Top 5 Best Teaching Tools


Teachers, students, and businesses need teaching tools to broaden their knowledge, present ideas, collaborate with team members, and conduct meetings. Teaching tools come in traditional and modern methods, and the right combination can take learning to a higher level. But, what are the best teaching tools people can take advantage of nowadays? 

Below, learn the best teachings tools that can help you achieve your learning goals in this day and age.  

1. Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboard applications are used in online classes, which start with an infinite canvas without borders. Using an online whiteboard is an interactive way to collaborate with students for virtual teaching and work purposes. 

Whiteboard collaboration software programs are used in remote teaching, remote meetings, virtual study sessions, workflows, brainstorming, leaderboards, sales presentations, mind maps, and project management. 

Here are the good-to-know things about online whiteboards: 

  • Pen Tools: Paint programs are commonly used pen tools for freehand drawing. Online whiteboard software can recognize shapes and straighten lines.  
  • Widgets: They are standard tools used for online whiteboards. Some examples include arrows, post-it notes, sticky notes, stickers, and highlights.  
  • Notes: This whiteboard feature allows team members to communicate properly with each other.  
  • Media: Online whiteboard users can add media, such as photos, videos, and even audio tracks. You can also upload documents inside the whiteboard. 
  • Integrations: Online whiteboard platforms use plugins and integrations for added functionality, allowing the publishing of whiteboards to WordPress and video chatting apps, such as Skype. 


2. Google Docs 

Google Docs makes for a versatile digital tool for teachers. It helps teachers build and maintain a collaborative classroom. The best features that make Google Docs useful for teaching include a spreadsheet, presentation editor, and online word processor. Teachers and students can use Google Docs to collaborate on projects, blogs, assignments, and newsletters, as well as promote teamwork in workplaces. 

Check the following advantages of using Google Docs: 

  • Free 
  • Very accessible 
  • Generous storage  


3. Online Video Teaching Tools  

Educational technology is rapidly growing, which makes video teaching tools more helpful than ever. Video learning tools help students think creatively and express their insights and opinions verbally. These tools can help students overcome the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking. 

The different types of online video editing tools include the following: 

  • Live Lecture Videos: Teachers can send recorded lectures to students using online live lecture videos, allowing students to pause and watch the videos again for better understanding. Recorded lectures are shareable, allowing students to take the lesson based on their learning needs and pace. 
  • Mini Screen Recording Videos: It’s a popular way to create videos that involve screen recording, recording with or without audio, and anything that appears on the screen. Teachers can create mini-lectures via over-the-screen narration using browser-based video tools. This way, teachers can create screen recordings for hard-to-grasp topics that they can share with students instantly. 
  • Video Presentations: Increase engagement with students through video presentations, promoting effective communication and presentation skills. Students can take these skills as they eventually work when they become adults. Teachers can ask students to create a video presentation to gauge learning instead of traditional quizzes or exams.  
  • Video Assignments: Students can do their assignments through videos, immersing themselves naturally and deeply in a particular concept. Teachers can ask students to create video versions, like spoken essays, of the things they learned.


4. Electronic Learning 

Electronic learning (eLearning) provides learners with a rich learning experience. This learning tool uses software that makes digital learning possible, which is an important aspect of corporate training. eLearning is rapidly becoming increasingly popular both in education and business settings.

Take a look at the benefits of eLearning:  

  • Speeds Up Employee Training: Embracing eLearning can reduce employee training time. Learning is faster and easier because employees can access the material anytime and anywhere. In addition, learners can set their own training pace whenever they have free time. 
  • Reduces Costs: Many companies are switching to eLearning because in-house training can be very expensive. On the other hand, the use of eLearning training software is not cost-effective. Also, it enables employees to comfortably train at home, translating to lower travel and training costs.  
  • Maximizes Knowledge Retention: With eLearning, it increases knowledge retention rate because it’s more engaging than traditional classroom learning. Employees can create interactive content and learning multimedia to improve employee skills and performance. Teachers and students can also use eLearning and have fun answering interactive quizzes and other activities for an effective learning environment.  
  • Increases Productivity: Employees can use eLearning to learn at home while focusing on work tasks in the office. It promotes better workplace performance and greater efficiency because learners can revisit the information whenever they need it. 
  • Better Collaboration: It provides useful collaboration and communication tools, essential for building a collaborative workforce. Real-time collaboration can help identify a learner’s strengths and weaknesses in order to fill in skill gaps.


5. Communication Apps 

Now more than ever, learning becomes more challenging because of the current pandemic the world is facing at the moment. It’s a good thing that digital technology offers different teaching tools to make home learning possible, such as communication apps.  

Communication apps aren’t just used for reaching loved ones in faraway cities and abroad. They can be used for learning purposes, too. Popularly downloaded communication apps play a vital role in learning. These apps usually have screen sharing capabilities, as well as video conferencing, chat messaging, and file sharing features. Communications apps are most sought because of the following reasons: 

  • Free 
  • Easy to download and use 
  • Mobile-friendly



The best teaching tools teachers and workers can use nowadays include an online whiteboard, including features and benefits for the positive digital learning experience.

