How Upskilling Can Benefit Your Employees and Business

Business concept of goal achievement, professional development, career building and capital gains.

Specialised in working with women leaders, unabridged is a boutique leadership development practice offering professional development services including leadership coaching, mentoring services and training for individuals and organisations, both face-to-face and remotely.

We spoke to unabridged Founder and Managing Director, Palena Neale to gain an insight into how upskilling can benefit your employees and business.


First of all, please tell us about your company’s specialism.

unabridged’s area of specialism is women’s leadership coaching and training. We have particular experience in working with international development professionals and organisations, helping them to enhance their performance and leadership to achieve more personal, organisational, and social impact.

We look at pragmatic solutions to areas that women, introverts and certain cultures often find difficult. For example, identifying and communicating strengths, communicating with impact, positively influencing others, negotiating what you want and need, leading change, and exercising emotional intelligence. Women are often required to navigate additional challenges. Social and gender norms, prejudice and discrimination, bias, race, ethnicity, organisational structures, process, and practices can all influence women’s access to, and participation in, leadership. Investing in leadership development can help build skills and competencies to better navigate this journey in order to lead with more impact.

Learning is at the heart of our growth and development – personal, professional, organisational, and leadership – and underpins all coaching and mentoring interventions.


In your view, what are the key benefits to upskilling in the workplace?

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, owing to increased adoption of technology and automation. New and improved skills are consistently demanded to address global trends and adoption of new technology, and in response to challenges like the pandemic and its impacts – loss of jobs, global recession, shifting work patterns, and changing customer behaviours.

Upskilling is reported to:

  • Strengthen and future-proof your workforce by developing the relevant and necessary skills to better navigate change and disruption.
  • Maintain and promote flexibility, adaptability and agility within the workforce, to enable employee growth and lower hiring costs over time.
  • Improve engagement, retention and workforce sustainability. Employees who feel that their employer invests in their personal development, learning and growth show higher levels of employee engagement, and they are significantly less likely to leave the company.
  • Upskilling can increase productivity and provide a competitive advantage to companies who respond to change and to employees who are more marketable and open to new and different opportunities.
  • Investment in upskilling and professional development builds your company’s reputation for caring about employees’ success and job satisfaction. A positive industry reputation also results in a stronger brand image, and a better company culture, making it easier to both attract and retain high quality employees.


What practices can businesses incorporate to achieve these benefits?

  • It’s important that learning and development is prioritised by the senior leadership, embedded in the culture, and actively promoted and supported throughout the organisation.
  • Most L&D departments collect data on workforce skills and learning needs, and have a suite of development interventions available. Working closely with them enables leaders to communicate available opportunities to staff and feed any new or upcoming skill requirements or trends to the L&D team.
  • Encourage your workers to own their upskilling and support them by having regular career conversations. Explore creative ways to support new initiatives, for example, micro learning or flexible time off.
  • Raise employees’ awareness of new opportunities by providing a dynamic career marketplace. Developing a talent marketplace or other online resource that promotes all the available positions, projects and stretch assignments can engage and motivate employees, as well as meet organisational needs.
  • Leaders at every level need to routinely communicate the importance and value of learning. I routinely converse with clients wanting to pursue individual coaching and/or training, yet unaware of how far their company will support them. I advise clients to take responsibility for their own career development – and to begin by finding out which resources are available for them.


Have you got any experiences relating to the above?

Yes. I have a considerable amount of experience identifying learning and development needs and designing interventions to meet those needs.

I was a corporate trainer, completed PhD research, and served as an OD practitioner for over 20 years in global health organisations to improve individual, team and organisational performance. As an ICF accredited PCC-certified coach, I have worked across the globe and in different industries with hundreds of women who are eager to be and do more for themselves, their families and their communities.

I also conduct research and write extensively on leadership topics in Forbes, Psychology Today, and Harvard Business Review.


Do you have any further comments to make?

The concept of work has evolved, in terms of its importance and meaning for individuals and organisations. Although people do need to earn a living, money is not necessarily the prime motivator – especially when individuals reach a certain leadership or income level. In addition to a salary, we now expect our work to give us a sense of purpose; for the work to be meaningful and, preferably, for our work to align with our values. Therefore, the relationship we have with work is different and more profound.

Upskilling can benefit individuals and the business tremendously when development interventions are fully integrated into policies and practice, and when personal beliefs, purpose and values are shared with co-workers and aligned with organisational beliefs, mission and values.

For business enquiries, contact Palena Neale from Unabridged via email – [email protected] or on their website – 

Palena Neale
Palena Neale

Truly Specialist Recruitment

Male candidate shaking hands with Interviewer or employer after a job interview

Founded in January 2001, Certus Recruitment Group is a specialist recruiter delivering sales, marketing and technical talent to the global technology sector. In light of it being named Best Technology & Marketing Recruitment Company 2022 – UK, we got in touch with Group CEO, Justin Byrne to learn more.

With offices in London, Melbourne, Austin, Berlin, and Halifax, the team at Certus Recruitment are one of the few able to provide a truly global solution which helps clients plan, source, attract and retain world-class talent for their business.

To start, Justin provides us with an insight into the firm’s specialisms and the client base it typically serves. “As a specialist recruiter, we work with businesses of all sizes from global super brands to innovative start-ups and Unicorns. Our specialist consultants are function specific, operating at all levels of experience from graduate trainee up to director and executive level.”

Technology is an exciting and dynamic sector in which to operate, with virtually all businesses looking to scale and this has never been more evident than now. Justin states, “With the Covid pandemic (hopefully) coming to an end, businesses are not only looking to rebuild but also to make up for lost growth over the last two years. This has led to a global talent shortage and, as such, the execution of a well-designed human capital solution is essential to their success and we are best placed to design and manage the delivery of that solution.”

Working in such a challenging industry has resulted in Certus Recruitment utilising innovative technologies across the business, as Justin goes on to explain. “By fully enabling our people through the provision of ‘Best of Breed’ technologies, including cloud-based CRM with full remote working capability, our team are able to engage and deliver for our clients and candidates at all times and in all places.”

When asked about the importance of the team, Justin continues, “At Certus Recruitment Group, our people are our greatest asset. We believe a coherent and motivated team of passionate experts will always achieve more than a collection of individuals. Great recruitment professionals must be commercially focused and understand the landscape in which their clients operate, whilst being able to utilise a great network to deliver for their clients.

“In response to market conditions we have developed a range of services designed to enable scaling organisations to develop a recruitment strategy that really works and provides great value for the business. The days of standard contingency recruitment are numbered and only those recruiters who innovate will continue to thrive.”

