CV Media Pack

Corporate Vision Magazine is distributed monthly across the globe to a stream of readers in the corporate business sector. Below, are our forward features for 2023 and we would like to invite our readers to contribute to each magazine issue. This content will guide you on what topics each editorial will highlight, so please reach out to contribute an article on any of the following subjects. Forward Features Double Page-spread 420 x 297mm Full Page 210 x 297mm The Corporate Vision newsletter runs in conjunction with the monthly magazine to highlight and promote the content on our website as well as spotlight winners from current award programmes. The newsletter is a key part of the brand and has a web team devoted to maintaining the content that is included as well as consistently looking to improve what it has to offer to increase its readership. Featuring in the newsletter can help to increase the exposure of your brand and lead to brand awareness to a new demographic. We have a wide range of advertising services for you to select from and some packages also offer a feature in both the magazine and newsletter for further promotion. Our Newsletter Circulation82,000 Newsletter Open Rate28.68% Newsletter CTR2.94% Stats taken over12 month period (Feb 22 - March 23) Forward Feature Deadline Publication Date Issue 1 The future of hybrid working December 2024 January 2024 Issue 2 The latest technological advancements in business January 2024 February 2024 Issue 3 Diversity and inclusion in the business world February 2024 March 2024 Issue 4 What can we learn from the latest e-commerce trends March 2024 April 2024 Issue 5 Corporate responsibilities in the digital age April 2024 May 2024 Issue 6 Key tips for global expansion of businesses May 2024 June 2024 Issue 7 The role of digital platforms in business education June 2024 July 2024 Issue 8 The importance of creating a healthy working July 2024 August 2024 Issue 9 MarTech in 2024 August 2024 September 2024 Issue 10 Why does staff retention matter? September 2024 October 2024 Issue 11 How to manage business risks October 2024 November 2024 Issue 12 The role of technology in modern business Novemeber 2024 December 2024 Country Total United Kingdom 24.33% USA 18.09% Australia 10.30% Canada 6.63% Singapore 4.97% Other 35.68% Region Total Europe 41.48% North America 25.62% Asia 13.00% Oceania 11.84% Africa 5.09% South America 2.97% Atlantic 0.00% Industry Total Marketing & Sales 15.58% Legal Services 6.04% Automotive 5.98% Logistics Services 4.37% Computing & Software 3.81% Coaching & Training 3.53% Computer Services 3.30% Movies & Videos 3.06% Employment Services 2.90% Sercurity Systems 2.74% Other 48.69