For one, Google Docs is a free teaching tool that teachers and students can use to present topics and concepts.  Online video teaching tools are also available, which are great for creating interactive and immersive learning environments. On the other hand, electronic learning or eLearning software programs enable digital learning to be more comprehensive and fast-paced by using special graphics, images, audio, and other helpful features. Communication apps also play an essential role in digital learning. 

5 ways to deal with troublesome colleagues in the workplace

If we were to go by what Hollywood films tell us, bad work colleagues would be incredibly easy to spot all the time. Sabotaging your presentations, stealing your food, or in some cases, just upright badmouthing you in front of your face. But, for better or worse, the real workplace will never be that black and white. Bad work colleagues come in all shapes and sizes, and work and act in many ways. It’s inevitable that at some time in your career you’ll encounter people you won’t  get along or agree with, and how you react to them will, in some way or another, affect how people will eventually view you and how professional you are. It’s a tough balancing act to get right – you don’t want to be seen as a pushover or gossip, but you also don’t want to have to dread going into work every day (well, at least not because of someone you don’t like).

Here GearHungry’s Resident Career Advisor Charlotte Moore breaks down 5 ways to deal with a co-worker you just never seem to see eye to eye with. ‘How is it possible to work with someone who no matter what you do seems to take everything the wrong way, or worse, outright pushes your buttons? The first thing I always suggest to people is to remember that no one’s perfect, and that we all have our faults when working. Before attempting to resolve the issue, always ask yourself first ‘is it them or me?’ or sit down with someone you trust at work and go over the situation, asking for their honest opinion. Try to see it from their point of view. Are they nagging you about your work rate, or have you repeatedly been late with your projects over the last few months?’

‘In most cases, it is usefully a mix of two people with crossed wires, rubbing each other up the wrong way. It is possible in these situations to avoid each other and let things settle down. Unfortunately, sometimes the tension never seems to resolve itself, and in these circumstances, it is best to take positive action. Below are 5 tips to help you conquer those troublesome colleagues.’

Identify the issue

We all dislike someone in our lives, from people we have close contact with, to famous people on the television. But for many, it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment you started to find a person annoying. ‘Humans are petty, and when we work in a place, we’re not happy in that pettiness can increase to a point that there’s no logic behind it. Because of this, the smallest irritations can send us off into a rage. Try to pinpoint exactly the moment you started to clash with someone at work, and determine if it really is a big deal, or something that has mutated over time. If it is something small, like breaking your favourite mug or criticizing a project of yours, then the likelihood is that relationship can be repaired. I’m not suggesting you’ll become the best of friends but finding the cause of the issue and resolving it can give closure to you and your grievances.’

‘Another thing to do is determine if the person you don’t get along with actually knows that there’s an issue. Do you have a problem, and they seemingly have no idea? Do you like them and for no reason they have a problem with you? Or do you both outright dislike each other? In all of these cases, dealing with the issue is normally the same, but it’s vital to work out where the issue lies before trying to fix it’.

Put the gossiping on hold

Gossiping to a friend at work can seem harmless, but as Charlotte explains, it can quickly turn nasty. ‘We all gossip, it’s a fact of life, and gentle complaining has been proven to be good for moral in the workplace. But there’s such a thing as ‘blowing off too much steam’ with a colleague. Ranting about work is an important and natural part of life but it should be kept in check, and it’s necessary to know if there’s a line that’s been crossed. If not kept under control, complaining at work can turn an already negative and toxic workplace into a hostile one, leaving you focused on the bad qualities and blind to the good ones. If you feel a conversation is becoming negative put a stop to it by walking away, or changing the subject, and ask yourself after ‘do I feel positive or negative right now’ Most gossip sessions leave you in a negative mood, and you’ll carry that around for the rest of the day. Gossiping about a work colleague will also strengthen the divide between the two of you, as it helps build up the image of them you’ve created in your mind. If someone is late everyday it can be annoying, but if you complain about it 5 times to people, you’re convincing yourself that it’s a bigger issue than it actually is. Gossiping in the long run only hurts one person’s reputation – yours’.

Honesty is the best course of action

‘For many people the idea of confrontation can freak them out. Instead, they’ll either ignore the problem, make it worse by reacting to it, or fake smile their way through the tension. If your co-worker is doing something that upsets you, and you know specifically what that problem is, you should approach them and have a civil conversation about it. Cutting to the root of the problem as soon as possible before it reaches boiling point is best as the longer you leave it the harder it’ll be to correct. Be precise, reasonable and open to discussion. Remember, it’s a relationship, so be ready to hear feedback in return. Listen and talk over the issues you’ve both presented and work out how to resolve them in the future. You should also be able to gauge from this conversation if it’s actually a work issue or a personal issue – either way, agree to follow through with the outcome suggested.’

