Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Nov21466 Best Smart Process Imaging Company 2021 Backed by academia, Rocsole Ltd. is at the forefront of a new wave within smart process imaging. The Finnish company has developed technology that optimises data interpretation and analytics processing, drastically reducing the time it takes to receive these insights. Indeed, Rocsole is striving for a better future – it is on a mission to make the industry safer and develop it in ways that are beneficial for the planet. Rocsole Ltd. has been built to innovate. As an offshoot of the University of Eastern Finland’s physics department, Rocsole’s team consists of several research groups with application fields in biomedical and industrial inverse problems as well as inverse problems in geophysical and atmospheric sciences. Operating as a cleantech company, Rocsole Ltd. utilises a combination of smart process imaging and real-time data analytics for critical processes, with the overall aim to reduce its clients’ operational costs, to increase their revenue, and to monitor product quality. Developing new technology, the company’s goal was to create a system that could work in harsh operating environments, where, for example, sensors get surface contamination. In addition, the need of regular cleaning and recalibration was removed, which resulted in a streamlined method. Moreover, it was imperative that the technology was made with a high resolution and relatively high sampling frequency, so that it could be utilized for industrial process control. The most ground-breaking element of Rocsole’s technology, however, is its machine learning and AI capabilities – this has accelerated the data interpretation and analytics processes, and in some cases, this has reduced the access to actionable insights more than 1,000 times, meaning that this process lasts a few minutes rather than several weeks. As Rocsole is a start-up, it is necessary for it to cultivate a dynamic and highly knowledgeable team. This ensures that the company is able to work to the best of its ability, as it is able to implement its strategies based upon the extensive foundation of expertise that it has developed. Henceforth, when searching for prospective employees, it focuses on who the person is, and if they can contribute to its diverse and vibrant workspace. Furthermore, it is key that they have the drive to go the extra mile, have a hands-on mentality, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced company. In return, Rocsole provides a creative and flexible work environment with a friendly culture, that shares the same goal – to create a better future. The company’s climb to success has been further bolstered by its links to academia, namely its birthplace, the University of Eastern Finland. Primarily recruiting graduates to its team and partnering with other companies, Rocsole crafts an environment that certifies constant development. Indeed, continuous learning, improvements, and pivoting are important to ensure that best practices and available solutions are up to date. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rocsole delved into true independence, calibrating its operating model to ensure that it could continue to develop and deliver projects to its customers. Additionally, the company has successfully utilised connectivity and IoT, which has optimised its remote working system and has allowed for smoother operations. As restrictions were introduced, Rocsole shifted towards online meetings, and noted that its use of virtual communication increased tremendously. However, this transition has improved efficiency in certain areas, as the team has been able to have stronger and more specific focus. As a result, the company expects to have an efficient and effective output once it switches to a hybrid working plan. Recently the company closed its ‘Series A’ funding round, and in turn, it is gearing up for a dramatic expansion in 2022. In high demand, the need for improved process monitoring that delivers data from critical and harsh conditions from industrial processes and manufacturing is shaping the company’s future. Rocsole’s unique insights are a major part of in-depth process mining that can take operational efficiency to new levels and support decarbonization. Henceforth, the company plans to continue working in this area, disrupting the current processes of many industries. Contact: Mika.Tienhaara Email: [email protected] Company: Rocsole Ltd. Web Address: Rocsole COO, Tommi Villanen is showing the Separator Profiler