2022 Aviation and Aerospace Awards Packages

Corporate Vision is delighted to once again open submissions for the an- nual Aviation and Aerospace Awards, celebrating the continued efforts of aviation firms, manufacturers and service providers across the industry! Launched in 2020, each year nominations are open to the vast array of businesses within this varied sector, including but not limited to aircraft design and manufacture, commercial airline, private charters and tours, air freight, specialist insurers, drone delivery, medical transport, search and rescue, avionics, and the newly emerging space tourism! Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries, and global leader the USA directly and indirectly employs a total of 1.2 million workers. As we contin- ue into 2022 experts predict growth in emerging markets across East Asia and South America from reviving internal and external tourism. Long term the industry is looking to make exciting strides into advanced biometric technologies to reduce airport check-in times, and avionics – or aviation electronics – presents an exciting new career path for energetic entrepreneurs! In a sector where large, consolidated firms often dominate the landscape, Corporate Vision is here to spotlight the diverse range of companies who continually demonstrate intelligent, forward-thinking innovation and a Introducing the Aviation and Aerospace Awards introduction Introduction www.cv-magazine.com Introduction