2021 Artificial Intelligence Award Packages

Main front cover image and headline 4 pages of editorial 4 crystal trophies 1 wall plaque Personalised digital certificate Personalised digital logo 8 page e-magazine 50 printed copies of your 8-page e-magazine + Shipping included Platinum Package The Editor’s Choice Package Packages packages  DEMAC S.A. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: DEMAC S.A. | Name: Javier Párraga Address: Vidrieros 9, Parque empresarial Prado del Espino, Boadilla del Monte 28660 Madrid Spain Phone: +34 916 326 130 | Web Address: qnanotech.com 3,695 GBP 6 Corporate Vision 2019 Technology Innovator Awards  Workswell Temperature Measurement Tech Company - Central Europe Apr19066 Headquartered in the Czech Republic, Workswell specialises in noncontact temperature measurement and thermal imaging Technology Innovator Award winners we profile the firmand enjoys today. many other varying sized businesses. Seeking to further improve the engineering and thermal imaging space’s knowledge and understanding, Workswell’s products are also being used in Universities and research organizations worldwide. The firm’s expert team work alongside these organisations helping to innovate their products and advance their technologies. Some of the firm’s most important customers are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, John Hopkins University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the US Army Engineering Research department, to name a few. Among the firm’s unique solutions is its Workswells WIRIS Pro thermal imaging camera, which is currently the most advanced thermal imaging system designed for commercial unmanned planes called drones. It is a compact system that combines a thermal camera, digital camera (in visible spectrum) and processing unit able to record radiometric data with digital HDMI output. The company also offers the systems and the solution for early fire detection – Workswell SAFETIS. The principle of the function of the fast detection of fire or the risk of flare-up by SAFETIS thermal cameras is based on the continuous measurement of heating and temperature changes in the recorded scene. Temperature trends are consequently evaluated a nd using specific algorithms, the potential risk of flare-up is stated while false alarms are then eliminated within the necessary extent. The SAFETIS system is able to react much earlier than all other systems that indicate the symptoms of an already originated fire. Further Workswell will continue to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of its clients in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving thermal imaging market. Founded in 2010, Workswell has since become internationally renowned for innovative thermographic products. These innovative solutions include thermal WIC cameras, Workswell SAFETIS for early fire detection, thermal imaging system ThermoInspector used primarily for inspection in production and the Workswell WIRIS thermal imaging system for drones. Thanks to their innovative applications, the solutions have been used by a wide variety of car manufactures, universities and other corporate entities to provide them with accurate thermal imaging services or soltions. Over the years Workswell has engaged with many companies outside the car manufacturing industry , including ČEZ, RWE, Bosch, Honeywell, Tesco, Heineken, Kofola, IKEA, Net4Gas, Semikron, ArcelorMittal, as well as “The firm’s expert team work alongside these to innovate their products and advance their technologies.”  Workswell “The SAFETIS system is able to react much earlier than all other systems that indicate the symptoms of an already originated fire.” CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Workswell | Contact: Jan Sova Website: https://www.workswell-thermal-camera.com/ 4 Corporate Vision 2019 Technology Innovator Awards  DEMAC S.A. Nanotech ® success in this year’s Technology Innovator Awards we profile it and its parent group and Established in 1992, DEMAC group was founded by a team of engineers lead by Mr. Jose Luis de la Torre. Together they shared a real passion for innovation, which they infused into each and every project they undertake. This dynamic group has been serving mainly the automobile electronic sector in Spain and North America and has now created an extensive patent portfolio. Since its foundation the company has focused on the research and development of products for the automotive market and environment, for instance the optimization and improvement of fuel efficiency, water treatments, consumer electronics and microwave devices. In total the group now holds more than 100 patents for a vast array of solutions. Over the years the group has branched out to include a range of subsidiaries including Quantic Nanotech, a Healthtech company which has created a convenient IoT integrated, wearable modular digital health product. This unique technology has already been recognized by several medical institutions as a solution for the treatment of Rheumatism and Osteoarthritis. Initially, the idea for this solution came from the group founder Mr. de la Torre, who felt that there should be a simpler but effective solution to this ailment but could find none on the market. As an innovator, he decided to create it to treat himself, and as such Quantic Nanotech was born. The project was founded in 2015 by a group of industry pioneers determined to offer new innovative personalized treatments based on latest innovations on a simple modular product. Since then it has been growing and flourishing, driven by the team’s passion for technology and the group’s vast industry experience. Creating in the form of a glove, the pioneering solution allows for these debilitating conditions to be treated at home by the patient itself. It is clean, si ple and easy to use with just one button being all that is required. This simple glove is connected to the smartphone, and if necessary the use of th product can actually be medically supervised and assisted online. The Quantic Nanotech project has helped DEMAC to move into new markets and support an eve wider array of cli nts using its innova ive s lutions built on a solid foundation of research a d development. Looking ahead, the group will be enhancing the success of its solution by testing the very latest improved version of the glove in several hospitals. The company is releasing new pilot production prior to MP market release at the end of this year and are very excited for the ongoing development of this revolutionary solution. Apr19517 “This unique technology has already been recognized by several 4 Pages Editorial