2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

174 CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 45 , 1807CV24 Doha Import and Export Centre (DIEC) supply fresh fish to leading catering companies and eateries in and out Doha City. Following their success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence 2018where theywere awarded the title Leading provider for the Seafood 2018 Qatar. Taking time out of his busy schedule to tell us more about the company is Ben Christopher who reveals the secrets behind DIEC’s success within such a competitivemarket. Serving Freshness in Seafood Since 1980 Established in 1980, Doha Import and Export Centre (DIEC) is one of the oldest seafood trading companies in the state of Qatar dealing in fresh fish (local and imported) with their own brand labelled ‘ Ocean Queen ’. DIEC imports from numerous major seafood exporting countries across the world such India, Europe, Vietnam, and China. These endeavours have paved the way for DIEC to achieve the status of being the number one in dealing with seafood in Qatar. With their own fishing vessels, auction company, workforce and quality management, DIEC provides their customers with high quality products. Ben dives straight into DIEC’s overall mission, as well as what differentiates the firm from their competitors within this rapidly changing industry. “Here at DIEC, our main mission is to serve our customers with high quality products which are available with the best price. Helping us to achieve this mission is our dedicated and hard- working team of individuals. We have high experts and qualified professionals to manage different departments to achieve our goals.” When discussing the current state of the industry, Ben reflects on the challenges that are currently facing it, touch as well on the outside influences which are affecting it. “As a collective, we are keen to serve quality products from different part of the world without losing its quality and its freshness. During the embargo, our national leader’s appropriate and immediate interface helped our industry to focus and arrange the products from new partners from other regions.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Ben is keen to highlight how DIEC will stay ahead of the game is developing industry, revealing some of the techniques the team will employ. “Moving forward, both myself and the team here at DIEC are very transparent in our activities amongst our peers. The reason for this is that everyone very active in achieving the common goals which have been set by the company.” Contact: Ben Christopher Company: DIEC Qatar, C.R.No. 1745, Doha, 17175, Qatar Telephone: 97450298496 Web Address: www.diecqatar.com

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