Man using credit card to buy something online with laptop
Detecting fraud can be tricky, with so many different types to spot. Here is our guide to help make your
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The team behind Forensic Discovery has committed themselves to develop new ways to support clients in early-stage legal discovery. They
Blonde woman with glasses with tech style frame and lines mapping out her face
Perfect Corp fuses AI and AR together to help the customer on their beauty journey. Try new glasses or makeup
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Based in Birmingham and founded over 22years ago, the work of METCloud has been recognised for delivering high levels of
6 people working in customer service, on the phone with clients while at their computers
VeriCall are here to bring proactive solutions to your customer call centre needs. Recently named Best in Customer Centre Solutions
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Live chat and messaging services can help the client get to a customer services agent and resolve any issues. Harry
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Keeping up with what technology your business needs can be demanding. TEKenabled is a leading specialist in low-code software to
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Founded in 2007, Cornerstone has become an innovative security consultancy firm, and received Best Security & Risk Management Consulting Firm
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Netherlands-based company Pegamento specialises in RPA, AI, and low coding. We took a closer look at the firm, including their
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The rebranded recently Aptum formally has 20 years of experience in data management. After its first year under the new
An API gateway is responsible for taking all API requests coming from clients and making sure that they are routed
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Do you remember the days when working in an office meant using a desktop computer, landline, and fax machine? While