Recruitment Elite Supplement 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Recruitment Elite 2018 11 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 25 Partnerships with People g making a huge impact on the way customers are treated, and data is gathered, stored, and used. It’s not just about phones and computers. It’s the technology that provides banking services, the AI that has revolutionised retail, the technology that keeps data safe, and machine learning that continues to improve their online experience. The skillsets that are needed range from the solid developer work to the visionary thinking that applies cutting edge technology to business applications. All of Net Talent’s clients need talented people. There is a global shortage of the right skills, but the firm believe that in tandem with skill, their clients need the right cultural and values fit in each and every person they hire – for they hire people, not skills. So, the right person is a critical hire, as Yvonne explains. “To make the Net Talent impact happen for our clients, we need the right people ourselves. We begin our process towards taking a different approach right from the start, and that means understanding our values and vison, then recruiting people into our team who share them – and our approach to life. “We tend not to recruit experienced recruitment consultants. Instead, we recruit people who demonstrate the right attitude and behaviours and coach and mentor them in our working philosophy and practice. This includes people searching for a professional career, and a number of recent graduates. The result is a team of like-minded people who actively enjoy each other’s company and instinctively know how to do the right thing.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Yvonne signs off by revealing what the direction of Net Talent is currently headed towards, noting on the how the company is expanding at a rapid pace. “Here at Net Talent, we grow with our clients. We believe in thoroughly knowing both them and their industry or market niche, and our philosophy is to have a deep insight into both. As a result, the people we find for them will be right for them and right for their business. “As more clients come one board, we are in the process of widening out teams and our footprint. It is an exciting time for our industry – and for Net Talent.” Contact: Yvonne Moffat Address: 101 George Street Edinburgh, EH2 3ES, UK Telephone: 0131 270 6616 Web Address: