Benefits of Internal Mobility

Corporate Internal Mobility

Recent research revealed that what numerous workers have known for quite some time, the majority of companies and organizations are ill-armed to move talent internally. There is a significant change in the world of business over the past couple of years as power has transferred from businesses to employees in the choice of the best fit for a position.

An accessible large-scale market with developments in mobility enabled workers more independence in career enhancement. This has obliged businesses to become competitive in the selection of new talent, a sharp disparity from conventional hiring methods.


The Failing Systems

Usual organizational models look forward to a worker entering at the bottom and work way up in a linear way. Departments are not actively motivated to share talents and opportunities. This standard is logical if a person was anticipated to work a couple of jobs in a single job stream in his lifetime. The change in business and economic environments, with developments in technology and a widening international market, means the average worker is now anticipated to make 5 to 7 changes in a career in their existence.

As business structure keep on to flatten and the worldwide market forces companies to expand and lengthen their reach, there will be a considerable change in the hiring processes. At present, hiring managers aren’t incentivized to search for talent internally, and they are resistant to sharing members of the team.

This can lead to loss of talents as they become inactive in their jobs and are pressured to search internally for a new opportunity. The most popular reason people re-skill for fresh jobs are stress, boredom, feeling neglected and not valued at work, and job insecurity. According to the research, it is easy to look externally for a new position.

From incentivizing managers into clearly marketing internal possibilities, businesses should realign hiring processes to hearten internal mobility to share as well as retain talent.


Getting to Know More About Internal Mobility

Internal mobility is a vital part of a comprehensive acquisition technique. This promotes extraordinary engagement in an office environment and, all at once, can make business flexible as well as pliant during declines and recessions as well.


What are the Importance and Significance of Internal Mobility?

As a whole, internal mobility refers to the movement of workers in various positions in a company or business of any form. Renowned business publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, etc., have agreed that internal mobility is the most efficient method to the success of an organization or business.

When hiring talents outside the company is an important component for the success of the organization, many businesses ignore the most capable as well as the promising employee in their production. This leaves workers unused as well as undetermined. A breakdown to maximize employees could discourage them from staying in your company and push them to search for other careers elsewhere.


What are the Perks of Internal Mobility?

Internal mobility offers an array of perks to the business. Some of these benefits take account of the following:

  • Build and Hone Better Future Leaders: Instead of losing the earned skill, experience, and knowledge of your company and its operations, moving workers internally make sure they obtain a thorough understanding and appreciation of the functions of the business. Talent sharing in departments heartens and supports workers retention at the same time empowering them to be good and better leaders in the future as they naturally develop and evolve to a high position.
  • Support the Company: Sharing workers or talents across departments encourages sharing of knowledge and better relationship with workers. What is more, it also enhances creative problem solving because fresh concepts are discussed. Using the available talent for short-term or long-term shares and distributions lessens businesses’ expenses of expensive external hiring procedures while concurrently improving worker engagement.
  • Improve Worker Engagement: Your workers not just complete and finish their daily responsibilities to make sure proper running of a business but also represent the brand and company to existing as well as potential clients. Making sure their positive morale and engagement will not just be mirrored in how they take on with clients, but also make sure they do not have to search externally for new chances and opportunities.


Internal Mobility for a Reliable and Effective Management

Proper business management is considered the groundwork of a good approach to internal mobility. With regards to internal mobility, effective heads like managers perform the following:

  • Develop trust with other workers, especially team members 
  • Figure out best talent as well as potential talent   
  • Consistently discuss career objectives and conceptualize means to meet and reach those objectives in the business.  
  • Mentor workers to obtain their objectives, even when that needs leaving the business or resignation. 
  • Internal mobility must be viewed as a normal career move for employees wanting to concentrate on development and learning, balancing the desires of the employees to develop with a business investment in them. 


Internal Mobility at Workplaces

As businesses and brands keep on adapting to a constant change in the needs of the market and put focus on the retention and attainment of the best talent and people, internal mobility will just improve. According to the research, the fast-rising businesses are twice as expected to have good internal talent mobility procedures as opposed to idling or businesses with negative development. 

This is true in premier and renowned technology organizations, conventional forerunners in setting employee satisfaction standards. Giving internal mobility choices to workers boosts engagement and, at the same time, lessens staff attrition while working as a rational extension of specialized development and flexibility in the business. Expanding international markets need businesses to have a uniformly expanding internal reach. Using internal mobility keeps critical company knowledge at the same time supporting market transformations and changing the focus of the business. 

To sum up, internal mobility enables for better business results for short term and long term projects, aggressively putting the best people on the best team, already equipped with business knowledge and sound understandings of company processes. 

Keeping Your Workforce Sociable in a Virtual World

Keeping Your Workforce Sociable in a Virtual World

With most people working from home, the weekly after-work socials have been scrapped almost entirely. Many people have to juggle their work-life alongside other home responsibilities, so finding time to fit in a social with their team at work, has become somewhat of a challenge.

In a challenging time such as the present, it is more important than ever to look after our well-being and ensure that we distinguish a separation between our work and personal lives; especially when working from home.

With technology advancing every day, there are plenty of opportunities for virtual social events popping up left, right, and centre. Hosting a virtual social is one way of keeping in contact with your team, and to enjoy time together outside of a work environment. When searching for inspiration for virtual work socials, stick around! We have a list below of ideas, which we feel will inspire you.

Pub Quiz

This is something that can be done using the old-fashioned PowerPoint and one of the many video calling platforms that have taken over throughout the last year! Picking a particular theme for the quiz, and getting everyone to dress up, or simply, hosting a simpler, relaxed quiz which everyone participates in. The choice is entirely yours.

Organising an event like this is simple and can be coupled with a few drinks on the side. Relaxing together in the evening, to continue positive working relations, while keeping those who are feeling isolated company; we are confident that this would be enjoyable for all. Your colleagues and employees would appreciate the gesture also.

Virtual Team Building Events

Further to our previous point about the virtual world taking over in the last year or so, we can safely say that the number of virtual events for team building has grown exponentially. While team building is essential to a working environment while in person, it should also be prioritised while working from home. When looking for inspiration as to what you could do as a workforce to develop team-building skills, there are several options that you could explore.

Team Tactics host a wide range of virtual and socially distanced team-building exercises, perfect for during the pandemic and beyond. Whether you are searching for team building in London during the pandemic or team building in other parts of the country, we are confident that you will find something to suit all team sizes and budgets!

Movie Night

For those cinema and film fans out there, this one is for you! It can seem challenging to organise a film night during the pandemic but is also something that is doable. With the advancement of technology and development of certain apps, there are now resources available online and through various applications, which allows a user to stream what they are watching to other people. Using a resource like this to stream a film for your workforce to also watch at the same time, is an excellent way of virtually being together.

What’s more, if this is not possible for everyone, you could simply select the same film to watch and get everyone to watch it at a similar time. Whether you choose to watch a thriller or horror to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, or for the more favoured action or comedy films, we are confident that this would be a fun time for all.

While these are but some of the things you could do for hosting a virtual work social, we hope that you are going forth with some inspiration for your next virtual get-together with the rest of your team! While things are still challenging, we are sure that you will be able to reunite in person one day in the future.

How to utilise your website to sell overseas


Businesses have suffered tremendously during this pandemic; many have collapsed whilst others have managed to stay afloat, but they are now in desperate need of strategies to survive. Many have shifted their focus to expand globally. Having a functional website, with quick load times and easy navigation is vital but the most important factor is that it’s accessible from anywhere in the world. This simple aspect means you can promote and sell overseas, but to truly succeed in international sales, a wider strategy needs to be implemented.

Your business needs to be relevant to people all around the world and your website needs to be relevant for your target audience and the territory they are located in. The key to globalising is localising. To help you understand how to effectively set your website up for global success, the experts at Absolute Translations have shared their 5 tips.