Finally, Justin gives us his thoughts on Certus Recruitment Group being recognised by Corporate Vision Magazine in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards. “This award is for our fantastic team and I’m grateful to accept it on their behalf. We work incredibly hard for our clients and it’s wonderful to be recognised for the quality of our work and for the incredible efforts of everyone in our great team – thank you to each and every one of them.”

For business enquiries, contact Justin Byrne from Certus Recruitment Group via email – [email protected] or on their website – 

UK Office 

Telephone Number: +44 204 538 8222 

Address: 83 Baker Street, London, W1U 6AG 

Australia: +61 3 4050 7777 

USA/Canada: +1 737 201 9992 

Germany: +49 308 0098 133 

The Negative Effects of Consumerism

Despite the rising cost of living and economic crisis in the UK, consumerism and consumer
spending appears to be slightly higher
than it was during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this isn’t necessarily indicative of economic strength or stability, while the fact remains that
consumerism in its most basic form can have negative effects on the economy, households and even our natural environment.

But what exactly is consumerism, and what are its potentially negative consequences for the natural environment? Let’s find out!

What is Consumerism?

In simple terms, consumerism is the notion that increasing the consumption of goods and services is always a desirable objective and outcome, both from the perspective of economic growth and each individual’s mental wellbeing and happiness.

This is grounded in so-called ‘Keynesian’ economics, which state that consumer spending is a key driver
of economic growth and a prosperous state in which individual households and corporations can thrive.

It’s this branch of economic thinking that also promotes a low-tax economy, as this is thought to increase disposable income levels and the amount reinvested into the economy on a regular basis.

This is then though to create subsequent growth and prosperity for multiple parties, although there are
numerous challenges and hurdles to be overcome when reducing tax levies in an attempt to increase spending.

How Has Consumerism Grown Over Time?

Consumerism is often described in terms of consumer spending, which measures household expenditure over a predetermined period of time.

While this figure is in a constant state of flux, it has risen exponentially over time since Q1 1955, when final household consumption expenditure reached £66,618 million. By Q1 2022, however, this had increased to £345,472 million, having peaked at a shade over £350,422 million during the second quarter of 2019.

But what has caused consumerism to increase at such a pronounced rate during this time? Well, we do know that increased spending has come at the expensive of savings in the developed world, suggesting that rising consumerism has much to do with a decrease in self control (as lifestyles have changed) and much easier access to debt.

The rise of online spending and ecommerce has also increased shoppers’ access to goods, with 1.3 million UK women admitting to spending up to £1,000 on clothes per annum.

This highlights just how fashion retail is booming in the UK, with a staggering total of more than £21 billion being spent every single year on refreshing our wardrobes according to a recent study by women’s retailer Damart earlier this year.

The Environmental Impact of Consumerism

From an economic perspective, there are numerous issues with consumerism, especially as households spend more than they earn and become encumbered with mounting debt problems.

There’s also a potentially negative environmental impact of consumerism. This isn’t caused by consumerism itself, however, but more the fact that shoppers don’t believe there is an issue and continue to consume resources at a quicker rate than they can be replenished.

Similarly, increased consumerism and the rise of ecommerce means more goods being shipped internationally on a daily basis, with this creating an incrementally growing carbon footprint that impacts both the developed and developing world.

However, the aforementioned Damart study shows that things may be improving in these respects, with one-in-five (20%) of the 2,000 respondents suggesting that they at least think about sustainability when shopping. However, women are considerably more sustainably minded than men, with 51% of this demographic saying that they take this into account when shopping for new garments.

Interestingly, 9% of Brits try to shop in a greener way but struggle to find sustainable clothing that they like, suggesting that more must be done to provide second-hand or local garments on a
mass scale.

Certainly, the will is there to curb some of the environmental excesses of consumerism, and this is positive
news for the world around us!

Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network

Business people joining gears

Emboldened by a deeply ingrained commitment to being a cornerstone of modern business, eDiversa Group has made itself an integral part of document-share developments. With its user-intuitive platforms, its incredible staff, and its diligence regarding ensuring that its solutions seamlessly fit around each client’s needs and requirements, it has more than earned the title of the ‘Most Outstanding EDI Solutions Company’ for 2022. Additionally, it has created lasting relationships across all manner of scales and sectors with trust, respect, and honestly, bringing a personable aspect to an industry that can often lose the importance of people in amongst the data. 

EDI, known as electronic data interchange, is the business concept of trading documents in a standard scenario. It could be considered the forerunner of other forms of electronic document exchange that have taken on great importance in the business landscape, especially in the wake of the pandemic. eDiversa Group, with a strong background in electronic document exchange, is prepared to face this new reality that is so encouraging for the sector.

With a motto of ‘your documents are our universe’, eDiversa Group is both a group and a connected company that specialises in fostering better connections in the business world, from document sharing to other electronic solutions that will allow a client to thrive in the emerging new epoch.

With EDI solutions, electronic billing solutions, IBS services, SILICE, comeDiBuild, and even custom digital developments, it sets itself apart from its peers with custom rates tailored to a client and in-depth customer service. Fundamentally, right from the word go eDiversa Group will work with a client to draw out the details of their case, finding out how best it can help them by listening intently and fitting its solutions seamlessly around their existing infrastructure. In this manner, it makes itself a partner to their business that provides technology ‘at your service’, showing a client that remote technological solutions can be personable and friendly.

Taking great pride in bringing technological solutions close to the client, connecting them to the wider world and facilitating the forging of tighter bonds across industry verticals and sectors, its adaptable nature has gained it significant notoriety. Many clients that have worked with it in various capacities leave it glowing reviews as a direct result of this. This, of course, is not something that has occurred overnight; eDiversa Group has been working hard since its inception to gain pre-eminence in its industry for electronic document interchange, going from purely an EDI specialist 18 years ago to the influential and varied business it is today.

Nominally, its ability to provide the utmost value to clients through these services has made this possible, adapting to the requirements of any scenario and achieving the EDI supplier certification through hard work and grit. Its adaptability as a company can be seen developing during this time, resulting in the highly tailorable and flexible business that exists now, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the different standards – nationally and internationally – as well as the different particularities of each sector in which these systems can be found.

