International Business Awards Supplement 2018

4 CORPORATE VISION / International Business Awards 2018 , 6 ssue 11 2018 Tyromer Inc. has developed a truly viable solution for scrap tires and is working to implement its solution, along with a circular economy, in the tire and rubber industry. Recently, we profiled the firmand spoke to Jon Visaisoukwho revealedmore about the innovative technology and their approach to recycling. Breakthrough Tire Recycling Technology Tyromer processes scrap tire rubber and allows the material to be used once again in high value appli- cations such as tires - enabling a truly circular economy. The firm turns old tire material into new tire material through a process called devulcanization. Recycling in the tire industry can be challenging, and Jon begins by explaining how the team at Tyromer seeks out like-minded companies and people. “In our industry there is no guar- antee of a particular outcome; due diligence, discussion, and adjustments are needed to work towards the best solution. Sometimes that solution is not apparent when conversations begin, so it’s helpful when all parties are open to dialogue and have a willingness to consider new ideas.” In turn, Tyromer employs a strat- egy of collaboration and open innovation, and the Company highlights the importance of an open mind. “The tire and rubber industry is extremely advanced and high-tech, and if companies are determined to make something work, it’s difficult to stop them. Simply put, where there is a will, there is a way. Tyromer looks to work with companies who are determined to increase the usage of recycled material, and who are committed to the research and development that comes along with it.” When reflecting on the potential for the industry to use more recycled materials, the gap is starting to close but challenges still remain. “The tire industry is always making improvements and new developments, and recycling is OCT18288 becoming more than a feel-good scenario; the circular economy is catching up to business prac- tices, offering a unique way to reduce costs while benefiting the environment. However, the stig- ma of recycled material being in- ferior is still prevalent, so through discussion and collaboration we work to dispel that notion.” Recently, Tyromer was selected in Corporate Vision’s Internation- al Business Awards 2018 as the Best Rubber Devulcanization Technology 2018 – World. Whilst discussing the win, Jon reveals what the win means for the firm. “While we are very proud of this designation, there is still so much work to do. Tyromer continues to lead the world not only with our technology, but through education and by providing information that is not always easily accessible. We aren’t just proponents of our own devulcan- ization technology. We are propo- nents of the entire tire recycling industry, even if a certain solution does not involve us. The problem is too big for any one company to tackle.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, tire recycling is increasing- ly bright and optimistic. Tyromer envisions a time where the majority of all tires are manufac- tured using a significant portion of recycled materials.