Surround yourself with goodness

‘Even after talking, resolving and problem solving, tricky co-workers can always rear their heads. Sometimes it’s inevitable that you just won’t get along with certain people you work with. Whether it’s a mild disliking, or outright hate from their side, one of the best things a worker can do is surround themselves with positive and happy people. Hopefully you’ve made a bond with at least one person you work with, and if not try to work on the relationships with people you consider good. Focusing on the positives is not only good for moral and relationships, it’s also good for your mental health. Remember, you’re spending at least 8 hours here a day, so you want to be comfortable in that environment’.

Asking them for help

‘Admittedly this can seem a bit weird to people, but it’s a proven technique that I’ve seen show many positive results over the years. Think of it a ridiculously cheap, and slightly weird, teambuilding exercise. Asking a colleague for help can kick start the relationship into action, showing both of you that you value the others opinion, and can work together. Approach them and ask their advice, or work with them on something that involves communication. Even if the results are not the ones you were looking for, focusing on work and not personal issues is the first step in moving on from your problems. In most cases, sticking to your work and reducing the time you both see each other is an effective way to overcome the fractured relationship, and hopefully after asking for help they’ll see that you’re just like everyone else there’.

Impossible Things


When it comes to choosing a fiduciary services company that offers help across borders, it’s important to find one that is keen to say yes, instead of no. Achieving the impossible is key. At Fiduciana Trust (Cyprus) Limited, this belief stands at the heart of the team’s work, and has proven an excellent guiding force in all matters. With the team recognised in 2020’s Corporate Excellence Awards as Most Influential Leader in Fiduciary Services 2020 – Cyprus, we look to the company to find out more.

Based in Cyprus, the team at Fiduciana have built a reputation on being personal, friendly and able to solve any problem. A boutique in every respect, clients are sure to experience the benefit of the team’s considerable experience and enviable customer service. With trust at the core of any relationship, Fiduciana has ensured that each of its staff is trained to ensure that all matters remain strictly confidential and are handled in a professional way, particular to each case.

At Fiduciana, the art of Fiduciary services has been perfected to such a high degree that the team do not believe in impossible solutions. They have perfected the art, meaning that the small but skilled team is more than capable of tackling a range of different challenges. Made from a mix of chartered accountants, lawyers and paralegal administrators, the team at Fiduciana haven proven their dedication time and time again. They are available around the clock to ensure that each client receives the best service possible.

As with any boutique agency, client expectations are high indeed, but the team at Fiduciana always aim to exceed these. All clients are known on a first name basis, treated as an individual with individual concerns as opposed to a number with a simple, transferable solution. Even the most challenging of circumstances can easily be matched by the Fiduciana team, which is why so many high-profile clients continue to trust the business to perform their fiduciary services.

The benefits of turning to Fiduciana to receive the best possible assistance in terms of fiduciary services are numerous. As the international environment grows increasingly complex, specialists are required to deliver services of the highest standard. Through the firm’s impressive combination of legal, fiduciary and business experience, clients can rest safe in the knowledge that the Fiduciana team has their best interests at heart.

The range of services that Fiduciana is able to provide is a credit to the team’s tireless work-ethic. Through a heady combination of services such as corporate & services, banking services, accounting & financial management, tax & vat planning, substance solutions, domiciliation and representation services as well as a Cyprus investment program, there is very little that is not part of Fiduciana’s reach.

In an area such as corporate & services, Fiduciana’s considerable ability is what has granted the business the necessary expertise to work through the various jurisdictions, legislation and local corporate environments in which the firm operates. Businesses that are considering working alongside this organisation will be able to take advantage of Fiduciana’s ability to establish, maintain and support multinational structures, provide directorship, secretarial and registered office address and handle day to day corporate administration. This is not all that is on offer, with more sophisticated services including assistance in the establishment of internal compliance procedures, the ability to compile and submit KYC file and to ensure that corporate statutory is compliant with the local registries. Often, this work is applied to the formation of Cyprus International Trusts, with the Fiduciana team taking the time to truly understand the objectives and intentions behind its creation.

In terms of banking services, the team at Fiduciana are fully capable of handling any number of different challenges relating to the opening of personal and corporate bank accounts. With members of the team who have close connections with all major banks in Cyprus, as well as some of the biggest international banks, it’s possible for clients to benefit from the expertise that Fiduciana brings. The ability to hand off day-to-day operations of this sort to another organisation is just one the ways in which the firm is able to assist.

Looking ahead, the team at Fiduciana are already looking for new ways in which they can bring added value to their clients. Substance solutions are one of the key changing areas for the business at the moment, with the evolving concept of economic substance in tax planning. With the law constantly moving forward on the subject, and an international approach being taken to minimise the avoidance of tax that can arise in this area, it’s through firms like Fiduciana that companies and individuals can be totally sure that their paperwork is up to scratch.

Cyprus is the ideal location for this, with substance meaning that companies that are based there – meaning that substantive business operations are genuinely carried out in the country – are able to benefit from access to the Cyprus tax framework and to tax benefits arising from the Cyprus double tax treaty network. Ensuring this is the case is straightforward, with books and records kept in the Cyprus office, all financial and other transactions of the company prepared and kept in Cyprus and board meetings conducted in the country that discuss substantive issues relating to the management and control of the company.