It also required demonstrating an intrinsic understanding of how the technological infrastructure can act as an intermediary for document transaction, needing connectivity to other EDI operators to ensure interoperability between users regardless of geographical boundary and other such restrictions. Over time, eDiversa Group has achieved each of these things, growing and consolidating its pace as the ideal partner for tackling any standard EDI project regardless of sector, location, or customer profile. Therefore, a big part of its reputation nowadays is meeting the requirements of its market with a shrewd competence that goes hand in hand with having its finger on the pulse of any new developments, leading it to be able to grow and adapt quickly and efficiently as and when such a thing is necessary.

Additionally, as well as becoming one of the leading solutions for global electronic document transfer, exchange, and management, it must be considered that the solutions it provides have been emboldened by the efforts of different Spanish and European public administrations. Such organisations have been leading the charge for years now, encouraging digitisation and the improvement of businesses across the board. Thus, eDiversa Group is truly happy to see the fruits of its labour beginning to surface, pleased to say that this is something its clients can directly benefit from when they contract its services, contributing to the growth of its activity and presence in the market.

Present in all scenarios where EDI can be implemented, eDiversa Group offers its exemplary aid to all manner of industries. Currently, its clients can be found across sectors such as health, distribution and retail, logistics, the automotive industry, and more – becoming an intermediary between customers, suppliers, and logistics operators that facilitates an easier and more reliable way of working. This means that eDiversa Group can provide the necessary technological tools and infrastructure to ensure a healthy supply chain for a multitude of different corporate elements, becoming an integral partner for its clients as a result through its purchase orders, shipping notices, stock information, invoices, and much more.

In the coming years, it expects to see demand on its services increasing – especially amongst the clients who find themselves in need of a new way to exchange invoices in electronic format between buyers and suppliers – something it is excited to step up to the plate for. Indeed, when talking of these kinds of issuances, receipts, controls, and fulfilments, handling it through such watertight electronic means saves a customer all kinds of headaches. Able to ensure that its processes are being conducted with the utmost security and minimising human error as much as possible, it has tracked the pivot of many public treasuries towards such things, observing how steps are being taken to implement electronic invoicing between administrators and supplier across municipal bodies.

Therefore, a client can rest assured that eDiversa Group will be providing everything necessary to manage such solutions. Making itself a thoroughly attractive linchpin of modern business. Its electronic invoice platform allows the management of invoices in multiple formats, by any means, and through any channel, so its clients have a complete service through which to automate the process. Its clients can also interact with different Spanish tax administrators through the framework of electronic tax management. Services such as Immediate Supply of Information and SILICIE – immediate supply of accounting books for special taxes – are available through its comeDiTax platform, born from the ambition of providing a single environment for any service related to tax management.

Critically, the great deal of versatility and adaptability it has demonstrated ensures that it can customise its services with ease and elegance. Working alongside a client, taking into account all the details of their specific environments and requirements, its comeDiBuild platform provides a space through which they can cultivate relationships, whether they’re a company or supplier, each end of this communication can establish a beneficial outcome and a lifelong partnership. In the coming years, one of the objectives of this company is to incorporate other customisable elements into itself, especially focusing on those that would provide specific solutions to other sectors or groups in an outstanding example of ‘show don’t tell’. In short, it will be showing how its dedication to its clients, their requirements, and businesses of all kinds is more than just theory, it is something eDiversa Group is willing to funnel significant time and effort into. In time, it hopes that it will be able to develop and implement fully customised solutions to automate the specific needs of any company regarding its relationship with customers and suppliers.

Having recently added customised digital design to its portfolio, thanks to the recent acquisition of Oma Technologies, the company has been able to get a step closer to this goal. Omatech boasts three independent teams, each with almost 20 years of experience, and handling everything from design development to management of digital projects and more, giving eDiversa Group the necessary muscle it needed to get ahead with its own internal product development. Leading any specific digital development for any company or need, it has made its name from the very beginning upon the basis of providing its services and relationships within the crucible of friendly and charismatic customer service that will always go above and beyond for a client.

Thus, this is a major factor influencing its current unstoppable growth, setting it on a trajectory to increased presence through exemplary client service alone. Aiding this is the continually glowing reviews and testimonials left by its clients, words those prospective clients can trust – especially given most of them have been written by trusted peers and contemporaries working within their sectors. Furthermore, operating in an industry of primarily powerful solvent companies, it positions itself as a multinational group with a close-relationship attitude, absolutely focused on the client in question and their corporate health.

This is showing its industry a new way of doing things that has become widely lauded as fresh and disruptive, something further emboldened by its prices. Critically, eDiversa Group takes pride in being able to offer its services at affordable prices that contain no hidden fees, taking close personal care of each of its 2000 clients with its 80 outstanding professionals and in-depth, well-built infrastructure. Whatever the size or sector of the invoice issuer or receiver, it has ensured that any company could benefit from its well-designed and user intuitive platforms, its marketing and communications bringing in more than 30% of turnover as it consistently focuses on outreach and ingratiating itself with the front-runners of modern business.

Pioneering the ‘flat rate’ concept in EDI, it has been showing its commitment to simple, satisfactory, and plainly beneficial services; in short, if a client cannot immediately see the benefit, eDiversa Group will not offer it. It trusts the professional diligence and prowess of each of its customers and considers itself incredibly lucky to be able to work with such a diverse swathe of innovators, movers, and shakers. Each member of its team ensures that eDiversa Group can put its best foot forward in every case.

The foundations of tenacity, diligence, and going above and beyond for a client remain core pillars to this day. Moreover, they understand the needs of each and every customer, working with empathy and understanding to be able to draw out the core needs of its clients and find the best possible solutions, achieving customer satisfaction being their primary objective. Using teleworking, it has developed a great team since its inception – one that has maintained its excellence throughout the pandemic – through work-life balance, healthy working relationships, good wages, and significant opportunities for career growth. In this manner, eDiversa Group promotes an attitude of growth and aspiration amongst its staff just as much as it provokes this amongst its wider market segment, resulting in a team of driven, ambitious people who are undaunted by a challenge and have the support around them to provide their best work.

Additionally, eDiversa Group has been working hard to maximise diversity and inclusion. Championing the incorporation of many different perspectives, cultures, and ideas within its ranks, it respects all thoughts that its staff bring to the table, acknowledging the lenses through which they see the world as intrinsically valuable. After all, this is a big part of being able to work with such incredible levels of empathy. Consolidating its own growth process and being fully prepared to meet the needs of its clients that will no doubt arise in the future, it looks forward to helping foster a healthy future of EDI within the crucible of change the past 18 months has created. As a technological cornerstone and an international communications expert, it promises its clients that they can expect its innovation, tenacity, and excellence will only be growing as it moves into the future, and it looks forward to helping them step up to answer the call of any challenges this may present.

