A Home from Home


At Home Boutique B&B and Suite, Ghana, provides the perfect base for travellers wanting to experience a taste of West Africa.

Located about three kilometres east of the central business district, Osu is a neighbourhood in central Accra, Ghana, on the Atlantic cost of West Africa. Known for its busy commercial, restaurant and nightlife activity, it is locally referred to as the ‘West End’ of Accra.

Situated in the Osu district of Accra, At Home Boutique B&B Hostel and Suite provides boutique accommodation for the discerning traveller. The substantial property features a mixed dorm, standard room, deluxe suite and a twin room, to cater to all requirements and some of which enjoy enviable views over the gardens. All of the bedrooms have foam pillows and fresh linens, and there are also private bathrooms available, which come with bathtubs, bath towels, hairdryers and complementary guest toiletries.

At At Home Boutique B&B Hostel and Suite you will find home all of the comforts you are used, such as free Wi-Fi, a multi-channel television and a laptop compatible safe. To help make you feel even more at home, there’s a fridge and trousers press, an iron with ironing board, a minibar and a climate control heating system for a truly comfortable stay.

There are many perks to staying at At Home Boutique B&B Hostel and Suite, such as the 24-hour front desk, complementary newspapers and free shuttle bus service. There is also a designated smoking area, luggage store, and safety deposit boxes for complete security.

If you wish to relax and enjoy some down time, you will find an on-site hairdresser and beauty salon where treatments such as waxing, full body massages and reflexology massages can be enjoyed.

A continental breakfast is available in the morning for guests and for evening meals the Zion Thai Restaurant and Salvatore are just a five minute stroll away and offer an assortment of varied and different dishes to tempt and tantalise the tastebuds.

Regarding sightseeing, At Home Boutique B&B Hostel and Suite is situated close to Osu Castle, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Independence Square so you will find plenty to see and do during your visit.

The Memorial Park honours Ghana’s first president who helped lead the country to independence. The park contains Nkrumah’s mausoleum and a museum charting his life. Makola Market is the city’s vast, colourful bazaar which is a great place to experience and also to pick up some gifts for family and friends.

Popular seafront spots, Labadi Beach and Kokrobite Beach, offer golden sand and bustling nightlife for those who want something a little more energetic.

The airport is 10km away and takes about 15 minutes by car. For corporate clients, the centre of Accra can be reached on foot within 30 minutes, whilst Accra International Conference Centre is just a 25 minute stroll away.

Open To Innovation


Forcive is an innovative big data platform designed to capture any “live date”, at extreme scale. Recently, the firm found success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where they were selected as the Most Innovative Big Data Analytics Company of 2019. On the back of this win, we profile the firm and caught up with Gabriel De Dominics who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of Forcive. 

Since their inception, Forcive has revolutionized the streaming data processing for AI thanks to a unified user experience, allowing a smooth and iterative deployment of production-ready data solutions into complex organizations.
Capturing, preparing and mobilizing any data, persist and aggregate, computing and outputting visualizations both for interactive analysis and feed AI algorithms, Forcive discloses opportunities to obtain more automation and optimization into operating processes. Adopting the most advanced AI and data science frameworks within the streaming processing environment and simplifies the pro-visioning of the required back-end software, the firm also provides total scalability and extremely large datasets’ and workloads’ management capability. Gabriel begins by going into further detail about the areas the team at Forcive specialises in, highlighting the importance of innovation for the firm.

“It’s all about innovation. What makes Forcive innovative revolves around the company’s relentless aspiration to combine different disruptive technologies, around AI, around a human-accessible and enjoyable user experience which promotes collaboration and productivity to create new intelligent solutions. As such, the innovation doesn’t stem from new proprietary algorithms or from the ownership of specific user datasets to address narrow problems. Instead, it comes from the aim of transforming the way Enterprises deal with AI into a much more approachable and financially sustainable manner.

“For these reasons, we have embraced the motto: “Open to Innovation”. Forcive’s AI platform is an open playground where different internal specialties and roles around AI, data management and infrastructure can cooperate to create intelligent applications and support different business needs. AI engineers can work on their algorithm in a more productive manner since all the relevant functions for draining data, creating features, training algorithms, and deploying the solution into a
production-grade environment are provided as services by Forcive.”

