Corporate Vision April 2017

26 CORPORATE VISION / April 2017 , Managing Partner Eric de Putter is the brains behind Payment Redesign. He tells us more about the firmand its areas of specialism. Changing an Industry Eric’s day-to-day role as managing partner focuses on business development and new projects. “A substantial component is public relationships, providing worthwhile articles and preparing for conferences,” he begins. “I must admit that I have always underestimated the power of social media. I received the ATMIA International Consultant of the Year award in Orlando and ran a three-hour workshop at the same conference. My update on LinkedIn attracted a substantial number of viewers and I am now aiming to publish on a regular basis through LinkedIn. “The client projects heavily vary, for one client I provide subject matter expertise, for another I have looked at nationalising their cash machine network. I am also keeping a close eye on the Brexit situation. The impact to the financial industry is not well-recognised. The European Single Market has regulations allowing new entrants to compete with banks subject to regulations. A hard Brexit will result in various UK-based companies being cut-off from Europe, resulting in consultancy firms like Payment Redesign to advise them on how best to proceed.” Initially, Eric relied on his associates who he would call in as and when work was required. Now he has taken on a contractor for six months, with a view to creating a permanent role, due to the intended launch of an information service. He is now attracting sufficient business to attract permanent staff. 1704CV13 The payment business evolves quickly, fuelled by new ways to pay such as via mobile technology. Regulatory change is allowing new market entrants and technological changes, irrespective whether this card, mobile, real-time or even cash payments. Payment Redesign is a management consultancy specialising in cards and payments with 20 plus clients in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East, Canada and the US. Incepted in 2013 by entrepreneur Eric de Putter, Payment Redesign has experience growth both in terms of visibility and turn-over. During 2016, Payment Redesign’s managing partner, Eric, presented at conferences in Berlin, New Orleans, Warsaw, London and Moscow. Eric has also become a regular contributor to three different magazines, highlighting his status as industry insider. During the last few years Payment Redesign has published various reports on the benefits of European thinking for banks and payment institutions, utilising contactless payment technology for cash machines. A recent report published highlighted how the industry can benefit from the Internet-of-Things technology to modernize the aging architectures in the cash machine industry. This thought leadership through conferences assists to attract new clients and advise them on payment innovation, new markets and regulatory change. Eric tells us that, with regards to recent successes, 2015 was a particularly fruitful year for Payment Redesign. “I am reaping the benefits as we speak,” he enthuses. “My first appearance at Europe’s largest card processing conference, Merchant Payment Ecosystem, was where I was appointed as advisor and this was very successful. I received my first ATMIA award as well. From there I have lost track a little as things went quickly, but they include a report about applying cloud based thinking in the cash machine industry which attracted very much interest and convinced me to launch a follow-up study. I have also been involved in conference appearances in Moscow, London and Warsaw, as well as attracting clients outside Europe, with very exciting projects. “Then there is the second International Consultant of the Year award.” The future looks very bright indeed for Eric and Payment Redesign and he explains how he aims to focus on publicity and, ultimately, growth. “I will shortly announce the findings for my second cloud ATM study highlighting that the ATM industry can imminently benefit from new thinking,” Eric states. “I am currently lobbying to find partners for a first proof-of-concept, demonstrating the benefits for the industry. I expect that this will be a ground-breaking project for the industry and demonstrates Payment Redesign’s leadership.