For business enquiries, contact Eva Andreu Benito from eDiversa Group via their website –

4 Perimeter Security Options to Consider for Your Business

Physical security must be a priority for businesses, and deflecting and deterring would-be intruders at the perimeter is your first line of defence against theft as well as other criminal acts.

If you are wondering which options are the best for protecting the perimeter of your premises, read on for a look at what solutions and tech are worth considering.

Image Source: Pexels


If you have on-site parking, or you accept vehicles for delivery or collection purposes, then you need a way of managing access.

A simple drop-down bar might be adequate for basic purposes, but in the case that there are especially valuable vehicles, goods and personnel you need to protect, a fully fledged gate is best.

The good news is that with slide gate opener systems, this security setup can be both robust and convenient. You can even automate the operation of the gate, so that it lets the right vehicles in and out without needing constant human monitoring.


Security camera setups are well suited to both domestic and commercial use, with modern products in this market again adopting all sorts of enhanced abilities which lessen the burden on end users.

Of course the revolutionary influence of automation can only go so far in providing adequate protection, and you need to be savvy about how and where you install surveillance systems so that they can be optimally implemented.

Having cameras at entry and exit points is a no-brainer, especially now that things like facial recognition are comparatively affordable. Even simpler, more traditional security camera configurations are still an excellent deterrent, as well as letting you collect evidence which can be used to identify miscreants if necessary.

Motion sensors

Sometimes a camera is not enough to detect and deal with security threats, in which case a motion sensing system which is triggered when the presence of a person is detected might be worthy of your investment.

There are various types of sensors in this category, ranging from simple infrared solutions to systems that are made to observe unusual seismic activity and extrapolate from this whether it is indicative of a threat, a natural disaster, or something else entirely.


Fencing in a business premises is another widespread practice, and one which bolsters security significantly.

There are a number of routes to take here. For example, you could opt for fencing which provides robust protection but doesn’t prevent anyone on the outside from seeing through to what’s going on within.

Alternatively you could choose fencing that’s entirely opaque, masking on-site activities from prying eyes and keeping precious assets out of sight. Fencing can even be electrified to further dissuade criminals from attempting to subvert it.

The idea with fencing is that it is both cheaper than brick-built walls, and also quicker to order and install. So if you’ve got a time-sensitive need to boost security at your business, it’s a wise choice.

Weighing up your requirements

An important point to make about perimeter security for businesses is that you need to strike a balance between your needs and your budget.

If you don’t need an all-encompassing solution with the latest and greatest tech, then there’s no point splashing out for one when all you’re shielding from thieves is a small site with few valuable assets stored there.

On the other hand if you skimp on security and you do have resources worth protecting, then your chances of being targeted by criminals will skyrocket.

Research your options rigorously and get security specialists involved if you are not a seasoned pro in this field yourself.

Performance Marketing Agency of the Year – Singapore

Three co-workers are comparing results and developing a strategy

A company named for and specialising in key performance indicators, KPI Media is an expert in high-growth performance marketing. With a new business unit focusing on new technology being brought in soon – one that will be responsible for developing its own MarTech and AdTech software – KPI is currently pivoting towards focusing on more pre-series A and pre-IPO deals. Part and parcel with this, it has been hard at work organising meetings and get-togethers with its staff so that they can move towards the future with enthusiasm and drive, keeping the spark of ambition lit.

KPI Media, a high-growth performance marketing agency based in Singapore, has set itself apart from other agencies in its region with its specialist services. Fundamentally, performance marketing solutions are highly dedicated and incredibly well organised, all made possible by the fact that this is the only type of marketing it offers. By keeping itself so specific and specialist, it has ensured that each of its performance marketing services is the best it can possibly offer, setting itself head and shoulders above its peers, offering a vast range of solutions that by nature cannot achieve the depth of KPI Media.

KPI’s diligent, tenacious, and committed staff are each expert media buyers who have gained experience working with the biggest brands in the world. Nominally, each of them is an outstanding and leading mind in their field, proven across a variety of jobs, and able to deliver on all key performance indicators on a reliable basis, having made its very name – KPI Media – a reminder of this. Its clients can trust that for its work, KPI Media’s focus will always be on them, their project, and their specifications; undaunted by a challenge, its staff will always strive to go above and beyond expectations, surrounding itself by people who never falter when it comes to delivering its brand promise.

This, a promise to always help a client hit their brand goals, is something that has gained KPI significant notoriety as a trusted brand partner. Emphasising automation, it lets the logistics take care of itself whilst its specialists focus on the numbers and the resulting growth, resulting in a streamlined way of working that its customers directly benefit from, especially the venture-backed start-ups amongst its customer-base. Additionally, thanks to its aid of MarTech clients with elegance and sophistication, it has won a regional account with Meltwater APAC, the world’s first online media monitoring company.

Its customer-facing account managers promise to continue using such innovations to positively impact the performance of its client’s brands, embracing change and keeping its finger on the pulse of the current shifting paradigm so that it can keep abreast of its deeper nuances. Partnered with Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Tiktok, its current growth spurt shows no signs of stopping thanks to the excellence it continually demonstrates. Moreover, through providing a positive working environment to its employees and introducing a new technology business unit responsible for developing its own in-house MarTech and AdTech software, it is excited to continually improve its work efficiency, looking forward to where the new year will take it.

For business enquiries, contact Yashwin Naidu from KPI Media via their website –

The Innovative Company That’s Changing The World

distribution and delivery concept, lines coming out of one location and going to other locations

Blue Beat Digital has evolved greatly since its founding in South Africa. Backed by inspirational figures like Elon Musk, it serves as no surprise that the company is on a mission to make a global impact, all the while serving clients with enthusiasm and integrity. The accolade of Most Outstanding Mobile Distribution Specialists 2022 – California is simply another title for the company to add to its flourishing inventory as it continues to expand and blossom.

Stemming from humble beginnings in South Africa, Blue Beat Digital has since become a leading digital marketing and e-commerce company based out of the United States. Be it selling some of the world’s most recognized mobile accessory brands, distributing SIM cards, or developing its own innovative mobile phone accessories, the company strives to provide quality. It is efficient, creative, and highly-skilled in marketing and sales, with the company’s founder Barry Taitz describing it as, ‘Thriving on the opening of digital doors, whether it be third party e-commerce sites or your own digital platform with the application of very different and unique marketing techniques. The objective is to capture the customer, and the brand essence on all the different platforms.’

