2023 Education & Training Award Packages

Packages Packages About Us Introduction www.corporatevision-news.com Corporate Vision proudly welcomes you to the fifth annual Education and Training Awards! Since 2019, we have been dedicated to recognising the very best of this integral industry, highlighting the leading players in workplace training, education, skills development, and more! The global corporate training market is expected to grow to almost $500 billion over the next five years, after experiencing a swift recovery post-pandemic. According to the latest Training Industry Report, over 40 percent of companies raised their training budgets in 2022, showing that an increasing number of employers consider thorough staff training to be an essential factor to business success. While the industry is growing at a steady rate, it is still highly fragmented, with the vast majority of training providers categorised as small businesses. The four largest companies operating in this sector, including multinational education corporation ‘Pearson’, make up only 10 percent of the market share. Bronze Package 695 GBP • Full page article • Bespoke trophy • Personalised digital logo Established a mere six years ago, Swissguard is headquartered in Switzerland and regarded as the Guarding Service Innovator of the Year. Since its establishment, Swissguard has had its international operation grow exponentially into numerous subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe, the USA, and the UK. While the establishment has only been on the market for six years, Swissguard has managed to achieve quick and stable success and aims to become the leader of manned guarding combined 24/7 remote security solution providers – across the UK and the globe. Moreover, depending on location, Swissguard’s security guarding solution combined with artificial intelligence can cut approximately 40 to 60% of a client’s annual security budget – a tremendous option for those looking to safeguard their properties without sacrificing quality but cutting costs at the same time. Swissguard was founded with the promising goal of revolutionising the classic on-site guardian protection model. Instead, thanks to loyal clientele who entrust their properties to the Swissguard firm, it has seen continued growth that is snowballing exponentially. At Swissguard, team members are immensely proud of the company’s Swiss roots and are dedicated and passionate about delivering highquality services – unparalleled in the industry. In modern society, global geopolitical and economic issues significantly impact the security industry. As a result, the security threats and concerns have increased yearly with industrial spending. Arpad Rozgonyi, COO, expands on this situation, stating, “The cost of the security has been increasing while customers have continuous budget shortages. It drives to margin shrinking at the security industry players. The most expensive security solution has been the on-site manned guarding. The management of the physical guards as human resource has been the one of the most demanding issues in the security industry. Our guarding service is a perfect complementary or even substitute solution to on-site manned guarding for a fraction of the cost. Do not burn money unnecessarily, switch to Swissguard!” In addition to this, another challenge faces the industry, most recently being the technological developments – more specifically, those related to artificial intelligence. Arpad adds to this, stating, “Despite the significant evolution of the artificial intelligence, the reassuring replacement of the human intelligence by artificial intelligence is still far. On the other hand, security industrial players are using the combination of human intelligence and technology in an increasing extent. We at Swissguard aim to take a leading role in combining human and artificial intelligence in our service offerings and to provide the best security solutions to our clients and partners. We are not only providing security services to our private as well as commercial customers but taking care of their lifes, heath and valuables “ “As far as our service is concerned, we provide so-called off-site guarding services, which sounds unusual in the security world. We have guards watching the actual site or object via cameras, leaving no blind spots or unattended areas. They continuously watch the live feeds. We do not need for alarm system attached to the camera or alarm triggering since our guys watch the live feeds. Our off-site guards monitor up to 32 live feeds for 45 mins each and then rotate as per their rota. This means another guard takes over before the previous guard leaves their position. This way, every guard gets to recover, rest their eyes well enough before resuming their shifts,” states Arpad. Swissguard is continually focused on providing exceptional services and solutions regarding the company’s future in the industry. “Clients may have the best devices, but if there are no proper services attached, the asset investments may be a waste of money,” adds Arpad. For now, Swissguard is focusing its efforts to boost business in international markets while strengthening its positing in the industry. In 2022, the company continues its ambitious journey to further expand on the US market along with its increasing penetration within the UK one. Recognised as Guarding Service Innovator of the Year, Arpad and Swissguard are gradually reinventing the security market – making it better, safer, and efficient than ever before. Company: Swissguard Group Name: Mr. Arpad Rozgonyi – Group COO Email: [email protected] Web Address: swissguard.co.uk / swissguardusa.com Mar22104 Guarding Service Innovator of the Year - Switzerland