Recruitment Elite Supplement 2018

10 CORPORATE VISION / Recruitment Elite 2018 24 Issue 10 2018 , 1810CV23 Net Talent is a highly respected business in the recruitment consultancyworld, founded, owned and run by YvonneMoffat, one of the fewwomen owners/CEOs of established specialist recruitment consultancies in the technical and digital space. Partnerships with People Established in 2010, Net Talent connect businesses with the technical talent that they need to thrive and grow, as well as helping technology professionals discover the opportunities that take their careers to new heights. Net Talent is based on people – their team, candidates and clients. From developing their own people to building lasting relationships with employers and candidates, the firm have built their business and reputation by building “partnerships with people”. By focussing on building successful relationships, every project, placement and contract starts with a deeper understanding – and ends with more successful clients and even more rewarding careers. Going into further detail about their approach, Yvonne begins by explaining the approach Net Talent takes to ensure that they create operational excellence. “Here at Net Talent, we are organised by two teams: Delivery “This team works with our existing clients on assignments, helping to source the best candidates for their business. Each team member has a deep understanding of our current clients’ businesses and knows – in depth – what it takes to be a success in that business in terms of type of work, cultural fit, and ambition, both of the business and of the candidate. New Business “Our new business approach is to expand our footprint within the space where we have that in-depth knowledge. We take the time to get to know our new partner before formulating a plan for them based around what they need and how we see the market supplying the right people. “What we don’t do is to coach candidates in the ‘right’ answers. The fit has to right for both parties. That’s why both our candidates and our clients have a unique bond with us. It’s based on trust, and you can’t buy that – it has to be earned. “A critical part of how that trust is gained and kept is the quality and performance of the management team. Taking its lead from our two senior directors – Yvonne Moffat, our founder, and Derek Gibb our Sales Director, the leadership team covers all aspects of our work, and is largely made up of people who have been with the company for a number of years. Experts in their fields, they have experienced the highs and lows that every career has, and so are able to coach and mentor their teams to develop our people.” When discussing what sets Net Talent apart from their competitors within the industry, Yvonne highlights the core factors that mark Net Talent out as the best possible option for their clients. “At Net Talent, we like to demonstrate our difference. It is why we have a high repeat business content and our growth is often through recommendation. At the core of our company’s practice is our service partnership, which is a factor that we take right through our business. “In most consultancies, the consultant is responsible for all of their contacts. In effect, they ‘own’ the candidate and the client. We do not work like that. Instead, we share information, opportunities, candidates, and clients. That means that we always work with the best interest of our clients, and our candidates at heart, and our team feel fully included in the operation and running of the business. From a pragmatic point of view, it is eminently sensible business practice, but it also helps to de-tune any conflicts or reticence, with the team knowing that acting together, we all succeed. Our reward structure is uniquely constructed to recognise and facilitate this approach.” Whilst on the topic of the team, Net Talent actively embrace an inclusive culture, as Yvonne is keen to inform us. “Net Talent’s approach is based purely and simply on the right fit. It’s as true for Net Talent as it is for our candidates and our clients. We work in a highly technical and specifically focused industry sector. Technology is a male dominated environment: however, we actively recruit females back to work from maternity leave for several of our clients, and in the last six months have placed five female senior IT permanent employees and eight Contractors. The fact that that the industry is changing is in some part due to putting the right candidate in the right role, without looking at labels. “In addition, we are also take giving back to our community seriously. Now in our 4th year with student placements, we work with Linlithgow Academy and have had several of their students come to Net Talent for their work experience. “We have also supported Social Bite, a charity for the homeless for three years now in a number of ways, attending Scottish Events and sleeping rough to help raise awareness of homelessness in Scotland.” Currently, both the Technology and IT sector globally is in a constant state of change as new technologies emerge at a faster and faster pace. In every industry sector, technology is