Serving as a leader in the mobile distribution industry, Blue Beat Digital is constantly on the edge of market transformations. Indeed, it is simply a matter of ‘innovate or die,’ a phrase often used by Barry Taitz. This mindset has ensured the company’s success, allowing it to grow from a one-man, door-to-door sales company in South Africa to an industry titan. It infuses each aspect of the company, motivating the team to push for something more – for more success and, ultimately, a bigger and better future.

As such, this has been further bolstered by Taitz’ philosophy on business, ‘it’s best not to be an oil tanker, but rather the tugboat. An oil tanker is heavy, slow, and hard to change its course in comparison to a tugboat which is small, nimble, fast, and very powerful and therefore able to change the course of its direction very quickly.’  In essence, this implies that in order to adapt and navigate an internationally-known business, it is best to be the tugboat. Within this analogy, Blue Beat Digital is, of course, the tugboat, adapting to industry changes and global crises to ensure its survival.

Taitz, as the CEO, almost serves as a ‘tugboat’ within the wider ‘tugboat’ of the company. The well-recognized entrepreneur, innovator, and change agent guides Blue Beat Digital, evolving his leadership style in accordance with the company’s adaption, as these are interlinked to guarantee seamlessness and harmony. Henceforth, he no longer sees mistakes as errors, but as learning opportunities that have the potential to inspire and foster growth. Taitz, when talking about the challenges of his role, comments that, ‘As a CEO you are often in the limelight and expected to show direction, guidance, and inspiration therefore the margin for error is small.’ It is with this firmly in mind that he has implemented numerous boundaries that have allowed for the freedom of energy and time to tackle the company’s priorities and, consequently, remain ahead of the curve of innovation. 

Behind the company’s success lies multiple sources of inspiration, primarily Elon Musk, a fellow South African entrepreneur and inventor. Labelled as ‘challenging’ and a ‘daydreamer’ as a child, Musk has since become one of the richest people on the planet, founding companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company. His inventions and investments have changed the world for the better, be it through promoting electric cars, or the exploration of the universe. In turn, Taitz found inspiration within Musk’s story, and endeavoured to expand his global business visions for the telecom industry based upon Musk’s success. Indeed, he recognised that Musk started out just like him and that if he can transform the world then anyone with grit and determination absolutely can. 

Consequently, this has become the company’s overarching mission – to change the world and acquire wealth. Whilst at first this may sound self-serving, Taitz believes that wealth is for the greater good. Through Blue Beats Digital, he has found an outlet to be creative and a game-changer, which then results in a steady income stream. In turn, he holds the opinion that having wealth amplifies the person that you are, and that if you live with abundance, you can share and distribute your wealth and services. As a result, having the ability to give and decide who you help everyday makes you a better person, and is the true measure of success.

Henceforth, Blue Beat Digital is an entirely client-centric business. It places the customer as the number one priority, as they are the driving force behind the business, and are the ones that guarantee the company’s longevity. Searching for common ground between itself and the client, Blue Beat Digital intends on forging relationships with each and every client that uses its services. Additionally, it takes customer feedback to heart, viewing it as a way to positively change and enhance the company. In certain cases, the initial impulse can be to react, yet the company chooses to step back and evaluate before offering a response. It is imperative for the team to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for the feedback, as this often results in a revitalised performance mindset for our dealers who are the custodians for the company’s distribution network.

This is an exceptional benefit in such an industry. Complimented by efficiency and quality, Blue Beat Digital has cultivated a method to capture and hold the attention of its customers. Further, it does this through understanding and recognising how to communicate to its market and, in turn, evolving them from a once off purchase to a loyal customer. This ability has enabled Blue Beat Digital to thrive within a busy and overly-saturated market as it can effectively cut through the noise to strike the minds of clients.

On the contrary, the Covid-19 pandemic threatened businesses around the globe, forcing many to enter periods of closure. It was Blue Beat Digital’s devotion to adaptation that kept the company afloat through this turbulent time – it turned towards selling and distributing PPE across the United States. Furthermore, Blue Beat Digital launched a “million mask contribution challenge,” which received a great amount of support and was a success. As an immigrant with a plethora of global connections, Taitz viewed this crisis as an opportunity to benefit the lives of American people.

2022 is set to be a fruitful year for Blue Beat Digital. Numerous plans are coming to life over the next year, namely the empowerment of more individuals in order to secure a wider range of deals. Moreover, the company hopes to continue its efforts within the sponsorship of events, with one of its current ventures being the sponsorship of drifting race events across different continents. However, the company’s guiding mission – the one that it truly hopes to pursue – is to share and distribute resources and knowledge with as many businesses as possible.

For business enquiries, contact Nicky Slom from Blue Beat Digital via their website –

Barry Taitz
Barry Taitz, CEO

Most Trusted Mortgage Brokerage – GTA

Mortgage Specialist

As Ontario’s foremost mortgage specialists, Your Mortgage Your Way – a company under the umbrella of The Mortgage Centre – has won the above award and the award for ‘Customer Service Excellence’ in 2022 due to the diligence and tenacity it displays at every turn. Nominally, its efforts have propelled it to the forefront of its industry, allowing it to become a totally successful and comprehensively trusted team that builds long-term and reliable relationships with its clients across its time in their service. has developed significant renown in its industry by making itself a partner to its clients. Working hard to be trusted, reliable, and well-developed, its mortgage services represent the wider umbrella company of The Mortgage Centre well, allowing both companies to grow their reputations as companies that always put the client first without fail in the service of Toronto, Ontario, and Canada in the macro scale. It achieves this kind of service by maintaining its incredible values across each one of its services. Your Mortgage Your Way boasts a huge range of solutions that can make all the difference for a client looking for the right kind of mortgage product for them.

Critically, it knows that such a process can be time consuming and stressful, and it wishes to take both factors out of the process, instead giving clients the ability to trust in the professionals to be looking out for their best interests. As Toronto’s front-running mortgage brokers and mortgage consultants, it offers the chance to benefit from unbiased mortgage strategies rivals any number of its competitors, as well as an interest only service, adjustable rate, short and long term fixed rate mortgages, and more, putting the power back into the customer’s hands regarding what they want their mortgage to look like.

Moreover, the client is also invited to choose a mortgage that is assumable, transferrable, or portable, with a prepayment privilege that ensures a client has access to a prepayment privilege. This is a critical element of its business model – and something clients all across the spectrum have lauded as exemplary – as it allows them to bring down their mortgage balance sooner rather than later, granting them control over when and how much they pay into their account far more than the offers made by its peers.

