2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 183 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2018 29 , 1807CV40 Ideal Homes is a UK leader in the design and installation of awide range of home improvements. We sat downwith Paul Jones as we discussedmore about the firm, following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards where theywere awarded the accoladeMost Trusted Conservatory Installation Company 2018 – London. Exemplary Reputation Ideal Homes is a UK leader in the design and installation of a wide range of home improvements. In addition to this, the firm works closely with homeowners and landlords across London, the West Midlands, and the South, and have recently undertaken a number of exciting projects installing tilt and turn windows, classic French doors, and lightweight roofing systems. At Ideal Homes, the team are committed to taking measures to ensure their clients are completely satisfied with any works undertaken. Paul begins by outlining the firm’s overall mission as well as how they ensure the best possible outcome is achieve when undertaking a new project. “Our FENSA-authorised installation team embody high levels of professionalism, utilise the safest, most effective, and most efficient techniques, and carefully select products that are known for their high quality, durability, and longevity. We are proud to maintain a strong working relationship with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to ensure compliance and minimise the risk of complications for homeowners in the future. “As for our mission, it is to demonstrate to homeowners ways in which they can make the best possible use of their indoor spaces, as well as their natural surroundings, while simultaneously increasing the value of the property to ensure their homes are the very best they can be. Ultimately, we strive to be the ‘go to’ resource for information, help, guidance, and support for homeowners looking to enhance their properties, offering improvements that are not only stylish, but also highly practical and sustainable.” As for what makes Ideal Homes stand out amongst their competitors, Paul informs us that is due to their roots in the concept of sustainability. “Unlike a number of our competitors, many of the processes, products, and designs that we use here at Ideal Homes, have roots in the concept of sustainability. We are committed not only to doing our part for the environment, but also to helping our clients easily incorporate the idea of ‘green living’ into their day-to-day lives. Through large windows, bi-fold doors, and glass- sided orangeries, we enable the boosting of natural light within the home, and the minimising of energy use by homeowners.” There are three ‘tried and tested’ techniques that are used by Ideal Homes to keep up with industry developments, as Paul explains. “Firstly, we believe that it is essential to grab networking opportunities to gain insight from notable experts within the industry. Secondly, as well as striving to stay ahead of our competitors, we understand the importance of observing their behaviours, analysing what works and what doesn’t. Thirdly, we value communication with our clients, gaining insight into what it is modern audiences want.” Ideal Homes values professionalism, but they do understand that within this industry especially, it is necessary to provide their skilled staff with the flexibility they need in order to be creative, identify solutions, and offer the very best service for the clients. Paul is keen to share with us an insight into the culture at Ideal Homes, as well as the approach when recruiting new team members. “Overall, we strive to maintain an informal company culture that is based on the concept of knowledge sharing, creating an environment where staff feel comfortable bouncing ideas off each other to help bring Ideal Homes to the frontier of home improvements. “While we look for experience in terms of design and technique, we are proud to take an alternative approach to recruitment which we feel allows us to utilise the best available talents. We value a passion for the home improvement industry, a willingness to learn, and an ability to think outside the box. Additionally, we admire revolutionary thinkers who can quickly identify solutions to obstacles and who also have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help homeowners get the most value from their improvements.” Moving forward, Paul hopes that the firm is able to spread awareness of the importance of sustainability, highlighting how even small home improvements can have a big effect on energy usage. “Here at Ideal Homes, we hope that we will have the ability to show that there is more to home improvements than simply aesthetics, and that the right improvements can also be a very practical and responsible choice. With greater awareness, we hope to be able to generate new business, work with new clients, and continue expanding our services. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, we anticipate continued growth within the industry. With a trend for ‘bringing the outdoors in’, homeowners are shifting towards larger windows, fewer indoor/ outdoor boundaries, and larger, more sophisticated conservatories. Also, we predict a new trend for replacement conservatories, refreshing the outdated designs created during the conservatory surge of the 1980s. Most of all, we expect a greater focus on orangeries as homeowners draw upon classic styles, and we believe that conservatories will soon become a standard aspect of new builds, not an afterthought.” Contact: Paul Jones Company: Ideal Homes Ltd 10 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8RL, UK Telephone: 0207 078 4071 Web Address: www.idealhomesltd.co.uk

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