Other ways in which Fiduciana is preparing for the future is in actively looking for new members of its team, including at associate level. Always looking to develop the international business network that has already been established, Fiduciana’s team has opened its doors to many different firms and individuals who believe in the way they operate. Working co-operatively as opposed to aggressively, this exciting way of working is typical to the firm’s forward-thinking approach.

The impossible is never impossible with the right team to work with, and few teams are finer than that at Fiduciana. Combining years of experience and some of the best minds in the profession, it’s no surprise that they have not only achieved incredible things for their clients, but that they have managed to make it into a fine art.

Determine Your Weaknesses and Strengths with Practice Tests to Pass Microsoft AZ-400 Exam and Become an Azure Expert


Among broad choices of the Microsoft certification tests, passing the AZ-400 exam is what you need if you want to become an accredited Microsoft DevOps engineer. This test evaluates your general knowledge of various technical DevOps aspects, ExamTopics AZ-900 VCE such as steering communication and collaboration as well as implementing strategies for continuous integration and delivery. These also include your ability in delivering the appropriate security plans to build site reliability, especially in Azure DevOps solutions.

Microsoft AZ-400: exam details

Microsoft AZ-400 is a prerequisite exam required for the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Author: Sebastian Z It is developed for the DevOps professionals with theMicrosoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate or Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate badges.

Thistest basically measures your ability to successfully design a DevOps strategy and implement the DevOps development processes, application infrastructure, dependency management, as well as continuous delivery, integration, and feedback. The main responsibilities of the DevOps pros include streamlining delivery by ensuring that the practices are optimized in order to improve collaboration and communication, Get Discount from ExamSnap as well as creating automation. These specialists also implement and design the strategies for the infrastructure and application code that lead to continuous integration, monitoring, testing, feedback, and delivery.

Microsoft AZ-400: exam outline and format

There are certain domains that are covered in the content and that will be presented in the exam questions. You need to learn them and prepare well for each of the sections. You can use books, courses, practice tests, exam dumps, and instructor-led training for this. Please note that Microsoft AZ-400 generally has the following topics:

ExamCollection 74% >>>

  • Managing source control;

  • Implementing continuous integration;

  • Developing SRE strategies;

  • Implementing a release management strategy and continuous delivery;

  • Designing an instrumentation strategy;

  • Developing a compliance plan;

  • Implementing continuous integration.

The exam has between 40 and 60 questions and its duration is 150 minutes. It has the passing score of 700 points, which you should try to beat to be sure that you get the badge. The fee is $165 and the test can be taken in the Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese languages.


Microsoft AZ-400: potential candidates

The candidates appearing for the Microsoft AZ-400 test are the DevOps specialists who combine people, technologies, and processes to continuously deliver valuable services and products that meet the business objectives and end user needs. Those applicants who are taking this exam must be proficient with Agile practices. Author: Zoey Z They have to be familiar not only with Azure administration but also with Azure development and the experts in any of these areas. They must also have the ability to implement and design DevOps practices for version control, build release, infrastructures as code, compliance, configuration management, and testing by the use of the Azure technologies.


To succeed in the Microsoft AZ-400 certification exam, you need to have expertise in Azure development and administration. While preparing for it, start by going through the blueprints so as to get a clear idea of its sections, Author: Dylan C find online courses that will help you understand things, and take several practice tests to determine your weakness and strengths.

Why Virtual Classroom is the Way to Go When Planning to Attend an Online Course

virtual classroom

Online courses have slowly yet steadily made their way into the lives of many. From students to working professionals, everyone today is in search of gaining more knowledge or upskilling themselves. For some, upskilling would help them get a higher paying job while for some it’ll help them understand the core of their choice of interest. 

While it is true that online courses have faced their own list of challenges, it is also true that such courses are a lot more beneficial than offline colleges in many ways. 

Not only does it allow learners to attend the classes at their own convenience but also let them choose the location. However, staying motivated to actually complete the course or getting answers to their doubts then and there can often get difficult. 

Not anymore. Today, there are virtual classrooms that have been designed especially to offer a similar experience as that of the traditional ones. A virtual classroom software ensures that the students or learners are getting a remarkable experience for their online courses. It helps them stay productive and often finish the course on time. 

In this article, you can read about how virtual classrooms are much more beneficial and better than the traditional classes. 


Offers freedom and structure both 

Every learner belongs to a different category of age group, professional life, or educational qualifications. One of the major concerns that working professionals or university students have is managing their schedules. 

Online classrooms make that a cakewalk. 

With online classrooms, it is true that learners are required to give tests, submit homework, participate in online events, or attend a particular session. But the best part is that they have the freedom to choose when they wish to do that. All learners need to do is set up their calendar and inform about their preferred slot of the online classroom. The best part is that they don’t even need to travel to their college!