The Lenders and Associations that work in conjunction with it are a variety of different professionals, as well. Nominally, its staff shop around to find different banks, credit unions, and trust companies each of which are screened closely to see how they might help its clients to meet their financial needs and serve their financial goals, tailoring each of its services to fit a wide range of demands. In addition, Your Mortgage Your Way works with Mono Line Leaders such as First National Financial LP, MCAP, Centric Mortgage, CMLS Financial, Home Trust, Optimum Mortgage, Canadiana Financial Corp, Merix, and more, with insurers like Sagen, CMHC and Canada Guaranty also proud to partner with it.

This shows that not only has it been able to endear itself to its customers, but to its wider peer group. Its industry is one in which the development of a good, stable, and reliable network is pivotal, and the trust that such companies put in by allying with it are an excellent ‘show don’t tell’ method by which customers can see how it might benefit them. Encouraging clients to get in touch post-haste – with email and phone numbers available through which a client can speak to one of the incredible, diligent, and customer-first staff members that make up its ranks – it welcomes engagement with its agent tools and pre-approval process both.

Involved in its agenting tools, it offers a full welcome wagon package that ensures no one will be left in the dark regarding its agent aimed tools and resources, giving them access to a huge range of brand logos for websites and prints as well as the ability to access a CMS system called Salesforce. Such elements are making mortgage agent services that much easier to organise and get into, with training videos included that would walk a newcomer through the entire process. Thoroughly, every element of Your Mortgage Your Way as a business has been developed to put people first.

It also includes a wide range of calculators through its online platform that allow a client or visitor to consider a wide range of options from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, and without any additional pressures. These, each of which have proved incredibly well designed and are widely used, include a refinance interest savings calculator, a mortgage qualifier calculator, a rent versus buy calculator, and even a mortgage payoff calculator, all of which give a client the information they might need in seconds and with the highest levels of accuracy.

The incredible level of web development and thought that has been put into its website is clear from the very first visit, and is just the beginning snapshot of how much of a delight this company is to engage with on a professional and client based level. Indeed, the testimonials and glowing reviews that it receives from customers past and present reflect this. Again visible through its website, as well as through third party platforms, such reviews unfailingly mention the timely, respectful, and knowledgeable aspects of the work its staff perform. Their staff make a busy, stressful, and crowded market that much easier to navigate, taking away the mysticism from the process and replacing it with solid, dependable, and facts-based research delivered without unnecessary jargon and with personable, friendly customer service.

For further information, please visit

S Corporation Vs. Sole Proprietorship: Which Is Best For Your Business?


Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially when you’re independently funding and running your company. You have to worry about everything from managing your team to promoting your product and more. However, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to make these other tasks more accessible by choosing the best entity structure for your business.

This feature discusses S corp vs sole proprietorship so that you can decide which is better for your business. It also discusses some pros and cons of each structure, so you know what to expect if you choose one over the other. Continue reading to learn more.


S Corporation Basics

An S corporation is a separate legal entity, like a sole proprietorship or an LLC (Limited Liability Company). The authorities from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) consider it to be a ‘pass-through’ entity, which means that the profits and losses of the company pass through to its shareholders. This is in contrast to C corporations, a type of business organization incorporated and taxed as a separate legal entity. C corps’ profits are taxed twice: once at the corporate level and again when distributed as dividends to shareholders.

To become an S corporation, you must file Form 2553 with the IRS alongside your regular business tax return (Form 1120S). Once approved, you’ll receive an EIN (Employment Identification Number) for your S corp. You’ll also receive permission from federal authorities to operate as such for up to one year (you can apply every year after that).


Pros and Cons of S Corporation

An S corporation has its pros and cons, just like any other business structure. If you’re wondering what the pros and cons of setting up an S corporation are, here are some of them:

  • The pros of setting up an S corporation include a pass-through tax structure that shields your assets from liability and the ability to deduct business expenses on your income taxes. 
  • Besides, an S corporation has more limited liability than a regular corporation. This means its owners (shareholders) aren’t liable for certain debts or liabilities of the business. 
  • The cons of setting up an S corporation include limits on who can own one. This type of business structure is only available to individuals and not corporations or partnerships. 
  • Another biggest con of operating as an S corporation is that you can’t issue stock options or convertible bonds, or notes as part of your compensation plan. The reason is that the IRS will treat these instruments as dividends, which can be taxed in the hands of the recipient at a rate up to 39%.


Sole Proprietorship Basics

A sole proprietorship is the most accessible business structure to set up, making it a good choice if you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey.

A sole proprietorship is a business owned and operated by a single person: you. The owner of a sole proprietorship can be an individual or a group of people in partnership with each other (such as two or more partners). Because the owners are personally liable for any debts or lawsuits involving their businesses, they may lose more than just their business assets if something goes wrong with the company.


Pros and Cons of Sole Proprietorship

One of the pros of a sole proprietorship is that it’s easy to set up. Suppose you’re a starter; it’s easier to start with a sole proprietorship. 

Another advantage of setting up a sole proprietorship is easy to access financing. It’s easier to obtain financing for a sole proprietorship than for other business forms, such as corporations.

The main disadvantage of setting up a sole proprietorship is that you’re the sole owner, and you have to take on all the responsibilities and liabilities. 

Another disadvantage is that if something happens to you (like getting sick or hurt), your business will be at risk of closing down since there’s no one else who can step in and run it while you recover or heal from your injuries.

There are also some legal requirements such as registering with state agencies like a secretary of state office or local tax collector office so they can collect information such as names, addresses, and other data about the company’s operations.


S Corporation Vs. Sole Proprietorship: Which Is Best For Your Business

For many small businesses, the S corporation is the better choice. It protects your assets from creditors and allows you to avoid double taxation. If you’re planning to start a business with limited liability, then an S corp may be what you’re looking for.

If your company has high levels of liability or carries significant debt, the S corp may not be suitable for you. Because shareholders are personally responsible for any debts incurred by their companies (unlike LLCs and C corps), they might get wiped out in bankruptcy if something goes wrong.

For this reason alone, an S corp works better as a startup than a mature company (though there are other reasons why mature businesses should also consider switching).

If you’re thinking about starting a business, you may want to consider becoming an S corporation or a sole proprietor.

You can choose to be an S corporation entity or a sole proprietor. Both structures have pros and cons, so it’s essential to weigh your options carefully before deciding which one is best for you.

When deciding on the proper business structure for your company, consider what type of business you want to operate (for example, whether it’ll focus on manufacturing or retail), how much money you plan to make each year and what size team you’ll need. 

