International Business Awards Supplement 2018

8 CORPORATE VISION / International Business Awards 2018 48 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 , Dentacoin Foundation develops the first Blockchain solution for the global dental industry. Recently, we caught up with Donika Kraeva, MarketingManager at the Netherlands- based Dentacoin Foundation, who provided us with detailed insight into this innovative organisation and its products. Creating a Bridge Between Blockchain Technology and the Global Dental Industry Since inception, Dentacoin Founda- tion has aimed to improve dental care and make it afforda- ble through shifting the paradigm from “sick care” to patient-cen- tred preventive Healthcare and utilising the blockchain technolo- gy advantages. Dentacoin Foun- dation are creating a new dental ecosystem which favours all industry players, reduces costs and improves long-term health through an intelligent preven- tion-oriented Assurance program, a same-named cryptocurrency (DCN) and a set of incentivised web and mobile tools. Donika begins by informing us about the unique features of the Dentacoin cryptocurrency. “Dentacoin is the one of the only currency in the world that con- nects all participants in the global dental industry, whilst at the same time actively encouraging patients to take action towards affordable and sustainable dental health. The currency is embedded as an incentive in the Dentacoin tools and can be easily exchanged to other crypto and fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) currencies. Moreover, DCN is already being accepted as a means of payment by dental clinics, laboratories, shops in 18 countries.” Going into further detail about what development stage the project is at currently, Donika in- forms us about the key achieve- ments so far. “Last year, we successfully col- lected funds for our development needs through a Presale in July and an ICO in October. Even in this intensive period between July and October, we already had our first product launched: Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, the first platform for detailed, verified and incentivised dental treatment reviews. Shortly afterwards, we managed to release the next two products on our Roadmap, namely DentaVox (a market research platform that collects customer wisdom through surveys on various dental care topics) and Dentacare (a mobile app which teaches kids and adults to maintain good oral hygiene through a three- month, incentivised challenge). Recently, we also launched the initial version of the dedicated Dentacoin Wallet App, which will be gradually developed into the most user-friendly option for buying and storing DCN, adapted to the needs of non-tech-savvy users.” As of this moment, Dentacoin has over 40K token holders and more than 170K Dentacoin trans- actions have been recorded. The currency has been adopted as an official means of payment by 71 dental practices and suppli- ers in 18 countries. Moreover, 80K+ individuals and dentists actively use the developed tools. “With the growing user base of our tools and the progressive adoption of the Dentacoin (DCN) currency as an official means of payment for dental services, we are creating a substantial value of Dentacoin which does not rely on speculations and grows with every new participant added to the network.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Donika signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Cor- porate Vision’s Most Innovative Blockchain Technology Provider in Healthcare 2018 – Global. “One key product in the pipeline is Dentacoin Assurance - the first Blockchain-based program that entitles Patients to preventative dental care for life against an affordable monthly premium in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency. Dentists receive regular monthly capitations, with the provision that all services will be provided to Patients at no charge or at greatly reduced fees. The model brings the financial interests of Patients and Dentists into com- Oct18564 plete alignment, while shifting the focus from acute treatment to sustainable prevention and es- tablishing strong, lasting bonds.” Its test-net version is planned to be launched by the end of 2018. A decentralised dental health da- tabase is also on the Dentacoin Roadmap for next year. In this product, patients will be the only owners and managers of their re- cords - only they will decide what to store and who can access it. For dentists, this will mean more precise prophylaxis plans and highly individualised treatment based on a more holistic view of the patient’s health. “In 2019, we are also planning on further expanding our network, providing more solutions for buy- ing Dentacoin, getting DCN listed on major exchange platforms, and developing the next versions of our current products. Another event we are intensively prepar- ing for is the world’s leading den- tal summit - International Dental Show (IDS) - that will be held in Cologne, Germany in March next year. Our participation as an exhibitor there not only creates solid prerequisites for further global expansion, but confirms the importance of Blockchain for the future of dentistry”, adds Kraeva.