2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 93 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 49 approach became more difficult to manage and significantly less effective at blocking legitimate threats. Existing cyber-security problems telegraph what’s needed for security in the future. Specifically, enterprises need a comprehensive solution that offers scalability, protects against both known and unknown threats, automates manual processes, and replaces a patchwork of ineffective tools with an integrated set of security services – in short, they need the Ghost SafePlace Ecosystem.” Creating a Positive Impact g Looking ahead to what the future holds for Ghost Systems, Inc., Don reveals what developments he foresees within the industry, and how the firm will adapt around these changes. “Cybersecurity as a whole, is ever-changing. Cyber-criminals continually invest $billions developing malware. As a result, they are very successful pulling off large cyber-thefts costing billions of dollars in damage and personal losses to hundreds of millions of individuals. This continues to get worse as they gain more knowledge and experience. “Ghost continually builds cyber- security solutions capable of preventing their attacks. We invest heavily in R&D, constantly updating cyber-defences using modern techniques and technologies to mitigate cyber- attacks. We continually strive to change the fundamental dynamics of the war between cyber-criminals and the good guys, making the Internet, private or public networks safer places for people and businesses to interact, having a positive impact across the World.” Contact: Don Ritzman 865 Tahoe Blvd, Suite 214; Incline Village, Nevada 89451, USA Primary Phone: 001 831 459 8199 Web Address: www.ghost-systems.com

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