Whilst on the topic of innovation, Forcive attribute their success to their innovation strategy, as Gabriel explains.
“The key aspect of Forcive’s success is its innovation strategy: to make this technology mix a real advantage, by avoiding the trap of creating a new pachyderm software stack, with steep learning and adoption curves which would introduce another lock-in.


“Forcive’s internal innovation funnel relies on multiple external sources, which includes re-using and contributing to the most advanced platforms from the open source community, active collaboration with Academia and Research and strategic partnerships with global industry leaders.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Forcive will continue to deliver an exceptional service to their clients, ensuring that they not only meet the requirements which have been set, but also surpass their expectations. Lastly, Forcive hope to build upon the numerous accomplishments they have achieved over the years, which includes their recent success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where they were recognized as the Most Innovative Big Data Analytics Company of 2019.

Company: Forcive

Web Address: www.forcive.com

6CATS urges recruiters to make compliance a top priority as HMRC ramp up prosecutions


As HMRC exceeds its criminal prosecution targets for the fifth year running, global contractor management firm, 6CATS International, has urged that recruitment firms make sure they have adequate compliance procedures in place or risk exposing themselves to heavy penalties.

Last year, the government launched 1,007 prosecutions against individuals in relation to tax evasion offences, beating its target of referring 1,000 cases to the Crown Prosecution Service for the year ended 31 March 2018. This is the fifth consecutive year that HMRC has beaten its goal, having reached it every year since 2013, and another indication of the sustained efforts that the tax authority has put in to collecting lost revenues.

Furthermore, this figure is likely to increase due to data received by HMRC relating to offshore accounts from jurisdictions such as Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, and the Criminal Finances Act 2017, which has enhanced HMRC’s ability to hold businesses liable for the actions of employees and contractors.

The Revenue is also increasingly going after cases involving businesses in order to chase larger pay-offs. Last week, HMRC opened an investigation into ride-hailing app Uber over allegations that the company owes more than £1bn in unpaid UK tax. Reports from September suggested HMRC had opened 27 new serious tax evasion cases into some of the UK’s top businesses.

Michelle Reilly, CEO of 6CATS, commented on the latest figures, stating:

“These latest figures once again confirm the notion that tax is becoming stricter across UK, and the rest of the world. With the likes of the Criminal Finances Act 2017, Common Reporting Standard and innovative tax technology, compliance is becoming much more complex wherever you choose to work. However, this is no excuse for any complacency over these matters.”

“By overlooking compliance, recruitment companies are putting their business, brand, candidates and end clients at risk of punishment. Tax laws in the UK are very strict, as we all know, and any recruitment businesses working internationally must remember that the non-compliant actions of anyone associated with them, contractors included, could lead to them being punished back home.”

“Therefore, it’s imperative that all recruitment companies make sure they have adequate procedures in place which can prevent any instances of non-compliant behaviour happening, and to serve as a legal defence in the event that a contractor associated with them breaks the law.”



The Sausage Man, a leading UK based German sausage and hot dog wholesaler launched the best ever tasting low salt Halal Beef Hot Dog.

The demand for halal products is high in the UK and is rapidly growing. And even if there are already lots of products available in the market, the customers tend to choose better quality and healthier options.

A great tasting hot dog with high protein and low salt content fits market demand perfectly and will sell quickly. The Sausage Man as a leading player in the sausage and hot dog market is well prepared to distribute this product UK- and Ireland-wide.

Having already good sales established with a turkey-based halal hot dog, Michael Juska, Managing Director of The Sausage Man often gets questions about a beef halal hot dog.

He said: “To find a good tasting halal sausage is a challenge. We tried a lot and found inferior quality sausages with just 35% meat content.

“So, we decided to develop our own halal beef hot dog together with a certified German halal specialist butcher. Best quality and fantastic taste were first on our priority list. We didn’t want to use fillers or gluten. Just pure taste of beef, like you have in these traditional New Yorker hot dogs.
“The result speaks for itself. And even with a salt content of less than half compared to similar sausages you get the full flavour of beef with a hint of beechwood smoke.”

This beef halal hot dog is made in the style of a “Frankfurter” sausage, which is typical for Germany but is also the basis for great American hot dogs and one of the UK’s most popular hot dog types

Worldwide halal foods sales are expected to grow from $2.1 billion US in 2017 to $3 billion by 2023 (source: statista). The Muslims market in the UK is rapidly expanding, with the population rapidly growing from 1.6 million in 2001 to over 2.7 million in 2011 and to 3.37 million in 2017 (source: www.ons.gov.uk)

The Sausage Man Halal Beef Hot Dog is available from today and commercial customers are welcome to contact The Sausage Man via sausageman.co.uk or [email protected] or 01322 867 060.

