is the only way to gain true consistent results since it soon becomes obvious to clients whether this culture is real.

Companies like Fueld stay dedicated to their philosophy and as a result their success continues year after year. At a time when consumers are demanding more transparency, a higher standard of client care is expected. Similarly, the rising trend of disciplines like conversational marketing show us that consumers are looking for more background about the products they buy and the companies who provide them.

These trends are equally apparent amongst business clients. As Marielle Dellemijn explained to us, “Customers need insight in the investment and results of online marketing activities.” Both business and consumer clients are looking for a closer engagement with the service provider and more accountability. In today’s world, whatever service you are providing, it pays to show the customer that you are truly dedicated and focused on the things they care about.

This is what makes Fueld’s MaaS concept so perfect for the modern business environment. Communication is clear and consistent, showing transparency and confidence in their service. Furthermore, everything they do is geared towards exactly what the customer wants, and fees correspond directly to the quantity of services that the client requires. Costs can be worked out on a fixed appointment or hourly basis, providing even more flexibility for the customer. There are no long-term contracts locking you in place, as Fueld have no doubt that their method and service delivery is exactly what you are looking for.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and there are no rigid templates being forced into business models where they do not belong. The strategy sessions that Fueld run when taking on new clients help them curate the content and services that are included in their project plan. Gone are the days of trying to fit square pegs into round holes, as this simply does not work.

Working as an integrated agent of marketing coordination, Fueld provide a robust backbone to your customer interaction and retention. Although they specialize in helping ICT and consultancy companies, Fueld’s offering is unique and could benefit businesses from a multitude of industries. By keeping things running in the background, their full-spectrum MaaS service method can provide any mid-market enterprise with a carefully-curated and effective digital marketing service.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Marielle Dellemjin at www.fueld.nl

Mitigating Common Challenges in Fleet Management

fleet management

Fleet management is an essential part of any company that owns and uses multiple vehicles. The more you have, the more challenging maintaining and choosing vehicles is. You likely want to improve productivity while reducing your organization’s costs. Successful managers often have a significant amount of experience. However, it can still be challenging, even if you have the most experienced staff members. Mitigating these issues is the key to successful results.


Reducing Costs

See if you can do more while having fewer resources. It’s about more than just having efficient managers. Nearly every department requires efficiency since they want to spend less and get better results. It might not be possible in every case but look for ways of improving your operations. Have accurate information and use technology to streamline your processes. Otherwise, you might end up with false results. Consider using fleet management software. You can review a guide on choosing the best tools to learn more. While there are ways of improving your efficiency, don’t cut corners. For instance, some companies use vehicles designed for both personal and business use. But the issue is that it is harder to track each driver’s behavior, reducing the ability to manage productivity and safety.


Keeping the Drivers Productive

Your drivers are a great asset, but they can cost money as well. One of your key focuses should be reducing their downtime and wasted hours. Make sure you do as much as you can to maximize their productivity. Technology makes that easier since it can streamline reporting, refueling, and finding the best route. At the same time, it reduces the need to enter data and fill out forms manually. Consider your productivity level as well. If your drivers have to manually input information, you end up wasting your time too. You might have to look for mistakes and follow up on them when doing something more productive. Automation eliminates instances of human error so that you can get accurate data with less work.


Changes in Fuel Prices

It’s hard to keep track of fuel costs, especially since they are often volatile. However, if your company depends on your fleet, the chances are good that fuel takes up a large portion of your budget. Any price change can drastically impact the cost of doing business. If you underestimate these costs, you might need to cut back in other places to cover the issue. Besides predicting fuel prices, you might choose to reduce your use to lower overall costs. These price fluctuations won’t have as big of an impact on your organizations if you don’t use them as much. Do your best to allocate a smaller portion of your budget toward these things.


Teams Who are Spread Around the Area

Larger companies often have teams around the country and even internationally. It’s often difficult to track each operation while maintaining communication. Plus, locating fleet vehicles around these locations is often difficult since it requires using a large map. Many organizations are using advanced mapping techniques to combat these challenges.

