2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

8 CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 68 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 , Humareso is a provider of consultative human resources services. John Baldino, who heads up the firm, tells us more about it and what gives it the competitive edge. Ahead of the Game Humareso is a full-service out- sourced human resources firm providing all levels of HR support in administration, compliance and training. The firm also serves as a strategic partner in organisational design and development, workforce planning including compensation analytics, talent management and competency assessment. John Baldino founded Humareso to strategise with companies to develop plans to manage talent, recruit for skills gaps based on employee inventories, assess markets for growth, develop long- range succession plans and influence a culture of enthusiastic buy-in. “Our offerings are applicable to all industries and to all size organisations, from start-up to established organisations with tens of thousands of employees,” explains John. “Because we can partner with existing HR teams or function as the HR team for all of the organisations we work with, we are highly sought-after for our flexibility and expertise.” John and the team at Humareso believe that every organisation has the need to be talent-cen- tric. “It is no longer okay for a smaller organisation to be sparse in its people management, just as much as it is no longer okay for a larger organisation to be lazy in encouraging talent,” he states. “We work hard to affirm an organisation’s largest liability: its people. And this does not mean that everything is done for the sake of the employee, but rather for the sake of both employer and employee. What will drive the overall success of the organization? That serves as Humareso’s guidepost.” Humareso’s initial assessment and due diligence with the execu- tive leadership of an organisation provides it with a road map to follow with marked outcomes. “We work with the leadership to set expectations for results and time in a manner that is realistic and forward-moving,” he contin- ues. “We maintain transparency throughout the work by maintain- ing healthy communication and project updates.” With regards from differentiat- ing from the competition, John believes it is the level of talent and expertise within Humareso that gives it the advantage over any other human resources consultancy. “For many of our competitors, the human resources support is an after-thought. It’s an add-on to a different core offering of theirs. For Humareso, this is all that we do. We can focus on the excel- lence we know and can produce to the benefit of our clients. “We are, also, a learning organ- isation. We instruct internally, read voraciously and collaborate intentionally. Our pursuit of the best of the best is unending. Our clients reap the benefits of such efforts. “Additionally, our international reach allows us to be seen as a necessary partner in business expansion, acquisition or merger. Humareso is adeptly prepared to work effectively across cultures and economies.” John states that Humareso’s is proactive in its approach to recruiting. “We don’t always wait until there is an opening to hire. We are constantly on the lookout for great talent. Some of our staff are brought on contractually in order to determine ability through project-based assignments. These ‘tests’ allow us to assess strengths, acuity and commu- nicative abilities.” Within the HR industry, consist- ent legal changes make it more difficult for some industries to stay ahead of the curve. Compli- ance has become its own beast to wrestle, with many organisa- tions struggling to keep up. “The amount of skilled jobs avail- able, with the consistent lack of skilled labour to match, presents a cross-industry challenge,” ex- plains John regarding the issues facing the sector. “We need to develop our own competent 1809CV31 talent within our own structures and framework. Organisations need to have a plan to cultivate people, both in technical and soft skills. This is paramount to longevity in the labour market, primarily for companies seeking to remain relevant and profita- ble.” Constantly keeping up-to-date is one way that John and the team at Humareso ensure they are always ahead of the curve. “We read constantly as there are volumes written each week re- garding law, competitive markets and financial changes. We need to review business journals, legal sites and bloggers’ posts. We, also, attend a variety of con- ferences and seminars. In these forums, not only is information presented, but discussed. It allows for a better understanding of application for our clients and in specific industries. With regards to the future, John plans for continued growth for Humareso. “Whilst 95% of our work is in the US, we are looking to grow our international work,” he enthus- es. “We currently have projects beginning in Brazil, Mexico, Singapore and India, in addition to our work already happening in the UK. Our desire to be the best of the best across the world drives our work ethic and our investment in our people. “We continue to see outsourced human resources expertise and support as a necessary partner for all organisations, regardless of size and industry.”

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