In the coming weeks the Halal Beef Hot Dog will be available via our online-shop, which will be ready this month. With a minimum order value of £ 125 it will be also accessible for non-commercial customers.


2018 Business Woman Elite


The 2018 Business Woman Elite has been designed and launched by our team in order to recognise a select handful of strong females who have gone above and beyond in the past 12 months to excel in their job role and achieve excellence despite a number of challenges. We have worked tirelessly to ensure we recognise the paragons and innovators across the business landscape who have consistently delivered exceptional & progressive leadership whilst remaining an inspiration to professionals in their retrospective sector.

Each winner can rest assured that they were identified based entirely on merit, with their hard work during the past 12 months carefully scrutinised before being put forward for final consideration.



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Exploring Beyond IQ


Exploring Beyond IQ

An Engineering Gold Medallist and MIT-Sloan alum, Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar is a leading Design Thinking Expert and the founder of SpieQ Edutainment, investing into promoting non-traditional methods of educating children based on Holistic Development and fun-based Experiential Learning. We spoke to Manmeet about his role within SpieQ and what vision he has for the company.

Featuring in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards as our Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 in Education, Manmeet spearheads the SpieQ team in creating the right learning ecosystem for children to be able to develop all quotients of human development, and enhance their creative skills, as well as adopting a critical thinking approach to learn and solve challenges of 21st Century. Manmeet provides us with an overview of what attributes he believes his team possess which contribute to its success.

Describe Your Background and how you came into this business?

I have more than 18 years of professional experience in leading senior management roles with large Global Companies such as GE, American Express and Tech Mahindra and compelling Technology Start-ups such as Global eProcure and TrustSphere.

I hold M.S (Computer Engg) from USC-Veterbi School of Engineering and MBA from SPJIMR. Also, I am an alumnus of Columbia Business School (Certified Digital Transformation Leader) and MIT-Sloan (Certified Innovation & Design Thinking Expert) besides being ITIL and Six Sigma Certified consultant.

After an accomplished corporate career, I started Arsym Consulting to fuel the growth for Indian SMB and Large Companies by adopting advanced processes and technologies. My passion to work towards building an egalitarian society was the bedrock of founding RACE BHARAT, a social initiative for Inclusive Growth in India by collaborating with Corporate, NGOs, Educationists and Researchers.

To bring this change since inception, I decided to target the K-12 student community, the future of India and instil in them the needful skills and values to be successful in 21st Century and develop all quotients of intelligence: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional.

What are your business Mission Statement and Values?

What differentiates your firm from your competitors? As a brand, we wish to build an association with K-12 children community as their partner for Holistic Development. We are sure with time SpieQ will be most preferred community, connecting global children and evolving the dimensions and pace of learning beyond IQ and school curriculum.

At the same time, we are committed to Scientific Social Responsibility and have incubated this culture across our stakeholders with our values of – Inclusive Growth, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Global Innovation and Environmental Sustainability.

Here at SpieQ, our Design Thinking and Customer-Centric approach differentiates us from our competitors. In the case of SpieQ, we are the only company that has established an immersive story telling methodology for teaching STEAM and inculcating 21st Century values and skills, enhancing to build a global brand, connecting the children of tomorrow.

Our customers are always going to get innovative products that enhance the behavioural, communication, creative skills of children.

With regards to your industry, what developments do you foresee?

Human challenges will not be same as in today. The world is going to need new skills in the 21st century such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, and more. This is because in future, our competition will be with advanced machines, powered by Artificial Intelligence. As such, it is crucial for us to get our children learn those skills that enable them to survive the storm of automation.

21st century skills and values are strongly supported by SpieQ, and so we have integrated the learning into our STEAM based DIY Kits that broaden the perspective of children and instil sensitivity in them for self-growth, community development and environmental sustainability.

When it comes to latest developments, Digital Transformation is inevitable to every business model, so our integrated Online (platform engagement, cartoon series, books etc) + Offline (STEAM & Holistic Development Kits Boxes) provide unique proposition.