Things You Need to Know About Corporate Criminal Liability for the Acts of Employees

corp liability

As a company owner or corporate CEO, you know very well that an employee is not only your closest friend but also your greatest enemy – or, better said, a danger. Why?

This fact is true mainly because corporations are known to be held 100% liable for what their employees do. In short, when an employee does a bad thing, corporations will need criminal defense instead of prosecution!

However, the laws that govern who can be held liable are not that loose. As such, here’s what you should know about the corporate criminal liability for the acts of employees!


The Stance of Federal Law

Federal law states the following regarding the actions of an employee concerning a corporation and liability:

  • Corporate liability comes into play only if the employee engages in behavior/actions that they are allowed to perform.
  • Moreover, the same applies when the employee acts on behalf of the corporation or their actions benefit the corporation, even in part. 
  • Even though the employee’s actions were against the corporation’s policies, this cannot be used as a defense.
  • Even though the manager board reportedly tried to stop the crime from happening, this reason cannot be used as a defense.

All the above is possible because the Attorney’s Manual of the US, specifically Title 9, encourages law offices and institutions to go after corporations instead of individual employees. 


Why are Corporations Favored?

Corporations should be targeted in case of employee criminal misconduct because of the variety of public benefits from such an act.

For example, a corporation being charged for espionage will make other corporations think twice before engaging in a similar practice. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that during the prosecution stage, those in charge of it are taking into account things as corporation cooperation, remedial actions, as well as compliance programs.

All of these play a role in the final conviction


Corporate Criminal Liability Across the US

Most legislatures follow the federal laws and rules in place. However, the likes of Ohio, Kentucky, and some more, have their laws regarding corporate criminal liability. 

  • For example, the government must first show that criminal misconduct was approved by one of the corporation’s managers.
  • On the other hand, in Indiana, an employee may act without authorization and still get their corporation liable. How? If their activity is related to an authorized one that is part of their employment responsibilities, then the blame shifts onto the corporation, so to speak.

It is worth mentioning that if a corporation is being held liable for a criminal act, the employee responsible for the act is not free to walk. According to federal law, both corporations and responsible employees can be charged at the same time. 


The Bottom Line

In the end, businesses and corporations must know everything about what an employee does, can do, and shouldn’t do. 

If they keep tabs on an employee’s activity – strictly within the workplace – they can easily avoid being charged and held liable for a crime they may have no connection with!

How to create a payroll management system for your small business


As the compliance rules and regulations keep changing, it is tough to manage the payroll management system. Particularly, startups and small businesses hassle much on documenting and processing payroll. 

Using the best payroll software can rule out many of such complications. However, you need to know how to operate payroll. Here is the clear roadmap to create a payroll management system for your small business.

Choose the apt payroll software

Firstly, choose the best payroll software that aligns with your payroll needs. How to choose the right payroll software?

  1. List down your non-negotiable needs.
  2. Look for the type of payroll system (according to your industry) you want.
  3. Check the pricing plan options in the market.
  4. Go for a FREE trial of some potential payroll. 
  5. Select the best one.

This is a crucial step, and it will benefit you in the long run. Also, choosing a software solution for payroll can help you maintain an organized record of all the data. 

Gather information for payroll

After, you select the best payroll software, including all the information your payroll system asks for. 

Some of the information includes:

  1. Basic employee details like name, position. 
  2. Social security numbers.
  3. Current contributions and deductions.
  4. Tax filing status.

Using these details, set up your payroll for:

  1. Create an employee ID number (EIN)
  2. Acquire a state tax ID number for all the locations your employee lives.
  3. Schedule the payroll process (monthly, weekly).
  4. Use a time track to calculate employee working hours.
  5. Open a business bank account for payroll reconciliation.
  6. Collect bank details of your employees.

Calculate the Gross Pay and Net Pay

Now, you have all the information to process payroll; you can begin calculating the paychecks. Gather timesheet data, including the overtime, check whether your payroll software integrates with time tracking software or does it already have one.

