2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

58 CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 2 Issue 8 2018 , XIOGroup is a global multi-billion dollar alternative investments firmheadquartered in London, with operations in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United Kingdomand the United States of America. Joseph Pacini provides us with an overview of the company and howhe maintains a strong internal culture. Joseph Pacini: A CEO on top of his Game XIO Group’s strategy is to identify and invest in market- leading and high-performing businesses located across Europe and North America and to help these companies in capitalizing on untapped opportunities in fast growing markets, particularly those in Asia. Joseph outlines his own role as CEO of the firm, and what he wants to achieve in his role. “Throughout the firm, I am responsible for the overall strategy and management for XIO Group. My goal is to set foundational principles, ensure the company hires exceptional talent and let them govern themselves.” Joseph was told early in his career that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. He attributes this as one of the keys his to success, alongside hard work, and the ability to prepare and look for opportunities everywhere and in a variety of avenues. From a young age, Joseph’s career has been on an upwards trajectory, as is clear when he talks us through his career milestones. He touches on his education, his first role and how his career has progressed to this level. “From Brigham Young University, I graduated with University Honors and am attending the Harvard Business School OPM program. I have worked as an Analyst for Bain Capital, in a variety of capacities including Head of Alternative Investments for Asia for J.P. Morgan, Head of Alternative Investments for Asia Pacific for BlackRock and now CEO and Founder of XIO Group.” A common theme of being a successful company is a good internal culture, and Joseph 1803CV06

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