1) Local SEO

Selling overseas means you should consider local search engine optimisation (SEO). Research and identify which search engines your overseas target market uses and the terms they frequently search for surrounding your industry. Most often, people do not search for the direct translation of the terms used by your English market. Search engines always crawl to produce results that best fit with the user. It is vital to analyse how international search engines produce their results and ensuring your copy is optimised for differing search terms such as ‘color or colour’. This will help you rank higher than your competitors and reach your new international audience.


2) Translate

This might seem obvious, but some businesses assume their English website will work globally. According to HBR, 72.4% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own native language. Once you have decided on the content to apply on your international sites, you can begin to translate. Some of the fastest growing languages for business translations from English include Korean, Hebrew and Chinese, the wider audiences provide businesses with a large online presence overseas.


3) Domain extension

When shopping online, especially internationally, trust plays an important role. Websites that hold a .com domain is seen as trustworthy and reliable all around the world and it could be the difference to strengthen your international e-commerce strategy. The more you can do to show that you company is legitimate, better. You should also factor in loading times, tools such as this gauge the loading speed of your website around the world, be wise and choose your hosting company carefully.


4) Social media

Translating your website is one step but you need to also consider your other digital channels to ensure all content is consistent and relevant to overseas audiences. Some companies chose to create individual social media accounts for each territory you operate in, this allows a direct and personalised approach to each market. Pre-recorded campaigns can be adapted by adding in subtitles or voice overs, this will engage your new audience into a trusted relationship with your business. The use of different networks varies significantly from country to country, in some countries, YouTube is blocked and in others Twitter might be the most popular platform. Research will ensure that that you’re placing your time and budget in the most relevant social media networks.


5) Templates

A good tip is to avoid text embedded as a graphic. Web font services such a Google font replacement offers a simple way for businesses to use a range of fonts without embedding text as a graphic. Translating your website into other languages may leave the pages and boxes looking longer or shorter depending on the language used. The template of your website needs to be flexible enough, so it looks presentable, regardless of the language.

AI powered E-Commerce Sales Growth


Ezapp Offers AI platform for Customer Analytics and Empowering Ecommece companies to maximize Sales. Ezapp has utilized Machine Learning models like ARIMAX, Neural Network, XGBoost models to provide automated shipments forecasts so Clients can manage the manufacturing Units in advance. Ezapp built Order Predictability and Fulfillment rates for Demand Sensing. Ezapp successfully built a Product Pricing Model for Sales activation on the Product Catalog.

EzappSolution can quickly change your Ecommerce pages to a personalized shopping experience for every customer. Our enhancements include “Hierarchical Recommendations,” “2 X cart checkouts ”

  • Product Recommendations for Digital Channels
  • Maximize Order Value and minimize Customer Conversion cost

EzappSolution is a champion in providing Trade Promotions and Optimizations for the Clients which required building Market Mix Models using Hierarchical Clustering, Bayesian Network Model. In order to improve the ROI, Ezapp has experience in Maximizing ROI successfully, leveraging Reinforcement Learning & Markov Chaining to evaluate return on Investment across Shopper, Trade and Media Spend.

EzappSolution tools provide Simulator for allocation of investment across Sales channels, accounts, maximize ROI and Sales attribution.


Customer Service

Your Ecommerce company can identify most Valuable Customers and turn contact with customers into incremental revenue. As customers call inquire, our AI predicts which Sales Strategy will yield Sales Channel conversion.


AI Campaigns

EzappSolution can Increase your Sales 50%-300% within a Year. You can tap our service on Free  trial basis and you have nothing to lose to validate the Increase of Sales. EzappSolution will deliver AI models which work on Cross Sales Channels: Youtube, Google PPC, Facebook Ads etc and allow your company to allocate the right budget to Maximize ROI.


● Tell us about some of the key features of your organization that you would like to highlight in the profile. How is Ezappsolution positioned in the Enterprise software development domain?


