2018 Corporate Excellence Awards Supplement

CORPORATE VISION / Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 99 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 1 27 observe and act accordingly. This approach creates an environment (both externally and internally), which is conducive to the sharing of ideas and ultimately an enhanced solution that the market can benefit from. Over the years, the BackBox solution has evolved into what it is today based on the team’s ability to engage with customers on a deep and significant level. Several features which are available in its current and pending releases, are a direct result of customer interaction and its ability to listen, observe and act. BackBox’s investment in its support and professional services team ensures readably available, resources in a ‘follow the sun’ model, guaranteeing a 24 to 48-hour turnaround for adding any custom devices or scripts that on the off chance, the solution does not support ‘out the box.’ In addition, BackBox’s global support team is staffed and available 24/7 to address any product related issues that may surface. Essentially, there are many aspects which differentiate the company from its competitors, and there have been many challenges that the team have faced in cementing BackBox as a leader in the technology industry. The team at BackBox believe that the biggest competition it faces is when organisations continue to attempt to manually execute tasks (including rudimentary backups) themselves. The reality is that the majority of these organisations are not aware that a solution like BackBox exists. Overcoming this challenge is one that the team at BackBox is ready to embrace, by continuing to spread and grow the reputation of BackBox. As a result of not being aware of BackBox, organisations have resigned themselves to the fact that they have to rely on their own internal resources to attempt to create their own scripts for automating procedures. This is obviously not a sustainable, supportable model. Essentially, what separates the BackBox solution from home-grown scripts is its ability to provide end users with a five-step backup verification process, as well as keeping up with the continuous updating of devices as technology vendors look to improve the performance and security of their devices. In addition, the BackBox solution offers a wide range of add- on capabilities that can relay additional useful information back to administrators about the status of their devices and the network that they simply wouldn’t get out of writing and supporting their own scripts. In return, BackBox then begins assisting with the prediction of when and where an outage or disaster is more likely to occur, helping organisations to proactively prevent such outages and disasters from ever happening, rather than just being a safety net available for organisations to restore from. Currently, organisations are seeing that they have more multi- vendor environments to manage than ever before, and this has led to increased complexity of these environments. Compounding the issue is that these organisations are expected to manage the ever-increasing complexity with fewer and fewer resources. Having identified this gap in the market several years ago, BackBox is working harder than ever to aid organisations in their pursuit of secure, efficient operations. With the IT industry becoming more competitive every day, BackBox is working diligently to adapt and subsequently achieve even more success in the sector. As such, the successful evolution and adoption of the BackBox solution can be attributed to not only to the recruitment and retention of top talent but also, leveraging BackBox’s ever expanding customer and technology partner ecosystem. Ensuring customers are kept up to date from the very early stages of engagement, through purchase, deployment and support of their operational lifecycle, BackBox has proven to be a thriving, customer centric company with an impressive upward trajectory. Furthermore, constant customer interaction throughout the purchase, deployment and operational lifecycle allows BackBox to be in sync with their customer’s requirements, industry trends and ultimately market adoption which in turn drives the enhancement and continued innovation of the BackBox solution. This type of interaction supports the team’s agile innovation and allows staff to be ahead of the curve. BackBox provides the appropriate support and training to allow team members to be the best possible versions of themselves. Looking ahead, the future is very bright for BackBox, while its exponential revenue growth and expansion into new markets continues at a rapid rate. Continued growth is projected over the coming years, supporting the necessity for additional head count in all aspects and regions of the business. The upcoming release of the organisation’s next major version, 6.0 is revolutionary as it continues to pioneer the Intelligent Automation space. There are exciting times ahead for BackBox, with no barriers to limit its continued success and achievements. Ultimately, as BackBox continues to build on its success, there will continue to be developments within the industry which the team will have to adapt to. However, the team at BackBox are well suited to the ever evolving nature of the industry, as adaptation is a key aspect of the company’s success, and is core to the BackBox solution. In a rapidly changing IT industry where networks only continue to grow more and more complex with the advancement in technology and security, the primary goal at BackBox has always been to continue to make the management of your security and network devices simpler, through intelligent automation. Working in collaboration with its customers and technology partners, staff are constantly adapting and evolving to address the ever-changing needs of the market. The continued need within organisations to do more with less lends itself very well to the BackBox solution. The market is experiencing a significant shift from capital to operational expenditure and BackBox is well positioned to support both models. Innovative thought process and foresight ten years ago has favourably positioned BackBox to address the constant development and required adaption that the market is driving. Contact: Ty Murphy Address: 10000 Marshall Drive, Lenexa, Kansas, 66215, USA Phone: 19135682912 Website: www.backbox.com Centralising the Security and Network Device Community Through Intelligent Automation Software g

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