2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 187 CORPORAT VISION / Issue 8 2018 39 , 1808CV07 LiamRussell Architects is a creative, forward-thinking architectural firm, with offices in London, Brighton andManchester. In July, the firmwas recognised in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards with the title of Most Outstanding Architecture Firm in the UK. On the back of this deserved win, we spoke to theManaging Director, LiamRussell, who shines some light on the firm’s extraordinary work. An Architecture Firm Defining the Future of the Industry With an ability to take on the boutique and the grand in equal measure, Liam Russell Architects is a rare breed in the architecture world. Focused on sustainability and adaptable to the most specialised of design briefs, it’s a firm that is thoroughly future- proof and future-centric – a firm that is, by any consideration, at the cutting edge of the sector. Liam cites research as being an integral part of their approach to their work, “Research is incredibly important when taking on a new client. The brief is an essential component to any successful project. Understanding the actual requirements, putting ego aside and working towards the essence of the project.” This is partnered with a need to be “more than an architect” – moving beyond the role of the architect as a designer of a space, to consider the greater history of the land, the buildings in the area, and the project’s inevitable legacy. This approach lends a greater gravitas to the Practice’s designs, adding essential context to the piece, and allowing them to transcend what competitors can offer. Going above and beyond the mere necessary is something that has been engrained in Liam Russell Architects since the very beginning. According to Liam, it forms an integral part of their internal culture; “Our internal culture promotes ambition, excellence, adventure and autonomy whilst respecting the aims of the collective. A client comes to an architect, often with the ambition to experience something unique. In our opinion, other architects do little to reward the client’s desire to be special. We think that the process should be genuinely stimulating, thought provoking and engaging. This might not be ‘easy’ or immediately palatable or quick even. However, time serves to promote a more accomplished appreciation of the virtues of something – as does a challenging response to a brief. Our clients enjoy the fact that projects can often involve creating their own narrative and that is essentially how we define life.” Finally, when it comes to the future of the firm, Liam emphasises the importance of becoming economically sustainable and remaining independent, “Since opening offices in Manchester and London, we now aim to become zero carbon and develop an actual research programme; into modern methods of construction. We are looking at the creation of hubs within each office, with London the next incarnation of the multi-disciplinary studio; where we have a full range of consultant services under the one roof. We remain independent as this retains the thrust of performance-oriented working but it makes clients happier – it is this ability to avoid the delays in bringing people together that is ultimately driving us into the future.” Liam Russell Architects’ utterly unique approach to their work is a refreshing tonic in a sector that can be – at times – embedded in the traditional, and reluctant to adapt. The sustainable elements to their projects acts as testament to their staying power – this is a firm that will be around for a very long time to come. Company: Liam Russell Architects Address: 24 Windlesham Rd, Brighton, BN1 3AG, United Kingdom / 2 Leathermarket Street, London, SE1 3HN, United Kingdom / Pod 79 The Greenhouse, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2EQ. Website: www.liamrussellarchitects.co.uk Telephone: 0845 180 3676

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