Ezapp is an ISO 9001/ ISO 27001, CMMI certified digital solutions company with 500+ experts working full time across multiple Delivery Centres. Established in 2008, Ezapp is headquartered in New York, NYC, with offices in the USA,  Japan, India and Australia. We are winners of multiple awards and accolades from organizations like GoodFirms, AppFutura, TopDevelopers, TechReviewer, CrozDesk, Top App Creators, CIO Top Enterprise Company.


● Highlight some of the unique products/ apps and software solutions developed by the team at EzappSolution that separates the company from the rest of the competitors.


Ezapp Solution has built several products that are unique and hold a high value chain for its customers. Ezapp Solution has built

●  Automated Website development tool

●  Automated Email Marketing tool

●  Automated Machine Learning Model development tool

● Automated Forecasting on Time Series Features.

4 Clever Ways To Make Extra Cash In The Transport Industry


There are many ways in which you may be able to make some extra cash in the transport industry, if you know how. Read our blog to find out more.

For those in the transport industry, 2020, and now 2021, have been mixed years. Some parts of the industry have been doing well, such as shipping, and others, like aviation, have been struggling. No matter what sector your business is in, if you own a transportation company, you’re likely on the lookout for ways to make more money in the coming year.

Below are four tips that will help you to earn extra money, by focusing on:

  • How to free up your cash flow
  • How to run your operations more efficiently,
  • And, how to make sure that you’re ready for the inevitable changes of the next few years and beyond.

1. Focus on cash flow

Anyone moving freight can tell you that cash flow can be a major problem. Whether you’re an owner-operator, or you’re managing a fleet of trucks, it’s tough to wait on payment for up to 90 days. You likely have all kinds of useful things that you could be doing with that cash right now. One solution is “freight factoring,” which is explained well in this guide from TAFS.

More generally, “factoring” is a simple enough idea. If you have a $10,000 invoice, billed to a customer with 30 days to pay, you could go to a factoring company instead of waiting. That company might offer to pay you 95% of that invoice’s value, with 80% as an advance, and another 15% upon payment by your customer. That means you get:

  • $8000 right away
  • Another $1,500 upon payment
  • And the factoring company gets a $500 fee (5%). (1)

Factoring can help you to make money by freeing up your cash flow. With that $8,000 advance, you could invest in maintenance or other things that can help you to operate more efficiently. (1)

If you increase the volume of freight that you can ship, as you do so more efficiently, you can ultimately earn more in the long run. When it’s working well, the factoring company gets their cut, but you ultimately make more money by having access to funds when you need them. (1)

2. Run an efficient back office with digital tools

If increased efficiency can help you to earn more money, there’s one easy place to look: your own back office. Fleet management has always been complicated, but digitizing certain processes could help you to earn more money.

A Boston Consulting Group study from 2018 found that “automating manual processes now could reduce certain back-office […] costs by up to 40%.” The focus of their report, freight forwarding, has implications for the wider transport industry as well. (2)

This argument is intuitive: if digital solutions can help to stem the flood of paperwork that your transportation company generates, they’ll save you money. If they can make your business operate more efficiently, they’ll help you to earn more money too. (3)

There are lots of options to consider, including:

  • Implementing solutions that allow drivers to do some of the processes that used to happen in the back office via iPad or other digital device
  • Or, using a service that pairs optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning (ML) to read and process hand-filled forms. (3)

3. Make sure that you understand your costs

Depending on the kind of business that you’re running, the process of calculating your costs will vary, but no matter what, you should make sure that you know what they are. If you don’t understand your costs, you’re likely to either lose money, or fail to make as much as you could otherwise. For example, you won’t be able to set rates that will ensure your profitability.

