2020 Automotive Awards

Nov20606 Best Automotive Events Consultancy - Australia & Award for Innovation in Event Management & Logistics 2020 A knowledge of events isn’t enough to excel in the motorsports industry. There needs to be a passion for the field too. Renato Loberto has that passion in spades. It’s why MotoKinetic is one of the most highly regarded providers of events in the automotive industry. We dig a little deeper into their work, following their incredible success in the Global Automotive Awards. The story of MotoKinetic starts in 2004, but the seeds were sown many years before that. The firm was founded by two brothers, Renato and Anthony Loberto. Both not only held a personal image of the importance of the automotive industry, but also carried within them a deep seated knowledge of how to transform their passions into commercial success. For Renato, his entire life has been motorsports. He built up an impressive reputation for excellence, spending 19 years circuit racing in Australia, Europe, the UAE, and the UK. He had made a name for himself as one of Australia’s leading performance driver trainers and driver coaches. He still has an uncanny ability to find the potential for improvement, creating effective plans of action and transferring vital knowledge to ensuring success. These skills have proven invaluable as he has moved into Australia’s events industry. The business was not always large – finding this niche involved an enormous amount of work to ensure that the results were reflective of the time put in. Now, however, Renato has managed to transform what was a firm offering driving and engineering services, into a fully-fledged consultancy. It stands proudly as one of the Asia- Pacific’s leading bespoke automotive events consultancy. The team takes great pride in this achievement, as it reflects the passion of the industry in which they work. When a client engages with MotoKinetic, they aren’t taking on a generic events company, but one which deeply understands the needs and the challenges involved in the motorsports and automotive industry. This ingrained knowledge allows the team to innovate in a way that is truly effective, creating events that are enjoyed by hundreds-of- thousands of people every year, the world over. The nature of the industry means that each event brings its own unique challenges and demands. The team at MotoKinetic have been involved in event management for bespoke, niche events and public occasions where items and technology have been showcased to the world for the first time. They can tackle any special driving requirements too, from coaching to training and even professional driving in a film, tv and corporate situation. Having this extraordinary range of abilities opens up several doors to the team, and allows them to create a bespoke solution to suit their client’s specific requirements. The team can not only tackle idea and concept generation, but they can provide the necessary content to ensure the day goes without a hitch as well as full event production. In short, MotoKinetic are a comprehensive events solution that is capable of tackling whatever seems necessary to achieve success. For those who have worked with MotoKinetic, it’s clear that there could be no other option. They’re simply the best, able to handle whatever is thrown at them with ease. It’s no surprise that the firm has grown in skill and experience so rapidly, led by a desire to serve that simply cannot be matched by any other. Company: MotoKinetic Contact: Renato Loberto Email: [email protected]