Diversified classrooms

Often traditional colleges are also a mix of people from different races, sexes, and countries, however, the ratio is much less. With online classrooms, non-natives are not required to travel all the way to a particular destination just so that they could attend college. 

With humongous diversity of people joining the virtual classrooms brings with it a fresh and different perspective on various things. It helps in expanding the knowledge, ideas, minds, and thoughts of the learner. Natives can collaborate with international students to work on projects which helps then gain new insights into their culture. 


Easy access 

With online courses, one benefit that makes it appealing for many is the lack of a rigid location. Online courses do not have any need of a particular location. Whether you are traveling from one destination to another or simply wish to attend the class while sitting on your bed, a virtual classroom is a lot more easy to access. 

The only two things that you require are your laptop and a great internet connection. With this, you can easily use the course material, post homework, take your assessments, and more in just a few clicks. 


Immediate feedback on assessments 

When you publish or submit your assessment, it feels like ages before the results are announced. The anxiety and anticipation of how well or bad you performed on the test truly stresses out an individual. 

A virtual classroom is here to take some of that stress away. 

With online courses, learners take an online test and get the result right after they present the submit button. This helps them immediately learn about their areas of improvement and ask for the help of their educators. 



While it is true that the experiences that virtual classrooms offer are completely different from the traditional ones. However, if executed well, a virtual classroom can easily become the most favorite one for many.

Scalable, Flexible, and Secure Cloud Computing Platform — Get Expert-Level Knowledge of Azure with the Microsoft AZ-303 Exam and Practice Tests


IT experts describe Microsoft Azure as a unique platform with endless opportunities and infinite potential. But, as it is constantly developing, the professionals working with it should pay much attention to their continuous education in the field. So, how can you improve your knowledge to the expert level and where to start if you already have some valuable experience?

The fastest and most convenient way of achieving this is offered by Microsoft. It provides several certifications and tests, and in this post, we will discuss AZ-303 exam. We will show you its main details, the necessity of picking the right preparation materials, a summary of the Azure architect technologies, basic exam facts, and your prospects as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert certified by Microsoft.


Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Well, in its most basic concept, Azure refers to a public cloud computing platform that was developed by Microsoft to enable organizations to deploy and manage services and applications anywhere. It has a variety of solutions including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies, also known as AZ-303 assessment, is meant for students who design and implement solutions on Azure. These skills include security, storage, networking, to name a few. While working in modern IT departments, these professionals can take multiple roles including advising sponsors on business requirements and transforming the same ideas into reliable and scalable cloud solutions.


Knowledge Needed to Take AZ-303 Exam

Candidates who get enrolled in the Microsoft AZ-303 training and are aiming for the credential must have the following skills:

  • Advanced experience in managing IT operations

  • Advanced knowledge of the relevant domains including security, business continuity, budgeting, data platform, disaster recovery, governance, networking, virtualization, and identity

Should have expert-level knowledge of Azure administration with a specific interest in DevOps and Azure development processes.


Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Format

AZ-303 is a 3-hour long test with different question formats varying from multiple-choice and mark review to drag-and-drops, among the rest. To pass the assessment, you must record a score of 700 points and above. Such a challenge requires good preparation, so you should allocate enough time for studies and use reliable materials. Apart from available courses and books, check yourself with practice tests before the main exam. This will help you understand your real level of readiness and identify knowledge gaps.

Speaking of the cost, you’ll need to pay a registration fee of $165. This amount includes the taxes which in some cases, may differ depending on your country. Remember that it won’t be the only expense since you also have to pass AZ-304 exam to obtain your Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge.


Career Options and Salary

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architects have a strong background in providing application migrations and developing on Azure platforms. They work with clients to offer reliable solutions while also guiding the technical team on the most efficient business strategies. However, such significant responsibilities are also paid well. According to the information at, an expert-level Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect with the right training can expect up to $153k every year.


Final Thoughts

Going by the details of this post, indeed Microsoft Azure gives limitless opportunities to learners who are willing to enhance their skills and make a name for themselves in an insanely competitive IT world. With the right study materials like books and practice tests, you’ll easily ace AZ-303 and AZ-304, earn the certification, and get ahead in your career!

Tips for Going Away to College

oxford arc

One of the biggest events in a young student’s life is leaving for college. You’ll be taking a massive step by finally living on your own. You’ll be meeting new people and experiencing new things in a different city or state. Living in a dorm can be a fantastic way to practice your independence while getting ready for the real world when you graduate. So, how do you prepare to be away from home for the first time? Let’s take a look.


Living Arrangements

Going away to college means you’ll need somewhere to live, whether it’s short term housing or in a dorm. You’ll need to figure this out before you get to college so that, when you go, you know where you’ll be sleeping. A lot of people choose dorm living for reasons that include being on campus, socializing, and finances. However, if you’re more of the quiet type, you might want to check into short term housing or an apartment off-campus. 


