2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 175 16 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2018 , Business Support SPA (BS), is aMilan based financial advisory boutique with offices in Singapore, specialised in corporate and financial consultancy services for businesses, banks and investment funds, with a special focus on the SMEmarket. Following their success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence 2018 where they were awarded the accolade Best Corporate and Financial Consultancy Firm2018 –Milan, we profiled the firm to discover more about their influential ways. Assisting Clients in Attaining Tangible Results Established in 2012, Business Support SPA (BS) specialises in restructuring and turnaround services, acting as a professional and trusted partner for those firms and financial institutions that have to go through the corporate restructuring and turnaround process. BS offers tailor-made consultancy services to SMEs, supporting entrepreneurs in evaluating their day-by-day strategic choices. In addition to this, the firm also offers financial and advisory services to companies, banks, other financial institutions, including investment banks and funds. The overall mission for BS is to be an effective partner to all the stages of the business lifecycle: from the birth to the development & innovation up to the long-term strategic vision. Moreover, thanks to its process management capacity, BS is an outsourcing operator of various internal corporate processes, as well as an outsourcing operator of some of the internal processes of banks and financial institutions. In addition to this, the firm also takes an active and collaborative approach at every stage of the life of any project that they are entrusted with. As for the team at BS, they are all extremely attentive to the development of every staff member and ensures that continuous training is provided to guarantee constant competence in order to offer the best service to its customers. BS has great intangible value in their team’s ability to feel part of a family, so when they select a new team member, they make sure that their own values and vision are respected. In return, the firm offers ever-increasing expertise and the opportunity to work in the forefront and in different industries, always paying attention on work-life balance. Currently, the firm is following an internal growth process in constant collaboration with the elements that characterise the external social and technological context, both in the field of company financing and in the strategic vision of companies. Looking ahead to what the future holds, BS strongly believes in innovation and in the process of business digitisation. In this perspective it will grow in its path, 1807CV25 but without neglecting its context of origin. Contact: Roberto di Lauro Company: Business Support SPA Galleria Pattari 2 (Piazza Duomo) 20122 Milan Italy Telephone: +39 02.89013129 Web Address: www.business- support.it

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