Remote Employees
A recent post-pandemic survey revealed that 70% of the employed workforce have requested to go utterly remote by 2025. This
The ‘double disruption’ of the pandemic and the ‘automation boom’ has transformed the working world. In fact, the World Economic
World Youth Skills Day
The 15th of July is declared as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate and reinforce the importance of equipping young
It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college, changing careers, or an experienced professional in need of direction, the
Woman leading a business meeting with 5 employees at a conference table
Recently named Best Global Leadership Coach Training Provider – 2021, Global Coach Group is here to help train future leaders
Outsourcing Your HR
When people start up a new company it can be both exciting and challenging; there are so many new things
The CSOs are critical personnel in the company because they look at long-term goals and work on how the business
Public Speaker
As the President of The Commonwealth of Independent States Speakers Association (CISSA), there is much to be expected from someone
4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees
Remote work is no longer a trend or a fad considering that many businesses and industries have fully or partially
One of the most difficult questions we are ever asked is what career we would like to pursue. Where do
Teachers, students, and businesses need teaching tools to broaden their knowledge, present ideas, collaborate with team members, and conduct meetings.
5 ways to deal with troublesome colleagues in the workplace
If we were to go by what Hollywood films tell us, bad work colleagues would be incredibly easy to spot