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Doing business has changed dramatically, more so in the past year. As this blog explains, a sales script may be
Customer Needs
Customers are essential parts of any business enterprise. So, to grow your business and outshine other firms in the market,
Successful Onboarding
If you’re recruiting for your business or searching for new ways to improve your employee retention rate, a well-structured onboarding
Successful Leader
In these unpredictable times, business leaders are searching for ways to lead their teams to success and adapt to current
Charlotte Sweeney Associates is an award winning, highly competitive and professionally adept inclusion, diversity and equity consultancy, supporting global businesses
Remote Employees
A recent post-pandemic survey revealed that 70% of the employed workforce have requested to go utterly remote by 2025. This
The ‘double disruption’ of the pandemic and the ‘automation boom’ has transformed the working world. In fact, the World Economic
World Youth Skills Day
The 15th of July is declared as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate and reinforce the importance of equipping young
It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college, changing careers, or an experienced professional in need of direction, the
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Recently named Best Global Leadership Coach Training Provider – 2021, Global Coach Group is here to help train future leaders
Outsourcing Your HR
When people start up a new company it can be both exciting and challenging; there are so many new things
The CSOs are critical personnel in the company because they look at long-term goals and work on how the business