Shipping Company
Customer expectations are expanding, and to keep up with this need, businesses are hiring third-party courier companies to deliver their
Automotive Management
The automotive industry is believed to be an industry wherein consumers’ feedback regarding the quality of auto products and services
Logistics worker in a warehouse, using a laptop with software to help the buisness
Many sectors have a constant churn of staff and require an influx of talent, but this is especially true in
Green Logistics
Green logistics, also known as eco-logistics, refers to sustainable policies and other measures adopted to reduce the environmental impact of
Third Party Logistics
The warehouse industry is directly linked to the timely delivery of goods. Warehouse managers must keep up with customer demands
Business Analysis
Ratio analysis is the practice of analyzing different aspects of financial information found within the company’s financial statements. In most
Track Revenue
A delay in tracking your business revenues can be challenging once you file your taxes. Such an obstacle includes less
Business algorithm
These past years, a trend has been growing in the business world. It's called algorithmic business thinking and is mainly
Executives in a board level meeting
Most Board-level executives believe that customer relationships have grown stronger during the pandemic, despite significant supply chain disruption, according to
E-commerce Merchants
Many innovative business models are rising in popularity these days, one of which is the dropshipping business approach.
As an entrepreneur, you need to understand how your enterprise is performing every day. This way, you’ll have an idea
The LinkedCar team
With the ‘Most Innovative Autotech Start-up’ award for 2021 in Belgium in the pocket, LinkedCar is working hard to fuel