2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

182 CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 40 CORPORATE VISIO / Issue 7 2018 , Doorsteps .co.uk is the UK’s lowest cost estate agency and one of the largest Estate Agents in Britain. Doorsteps lists 1 in every 100 UK properties. Akshay Ruparelia shares an insight into how the company has achieved this incredible success. Doorsteps : A Real Estate Revolution Doorsteps was founded to provide a respite from an industry that had become, in Akshay’s words, defined by ‘backwardness’ and ‘archaic practices’. Indeed, the customer- first approach advocated by Doorsteps has led it to become a behemoth in the real estate industry – in just two years of operation. In its first year, it became the 14th largest estate agent in the UK. Ultimately, as Akshay outlined, Doorsteps was launched to reduce client stress during the selling process, “Doorsteps’ mission is based around offering a full, one-stop- shop solution for home-sellers in the UK. We aim to push beyond archaic practice and use technology to integrate solutions, all in-house, for our customers.” In Akshay’s mind, the UK real estate industry was severely over-due for disruption – it needed a company that would challenge the norm, and propose new standards of practice; “Doorsteps looks to democratise the process so that home-sellers across the UK have greater control over the sale of the largest asset in their lives, often in an extremely stressful process. This fusion between technology and people in the Doorsteps process means that homeowners gain access to 24/7 phone lines and viewing arrangements, to expedite the sale process of their home.” Doorsteps is, at its heart, all about convenience and peace of mind. As a nationwide agency, Doorsteps is aware of the developments that are influencing the property market, but, thanks to their unique business model, the company is rarely impacted by them. “We have definitely seen lots of factors influencing the resale and new build property market recently. However, a lot of debilitating factors for the whole UK market, also means that people are a lot more price sensitive and careful about the cost of moving. In these instances, we see ourselves and the online proposition becoming more attractive as the low risk proposition becomes increasingly important.” In addition to this, the firm has a vast market share, which includes an impressive listing of one in every 100 properties in the UK. We want to be the number one estate agency in Britain and the most loved over the next five years – becoming a core British brand that people can trust! 1807CV38 When it comes to recruiting staff, Akshay believes in hiring people on their personality, rather than on their experience. Experience can be earned, personality and work ethic is innate, “Our internal culture is very important. We hire based on personality and train on the estate agency work. This culture is completely tailored towards service and the mindset is entrenched based on a growth mindset for the company and our abilities, but first and foremost, that the customer is right, and customer service. Another important aspect of this, is that our local consultants across the country are a workforce of people based on personality also, mainly parents/mums, who pride themselves on utilising their professional backgrounds, through honesty, transparency and integrity. This is vital for us!” Finally, regarding the future of the real estate industry, Akshay believes that online sales of properties will increase over the next two to three years. Naturally, it’s a trend he wants to capitalise on; “We see at least 20-30% of properties being sold via online/ hybrid agents over the next two-three years. This is a market we want to be at the forefront at, and we will hope to do this by our strong branding and focus on service. We hope to improve our technology to keep in line with the market - and make sure we are at the forefront for reputation also!” All in all, Doorsteps provides a revitalising breath of fresh air for an industry very much set in their ways. Utilising a passionate workforce, and spear-headed by a visionary, Doorsteps look set to have a very promising future indeed at the forefront of development and change. Contact: Akshay Ruparelia Company: Doorsteps Address: W&N Building, Whitefriars Avenue, Harrow & Wealdstone, HA3 5RN, UK Telephone: 0203 695 1285

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