Our Products & Services include:

• Nucleo Game Adventures (STEAM & 21st Century Learning Games)

• Infinity School Kits (School Curriculum Based Models)

• Thunderwings Adventure Camps (Recreational and Physical Adventure Camps)

• Dr. Dragon’s Lab (Online Marketplace for Project materials)

• SpieQ online Community.

What is the internal culture in your firm?

We pick the best brains, a group of like-minded people with strong commitment and deep expertise to bring innovation in how education is provided. Our core team comprises of talented alumni from leading global institutes including IIT-K, IIT-D, MICA, professionals including CAs and Lawyers having inclination towards fun-based learning approach. We have a flat hierarchy for innovation and all ideas are welcomed. We strongly believe to have a great idea, it is important to have lots of them and then to encourage that are technologically feasible, user friendly and financially viable.

Do you have any plans or projects you would like to share with us?

Looking to the future, we wish to launch a compelling Digital Platform which is easy to access, providing affordable STEAM and 21st Century Skills based educational entertainment for kids in Non-English speaking states in India and other countries.

Company: SpieQ Edutainment

Contact: Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar

Address: Arsym Consulting Pvt. Ltd., BJ-90, West Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, 110088, India

Offices: New Delhi (Headquarter), Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, San Francisco and Toronto

Phone: 0091 97 111 222 88

Website: www.spieq.com / www.arsym.com

Making Dreams a Reality


Quantic Dream is a video game developer based in Paris supplying motion capture services to the film and video game industries. We profile the company as we look to learn more about the exciting games it develops and what future developments there may be in the industry.

Founded in 1997, Quantic Dream are well renowned for their thrilling storyline based games, dealing in plenty of drama and excitement. Games produced by the firm include Fahrenheit and Beyond: Two Souls, to name a few.

Featuring in the 2017 Tech of the Year awards as 2017’s Most Innovative Tech Firm, this French based company has shown real innovating in developing video games. Throughout the years, it has gained international recognition for its contribution to interactive narration, along with its fresh thinking and innovative nature in producing games.

Providing viewers and users with an emotional experience, Quantic Dream is considered one of the leading motion capture studios, in particular for the creation of real-time 3D virtual actors performing with stunning realism. Technology is vital to success in the video game industry, with everybody striving to find the best graphics and software to produce and play the best games. Quantic Dreams have developed proprietary technologies, including some very advanced tools and a unique approach to the production pipeline.

As a game development studio, the company have collaborated in the past with major publishers, including Eidos, Vivendi Universal Games, Microsoft Games Studios, Atari and Sony Computer Entertainment, all of which have added to the sterling reputation of the company.

Boasting a wealth of experience and track record of success, Quantic Dream created the games Omikron-the Nomad soul, featuring recording artist David Bowie. Heavy rain, 2010’s most awarded video game worldwide, was developed in cooperation with Sony computer entertainment WWS on PlayStation 3. Heavy rain was the 9th bestselling title worldwide on the platform that year and has since sold over 5 million units.

Quantic Dream released: Beyond Two Souls in 2013 on PS3 and 2016 on PS4, featuring Academy Award nominees Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe in the lead roles. Nowadays, the company is working on Detroit: Become Human, a PS4 exclusive title with Sony Computer Entertainment WWS.

Ultimately, running through the firm’s portfolio of successful computer games, and lavish success, there is a bright future ahead of Quantic Dream, particularly thanks to its exciting partnership with Sony. With positivity running through the firm, the company can look to build on its solid foundations and catapult itself to the top of the gaming and CG film industry.

Company: Quantic Dream

Contact: Guillaume de Fondaumiere

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Quantic Dream SA, 54 Boulevard, Davout, Paris, 75020, France

Phone: 0033 1 44 64 00 95

Website: www.quanticdream.com

An Amazing Journey

JCI Jones Chemicals is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of inorganic chemicals. JCI is the largest re-packager of chlorine, and one of the largest manufacturers of high strength chlorine bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite).


Jeffrey W. Jones, Chief Executive Officer. Chairman tells us more about the company’s work, following his success in winning the 2017 US Small Cap CEO of the Year award, as part of the 2017 Small Cap CEO Awards.

JCI was founded by Mr. J.W. Jones in 1930. ‘J.W.’ started the company by making high strength bleach in a bath-tub, in his rural upper New York State garage. Since that beginning during the Great Depression, ‘J. W’s’ son Robert was his successor as CEO, his Grandson Jeffrey is now the CEO and his two great grandsons are co-presidents of the company.

