2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 137 CORPORAT VISION / Issue 6 2018 19 , The attorneys at (PAG) left “Big Law” to do fewer things better. Theywanted to place a strong focus onfinding practical solutions to help their clients quickly and efficiently close their business and real estate transactions, aswell as resolving their business disputes. Taking time to profile the firm, PAGPartner, LizbethFloreswent into depth about whatmakes PAGdifferent, andhow they maintain an exceptional standard of service to their clients. AUnique LawFirm That Caters to Clients in the U.S.A., Latin American and Europe At PAG, our firm’s practice areas include corporate matters (such as venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and private offerings), real estate and litigation. Our lawyers at PAG are practiced at leading law firms in New York and Miami, and in Brazil, Spain, France, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Belgium, which puts us in a unique position to advise on both U.S., and cross-border Latin American and European deals and legal matters. Here at PAG, we work with a limited number of clients, which allows us the opportunity to properly serve and stick to specific areas of focus in which we can be highly efficient and generate value to their business. In addition, our firm wants to create long-term relationships with our clients, as most of our new clients have been referred to PAG by existing clients. Several of our attorneys have started their own businesses and understand the need for practical legal advice that can be efficiently implemented, not expensive legal memos that leave you with more questions than answers. As for what differentiates PAG from competitors, although we were trained and practiced at large firms, we did not take the fee structure with us. At PAG, our rates are lower than those of large firms and, more importantly, we manage our own projects efficiently to minimize hours billed. Also, we only have a few associates and you work directly with PAG’s partners. As such, client’s will never have to pay for the services of slow, inefficient or inexperienced lawyers. Additionally, the team here at PAG is also happy to discuss alternative fee arrangements. Looking ahead to what the future holds for our firm, we will continue to strive towards achieving excellence for our loyal clients, both old and new. 1805CV55 Contact: Lizbeth Flores Company: Private Advising Group 600 Brickell Ave, Suite 1725, Miami, Florida, 33131

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