Wake Up In High School

One of the most common issues freshmen tend to have is waking up in time for class… not really an issue for many enrolled in an online college, but quite prevalent in a traditional college. When you’re in high school, your parents probably wake you up every morning. You can make things a lot easier for yourself if you begin getting into the habit of waking yourself up while you’re still in high school. Just set the alarm on your phone and get up when it goes off. It’s really not rocket science.


Cooking and Laundry

Most kids have chores to do when they live at home. While you might not enjoy these things, they’re actually things you need to know how to do once you get to college and beyond. If you opt to go away to college, you’re essentially making a commitment to start the transition to becoming a grown person. This means knowing how to do such basic things as cooking for yourself and doing your own laundry. Not having food to eat or clean clothes can add stress that you just don’t need. Make sure you know the basics of these things before school starts.


Where are You Going?

As you know, even the top colleges can mean a massive transition in your life. Even if you’re well-prepared, you can become overwhelmed when faced with all of the adjustments. Once you’ve signed up for classes, it’s critical to know where they are and how you’ll get to them. If you’re in a dorm, you might walk or ride your bike to them. If you live off-campus, you’ll need some form of transportation. The thing is, you never want to be late for a class. Some professors might even bar you from entering if you show up late. This also means that you’ll need to know exactly how long it will take to get to each class from wherever you may be. By making sure you plan your day and know when you need to be where you reduce the amount of stress you’re under and increase your chances of success.

Living away from home while you’re in college can be an amazing journey. It can provide you with new connections and you’ll have the experiences you need in order to grow as both a person and a student. Many college graduates remain in contact with their college friends for decades after they graduate. This experience isn’t one that should be faced with apprehension, but you do need to take it seriously and prepare for the changes that are in store.

Surprising Study Materials to Help You Pass the Cisco 300-410 Exam


What you use for your exam preparation plays a big part in the grades you get. Every test has prep tools designed by professionals and other experts in the respective field. In this article, we’re covering various study materials for the Cisco 300-410 exam that you cannot avoid. Before covering them, we’ll be considering the main aspects of this Find More on Exam-Labs URL Click Here .


Main Exam 300-410 Details

This accreditation is for those who implement Cisco advanced routing as well as services designed for the enterprise. Another name for 300-410 is ENARSI and it’s meant for securing the CCNP Enterprise badge if you combine it with 350-401 assessment. However, once you meet 300-410 threshold only, you receive a certification called the Cisco Certified Specialist-Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation. This ensures that your efforts are recognized with this single step. When it comes to the details of this assessment, the Cisco 300-410 exam lasts 90 minutes. The most probable question types in the main exam may involve multiple choice, multiple correct, drag-and-drops, and exhibit. The testing price is $300 and this assessment is available in two languages, namely, English and Japanese. Now that you know the facts about Cisco DEVASC 200-901 Exam Dumps Questions , let’s now cover the exam study materials to work with.


Study Materials for Assessment 300-410

The same way you plan your work before you start something, exam prep also requires acquiring test materials that assist you in practicing and obtaining the necessary skills and information. Here are study materials for Exam-Labs Cisco Certification CCNA Exam Dumps:

Training courses

Courses for this accreditation can include the official ones from Cisco and as well tutorials available on sites like YouTube. For the Cisco official courses, you’ll obtain access to experimental labs so that you come into possession of practical skills. If you visit the vendor’s assessment page, you can find such course options:


Practice tests

Practicing the knowledge you just acquired is key in taking care of the most important issues touching 300-410. Practice tests proffer benefits such as discovering how the exam is styled, knowledge retention, identification of knowledge gaps, and improving knowledge transfer. The more a candidate uses 300-410 practice tests during his/her studies, the more s/he becomes ready and more confident to appear for the real assessment.


Study guides

Study guides help in capturing information as you refer and study the set topics for 300-410. You can review each topic unlimited times until you feel you have retained the required concepts. Check out the following guides for the Click Here to Find More on Exam-Labs Website on Amazon:

  • Official Exam 300-410 Study Guide by Raymond Lacoste & Bradley Edgeworth,

  • ENCOR (350-401) and ENARSI (300-410) Study Guide by Scott Empson & Patrick Gargano.


Cisco Learning Library

This subscription learning service connects you with online courses for networking. They include product, certification, and technology training. Learners get support through interactive courses, training labs, and vital reference materials.


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The Real Value of a University Education Revealed

  • Average university graduate earns £582,532 over their lifetime which is 23% more than those without a degree
  • An engineering degree increases a graduate’s lifetime earnings by £140,000 on average
  • Women with degrees earn 51% more than those without, across their lifetime

Ever increasing university fees and fear of student debt might put many people off higher education, but investing in your education significantly increases your lifetime earning potential, according to new data from

A study of 2,042 UK adults commissioned by the personal finance experts at, reveals that as many as 62% believe that gaining a university degree will not increase an individual’s lifetime financial value.

However, has launched a new Degree Valuation Calculator, combining its survey data with salary data from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, to reveal the true value of higher education.

The data proves that for the vast majority of graduates, a degree has a significant impact on lifetime earnings. The average graduate will earn 23% more over their lifetime than those who do not study at university.