Now calculate the gross pay, excluding the tax deductions and health benefits. To get net pay, you need to subtract the payroll deductions from the gross pay. 

The payroll deductions include: 

  1. Pre-Tax deductions- health insurance, retirement plans, social security taxes.
  2. Tax Withholdings- Federal, local, and state income tax withholdings. 
  3. Post-Tax deductions- Insurance plan contributions, 401(k) contributions, wage garnishment.

Include the Employer Payroll Taxes

Employers need to pay taxes based on employee compensation, including Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA), State Unemployment Tax (SUTA), and other local taxes. 

Ensure the payroll reconciliation (ensure your payroll software runs correctly) before you send the paycheck in your payroll software. 

Even Though this might seem like an unnecessary process, sometimes errors occur in the software too. 

Create a payroll entry system

The best payroll software integrates with the accounting software to facilitate payroll journal entries. This includes employee wages, payroll taxes, and payroll deductions. When you send out a paycheck, attach the paystubs no matter what mode of payment you use. This way, employees can cross-check for errors. 

Document the compensation terms

After you have made payments, check for the tax payments every quarterly to ensure whether you pay state taxes on behalf of the employees living in another state. For this, your employees need a state tax ID, which you can get from the concerned state tax website. Mostly, you must make the first payment manually to facilitate automatic payment through software. 

Generate the payroll documents

Once all this payroll is done, there is still one important step. Every year, you need to send the previous earning reports such as W2, W1, W4, and 1099 forms to employees and Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

This might not look very clear. However, all the payroll software has state tax filing requirements and forms to facilitate your business payroll deductions. 

Also, it is well and good to consult an auditor for verifying the tax documents.

The Bottomline

We hope this roadmap helps you in creating a payroll management system for your small business effectively. Kindly let us know your experience.

Work Hard, Play Hard

cv pic

UpstartWorks is a technology, distribution and consulting firm that specializes in bringing products to market and improving sales and marketing processes. Experts in product development, supply chain management, marketing and ecommerce, UpstartWorks is well equipped to form partnerships with clients across the US and guide them to dominate on the world’s leading marketplaces.

With headquarters in Chicago and offices in Dubai, Seattle, Taiwan and China, UpstartWorks is a truly global technology, distribution and consulting firm which specializes in helping brands achieve their missions in bringing products to market and overcoming any challenges in the sales and marketing processes that they may encounter along the way.

Global marketplaces are evolving at an accelerating rate, each becoming more complex and intricate and posing their own unique challenges to those operating in them. At the same time, the world of consumers is becoming increasing reliant on a select group of these marketplaces including Amazon, making visibility and success on them crucial to the survival of any business. However, to navigate or even thrive in these markets requires expert knowledge and resources.

Driven by the organization’s team mentality of growth, hustle and thought leadership, UpstartWorks partners with its brands to help them achieve the things they care about most. Having spent the past four years developing its own brand, the firm recognizes the struggle and rewarding nature of building a brand’s success and uses these insights to create solutions for their partners. Whilst monetary success is evidently important, for UpstartWorks, the greatest success is leaving lasting and sustainable impacts that promote growth beyond financial.

Working with manufacturers and sellers of products across various categories in various sales channels, UpstartWorks aims to act as an extension of its clients’ current team to empower them towards success. However their services are used, whether it be to increase top line revenue, to bring their catalog to new distribution opportunities, or to create original creative content for their e-commerce presence, UpstartWorks’ dedicated team has the means to support their clients. Moreover, the firm’s expansive network can also be used to further boost B2B sales for industrial parts and equipment, enhancing UpstartWorks’ capabilities in providing the right strategy to help its clients to lead the market.

As experts in product development, supply chain management, marketing, ecommerce solutions and go to market strategy, UpstartWorks is uniquely placed to not only navigate the world’s leading marketplaces, but to employ end-to-end solutions that push the boundaries in their strategies to dominate any marketplace. ‘Rebelution’ is one of UpstartWorks’ core values and is the driving force behind the whole team’s passion for resisting convention to find new, better ways to achieve success.

