2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

56 CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 2 I I / March 2018 , Bichara eMotta Advogados provides legal advice in all aspects of business law, especially in the corporate, contract, commercial and compliance areas. We profile the firmas we aim to find out more about Maria Cristina Pantoja, Corporate Vision’s Most Influential Woman in Contract Law in Brazil in 2018. Equipped to Provide the Best Bichara e Motta Advogados was the first law firm in Latin America to create a team dedicated exclusively to sports and entertainment law and is, in Brazil, the leading law firm in these segments. Acting in these innovative areas of law, the firm also places an emphasis in the audio visual, fashion, luxury, music, and arts markets. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Maria Cristina Pantoja holds a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC/RJ) and possesses over 15 years of experience in business law, encompassing corporate law, financial markets, real estate, contracts in general and also inheritance planning. For many years, she has been a member of two of the largest corporate law firms nationwide, both in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Highly recommended by her peers for international negotiations, Maria Cristina boasts extensive experience regarding the formation and structuring of corporations, both in Brazil and abroad. Adding to her experience, Maria Cristina has also been involved in national and international financing mechanisms; as well as acting in the shipbuilding sector, and additionally providing advice for EPC contracts, international services contracts, and many more. Tailoring each legal solution to suit the individual, Maria Cristina adopts a principle that each client is unique. Throughout her now lengthy career, she has been able to build substantial and enduring relationships with her clients. Of course, her personal characteristics contribute to her professional performance, plying a significant role in her relationship with her clients. She feels that a major part of proper legal services is the ability to continuously update the clients, providing them with feedback in a constant fashion. Operating in complex and diverse legal areas, Bichara e Motta is well-equipped to provide the best service to a variety of clients. The team are experienced and specialists in their respective areas, and are duly prepared to apply their multidisciplinary practice and utilise their expert knowledge to help clients. Despite working in a constantly evolving industry, the team’s knowledge is constantly kept up to date in order to fully satisfy the needs of clients with the necessary flexibility and innovative approach required to make tailor-made, strategic services. Furthermore, the firm has extensive experience in various legal areas that interact with the main practices, such as contracts, corporate, labor, real estate, and civil law including commercial litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Experienced, efficient and holding objectivity, the firm provide a careful analysis of the risks involved which contribute to the success of the services provided to clients. Bichara e Motta Advogados is committed to developing positive and productive lifelong relationships with clients, gaining trust and producing excellent results. The firm are empathetic with their needs; in order to better serve them, and try to anticipate legal problems or strategic issues that they may be confronted with, both in a personal level as well as in their businesses. Regarding its services in a contracts and corporate sense, Bichara e Motta offers a variety of services in the business field; representing companies in a commercial aspect. Due to the company offering a wide range of services, its client portfolio is diverse and includes private equity funds and companies of large, medium and small sizes, as well as individuals (athletes, 1802CV48 celebrities and others). Among our corporate clients, we highlight those in the areas of shipbuilding, navigation and in the oil and gas sector, as well as salt producers and food distributors. Looking ahead, Maria Cristina will utilise her influence to continue to transform the legal landscape, further establishing her excellent reputation across the industry, and she is certainly in the right place to do so. Treating each client individually helps Maria Cristina to build long-term relationships. Company: Bichara e Motta Advogados Address: Av. Rio Branco, 177 / 16th – Downtown, Rio de Janeiro, 20040-007, Brazil Phone: 552139743011 Website: www.bicharaemotta.com.br Email: maria.cristina@ bicharaemotta.com.br

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