One key thing to understand is the difference between two types of cost:

  • Fixed costs—These are costs that won’t change based on the volume of business that you’re doing. If you run a business manufacturing mugs, you might have a fixed cost of $10,000 a month to rent a facility. Whether you use it or not, you have to pay that $10,000; that’s a fixed cost. For transportation, these are costs that don’t depend on the number of miles that you’ll be driving. Payments on vehicles, permitting costs, and insurance all fall under this category.
  • Variable costs—These are costs that do change with the volume of business that you do, or in the case of transportation, the number of miles that you’ll need to travel. Using the mug example above, say your firm pays $2 a mug—if you make more, your costs will go up. Make 500 units this month? Your variable costs are $1,000. Make 1,000 mugs the next month? The costs increase to $2,000. For transportation, fuel usage is a key variable cost, as are maintenance and other similar expenses. (4)

4. Look to future trends

Companies that fail to anticipate the future in an industry can end up getting left behind. One clever way to make money in the transport industry is to make sure that you’re ready for the next big thing before it happens. This way, you’ll be well-positioned to meet consumers where they are, rather than struggling to catch up.

For those in the United States, this means recognizing the likelihood of coming climate regulation, and the growing consumer demand for green products and services. As outlined by Maria Mendiluce in the Harvard Business Review, the following are some things to keep in mind as you plan for the future of your business:

  • Climate regulation is coming—The world’s governments are headed for a “net-zero” future. The European Union has set a 2030 target to cut emissions in half, and the United Kingdom is going to end the sale of new gas and diesel cars in the same year. For a transportation company, it would be unwise to think that the same kind of regulations aren’t coming in the United States. Plan now, while there’s time to do so.
  • Delaying action is risky—Planning now can prevent you from being the Blockbuster or Kodak of the transportation industry. There’s a real risk in waiting; competitors will ready themselves for what is coming, and you should too.
  • Public investment in green industries may rise—It’s extremely likely that there will be an increased focus by federal and state governments on investing in clean energy and other green industries. Transportation won’t be an exception, so keep an eye out for opportunities to join public-private partnerships or other programs. (5)



If you’re running a transportation company, then following the tips above should help you find ways to make some extra money—not just this year, but for many years to come. Focus on ways in which you can free up cash to spend on things that will help you to grow more in the future. Consider your costs, and how digital tools can help to keep them down while allowing you to do more with less. Finally, make sure that you’re ready for what’s coming, and don’t miss out on future business opportunities due to focusing too much on what’s happening today.

Decoding D-Kode

Digital marketing

D-Kode Tech is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping businesses to optimize their web presence in order to expand global reach and communicate effectively with audiences in an increasingly saturated market. Creating close, trusting partnerships with their clients, D-Kode constructs bespoke, data-driven marketing strategies around the specifics of their clients’ visions and goals. We put together a profile of the firm and its President, Daniel Kodam.

Situated in the San Francisco Bay area of California, D-Kode Tech is a digital marketing agency that is driven by passion for helping businesses and organizations make their mark in the digital world. Specializing in the optimization of web presence and expansion of brand reach, D-Kode’s team of digital and marketing professionals are on hand to help their clients foster and build relationships with audiences around the world.

To achieve maximum results, the D-Kode team utilizes data to build bespoke digital marketing strategies that are far from one-size-fits-all. From the initial consultation, D-Kode creates strong, sustainable partnerships with its clients in order to truly understand their business and its context. With that foundation, the D-Kode team takes an approach that incorporates the specifics of the client’s vision for their business with their own personal goals and what they hope to achieve through digital marketing.

D-Kode serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries, from tech to industrial equipment, home remodeling to garment customization, home security, and more. Regardless of the size of a project, D-Kode is committed to delivering high quality results with outstanding customer service, carrying out much of their work in-house to go the extra mile in providing excellence and consistency for all clients. Moreover, D-Kode prioritizes clear and accessible communication between its team and clients so that, together, they can create a unified vision and approach that stands out on digital platforms.

Every D-Kode strategy begins with the establishment of a clear company vision and brand image which, once defined, creates a strong impact through the clients’ chosen channels of marketing. D-Kode is then able to build accessible websites, develop streamlined, personalized apps, and create expertly run online advertising campaigns that incorporate search engine optimization to ensure that clients are able to make themselves heard and seen by their prospective audiences.