You’ll also want to think about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into running your company, and this may influence whether an S corporation or sole proprietorship is suitable for you.



If you’re deciding which business entity structure to use, consider consulting with certified public accountants. They can help you determine your business’s current and future needs. Also, they can provide advice and guidance as you make important decisions about protecting your assets while maximizing profits.

Best Hairstyling & Beauty Aesthetics Academy – Ontario

Women doing a female clients hair, with a round hair brush and a hair dryer

The Beauty Academy has become an icon of Ontario, spread over three separate campuses. Each encapsulates the best of education, delivering courses of the highest standards for hair stylists, medical aesthetics, SPA aesthetics, and make-up artists. Everyone who walks through the Academy’s doors can find their own path to an extraordinary future.

Describing The Beauty Academy in academic terms sells the whole experience short. Far from focusing purely on the theory behind beauty, students are encouraged to find ways to practically apply their skills. This gives every student the chance to learn more not only about the hair and aesthetic side of the industry, but the financial side too. Through partnerships with various local organisations, the team has created a space where their students can learn about what it means to work in beauty and hair. They lie at the cutting-edge of artistic leadership.

The demand for the team’s outstanding services is what has allowed them to spread so far across Ontario. Multiple locations not only allows the team to meet demand, but they serve students across various areas. In such a large area, being able to easily access the high quality facilities that The Beauty Academy has to offer is incredibly appealing to many.

Those who attend The Beauty Academy find themselves the focus of talented individuals who have a wealth of experience in the industry to share. Instead of cramming people into these popular courses, the Academy ensures that its students get the attention they deserve. By taking a bespoke approach, one which embraces the time required to become an expert in the field, The Beauty Academy adds significantly to the beauty industry.

Every element of the Beauty Academy is built around this goal. The team sees the beauty industry as something they can contribute to, through providing exceptional education and top-notch opportunities for development. The business has thrived, thanks in no small part to the diligence of its educators and the chances that are available in the booming and vibrant province of Ontario.

The Beauty Academy Executive Director, Phil Weaver said, “When we last looked at the team at The Beauty Academy, they were beginning to explore the potential for digital growth, allowing for a more varied learning experience. This commitment to reacting effectively to feedback is why students continue to attend this institution. They know that they not only get the best possible education, but in a way that suits them and allows them to thrive.”

The courses delivered by the team are undoubtedly superior in preparing students to go far with their careers. Students benefit from small classes, meaning more personalised attention on each individual; instructor passion and dedication; access to leading tools, equipment and multi-media instruction; and prioritised hands-on experience.

The Medical Aesthetics programme is unique. The Beauty Academy provides a comprehensive programme that exceeds any other programme offered in Ontario. Most programmes address the basics of IPL, laser and electrolysis. The Beauty Academy has an expanded programme that includes the latest trends that the industry requires, addressing microblading, micro needling and microdermabrasion.

The Professional Hair Stylist programme includes an option to address barbering. Most industry programmes only address the basics for men’s cuts. The Beauty Academy’s Barbering programme adds over 100 hours of barbering techniques, the latest trends and men’s grooming for beards and shaves.

The results of The Beauty Academy speak for themselves. The team has an excellent employment rate and is highly regarded by specialists across the industry, with salons seeking out the Academy’s graduates for hire. Ultimately, when people talk about The Beauty Academy, they’re talking about one of the best in the business.

For business enquiries, contact Phil Weaver from Beauty Academy via email – [email protected] or on their website –

Manage Your Wealth Like An Expert

Exterior of apartments outside London bridge

Artvera Private Wealth Management is an independent wealth management boutique, based in London, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, providing customised investment management worldwide, comprehensive wealth planning solutions and corporate advisory services to high-net-worth individuals, their families, and their businesses. Here we take a closer look as it wins Most Outstanding Wealth Management Boutique 2022 – United Kingdom.

Artur Bounegra is the Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Artvera Private Wealth Management (Artvera). He is responsible for strategic management of the company, but a significant portion of his time is devoted to providing clients with comprehensive wealth management services with boutique-style focus.

We are fully focused on serving clients from emerging markets and from our office in Mayfair, London, we manage our clients’ wealth providing them with the full spectrum of investment opportunities worldwide by using a wide range of traditional and alternative investment strategies across all major asset classes,” explains Artur. “We believe that namely the emerging markets will be the biggest contributor to the future global growth of the world economy. This is where all trends in wealth management industry are currently being shaped.”

Artvera also provides its clients with comprehensive wealth planning solutions including financial planning, wealth structuring, tax planning and legal issues, estate planning and business succession planning, and fiduciary and trust services. The firm’s aim is to help its clients to better structure and protect their wealth and to effectively pass their wealth to future generations taking all tax and legal requirements and constraints into account.

The company complements its investment management and comprehensive wealth planning solutions for individuals and their families with the corporate advisory services dedicated to its clients’ businesses, including advising on strategic issues and business planning, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), purchasing, and selling businesses, advising on restructurings and reorganisations, advising on capital markets and capital structure issues.

Artvera’s investment philosophy is focused on achieving long-term investment goals while assuming the least possible amount of risk and its philosophy is built on understanding its clients’ risk profile, tolerance to losses, knowledge and experience, something which is fundamentally important in ensuring that it is able to create and build a truly customised portfolio that is appropriate.

“Following our principle of open architecture, we always provide our clients with the best possible investment solutions in the market by using either our own in-house solutions or external providers’ investment strategies,” continues Artur. “We keep to disciplined “value investing” approach aiming to avoid emotionally driven investment decisions by performing deep and comprehensive analysis before investing in order to ensure sustainable long-term returns.”

As well as this, Artvera combines its investment offering with top-down macroeconomic analysis in order to evaluate across a wide range of asset classes, as well as rigorous bottom-up micro analysis to establish the most appropriate blend of investment vehicles within its preferred asset classes.

“We invest across the globe and diversify our investments among all asset classes. This is essential in order to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Our diversification principle is at the same time based of not overriding the selection of good long-term and more concentrated investments versus poor or inefficient but much diversified investments.”

To fully meet the needs of its clients and their families, Artvera can also provide lifestyle advisory services, which cover a wide range of family issues, such as international relocation to the UK, UK residency and citizenship, education, healthcare, and concierge services in the UK.

“Our wealth management services go beyond managing of our clients’ assets and encompass all financial aspects of our clients’ life,” elaborates Artur, who has more than 27 years of solid working experience in the financial services sector, of which 13 years were spent in banking and more than 14 years were in investment management.

