2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 57 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2 1 1 , efficiency, the firm helps client implement a preventive labour practice, through which an employer is able to enforce his rights within the framework of legality and respecting the rights of workers. In this way, it is possible to achieve greater efficiency, as well as to control and prevent important economic losses. Throughout the office, N&AAbogados y Notarios has a team of lawyers specialised in labor law, with extensive experience in the handling of litigation and Alternative Resolution of labor disputes. This experience allows us the team to identify risks effectively and provide prompt, practical and effective solutions, and as a result, getting the desired outcome for both sides. Ultimately, it is clear that the team at N&AAbogados y Notarios are able to produce excellent results, alongside providing exceptional customer service, leading to the company being well-placed to build on its success and establish itself as a leader within the industry. N&A Abogados y Notarios is a company dedicated to offering effective legal advice to its clients. We profile the company as we aim to find out more about CV’s Most Outstanding Attorney in Employment Law in Costa Rica in the Corporate Excellence Awards. Take Your Pick from the Buffet of Services N&AAbogados y Notarios is a legal firm in Costa Rica which does not limit itself to providing legal services, but focuses on delivering and providing unrivalled customer service amongst the industry. More than just legal services, staff are committed to providing high quality, personalised legal advice that meets the needs of those who honour it by choosing the team as their attorneys and legal advisors. The company works with the belief that its clients deserve the best and most efficient service possible. Boasting an exceptional team of professionals brimming with ambition, dedication to providing an unrivalled service to clients, the team works under the highest standards of efficiency, speed, honesty and loyalty to customers. Throughout the company, the team does not limit itself to just producing effective and consistent results, but provides outstanding legal services which enables it to build long-term relationships. Acrucial aspect of the firm’s success has been its ability to gain clients’ trust through a reliable and effective service, and clients alike have begun to consider N&AAbogados y Notarios as business partners and allies. Operating within the ever evolving legal industry, N&AAbogados y Notarios has to be ready to adapt for any potential developments which may arise on a daily basis. Subsequently, the firm focuses on providing preventive legal advice in areas including labour law, intellectual property, corporate and commercial law, as well as real estate transactions and immigration law, as well as also possessing extensive experience in the handling of litigation cases and alternative dispute resolution. Furthermore, the team also possesses the capacity employ litigation lawyers and specialists in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, whose experience allows the company to handle cases efficiently, but also anticipate and prevent different situations that could arise during a business or transaction. Significantly, the firm’s goal is always to provide clients with prompt, satisfactory and effective legal solutions in an assortment of services, including; Corporate, Migration, Intellectual Property, Labour Law, and many other services. Regarding its offerings in the corporate sector, part of the success of their operations lies precisely in the legal advice that they receive, and that it is correct and adjusted to what the client needs. The company’s goal is to work alongside clients to assist them in 1802CV50 the implementation of their corporate structure, and adjust it accordingly to each individual client. Fundamentally, the company’s immigration services specialists provide clients with the necessary assistance to work, settle, retire, invest or start a business in Costa Rica. Whether a work permit is needed, or a residency or a visa, or a client needs to complete any application or immigration process, the firm’s specialists go the extra mile to assist them. Crucially, the team at N&A Abogados y Notarios are well aware of the value and importance that intellectual property has today. The improper use or exploitation of a mark or distinctive sign, a literary or artistic work, or a commercial name, can cause serious damage and loss to its owners, as well as the loss of prestige of what they have dedicated so much effort to. As a result, adequate, timely and effective protection of trademarks, trade names, copyright and, in general, everything that is a product of the human intellect is necessary. The team go above and beyond, utilising their expertise in order to provide the best solution available to clients. Another aspect in which the firm has seen an incredible amount of success, is its specialist services within Labour law. Constantly working hard to achieve greater Company: N&AAbogados y Notarios Contact: Rogelio Navas Address: Sabana Norte, Avenida Las Américas, Condominio Torres del Parque, 3er piso, oficina 303, Costa Rica Phone: 0050640002333 Website: www.costarica-law.com

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