2020 Automotive Awards

Global Automotive Awards 2020 11 VisualARise is the pioneering start-up behind a state-of-the-art, holographic AR display system for windshields, that reduces the risk of car accidents by keeping drivers’ eyes on the road. By overlaying all navigation, road, and vehicle data on the window ahead of its drivers, VisualARise aims to reduce accidents around the world by 80%. We take a closer look at how the Virginia- based firm is transforming the automotive industry for the better. According to recent statistics, 80% of all car accidents and related human injuries are attributed to drivers being distracted. The total costs of these damages economically were $46 billion in 2010, and innumerable in human life. VisualARise is a Virginia-based deep-tech start- up that has created a solution built around the world’s first 4D Imaging Holographic Augmented Reality Head-up Display for the global automotive market. With this disruptive technology, VisualARise seeks to reduce the number of accidents on the road by 80% around the world, whilst additionally boosting infotainment systems in the next generation of cars and vans. With this technology car manufacturers can now get rid of traditional instrumental clusters in cars interiors. The technology is designed to transform windshields into windows that are enhanced with augmented reality, projecting vital information onto the screen ahead of the driver, instead of clustered onto the steering wheel or dashboard. The information is overlaid on to the landscape ahead of the driver, putting navigation data and safety warnings where they can be clearly seen on a road guide that has 3D depth and clarity that provides easy-to-follow directions. Points of interest are noted with AR markers, whilst 3D holographic AR objects are also placed around these points to provide all the information required. As well as virtual road signs, vehicle operation data and extended navigation, VisualARise even alerts drivers to objects outside their line of sight, such as a pedestrian behind a car, a deer on the road, or a biker approaching. Most importantly, the system works in all conditions, from low light to heavy rain to fog to sandstorms. Eliminating the need for expensive sensors or wearables, VisualARise allows drivers to put total trust in their cars, knowing that it will get them where they need to be safely, whatever the weather. VisualARise is by no means the first company in the automotive sector to be using cutting-edge HUD technology, but unlike its competitors whose focus is on infotainment, VisualARise Most Pioneering HUD Display Tech Start-Up 2020 Oct20461 is prioritizing safety. The company’s use of superior natural eye-depth viewing effect, large field-of-view, ultra-high frequency detection and safe prediction of potential threats on the road has made it a premier choice for the new wave of electric and autonomous vehicles that are currently dominating the market. Moreover, VisualARise’s tech not only provides greater safety for drivers, but better comfort and a more enjoyable driving experience. Some of the giants of the automotive industry are already building their cars of the future with the help of VisualARise’s next-gen AR HUD. Having already dominated in safety for these vehicles, the firm is now exploring new avenues for its proprietary holographic detection and visualization tech. Some examples of ideas being developed by the team are a virtual holographic vehicle assistant, a brand-new platform for autonomous driving, a virtual plant supervisor (industry 4.0), a virtual facility retail assistant, and so much more. As VisualARise’s technological capacities continue to expand and its global reach broadens, its priority fundamentally remains on keeping their drivers’ eyes on the road. In enhancing the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of driving, VisualARise will also be able to save billions of dollars in damages by preventing accidents around the world, as well as eliminating the unnecessary risk to human lives. With such an honorable mission at its heart, we are certain that VisualARise can expect to see global success in the years ahead. Company: VisualARise Inc. Contact: Alexey Medvedsky Website: www.visualarise.me With this disruptive technology, VisualARise seeks to reduce the number of accidents on the road by 80% around the world, whilst additionally boosting infotainment systems in the next generation of cars and vans.