Machine learning being used in a manufacturingsetting
If we asked you to think of an industry that has been revolutionised by technology, you’d probably have no problem
Cyber security plan
Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues for businesses. For the first time, it has been identified by security
Customer using live chat on an ecommerse website using their computer
Artificial intelligence or AI has greatly changed how people go about everyday life. From mobile devices with AI assistants to
Workforce intelligence
As governments work rapidly to respond to the Omicron variant, businesses experienced its effects as a timely reminder that flexibility
Sustainability Future
In the most optimal place as a company to aid the world’s pivot towards digitization, energy transition, and environmental efficiency,
Mobile app
As businesses continue to compete in a highly competitive world, one of the crucial elements that can make you stay
Despite data-leak prevention solutions’ long history, the technology is often ineffective at handling anything beyond trivial cybercrime scenarios.
Dominic Von Trotha Taylor, CEO of iov42
2022 is set to be a new year no less uncertain than the last for businesses. From efficiency and supply
ERP Upgrade
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are crucial nowadays for businesses. Most ERP software applications help companies integrate all the processes
Power Plant Management
Physical management of power plant operations can be taxing and time-consuming. By transitioning to remote management, you could help your
Cyber Security
As cybersecurity threats continue to increase every year, it’s crucial to protect your business at all costs. When your business
Woman on the phone in an office
The world of machine learning is one of constant growth. Nothing can compare with the power this industry has amassed