A website is vital in creating an engaging online presence, as it shares all the necessary data about a brand to its users, including the information that will form their first impressions. It also provides the launch pad for greater engagement and is the place from which consumers begin to build their relationship with a brand. D-Kode boasts decades of shared experience and insight into what makes a successful website and is able to create the best user experience through functional, versatile and, most importantly, easy to use websites that highlight the brilliance of each brand.

As a website is such an essential step in putting any business on the map, D-Kode works with non-profits and charities to create websites for minimal or no charge, giving them the platform they need to do good and make change. Whilst it is difficult to take on every project at all times, D-Kode is always looking to help where it can and invites any organization looking to make the world a better place to get in touch.

Mobile applications are designed to deliver the content of a website in a more streamlined, purpose-driven manner, and are fast becoming the primary way in which consumers access online information, services and entertainment. Therefore, a business which is looking to be at the cutting-edge of digital marketing is one that is developing its own apps. D-Kode’s mobile app design services are tailored to represent the aesthetics and identity of their clients’ businesses, with additional features such as special offers and alerts that will keep new and existing customers alike engaged in their brand. With D-Kode’s expert knowhow, brands place themselves directly in the hands of the customers, boosting engagement and facilitating successful brand awareness and growth.

Finally, D-Kode is able to use these resources and a broad spectrum of digital marketing skills and platforms to take a brand’s digital marketing to the next level, allowing it to appear higher in Google search results and benefit from expertly crafted online advertising campaigns. Through targeted and effective digital marketing approaches, clients are able to stay ahead of their competitors, attracting more leads, opportunities, and success. D-Kode provides services in Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaigns, and Digital Advertising and Analytics so that their clients have everything they need to take center-stage.

D-Kode’s exceptional offering has been created by its team, and they are instrumental in setting the firm apart from the crowd. The team is led by President and Digital Marketing manager, Daniel Kodam, who is a certified digital marketing professional with more than three decades of IT experience acquired from working with everything from micro-businesses to mega-corporations. His philosophy about creating partnerships with clients to achieve success is what drives his firm’s own people-centric mentality, which has resulted in a consistently growing clientele that come to D-Kode through word-of-mouth and recommendations.

Ultimately, whilst there are many digital marketing services in the San Francisco Bay area, none of them share the same commitment to its people as D-Kode does. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the team’s priority was the care of its employees as they worked overtime and regularly communicated with their network of clients to ensure they were faring okay in an incredibly challenging period. It is not a business strategy to care for one’s clients, but a belief system that has built a loyal and grateful clientele who know they can rely on Daniel and his team to support them and their businesses on the twisting path to success.

The pandemic has also created an opportunity for D-Kode itself to grow from adversity. With the virtual marketplace’s importance accelerating as a result of the closure and pressures on physical shops, D-Kode’s expertise in optimizing the virtual presence of businesses has seen a rapid increase in demand. This growth has been the cause of a great deal of growth for the D-Kode team, who are truly integral to the firm’s success.

Daniel relies greatly on each of his employees, trusting them all implicitly and empowering them with the autonomy to develop personally and professionally. As strong as they are independently, the D-Kode team have fostered a culture of close collaboration which benefits from the experience and expertise each member shares, supporting one another and encouraging them to be their best and truest selves. The result is positive, intra-company cooperation that translates into excellence in D-Kode’s offering and customer service, which has been recently recognized at the Technology Innovator Awards 2020: Best Website Design & Development Agency in the San Francisco Bay by Corporate Vision Magazine.

In this exciting period of expansion, the future looks bright for D-Kode. Daniel and his team have many plans in store, predominantly focused on the firm’s continued growth to facilitate the support of even more businesses seeking to develop and optimize their own digital presences. With this process already well underway, Daniel and the team are feeling optimistic about the months and years ahead for D-Kode.

For more information, please contact Daniel Kodam at