This is combined with the other values at the heart of UpstartWorks, including Innovation, which is the process of developing and implementing proprietary technologies and unique solutions alongside ‘Rebelution’ to give clients and partners a competitive edge. Integrity stands for the company’s commitment to trustworthy and transparent partnerships that their partners can rely on, Dedication represents UpstartWorks’ never ending hustle to get the job done and finally Excellence, which is in the continuous delivery of clear results and deep performance insights that shows partners that UpstartWorks’ approach works.

In a clearly laid out thirty, sixty, or ninety-day plan, UpstartWorks is able to show their partners how it is going to achieve success. Its selection of tools makes it even easier to efficiently master marketplaces and continue doing so once clients have finished working with UpstartWorks. For instance, with Market Watch, clients are able to use the power packed tool to take total control and optimize their product catalog, whilst uCrawl enables clients to gather critical information surrounding their brand on Amazon.com. With the support of a portfolio of Smart tools like these, UpstartWorks is able to get clients’ products on the shelves of thousands of retailers across the United States.

However, technological progress can only go so far in any company’s success without the support of a dedicated and professional team, which UpstartWorks undoubtedly has. Although a global enterprise, UpstartWorks retains some of its underdog mentality which sees its people constantly striving to be the best they can be in growing the success of their firm. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is a core philosophy of UpstartWorks’ internal culture and has seen exceptional results in professional and personal development for the team. For instance, twelve-hour workdays are conducive to successful growth and development and at the same time earn well-deserved and regular celebrations, whether in the form of a happy hour, dinner, or company party.

With this balance of hard work and honoring every success, UpstartWorks has cultivated a positive working environment at the center of which is its people. There are many different roles within the firm, with some people taking responsibility for the day-to-day functions which foster the growth and development of clients and partners, others for the ever-improving shipping metrics through its distribution network, or for the growth of UpstartWorks’ thought leadership among customers and peers. Every single individual plays a vital role in the firm and together they form a strong team that collaborates to tackle the challenges that face a successfully growing business such as UpstartWorks.

With plans to continue growing over the months and years ahead, UpstartWorks is actively recruiting new members to strengthen its team. Sourcing directly from referrals or using employment agencies, the firm is finding new talent who share the same ambitions and drive that exists at the heart of the UpstartWorks culture.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the team continues to operate at the same high standards and work towards the successful growth of their own business and their partners’. As such a tight-knit team, the adjustment to working from home instead of together has taken some getting used to, but UpstartWorks has been quick to adapt in the face of adversity, maintaining the same strong team culture that defines the firm. With a team mentality and the continued hustle, drive for growth and thought leadership, UpstartWorks continues to support their partners, enabling them to achieve the things that they care about most.

For more information, please contact Ryan Barron at www.upstartworksus.com

Adding Value to Your Website: Simple Ways to Convert Traffic to Sales

website traffic

The art of running a business has evolved substantially in the last decade. Businesses, whether offline, brick and mortar brands or online eCommerce retailers have started relying more and more on the digital world to market and manage their business.

A company’s website has become one of its most powerful tools to not only reach out to new customers but to convert them to loyal, paying fans. COVID -19 has played a large role in forcing companies to pivot their operations to cater to the changing customer needs. Social distancing and lockdowns have forced millions of shoppers to turn to online sources, and businesses have scrambled to keep up.

So, whether you are a fully digital brand, or whether you are looking to take more of your operations online, we thought we would take a look at all of the important aspects of your website – how you optimize it to drive traffic and how you add value to convert that traffic to customers.


Optimized, Professional Sites Drive More Traffic

Let’s start off with one of the first things to look at. The basic design and layout of your site is key in your customer journey and could be the difference in your customers staying and converting, or bouncing, and never returning.