According to the calculator, the average university graduate earns £582,532 over their lifetime, which is £107,532 more than those with a minimum of five A-C grade GCSEs.

On average, by the age of 29, men with a degree will be earning a salary of approximately £35,500 – this is a 19% wage increase compared to men of the same age who left education having achieved a minimum of five A-C grade GCSE’s.

For women however, this difference is even more prominent, as women aged 29 who left education at this earlier stage typically earn approximately £20,800 per year, meanwhile female graduates can hope to be earning as much as £31,500 per year on average at this age –  a difference of 51%.

The research reveals the largest increases in lifetime earnings for women can be seen in female graduates with a degree in economics, who earn an average of £671,000 over their lifetime, 122% more than women without a degree in any subject.

Moreover, women with a medicine degree will on average earn 113% more over their lifetimes than the average woman without a degree, whilst female maths graduates can expect an increase in lifetime earnings of 95%.

Graduates of Oxbridge and Russell Group universities are likely to see the biggest increase in lifetime earnings amongst those who have a degree. The average graduate of these universities can expect lifetime earnings of £651,000, which is an increase of £176,500 compared to the average UK non-graduate, with a minimum of 5 A-C GCSEs, who will earn £475,000 across their lifetime.

Recent findings from the Chartered Association of Business School suggest that the UK’s most popular degree subject is currently business. According to’s calculator, business graduates can expect to earn an impressive £659,000 over their lifetimes, which is £184,000 more than individuals without a University education.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at comments: “Despite the financial burden of tuition fees, it is clear that university degrees are still a key factor in boosting potential earnings for the vast majority of graduates.

“Our new calculator is a unique tool that allows individuals to compare just how much they can benefit financially from attending different universities and studying different subjects. This is particularly useful to anyone who may be in the process of deliberating their future academic and professional endeavours.

“University is a worthwhile, long-term investment for many, both financially and personally. Going to university is definitely something to consider saving up for and opening up a dedicated savings account for this is a great way to do so.”

7 Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is the Future of Education

online learning

Online tutoring has become a popular way for children, teenagers and adults to revise their chosen subjects. In the current climate, which sees many being home schooled and revising at home, we have lost the option of in person tutoring and sitting in a classroom. Online tutoring combines artificial intelligence, one-on-one lesson plans and immediate feedback to give students realtime results and education.

Many have chosen online tutoring due to the pandemic but they are now thinking about implementing it full-time in their schedules due to convenience, accessibility and technology. Online tutoring can be all the difference in securing top-tier grades and it takes place in the comfort of the surroundings of your choice.

To explain the benefits of online tutoring and why many are making the switch, founder of The Profs, Richard Evans has listed the 7 reasons why it is the future of education.

1. Convenience

There is a big air of convenience when the power is in your hands. Online tutoring allows you to pick times and dates which suit your schedule, alongside having the option to work from anywhere. This can be useful if you have a set revision plan and only have certain time slots to fit in one-to-one lessons. As well as this, not having to commute to a classroom means you have more time to learn and less time getting distracted and procrastinating.


2. Personalised learning

Online tutoring means that the student can move at their own pace with no time restrictions. This differs to learning in groups where individuals have the match the pace of the class. Spending more time on the same topic can strengthen weaker areas of a subject as they can move at their own speed and ask all the questions they need to. Once a tutor gains an understanding of the students’ strengths and weaknesses, they can prepare tailored lessons and make it a personalised experience.


3. Regular contact with your tutor

In comparison to classroom teaching, online tutoring doesn’t just end when the lesson finishes. Since students are in contact with their tutors via video calling, they have access to regular contact at the ease of a button in between sessions. Students can benefit from the increased communication as they build up a relationship of trust with their tutors creating continuous dialogue evolving in more than weekly sessions.


4. Improved grades

One-to-one interaction with a tutor increases the motivation of students and keeps them more engaged in their lessons. Tutors can closely monitor progress to make sure students are excelling in their exams and academic life. This is effective in improving individual grades as lessons are tailored to suit areas of weakness. Online tutoring also increases a sense of responsibility as they can’t copy work from other pupils or place workloads on others. The sole reliance on themselves leads to a switched on and serious approach in reaching their target grades.


5. Cost-effective

Private tuition can be costly, online tutoring makes quality teaching available at a lower fee and during the current pandemic every student is keen to access tutoring at the ease of their own home. Online tutoring allows tutors to keep prices low since there is no downtime credited from travelling.


6. Choice

Rather than praying to secure a teacher who meets your needs and ways of learning, many online tutoring platforms gives you a selection of tutors to choose from. This feature allows students to focus on how and who they wish to learn from. The broader choice also provides the option of working with multiple tutors who specialise in different subject areas, which ensures you target the lessons you need help with.


7. Organisation

Technology makes everything easier to share. Whilst you can write-up your notes pen to paper, efficient resource sharing can be easy via cloud storage shared folders such as Dropbox or Google Docs. Having one place to store case studies, past papers, sample questions etc provides students with ease of learning which they can use at any time that suits them. More interactivity is possible in an online lesson.

