Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Expertise and Products These AI-driven products can be used for mobile, desktop, and web applications. Additionally, they are designed to scan ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone: i.e., passports and ID), bank cards, barcodes, business documents, and are compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). Moreover, Smart Engines’ technological platform, GreenOCR®, and software, aims to reduce the carbon footprints and energy consumption of edge devices. It has been highly regarded as environmentally friendly following the Green AI initiative, which is supported by the United Nations Global Compact Initiative (UNGC). As leading scientists within the industry, Smart Engines aims to draw public attention to the environmental issues of AI as it moves towards reducing the impact on the environment. Developing projects and enhancements for the future, Smart Engines aims to enlighten the industry – propagandizing a responsible approach to computing resources. As a start, the company has established a plan to play over 30 trees to ensure that its customer’s use of its software will be carbon neutral. Smart Engine’ AI- products are developed to scan highly sensitive and important documents securely, privately, and within full compliance with the two significantly regarded protection and privacy acts. Henceforth, it is understandable that most of its clients are banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, Fintech companies, and even aviation companies. Like the rest, aviation companies require the same data-secure technology as prominent business-related organizations do. Due to Smart Engines’ software, the company was able to become equipped in passport e-gates Sapsan at Sheremetyevo International Airport SVO for contactless border control on international flights. An overwhelming achievement that has been internationally appreciated and respected due to the intellectual efforts at Smart Engines. Regarding COVID-19 Like many companies over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the digital demand and transformation of businesses and the modern world, creating a shockwave effect that has either pushed or pulled companies in several directions. For Smart Engines, its services have seen a surge, reinforced by an increased need for digitised solutions. Vladimir explains, “Imagine you want to get a new SIM card and need to scan your ID one way or another in the middle of a pandemic - remote identification is the only way to do this safely. Requirements for quality and robustness had grown. Before, it was necessary to work with a scanner; now, our technology must work on every device with any lighting conditions, angle, and more.” These are not just claims. The “Big Three” in Russia’s mobile telecom industry (MTS, Megafon, Vimpelcom (VEON Group) with a client base of more than 200 mln people use Smart Engines’s AI-based solutions. Additionally, the effects of COVID-19 have also brought the company clients with particular needs. “For example, BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. (BCW) has integrated our product, the Smart IDReader, into its patient data intake process since April of 2020 with very satisfying results. The software has been deployed on a web-based app for capturing the personal identification data of people looking to be tested in BCW for Coronavirus COVID-19. The application automatically recognises the data from the document and autonomously fills in the COVID testing application form,” states Vladimir. Fortunately for the company, it adapted and enhanced its technology to fulfill its clients’ requests while staying ahead of the industry with its innovative AI-driven technology. A reflex that not all companies have had the ability to overcome. In the modern world, technology and the quality of technology are ever-changing and continuously improving. However, whilst the quality of cameras tends to increase, the quality of images that need to be processed, analysed, and validated has been on a decline – a challenge that Smart Engines as a company and a consumer in the industry has Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021 5