Prior to establishing the firm in November of 2012, Artur worked on top managerial positions as Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Vice-President in several leading Russian banks, including banks belonging to large international banking groups such as Raiffeisen Bank, Nordea Bank and worked in different boutique hedge funds and investment advisory firms in the USA.

Artur possesses deep and fundamental knowledge of macro and microeconomics, financial management, accounting, reporting, and auditing and has a comprehensive experience and expertise in managing investments in developed and emerging markets.

Artur received his MBA degree from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business (USA) and prior to that his PhD degree in Economics from State University of Management (Russia) which he previously graduated from with the Diploma in Accounting & Audit.

In order to deepen his knowledge in specific areas Artur also received a number of professional certificates and qualifications: Qualification Certificate in Brokerage and Dealer Activity from The Federal Financial Markets Service (Russia) and a number of certificates in the UK covering the following areas: UK Corporate Governance, UK Conduct Regime, UK Market Abuse, UK Data Protection, UK Anti Money Laundering, UK Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC).

Artur has used his knowledge and expertise to shape Artvera’s core values and principles, and they include:

Independency – being completely independent from global and large-scale financial institutions.

Focus – being fully focused and dedicated to delivering exceptional quality of services to clients’ satisfaction, with the top priority being to always deliver the best possible level of service and investment performance.

Open architecture – not selling any financial products as many large banks and other financial institutions do. Instead Artvera provides its clients with the best possible investment and wealth planning solutions existing in the market by using either its own in-house solutions or external providers’ investment and wealth planning strategies.

Alignment of interests – a primary revenue stream in the form of annual management fee fluctuates according to the value of Artvera’s clients’ portfolios on which it is based. These interests are therefore closely aligned with creating strong, sustainable long-term performance for clients.

“Being privately owned boutique company allows us to avoid any conflicts of interests and bureaucracy which usually arise between different departments within large financial corporations,” Artur comments regarding the company’s values. “This helps us to be very flexible and reactive and always act in the best interests of our clients putting their interests ahead of our own at all times.”

In the wealth management business, professional and personal characteristics of a firm’s staff are extremely important. “Unlike in other financial businesses when you can never meet your clients in person, a wealth management business is highly personalised by definition as every client is unique with his own specific preferences, needs and expectations which any successful wealth management company should be able to meet and always try to exceed.”

Artvera, as an authorised and licensed (by FCA, UK) wealth management company, applies a boutique-style approach and a multi-family office business model with the full legal, financial and moral responsibility to the underlying clients for the quality of all the services provided regardless of whether or not any other external services providers are engaged by Artvera and this is something which is set to continue for the future.

Due to the constantly rising demand among its Clients Artvera Private Wealth Management is going to make a special focus on alternative investments as a part of its wider investment management services and soon will be offering its clients specifically designed selection of alternative investment funds in private equity, real estate, and various hedge funds strategies.  

Having recently been recognised in the Corporate Vision Awards and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Most Outstanding Wealth Management Boutique 2022 – United Kingdom, Artur and the team at Artvera have their sights firmly set on company growth.

“We’re currently planning to significantly expand our client base by opening additional offices and by building long-term partnerships with the local players on the most attractive markets in countries with actively developing economies,” Artur comments. “And due to the constantly rising demand among our clients, Artvera Private Wealth Management is going to make a special focus on alternative investments as a part of our wider investment management services and soon will be offering our clients specifically designed selection of alternative investment funds in private equity, real estate and various hedge funds strategies.”

For business enquiries, contact Artur Bounegra from Artvera Private Wealth Management (UK) Ltd via their website –

The Future of Stem Cells

Stethoscope with Pen, Charts and Graphs, Finance, Account, Statistics, Investment, Analytic Research Data Economy Spreadsheet

R3 offers therapies that harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to bring patients hope and options. Its regenerative medicine consists of therapies with either bone marrow, adipose, amniotic, PRP or umbilical cord tissue that contains platelets, cytokines, growth factors and exosomes to initiate a healing response in the body. We find out more about this unique treatment from company founder, David Greene, especially as it has now won Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company – 2022.For the past decade, R3 Stem Cell has worked tirelessly to become the world’s top regenerative therapies provider in addition to offering first rate education to both healthcare providers and patients.

Throughout the last century, healthcare providers have been offering mostly short term and temporary solutions to medical conditions. In addition, a lot of these treatments involve risky drugs and/or surgery. However, with regenerative stem cell therapy, now treatments can actually repair and regenerate damaged tissue.

“The mission of R3 Stem Cell is to offer first rate stem cell biologics for the world’s most cost-effective regenerative treatments,” explains David Greene, Founder of R3 Stem Cell. “Also to maintain unparalleled quality assurance and the highest patient safety. And most importantly, to treat all patients with respect, compassion and how we would like to be treated.”

The way R3 Stem Cell has differentiated itself in the market is through the top notch, quality biologics being offered with customized therapies at the most cost-effective pricing worldwide. R3 Stem Cell has never experienced a significant adverse event in over 18,000 procedures in the past decade and it is also the only US company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue.

As R3 Stem Cell has continuously grown over the past decade, so has its dedicated staff base. “Thankfully, the quality of R3’s staff has stayed consistent with qualities of compassion, respect and integrity,” elaborates David. “We have an open culture where staff can come to our upper management with any issues and expect to be treated fairly with appropriate solutions. The R3 staff believe in our mission, and we believe first and foremost in patient satisfaction. Everything we do is patient-centric, and that has translated into continued success!”

One of the biggest trends David has experience since the inception of the company is the increasing awareness of regenerative therapies, their existence and their capabilities, with patients from all over the world contacting R3 Stem Cell for help – something which was the main impetus five years ago for the firm to expand internationally.

“A challenge we face continuously is regulatory obstacles that need to be overcome. R3 is beginning several clinical trials over the next six months, which will help assure R3 becomes a true leader in moving the field forward while helping shape the regulatory approval landscape.”

Having recently clinched the prestigious title of Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company – 2022 as award by Corporate Vision magazine, R3 Stem Cell now have ambitious plans for the rest of the year.

With more than 45 locations in six countries currently, the plan is to continue global growth which will help patients all over the world achieve a better quality of life. In addition, R3 is making a significant research investment into five clinical trials in 2022 for various conditions such as opiate addiction, erectile dysfunction, knee arthritis, autism and infertility treatment with regenerative biologics.

For business enquiries, contact David Greene from R3 Stem Cell via their website –

Stem Cells with R3 Logo