“I was made redundant during lockdown – now I’m pursuing my passion through online learning”

online learning

For Pete Williams, a sales manager from Flintshire, redundancy was a “double whammy” – he was made redundant just six days before lockdown began, leaving him in search of a new job in the midst of a global pandemic.While Pete is not alone among those who have been made redundant during the coronavirus, he is also among the many who have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to develop themselves and their career. 

With the spread of the coronavirus making it easier for many businesses to close rather than re-open, the economy has taken a heavy hit this year. 

Despite government intervention, studies suggest that nearly one in six businesses will face the loss of 10% of their employees, with 9% of those businesses risking the loss of up to 49% of their employees over the coming months.

For Pete Williams, a sales manager from Flintshire, redundancy was a “double whammy” – he was made redundant just six days before lockdown began, leaving him in search of a new job in the midst of a global pandemic.

“Looking around for work was…soul-destroying. Due to COVID-19, it felt like recruitment was a slow-go… The only things that my CV matched were other sales management roles and I was adamant this was not what I wanted to do with my life” said Pete.

While he had earned excellent money in sales, he felt that being told that he was a ‘surplus to requirements’ was a rude awakening, and decided he wanted to change his career path to a role in HR – as a people manager.

“Watching new starters develop and take control of their own career was the most rewarding part of my previous role and I had a ‘eureka’ moment. This is what I wanted to do…I just needed to find where to start!”

After looking at formal university courses, Pete quickly realised that he didn’t want to wait until a new school year to get started, and as a young dad, he needed a better solution to learning that gave him the flexibility to take on work and study around childcare.

When a friend recommended an online course with ICS Learn, Pete did some research and found that it was exactly what he was looking for.

“They took time to explain how the modules worked, the support options available, and how I could spread the cost of the course…That day I signed up for a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR.”

After spending a few weeks studying the course, Pete added the fact that he’s working towards his CIPD qualification to his CV and was soon shortlisted by three potential employers.

“This has reaffirmed that what I want to do is work in HR and ICS Learn has given me the confidence that going back to studying at thirty-seven is not too late. It has given me purpose… and most importantly it will lead me to a career that I know I will be successful in.”

While Pete is not alone among those who have been made redundant during the coronavirus, he is also among the many who have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to develop themselves and their career.

With online education and an abundance of other resources at your disposal, there’s no time like the present to pursue your passion and achieve something meaningful.

UK Jobs On The Up: Sales And Education Vacancies Rise 26%

  • Sales & trading and education & training both reported a 26% increase in hiring last week
  • The number of people applying for sales roles has doubled since the beginning of 2020
  • Overall, hiring across the UK is up 20% following the PM’s ‘build, build, build’ announcement

Demand for sales staff and education professionals spiked last week as hiring across the country saw the first positive increase in weeks, with the number of jobs posted across the UK up 20% last week. That’s according to the latest real-time statistics from the world’s largest network of job boards, Broadbean Technology.


Sales staff and teachers in demand

The beginning of July saw the number of sales and trading roles advertised rise 26% week-on-week as more brands began to open their doors to customers and organisations continued to get back to work. However, Broadbean Technology’s data further revealed that the average number of people applying for sales roles has doubled so far this year, with around 65.5 candidates applying for each position. This is indicative of the number of people out of work in the sales arena since the pandemic forced many businesses to close.

The data also revealed that education and training saw a 26% increase in the number of vacancies added in the week ending 5th July as schools continue to struggle sourcing enough teachers ahead of the mandatory re-opening of all education institutions in September.


Permanent vacancies increasing

While all contract types saw an increase in hiring, permanent vacancies are up for the first time in three weeks following the Prime Minister’s ‘build, build, build’ speech. In light of Boris Johnson’s unveiling of plans to soften the economic impact of Covid-19, the number of new permanent jobs being advertised rose 19% week-on-week, indicating an uptick in positivity across many UK employers.

Alex Fourlis, Managing Director at Broadbean Technology commented:

“It’s incredibly encouraging to once again see vacancies growing across the board. The uptick in permanent jobs in particular indicates a level of positivity in the UK economy that is welcome news for businesses and individuals alike. With more companies able to once again reopen, and shops and schools welcoming customers and pupils back, we certainly expected to see some demand for new staff. However, while this is good news, employers in these specialisms face different challenges. For education institutes, the on-going shortage of teachers is still hampering hiring, with the number of jobs being advertised remaining relatively high throughout the crisis. Before lockdown began, headteachers were reporting that they were struggling to find enough staff to keep schools open, and this increase in vacancies suggests the problem is prevailing as they gear up to welcome all pupils back in September.

“Those employers seeking sales and trading staff might welcome the news that more people are applying for jobs, but this poses an additional problem of finding the right individual for the role. With an abundance of candidates putting themselves forward, the challenge for employers now lies in ensuring they find the person with not just the right skills, but also the right fit with the company so they don’t make the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person in the long run.”