JCI is a Privately held family corporation, with 11 facilities in the United States with its corporate headquarters located in Sarasota, Florida. JCI’s accounts range from Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and (16) other ‘foreign’ countries, with an estimated 60% of the United States chlorine market. JCI’s primary products liquid chlorine, bleach and liquid caustic soda which are vital as the disinfectant in municipal drinking and waste water treatment plants throughout the world. Jeffrey begins the interview by providing some fascinating background to the firm’s success during its rich 87-year history and something of his own background too.

“In its 87-year history, JCI continues to receive numerous safety awards and certifications from the industry, municipalities and regulatory agencies. JCI is fully compliant with all domestic and related governmental regulatory agency criteria. With JCI’s vast experience, and proven reliability, I believe that the company can service virtually any entity and anywhere using its products.

“I attended Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I graduated from The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. I have worked my life-time at the company, beginning full-time in January 1976. I became JCI’s President in 1989 and Chairman and CEO in 1993.
“Mr. J.W. Jones passed away in 1986. His son Mr. Robert Jones passed away in 1993.

Upon their passing, I was the sole remaining member of a large family active in the company. Several of the remaining family shareholders decided they wanted to have their shares sold or purchased by the company. Unable to do so, the pressure was placed on me to sell the company. I refused, which resulted in litigation filed in Manhattan Superior Court in New York City, lasting for five years. The matter was resolved in 1998, wherein I agreed to a settlement, personally guaranteeing JCI repurchasing all the outstanding shares from all other shareholders for $51 million. The payments would be made in 80 quarterly payments over a 20-year period.”

This debt caused JCI serious financial concerns Jeffrey underlines. The existing bank called their credit line, and marketing efforts with new banks were extremely difficult due to this large debt. After considerable efforts, JCI settled in with an asset based loan facility, which was fine, yet did not allow JCI to have any cash reserves to grow. Yet, in February of 2017 the final payment was made, and JCI is now engaged in a tremendous growth strategy.

Jeffrey Jones, JCI’s CEO then told us his thoughts on winning the 2017 US Small Cap CEO of the Year award, his largest accomplishment this year and his source of encouragement on the exciting journey of life he has taken so far.

“I am indeed very pleased and humbled with this award. When I began my work at JCI Jones Chemicals, I did not do so for any rewards. My reward remains seeing all the past and present efforts by so many devoted individuals enjoying the security and their own rewards by their efforts at JCI. I am particularly proud of JCI’s success – as evident in our excellent safety record and our customer and employee satisfaction – as well as recognition from the many regulatory agencies charged with setting compliance standards.

“Paying of the large exshareholder debt this year, has perhaps been my largest accomplishment. It provides for my sons and all current and future family and JCI employees a great ‘re-birth’ of our company. We will continue to maintain our market share in the United States water treatment industry while expanding aggressively in the Southern Hemisphere where many countries are in desperate need of clean potable water and waste water treatment. It is my hope that this award and reference to JCI Jones Chemicals to those in need of our products, will bring notice and allow us the privilege to serve you your needs.

“I also give thanks to my Saviour Jesus Christ, who told me back in 1998 to take that ‘leap of faith’ with Him. And to my sons and my dear wife who always have given me the encouragement and have been my moral and ethical ‘compass’ along this amazing journey.”

Company: JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc.
Name: Jeffrey W. Jones, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Email: [email protected]
Web Address: www.jcichem.com

Winners Directory February

1702CV06 – Attorney of the Year 2017 – Massachusetts

Company: Sheff Law Offices

Name: Frank J. Federico, Jr.

Email: [email protected]

Web Address: www.Shefflaw.com

Address: 10 Tremont Street, Boston, MA  02108

Telephone: 617-227-7000

1702CV35 – Leading Advisor of the Year 2017 – Nigeria

Company: ACAS-Law (Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun)

Name: Chisa Uba

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Web Address: www.acas-law.com

Address: 9th Floor, St. Nicholas House, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos

Telephone: 234 8023115469

1702CV11 – Attorney of the Year 2017 – Florida

Company: Brickell Law Group P.A.

