Coaching Elite Supplement 2018

14 CORPORATE VISION / Coaching Elite 2018 , 38 I I / Issue 10 2018 1810CV01 Sheeba Varghese brings more than 20 years of experience working in the areas of life and leadership coaching, including a background of more than seven years as a certified K-12 teacher. Recently, Sheeba was selected in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Coaching Elite as the Leadership Coach fromSan Francisco. Following this success, we spoke to Sheeba to discover more about her extraordinary experience within the industry. Helping Leaders to Thrive Working with a diverse range of clients which include Emerging Leaders, Managers, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents and Partners who are seeking leadership excellence within their role, Sheeba Varghese supports her clients to cultivate a mindset that will enable them to maximise their impact which will translate into laser focused priorities, increased productivity, collaborative teams, and thus an achievement of their goals. Over the years, Sheeba has worked with numerous clients from across a broad range of industries including education, non-profits, solopreneurs, financial services and the creative arts either through 1-1 personalised coaching or by leadership webinars and workshops. Going into further detail about the services she provides, Sheeba begins by explaining to us how she ensures that she meets her clients’ requirements. “I am a catalyst for change. My passion is reflected in providing leadership development to those who desire to bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day, to becoming exceptional leaders who architect change, innovation and sustainable excellence. I meet clients where they are, finding ways to customise engagements to best serve the presenting needs of each leader. My approach is grounded in deep listening, intuitive challenging, and the ability to see to the heart of an issue. I am a firm believer that ‘although our lives are a series of defining moments, it is not the moment that defines us, but how we choose to live in them.’ “I provide personalised leadership development coaching, workshops and webinars. Using the Tilt 365 Suite of Tools, I work with leaders to raise their internal and external awareness around their strengths, weaknesses, as well as how they are being perceived, and what changes would be most effective enabling them to become agile and generate impact within the spheres of their influence. “I speak on topics that deal with leadership: communication, character development in emerging leaders, internal and external self- awareness, and customer service. I believe so much is learned within the dynamics of a group and we are all here to learn from each other. The internet these days gives us the wonderful privilege to work outside of our local areas. So, whether it is 1-1 coaching or group trainings, platforms such as Zoom. us, allows me the opportunity to connect across the world. “Last but not least, I also provide Mentor Coaching for those in the coaching profession. We hear the word ‘coaching’ thrown around so frivolously these days and so we fail to understand that coaching is not mentoring, consulting, therapy or advising. As such, I mentor other coaches that are looking to become credentialed with the International Coach Federation on their coaching sessions, so that they might walk away understanding the competencies that provide the foundation for the coaching profession.” Recently, Sheeba was selected in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Coaching Elite as the Leadership Coach from San Francisco. When discussing the win, Sheeba is keen to highlight what it means to receive this prestigious recognition. “There are many coaches that are available to corporations, businesses and organisations. Some are connected to large coaching firms and others are solopreneurs. Each one provides support that impacts the leadership influence of another in unique and brilliant ways. So, I am truly honoured to be selected among the many that are doing great work.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Sheeba signs off by envisioning what the future holds for her business, as well as highlighting her aspirations. “Moving forward, my future aspiration is to continue bringing excellence in this ever-expanding field of the development of leaders. I hope to continue connecting and collaborating with businesses, so they might see the value of investing in their staff through the various services I offer, whether they are online or in person.” Web Address: Telephone: 650-741-6545