Websites should be simple, yet effective. Crisp, high-quality images, eye-catching CTAs, quality content and simple design principles and color schemes are currently the biggest trends for websites. If you do not have a website yet, there are a number of options for you to choose from to get one online as soon as possible. Firstly, you can create one from scratch. This will take longer than the other options, but the advantage lies in the fact that you have a totally unique, and custom-built site.

The second option is to use an online template like WordPress to create your site. This is less time consuming than coding one from scratch, and you can easily put together a site that is optimized for your customers.

Lastly, you can buy a website. This usually entails buying the whole business from the seller, but here, you inherit all of the existing traffic and current customers. There are a number of companies that sell website domains and pre-established websites to buyers looking to take on a digital business. This could be an option for you if you are looking to take on an existing, successful business.


Automation Can Heighten Traffic and Save You Hours in The Day

Once you get your website up and running, the next step is to automate as much as possible. We have always recommended that once you perfect one of the processes, or operations, get it automated and move onto the next thing.

Luckily for you, there are thousands, if not millions of automation tools online that will keep simple operations on and off your site running while you focus your attention on growing your brand.

Your sales funnel, for example, can be a fully automated process where the customer can go through the entire funnel; including filling out the forms, the whole cart and checkout process and receive a thank you message, as well as confirmation message in one swift action and without any action required from you.

Inventory management is another example. Automation tools have taken the headache out of the supply chain and warehousing processes by automating almost every step of the process. From picking and sorting to order management and shipping, it has been simplified and streamlined to reduce human error and to make it more effective.

Off-site, you can automate your social media processes, your emails and your paid ads. Let’s take LinkedIn, for example. LinkedIn automation tools will allow you to grow your networks with standardized invites, build message chains and save vital contacts from the platform. This will take hours out of your day while growing your database.


Informative, Educational Content Will Heighten Your Conversion Rate

Content is key for two different reasons, which we need to expand upon.


Content Converts Customers

Content is vital to reach new audiences, and convert them to customers. People buy from brands that they can trust, and if you are putting out information that educates, informs, and helps them, they will learn to trust you.

If you do not already have a blog on your site, look into it as soon as possible. WordPress offers thousands of templates and great WordPress tools to make it as easy as possible for you to get the right content out and seen.

Post regular content about topics that your customers will be interested in. Say, for example, you are an organic food retailer. Posting articles on ‘5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat’, or ‘Healthiest  Alternatives to Pasta’ will help your brand come up in the results because those are all topics that people are searching for.

You can then slip in CTAs and links into the article to products on your site that just happen to be on special that week, or that you want to draw your customers attention to.

Your blog can be a powerful sales tool which you can factor into your marketing calendar. Not only can these posts be shared on social media, but to various affiliate sites and influencers to really extend your reach.


SEO Relies On Content

Secondly, it is important for SEO purposes, and to get your site ranked on search engines. Google will regularly scrape your site, picking up the vital keywords in order to understand where you need to be ranked, what category you fit into and where the search results you should fall in.

The smart use of keywords on your site will make sure you are ranked correctly making keyword research really important for your rankings. You will need to get the right long-tail and short-tail keywords on your site to be picked up when customers search for them. Be careful though, do not stuff your content, as Google will pick this up and penalize you for it.

The more blogs you post, and include your keywords correctly in, the higher you will be ranked. You can also ensure that the right products can be ranked at the right time. Posting an article on ‘4 Turkey Alternatives This Thanksgiving’, for example, can be picked up by a huge audience if posted at the right time. So, pay attention to your content calendars and match up your keywords to important dates for extended reach.


Wrapping Up

The rule of thumb for adding value to your site is to understand what your customer wants. Your customer journey is vital throughout your website, so take some time getting to know your audience and understanding how they behave on your site and what will spark their interest. We will always advocate you going through the site yourself and taking the journey to know where you can optimize key elements.

Lastly, try and test everything. Keep an eye on your data to see what works and what doesn’t. Google Analytics is a great free tool to watch your traffic and keep an eye on how your traffic behaves on your site. You can get a good idea of what are successful pages, and what people bounce from in order to streamline your future strategy. So, keep measuring and using these metrics.