Name: Alvaro A. Acevedo, Esq, CPA

Email: [email protected]

Web Address: www.lawyercpa.com

Address: 1395 Brickell Avenue, Suite 823, Miami, FL 33131

Telephone: (305) 204-9545

1702CV09 – Pharma Exec Awards 2017     – HR Director of the Year – Florida

Company: Novartis Latin America & Canada

Name: Marcelo Fumasoni

Email: [email protected]

Web Address: www.novartis.com

Address: 5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 650 (Miami, Florida) zip code 33126

Telephone: 1 305 341 4800

CEO of the Month


Peter Bardwick

Peter is the new CFO of Nitro, a leading technology firm specialising in PDF collaboration software and e-signatures.

Prior to his recent appointment at Nitro, Bardwick was at Rocket Fuel, where as CFO he led the company to one of the most successful IPOs of 2013 and increased revenue from $40 million to $400 million during his three year tenure. Prior to that his career included stints with CBS MarketWatch, Citicorp and Salomon Brothers.

Bardwick believes that there are three factors inherent in making a good technology company, all of which are present at Nitro.

“If you think about what makes for a successful tech company, in my opinion, there’s three ingredients, one is the right people, and the second is the right product and then of course there’s the right timing in the market. I’m bullish on Nitro having all three. I think Nitro has got a great team that is very focused on executing and achieving their goals. A good product in today’s environment is one that people want to use and that makes their work life better.

Today’s employees want to think, not to be dragged down in mundane repetitive tasks that can be done better through technology and software. And we want to be on the forefront of the “consumerization of the enterprise”. If your phone or social media software is fun and intuitive, why shouldn’t your software at work be the same? Thirdly there’s market timing. Right timing is about having the right product when the market is thirsty for it. In 2015 that means having products that people can pick up and use easily. Right timing is also about the migration of software to the cloud, and corporate recognition of the opportunity to make their employee’s lives better and more productive. I like to say “it doesn’t matter how good the surfer is if the waves aren’t up.”

Rocket Fuel is perhaps Bardwick’s biggest success to date, being the fastest growing tech company in the US from 2008- 2013. During his time there the firm went from 120 people to about 1100, expanding from three countries to around 15, with Bardwick responsible for all the corporate infrastructure as well as capital markets activities, highlighting his driven growth focused strategy.

Nitro is in the midst of a growth surge itself, having raised a venture round late in 2014 and recently launching Nitro Pro 10, the latest version of their desktop offering, and Nitro Pro 10, a new SaaS document productivity solution. The new products pave the way for the San Francisco based company to build upon its cloud based products as customers grow increasingly accustomed to buying and using their software online

Having been responsible for two very successful IPOs and having raised almost $11 billion over the course of his career, Bardwick looks set to propel Nitro’s growth strategy forward using his fundraising capabilities and relationships. The company’s customers are looking to grow in parallel to Nitro, with the firm expecting to help their customers in their growth in order to accelerate its own. Nitro is also looking to expand their customer base by penetrating new and larger firms and provide them with products taking care of all their pdf requirements.

Bardwick is also responsible for the company’s internal IT systems, which he is currently integrating in order to reduce the amount of time that staff spend on spreadsheets and increasing the amount of time they have to spend on actionable information. He is a firm believer in clear, concise communication and will enable this throughout the company.

Being a successful investment banker has prepared Bardwick for the role, as it requires a good sense of corporate strategy, for example how the company and its products fit into the competitive ecosystem, and the potential opportunities and risks of certain strategies. Additionally it also gave Bardwick the skill to communicate these strategies and opportunities to potential investors persuasively.
Ultimately, Bardwick believes that his role is no longer limited to working in finance, with a much more business focused approach required to succeed in the role. He believes that in today’s tech environment, with a preponderance of younger and highly mobile employees, good leadership must focus both on achieving corporate goals as well as helping individual employees achieve their own goals.

“The CFO’s role has changed a lot in the past 20 years and I think especially for CFOs of growing tech companies. The focus has moved from simply closing the books and reporting the numbers to being at the table for strategic and resource allocation discussions. This is a much broader and more business focused approach. I think the most important quality in a good leader is to understand who you are. If you set out to try to be Steve Jobs you will surely fail. Many people have a model in their heads of great leadership, but don’t understand that they will fail in emulating a model that is inconsistent with their own core assets. This doesn’t mean they can’t be great leaders, they just have to do it in the context of who they are.”